Wednesday, 28 February 2018

This girl of yours

"And did she bloom this girl of yours?"
My word, she burst upon the scene
By catching my eye in the street
As I walked to work that cold day
I saw the warmth in her shy eyes
And wanted to kiss her cute nose
So walked across that busy road
And went right up to her and said
"Hello", She looked up with a small smile 
"Would you like to go out with me?"
So I told her just who I was
There was but the tiniest pause
But then she nodded her head "Yes"
What a beautiful rose she was
"You are right she did bloom for me"

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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Man found dead in Mall

I sat in the mall
Like a tourist with no map
Or a drifter with nowhere to go

This was my home town
I scattered crumbs to the birds
They at my feet knowing that I was safe

I come here each day
Loneliness my friend with thoughts
As I remember what used to be

Her sparkling green eyes
"I'm just off to ladies wear"
Left me standing to do as I please

I watch the world go by
Loving wives are hard to find
On balance I think I found the best

She died years ago
But still I come to this point
Look for her smile emerge from that shop

A few bags in hand
This was my little device
My only way to be with her

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The gravity of sleeping in

Warbling honeyeaters chatter
And other birds natter
Shatters the morning air

Not helped by my bloodshot eyes
Hiding from bright blue skies
And Sun's rude morning glare

The annoying whistling kettle
Kitchen dishes rattle
Far more than I can bear

But the crescendo is now reached
Electrifying speech
Words from toilet door swear

"Damn, there's no paper in here!"
Through gritted teeth "Yes, dear"
Push roll through gap down there

She finally comes out neat
Edges into her seat
Grins with pearly teeth bared

Just what happened to our lie ins?
Now the front door bell rings
"OK, I'll see who is there"

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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Hearing your voice

Startled I woke, hearing your voice
I was dreaming, 'twas just the wind
Blowing around, making a din

Pity I would love you to be here
To breathe you in and touch your hair
Kiss your lips, tell you how I care

You might whisper some secret things
We'd laugh and breathe each other in
Then your fingers would touch my skin

I opened my eyes, all was dark
Except the stars winking outside
I miss you, my eyes open wide

I lay back down and thought of you
Were you calling from far away?
...Yes, I miss you too every day

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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The sketchpad

Love hurts don't you know
You shouldn't be down
But rather be glad

That ache you feel
That longing to touch
Is driving you mad

But watch for that grin
The look in her eyes
So don't you be sad

So take her warm hand
The go for a walk
Take out your sketch pad

Now draw her profile
You'll get her to smile
She the best you've had

See it in her eyes
It is no surprise
But she will be glad

Oh, can I have that?
She'll ask with delight
Now thank your sketchpad

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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Cupid's dart

The moon does wax and wane
Much like my girlfriend's heart
Love's such a fickle fiend
That plays games from the start

I know, I have been warned
I'll be hurt right or wrong
Who measures out the pain
Is Cupid's dart that long?

The warp and weft of love
Should make us strong perhaps
I've no strengty, no might left
To avoid such mishaps

There's one thing I should add
About our lengthy lives
The richness of our love
Goes quickly as it arrives

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Saturday, 17 February 2018

In my memory

Take me back to the boundless sea
I'll find you there in my memory
How we walked on those sandy shores
To mournful sound of seagulls caws

How I hunger for your lips again
Being with you in sun or rain
As I follow paths we once trod
Others may think this is quite odd

Powerful wind blows in my face
How I miss this our special place
Our days together were so brief
Salty breeze blows away my grief

What madness has urged me back
The surfs sad shout, the washed up wrack
Wild winds blow up the foamy spume
Whose gentle kiss relieves my gloom

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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Love my life

I am an old man now
And haven't long to go
But each day I find a way
To while away my long days
In doing crosswords

I go to a cafe
Which suits me just "parfait"
Order a coffee and cake
Which I hope is freshly baked
Newspaper in hand

I then sit in a seat
To rest my poor old feet
Then check today's crossword
Engrossed I hear not one word
In that fine cafe

You may think I'm quite mad
Or an old fool that's sad
Then a sweet lass comes right up
With a steaming coffee cup
Makes my day for for me

I'm in there every day
Those grls oft come my way
Smile and talk of this and that
Husbands, boyfriends, wedding chat
I listen every day

So the crossword's now done
Quenched my thirst ate my bun
I've words for my next rhyme
Come to me in nick of time
Love my life these days

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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

