Sunday, 29 July 2018

Eyes all aglow

I travelled back to where you were born
A trip I had promised you
When your fate was spelled out one morn
By the specialist treating you

We hoped of course this was not true
As treatment the bad signs did quell
But sadly in your heart you knew
That your disease was your death knell

I climbed the staircase one last time
And kissed your lips as you slept on
Not to wake for me anytime
You were still here but you had gone

I booked a flight to old England
Where you had a favorite place
A lake you would swim with your friends
As three scholgirls all shy in face

What better gift could I give you
Than place your ashes happily
To swim in the lakes water now
Whispering pines and bobbing lily

The years have passed for everyone
I have been back to say hello
And pictured three girls squealing there
Splashing water, eyes all aglow

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Saturday, 28 July 2018

At the seaside

My mother had no faith in the sea
But stayed her distance on the golden sand
Except when it retreated at low tide
Then dare to paddle Dad close at hand

She even felt sick on a rowing boat
That crossed to Arun river's western shore
To Littlehampton's deserted beach
Did grip the side, and cry out 'No more!"

While we boys chased around the sand dunes
Explored the old fort or splashed in the sea
Mother fretted that sunny afternoon
Dreamt of safety where she wanted to be

Despite the sun her face was quite pale
As we trekked back to ferry's river berth
She closed her eyes for the journey's row back
Sighed with relief stepping on the real earth

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Friday, 27 July 2018

Walk by the river

A warm summer's day
I parked the car off the road
Walked to the river

There under the trees
Thinking about life and death
My mind drifting off

Then when I awoke
Somebody sat by my side
It was Death himself

"You know that it's time?
He asked and I understood
"One last walk?" I asked

Laughing, shook his head
"Why not" he said getting up
As I got up too

He took river side
Lest I tried to escape him
As we strolled along

At the river's bend
I pushed him in the water
Ran off to the car

I had driven off 
Well before he could get out
So I win round one

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Wednesday, 25 July 2018

An untroubled world

Oh to be in a wilderness
To start from day one
To live this life a'loving
Birds, beasts, fish, everyone

I look around and see the mess
That humans have made
On this beautiful planet
We'll get no accolade

'Was eaten by a bear last night
Which seems only fair
We raped and pillaged all our lives
A creature with no care

Just as well; we loved fighting wars
Our kind have now all gone
The world will start again this day
They'll cope now, on and on

Oh to be in that wilderness
A beautiful wild world
To live our lives a'loving
A paradise dreamworld

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Sunday, 22 July 2018

I am here

Poverty is an ugly word
Indigence is far better
It fogs the eyes of the rich
Like indulgence or go-getter

There are those who are all alone
Worn down by life's bitterness
Begging on the streets each day
With their minds so full of distress

Are their thoughts on happier days?
To walk up to the distant range
And shout out loud "I am here"
Thus emboldened to make a change

We care not for man or of beast
Our lives shift at such a pace
Greed blinds our benevolence
Humans are not a happy race

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Saturday, 21 July 2018

Spaced out wife

I could cry, I've received this letter
She has such beautiful handwriting
Calligraphy much to be admired
So good it should be bound in a book

There were cracks of course in our affair
The dark side was that both did wrong
Joy her name, she filled my loving cup
How passionate our love, in her nook

I liked the way she flicked her red hair
As eager me undid her bra strap
And when time was up she'd tap my nose
Then say,"Time to go, you are a sook"

Most affairs are tinged with troubled times
She knew I was married, that was true
Hoped I'd be more than part time lover
When I said no, she gave me that look

I could cry read her letter once more
We have both been hurt, that is so true
But now my wife knows of the affair
Future liaisons she will not brook

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Friday, 20 July 2018

I sit in the garden

Warm breeze softly blows
Sat in the garden
Sweet scent of roses
Reminds me of you
Image in my mind

You left such a day
Will you come again?
Save for in my dream
Love lasts for all time
Like glue we should bind

Are you butterfly?
Settling on my hand
Or blackbird searching
The strawberry patch
He clearly looks kind

No, that's not the case
A breeze kisses me
Summer's gentle touch
Wind softly whispers
You, I'll always find

Words used: dreams, softly, rose, image

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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

My own country

I saw the ugliness of apartheid
Long ago in the Nineteen fifties
In England, in the street, in the faces
Of white South Africans looking cross
Avoiding using the same pavement
Coloureds now walked on happily

And so I made a vow that in my life
I'd smile in friendship with coloured people
To speak with them if there was a chance
To show that they were welcome to me
We could walk on the pavement together
Hand in hand in harmony

I migrated from Britain to Australia
More than fifty years ago to find
That native Australian aboriginees
Were treated with the same disrespect
Despite welcome to all other migrants
To build a land strong and free

Eventually native Australians
Were counted too and given the vote
Rather than being considered part
Of the country's flora and fauna
I like to think that Nelson Mandela 
Also helped my own country

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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

I laughed

I laughed of course
At this weeks prompt
At the thought of poets pecking free
As they wrote today's poetry

As my mind scours
For bright ideas
Of politician with hair like straw
Or perhaps wildlife in the raw

But know my place
It's no disgrace
To stick to subject close to my heart
And write of young love, that's a start

