Sunday, 28 June 2015

Just for the records

What can I tell you
About my beautiful Kathleen?
I loved to touch her hands
How she'd get lost in a book
Her mind elsewhere
No idea where she was
It was the same with letters
She's rush to the mailbox
As though a lover had written
Yet I thought I was him

Just for the records, it's over
Finished, she's gone, run off
"Going to the shops" she said
Must be still there, it's dark now
While I'm sitting here alone
Waiting for my phone to ring
Thinking about my life with her
The way it has all panned out
Love and beauty are transient
They come into your life then walk out

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Saturday, 27 June 2015

The forest loves us

When were you the happiest? I asked, She smiled and said "When we were lost in the forest". I remembered those times too. We would take our lunch and binoculars. We did not have to walk far into the trees before we found a magic land. As we ventured further in the silence surrounded us. Occasional shafts of light ventured through the treetops and the tweets and coos were heard but unseen. As we slowed our pace we could hear the tinkle of a stream and tentatively made our way to obey its beckoning. A small area lit by an opening provided by a fallen tree was where we rested. The wild ones silence was broken by our stillness. It was as though in approval the birds got back to work and flew over the water to catch insects or have a bath. Some chortled with laughter others cooed lazily as we moved not a limb. Suddenly there was a shuffle as an animal ambled through the undergrowth and started digging with its snout close to us to find food. It was an Echidna that looked up at us with his beady eyes, nodded his head and continued his quest for ants. You then said to me "It is so beautiful I feel like singing"

                                                Singing with the stream
                                                 Rippling happily along
                                                   The forest loves us

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My son is back home

I try to think back
When I was a teenager
What music I played

My son is back home
Now shaking the foundations
Head banging music

We cower alone
While the rock band plays its stuff
The dog looks frightened

I'll take him walkies
My wife offers, smiling at me
The dog wags his tail

Outside it's raining
I love walking in the rain
I say, getting up

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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Tall trees whisper

The tall trees whisper a welcome as I enter the national park.

They know me well as I talk to them and watch her furry and feathered friends as I carefully place my feet.

There are sighs of contentment when all is well and of clear streams run tinkling with laughter.

Recently they have moaned with pain as sad tidings are brought from afar on the wind.

They tell of soot and chemicals on their leaves and of visitors that leave poison in the water.

When the wind blows the trees shake with fear that man is a monster hell bent on destruction.

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A Precious Gift

It was our first date
There was a lump in my throat
I was so nervous

Springtime and still cold
She came and looked beautiful
Grinning, eyes lowered

I felt warm at once
How on earth did I find her?
As she held my arm

Gave her chocolates
"I have got nothing for you"
She apologised

Puzzled, I just said
"But you have come, haven't you?
That's a precious gift"

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Winter warmth

Winter wind whistled
Fur collar to coat turned up
She faced me but saw me not
Hand knitted black gloves
On her cold fingers
And her eyes were green

I had just been dumped
By the true love of my life
Given the push, frozen out
Now here before me
The most gorgeous girl
That I had ever seen

She caught the red bus
Gone away to who knows where
I was besotted that's for sure
Did she work in town
Just how old was she
Eighteen or nineteen?

She returned next day
Walking on her way to work
Stopped her in the busy street
Her eyes smiled at me
Mittens on her hands
Said her name was Jean

We walked together
And made a date for the flicks
Shivering in the morning cold
She then turned to go
I stood looking at
That place where she had been

A few days later
Invited back to her home
We cuddled by the cosy fire
I stroked her soft skin
And kissed her rosy lips
Against me she did lean

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Sunday, 21 June 2015

I love this city

I love this city
No, not the shopping mall
Or the famous landmarks
With their fine architecture
Avoid the tourist bus
Learning the spurious traditions of a bygone past

No, come walk with me
Not in the bright sunshine
You'll wander down this dark alley
To find a separate world I know
A place that I love
Far from green lawns, flowers and statues

Keep your eyes open
Stare at no-one
Particularly that woman there
See those doors way up high
It's an old warehouse
You can see a hoist still there above the opening

