Sunday, 31 July 2016

Rainy day blues

It is chilly outside
As I watch the birds feeding
It is still raining

On the distant hills
Sheep shelter under a tree
Cuddled together

The clothes line wobbles
Water spills from gutters
No use worrying

Once were enemies 
The cat and dog look outside
Waiting for action 

Kids are so quiet
At least they are safe inside
Busy with iPads

No need to worry
Grass needs no watering
I doze in this chair

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  1. I agree instead of worrying, absorb and write of the goodness streaming around you. have a good Monday

    much love...

  2. It's raining and cold all week I can relate to your poem. Give my regards to Jae Rose if you are in touch with her.Hope all is well.

  3. Rain may be an inconvenience but it comes with its own form of usefulness to lots of different people.


  4. take a nap in a chair,

    the imagery is cool from what you write above.