Friday, 8 July 2016

At the trad jazz club

A drink in my hand
A crowded floor that Friday night
The band was loud and so were we
Free from work to do as we pleased
People jostled laughing out loud
Across the room I saw her there
Short dark hair and her eyes so bright
At the trad jazz club

The band was so loud                                
The dancers twirled their way around      
As I now glanced around the room            
She cocked her head looking at me         
I made my way across to her                   
She lowered her eyes a small grin           
Her friend nudged her without a sound 
At the trad jazz club                               

She got to her feet                                 
She was tiny about five foot none          
On the packed floor her hands were warm
We twisted and turned to the beat   
Up until they played “Petite Fleur” 
Then she placed her head on my chest 
Holding her close we were as one          
At the trad jazz club     

As if in a dream                               
I didn’t want to let her go  
This little flower that bloomed for me 
Took her back to her seat and friend 
But never saw her there again
So many years have passed me by 
I think of how I loved her so
At the trad jazz club   

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  1. Whistles!!! This is absolutely mesmerizing Robin :D love the atmosphere, the heat, the tension, moreover the blooming love between the couple before she got lost in the crowd. Beautifully executed. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support :D

    Lots of love,

  2. Heart-stoppingly romantic...a dream many of us share :D XXX

  3. party all night long, those were the days, luv today's write

    much love...

  4. Oh those young carefree nights spent dancing!

  5. Oh those trad jazz clubs! How you take me back!

  6. Oh such a beautiful response sad that the moment never lasted....

  7. what a beauty this poem is! love the narrative style and "At the trad jazz club"...the single line seems to hold so many stories....

  8. It's the small ones who are mysterious (so I am told) - you have captured the smoky intensity of a trad jazz club perfectly...who would want to leave that dance behind

  9. One of those super charged moments that stay with us forever... making us wonder if our entire life would have been different if the moment would have lasted... or if our life is what it is because the moment didn't go on... Just beautiful.

  10. A night indelible in the narrator's memory. You captured the atmosphere, the mood, the moments, the romance. I felt like I lived this too.