Stand here for a while
Do you here that rumble?
That's a train under our feet
It would be hard to sleep
In these old buildings
With that tremulous feeling all through the night

We can cross this bridge
Over a placid river
Here a man was thrown in and drowned
For just being different
Before the the city was built 
It was the native peoples campsite long ago

Each city is like this
Remembering like me
As it holds on to its chequered past
Now as we turn this corner
Here are the shops again
And the city that everyone thinks they know

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Saturday, 20 June 2015

You too have gone

Winter wind whistles
All the leaves have now fallen
And you too have gone

You were my summer
That glorious warmth of my life
With such sweet perfume

How game we were then
Nude of the deserted beach
How we bathed and laughed

We explored the world
And discovered each other
Guided by our love

I still breathe you in
After so many long years
My tears flow freely

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What was her name?

I am thinking back
Just what was her name?
She was an exciting
Untamed animal
But so dangerous

Natalie it was
Pint sized, huge trouble
I left her alone
But she pestered me
She so wanted to win

Oh what a blonde
A real cutie
A mind of her own
Thank my lucky stars 
I was not tempted

Saw her in the Mall
Something's missing
Her spark has gone
Must have met her match
How tame she seems now

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Country Roads

One fifty miles from home
It was a grey day
After a long week
Driving the long country roads

The dark sky threatened rain
I'm hungry for something
It could be for love
Teardrops on the windscreen

Small townships pass me by
A grain silo here
A strange figure there
Bitumen looks darkly at me

Freight train has right of way
Crossing bells chime
The rain's heavy now
I hope she's got supper on

Traffic has snarled up now
How slow that last mile
Those lights look pretty
"Aw honey you look dead beat"

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Childhood passes

Fathers love it when their babes are boys
For now you can play with them and their toys
Race their model cars up and down the hall
And then to teach them how to catch a ball

But it is so different with little girls
When you see in them their mothers curls
They're so precious as they sleep in your arms
As you protect them from all life's harms

You kick a football and play with dolls too
And get splashed at sea cos that's what kids do
Then you worry when they are so sick in bed
And thank God for all the prayers you've said

What pride you feel when your son grows up tall
But anguish when your girl for a boy does fall
How their childhood passes so very fast
And how much you want to recall the past

But despite the sadness as they leave home
They soon come back with kiddies of their own
Their little ones crawl on you and pull your hair
You love them when you see yourself in there

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Sunday, 14 June 2015

The dog shook his head

Her sharp words cut like honed razors
Speaking with a voice I knew not
Her face with sad, sour expression
She had discovered my secret
Unleashing a storm of abuse
Alarming our observant dog

He got up, went in the kitchen
Thirsty he lapped at his bowl
Then hid as he did on bath days
So as to avoid taking sides
Thinking then looked back at her 
I said,"It's just office gossip"

She laughed with a scornful retort
"You would not get a bronze medal
As you wrote that poem to her
and screwed up the first draft. You see!"
Now showing me the evidence
The dog now sadly shook his head

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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Ellen's Beautiful Eyes

Can I tell you of Ellen's beautiful eyes
And of her small hands so neat and pretty?
I watch those fingers as a knot she ties
Yet she's not noticed my audacity
Or does she perceive me watching her
Sitting out here wondering what she'd think?
Should she look up and catch me unaware
Would she frown to make my poor heart sink?
Why was I afraid she'd not look on me?
For now she grins and flicks her jet black hair
Then lowers her eyes lest others also see
It is not long before we become a pair
How I'm glad I looked at Ellen back then
For we are now both in seventh heaven

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Thursday, 11 June 2015

I squirmed in my seat

I squirmed in my seat and checked my watch again.
This date to attend an amateur talent show was driving me mad.
My wife was glued to the performances with her eyes shining.
I groaned as the next act came on to torture me.
Finally my wife noticed my discomfort and patted my hand.
"It's only a few songs more" she said as I raised my eyebrows.