Look in his eyes
Breathe in her scent
As they murmur words of passion's play
And dream of their own wedding day

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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Great Knot

We drove down the gravel road
Parked in a shaded spot close
To the path over the dunes
Binoculars and notepads
In our eager hands

Wooden slats wired together
To climb up over the dunes
Julie held tight to my hand
As the sea breeze blew head on
The low shining sands

Carefully we clambered down
To the beach spread out all round
Waves washed in with furious might
Shorebirds scampering with glee
Across wide wetlands

We walked down to the surfs edge
Hoping to spy a Great Knot
To tick off our life's list
As birdwatching was our game
We were holding hands

A place to sit we did find
To get the birds used to us
Eyes searching every group
As birds got back to work
We checked whole wide strand

Birds patterning sky above
Others feeding at shores edge
One jumped to avoid the spray
"That's it" Julie simply said
Voice almost offhand

I checked, she was right of course
As the seas spray pushed them back
Several Knots were down there
Julie simply took some shots
Camera in hand

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Saturday, 14 July 2018

Come back soon

I had you in my arms
And was kissing your lips
A hologram to hold
My darling petite fleur
For in my mind you were

There! Your familiar scent
Warm breath now on my face
So nestled close to you
Caressed your warm brown skin
Then felt you touch my chin

You're my garden in bloom
But cold like tundra's wind
My lifelong quest fulfilled
To find you standing tall
Oh, that would crown it all

Will you ever return?
To park your spirit here
Singing silly love songs
That anyone can hear
Come back soon, please be near

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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Love the city

Love the city
Nobody knows me here
Traffic thrums
Footsteps drum
On the sidewalk below

I walk the street 
And I tap my feet
In a dance
Without a glance
From other passers by

They're in a rush
To avoid the crush
Get to work
Which I avoid 
I live without a care

I lie of course
I sit here alone
By the wall 
With a wooden bowl
For cash to drop right in

There's a sign
I've scrawled some words
"Lost my job
My house and home
Please help me start again"

I like this place
It is no disgrace
In this town
To show the world
There's room for everyone

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Sunday, 8 July 2018

Wife's pillow talk

It's been years since I visited
Jim's old farmhouse in the hills
Kept a room for visitors
Not strewn with work and old bills

Room with carpet on the floor
Grandfather clock ticking away
Cabinet with china and glass
Booze too for the special days

Shed and stores were all outside
One hand mown lawn that was neat
Tractors, boats a car or two
Showed class to visiting elite

Electric storm hit one spring day
Ten turbulent minutes enough
To wreck all he had built up
For him to quit; man so tough

Seeing all he had lost in one day
No longer had lust for life
Gave it up bought house in town
Died years before his good wife

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How I remember Annabel
Whose green eyes I first caught at school
I walked her home and at her porch
Did kiss her lips which was so cool

Promised to see me the next day
But then she turned and went on in
I felt so sad under the eaves
So turned and ran home with a grin

"You forgot the bread" My Mum said
"Had to go to the corner shop"
"Sorry Mum, I met this girl"
She smiled, smoothed my hair on top

That night I slept, but tossed and turned
Wondering what gift for her to make
As her birthday was coming soon
Seventeen candles on the cake

So walked next day to pick her up
At the porch rang bell to her house
Her dad said she gone with Jack White
That rocked me, "Jack White, you're a louse!"

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Saturday, 7 July 2018

Husband's away

Good morning day
What can I say?
Husband's away
My day to play

He was grumpy
Made me jumpy
Called me lumpy
Now I'm frumpy

Shouldn't bother
Got another
He's a mover
Perfect lover

Oh what a day
What can I say?
Husband's away
My day's okay!

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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Lady Liberty

Oh what false people we are
To wave a flag of freedom
Then deny it to those that come
Hand in hand with their children

Whether to the United States
Or far flung Australia
Lady Liberty hides her face
As migrants treated like scum

Children cry all by themselves
Bright eyes now filled with tears
They'll remember all their lives
Perhaps one day they'll vote too

Some internees now self harm
As courage and hope are lost
Bright futures now fade to gray
As local people greet the day

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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

City sunrise

Midsummer and the sun rose over the city
My wife was still sleeping and all was calm
Slowly I eased myself out of bed
Looked at the quiet street below
A cleaning truck had just passed
Traffic lights changed for ghosts
A cat crossed over
Murmur in bed
"Are you coming back?''
"Tea or coffee?" I asked
"No, just give me a cuddle"
So I then threw back the top sheet
And wrapped her up in my strong arms
She really is a beautiful woman
It's wise to do things before the heat sets in

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Sunday, 1 July 2018

Days numbered

The tall trees whisper a welcome as I enter the forest. They know me well as I talk to them and listen to me as I carefully place my feet and watch her furry and feathered friends climb and fly around and make their homes in her arms. There are sighs of contentment that all is well there and the clear streams below run tinkling with laughter. 
Lately however the trees have sighed with pain as sad tidings are brought from afar on the wind. They tell of soot and chemicals on their leaves and of visitors that leave poison in the water. The trees shake with fear when the wind blows and know that man is a monster hell bent on destruction with chainsaws in their hands.

                                                   Will the Earth survive
                                             Now with the monster let loose
                                                 And our days numbered?

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