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The man with the beard

He hid his blemish
With a luxuriant beard
His eyes were still sad

He stood up erect
Despite his old injury
Honoring the dead

She loved him so much
Even his lopsided smile
How he cherished her

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What fun we had

Time, what a tease you are
Speeding like a racing car
Going the quickest at the end
As slowly I homeward wend

Now I tick my long bucket list
Recalling all the girls I've kissed
Who was best? I just don't recall
To be fair I loved them all

There was Sue who danced a lot
But best kisser was Charlotte
There were many Ellen's in my life
But just one Jane to cause me strife

The funny one was sporty Joan
Claire was always on her phone
Prudence she was quite a flirt
Sandra would always swirl her skirt

Can it be true I knew all these?
I've been busy as the bees
Just who cares who was the best?
But lay me down to have a rest 

O time! What fun we have had
The ying and yang of good and bad
Enjoy your life while you can still
While I live mine with dear wife Jill

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Monday, 8 June 2015

Rough and Tumble

I don't remember when I was one
My babyhood was scarcely gone
I had a brother that is for sure
Who now thought he'd get less than more

For I'd encroached upon his space
He had to learn with much bad grace
He'd been promised a sister fair
But got me for whom he didn't care

We'd get sent in the garden to play
Neither of us did get our way
He'd push and shove and get all the toys
Because we were just normal boys

How did I survive those early years?
For I often ran to mum in tears
Strange that he was the one with curls
Yet I wanted to play with girls

I craved a dolly for me to nurse
So was bought one from mother's purse
I now wonder where that doll went
For that money was so well spent

Rough and tumble was not my game
I was a rose by another name
Not for me brazen gallantry
But sweet thoughts and poetry

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Sunday, 7 June 2015

The Spanish Girl

I went to great lengths
To woo this sweet Spanish girl
Her dark eyes flashing

How I ached for her
Teasing shaking her dark hair
Really must touch her

That pain of longing
She knew how much I craved her
Smiling she just laughed

I had not the strength
To resist the temptation
When she approached me

She leaned over me
I place a ten Euro note
In her sweet cleavage

Was pulled to my feet
Then things got out of control
I was her partner!

How the crowd did clap
Laughing at all my antics
Salt rubbed in my wounds

A stain on my pride
Other faults do spring to mind
But none quite as bad

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Love has left its trace

Will you walk in the forest with me now?
As spring blossoms greet us with such delight
You would rejoice at such a pretty sight
Hearing both the nightingale and the crow
Observing darters in the rushing stream
Or look into the treetops far up high
To glimpse within the leaves the sunlight's beam
Loving it you'd sit down and give a sigh
This was your heaven such a special place
Your eyes would close in such contented rest
This is how I remember you the best 
All these years later I can you embrace
To feel you close still to my eager chest
For in this forest love has left its trace

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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Where's my cup of tea?

Mid summer morning and the sun beams through the window.
"Wake up" it says with a warm kiss as I hide in bed.
My wife stretches by my side, yawning, poking me in the ribs.
Where's my cup of tea?" she asks teasing.
I crawl out of bed, find my slippers and stumble into the kitchen.
I would do anything for her.

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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Perverse Creature

Such a perverse creature is man
Striving ever to do what he can
To poison the rivers flowing free
And plunder deep into the sea

Cruelly fell that sweet forest green
Killing creatures to him unseen
Just what is the need for that?
Surely not a feather in his cap?

Are all the poor now fully fed?
Have they all a comfy bed?
Warm from winter's chilly blasts?
A safe home for Earth's outcasts?

There are a few that think it funny
'Cos they're safe with lots of money
Much more if they dredge those seas
And get rid of those pesky trees

What if the Arctic ice does melt?
They think they're where it's not felt
Wild animals cry out in pain
Why is this creature so insane?

Self absorbed and without a frown
Digging their graves deeply down
Rushing to the end with such haste
Frantic to sink the world with waste

This omnivore that destroys it all
Architect of Earth's final fall
This cruel man of pity is bereft
Let's hope there's one small seed left

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Tuesday, 2 June 2015


"Three dollars left, I must treat myself to something," said Sybil. "There's a fete down at the church, I'll get down there early in case it's hot later."

Sybil, was a lonely woman who lived by herself. She immediately answered with her other self. "No, no. Its better to go later when they sell off the goods cheap." Again the first Sybil took over to indicate that all good stuff would be gone by then. Eventually the conversation ended when she persuaded herself to go early after all.

The sun was already very warm as she left home and her trusty brolly which was her faithful companion was used as a sunshade. It was a ten minute walk to the fete and every step was a trial and she arrived panting. Little beads of sweat had formed around her lips and her arms felt prickly in her dress.

The brightly colored booths were busy with activity as the stallholders finished stocking their tables and readied themselves for the opening. Already there were a few anxious customers like Sybil hoping to pick over the wares. Sybil could also see the dealers ganging together, chatting among themselves waiting for the official to let them all in. Glancing at his watch and array of stalls he looked at the eager crowd of buyers and said "Off you go then!"

The stampede of men women and children took him by surprise and he was lucky not to be bowled over. Sybil too was caught up in the rush and a few seconds found herself close to a bric-a-brac and junk jewellery stall. She was bent over the trestle when she spied a black necklace and a matching set of black earrings in a bowl of oddments. With one movement she grasped them both and asked the pretty snub nosed teenage stall holder, "How much for these?"

The girl replied almost without looking at Sybil, "A dollar each in that bowl."

The girl was distracted by another customer and took the two dollars offered with barely a nod of her head. Sybil slipped away from the stall and stood in the shade of a tree to better examine her find.

When she opened her hand she examined the two pieces. They reminded her of some Victorian mourning jewellery that her own grandmother had possessed many years ago. The earrings were a tapering three stone pendant of faceted jet with a gold screw fastener. The necklace used the same sized stones in a repetitive pattern and were fastened with a gold snap at the back.

Sybil looked lovingly at them and placed them in her handbag.

"What have you got there?" she coyly asked herself.

"You have done very well Sybil," she replied.

She continued to browse the stalls but felt so tired that had to find somewhere to sit down. At the tea and coffee stall she sat down on an empty seat to rest. The sun was really hot now and the crowd was thick and noisy. She considered going home but it seemed so far. She just remained seated.

She closed her eyes and let the sounds and smells of fete wash over her. She heard the clinking of tea cups, the buzz of conversation and smell of barbecued sausages and onions. There were some children shouting and screaming with glee on the bouncy castle and she imagined she was young again too. She remembered playing in the stream with her brother, fishing for tiddlers and sticklebacks. Now she could see her Jack looking so proud of her on their wedding day. Then she lifted her baby Tessie in her arms and hugged her tight to her breast.

As she did so the others in the refreshment stall could see her grasp herself round her chest as she rocked her baby in her arms so many years ago. She sat there like that with her eyes closed for some time and was only brought out of her reverie by a gentle shaking of her shoulders by a priest.

"Are you all right? He asked her gently. Then he continued, "would you like a lift home?

Sybil looked up and nodded. he quickly summoned help and in no time she was riding in a car back to her little apartment. The lady who drove her back helped inside and fussed around her ensuring she was settled in a chair and tried to make tea for her too.

Safe inside her own home Sybil just wanted to be alone. She endured the woman's presence until she was recovered then said to her, "I mustn't keep you any more, you should get back to your job at the fete." The woman looked doubtful but eventually agreed that she should.

Sybil breathed a sigh of relief when she had gone. She drew her handbag close to her and opened it eagerly. As she drew out the shiny black jewelry and put it on she crooned, "Now who is a clever girl, Sybil?"

Monday, 1 June 2015

Jack has wandered off

I've this craze for a jumble sale
Bargains can be found in the junk
A book you have longed to read
Or that brooch you really need

This photo frame; is it gilt?
Just two dollars that is cheap
Who were the pair pictured here?
A loving couple of yesteryear

Husband Jack has now wandered off
Can't abide week-end sales these days
He's now walked off down the street
Oh, this Teddy bear is so sweet

Where is Jack? These bags are heavy
What a lovely day it has been
A coffee now and donut to dunk
Ah, here he comes, I think he's drunk

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