This girl named Rose

I met a girl named Rose
Who chose not to wear hose
I didn't mind one bit
Her bare brown legs
The glance she gave
Was heaven sent
Probably meant
That we would not behave
So I kissed her cute nose
Then right down to her toes

I loved this girl named Rose
She was the one I chose
On my lap she would sit
Head on my chest
Smile on her face
My heart beat fast
Hoped it would last
We'd ever be a pair
Winter came then she froze
That's how the story goes

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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Painting thoughts of infidelity

I loved her soft brown hands
Her eyes as she looked at me
A glimpse of faraway mountains
As she brought my coffee at three

Her bangles on each arm
Married not long ago
But her husband works far away
And that is where she yearns to go

Behind the counter smiles
Her eyes look down in case
Others may see her sad desire
Which now shows clearly on her face

Each day I visit there
To see these sad brown eyes
Why does this beauty yearn for me
How long before she ends her sighs?

I have to work up north
Building a bridge up there
Busy but still missed her sweet face
My Mona Lisa dream affair

Even I was surprised
To see her face now gone
I felt quite numb that she had left
Her eyes for me no longer shone

Coffee had a bitter taste
Sugar could not take away
Cursed with thoughts of that pretty girl
Painting thoughts of infidelity

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Our crazy world

What a crazy world this is
Frozen one day hot the next
With rasping winds gusting now
Flicking the hair from my brow
And drying out the earth's crust

Holy saints what has happened now
A thick haze covers the town
Soil from up north blows around
Wives dash out grab and fold sheets
Scrabbling before dusty gust

Now tie bins up with some rope
So they don't go walkabout
Wagon and bikes stowed away
Get back in house safe and sound
Watch at windows swirling dust

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N.B. Walkabout - Australian expression meaning wander off

Thursday, 8 February 2018

That's best for me

I'm an old man now
Like to use the stairs
As I've always done
For so many years
I've stumbled once or twice
Which isn't very nice

There's a lift to use
But I'm scared of it
I might get right in
Then it will not go
I've just pressed button 3
I hope that's best for me

Well bless my socks
My that was quick
I'm such a dunce 
It opens at once
I'm where I want to be
So no more stairs for me

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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Shoes don't wear out now

Shoes don't wear out now
Like they used to do
My Dad used to repair ours
When we scuffed a hole or two

For we travelled far
On paved street and field
Kicking any balls and stones
And over rough ground untilled

Had to clean them too
Scrub filth and mud gone
Before the polish applied
Then brush, brush, brush, 'til they shone

Those childhood days gone
I'm thankful that's sure
I had shoes with holes that leaked
Wet feet, wet socks and much more

Cherish bygone days
So much they taught me
So many shoes to choose now
And not one hole can I see

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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Singing this sad song

Late evening slowly darkens
I love our walks in summer
The day's air now cool and clear
Skies darken, the stars come out

Twinkling lights take charge up there
Croaking frogs still like to shout
Your soft warm hands safe in mine
Fireflies flash as we pass them by

Moon peeps from behind a tree
For nightlife and us to see
Now lighting up your beauty
You let me taste your soft lips

But I wake up having dreamed
Singing this sad song of you
Pretending you were still here
As you always used to be

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Saturday, 3 February 2018

She lived over the hill


Says "Can I have a look too?"
I turn, see this gypsy girl
Big boots, long coat and headscarf
Hell's boots she is really pretty
And she even smiles at me

With a gulp say "Go ahead"
We can't see much but it's good
Taking turns "Look theres a clown"
So I swap places to see
She smiles at me as we change

Her eyes are so beautiful
For she keeps looking at me
And her skin is berry brown
Our heads so close as we look 
At horses and animals there

And then as I breathe her in
I feel I want to touch her
She turns and says "Got to go"
So I say "I'll walk you home"
She looks shy but nods OK

Walking home we don't say much
But her warm hand is in mine
And we both squeeze the other
Just to check we're not dreaming
Before their camp, she stops, turns

There's but faint light at the camp
She waits, so I kiss her cheek
She thinks a bit then kisses me
"I like you", she says to me
"Me too", but she has run off home

Image of Circus, Budapest, 19th May 1920 by Andre Kersetz

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Fred's dead

I just heard that Fred was dead
What's more his funeral's gone
When there's much more to be said
Could have laughed 'bout what we done
So many years ago

Was the brother I never had
In long gone days yesteryear
Got boozed up with other lads
To stagger home full of beer
So many years ago

Drifted apart don't know why
I got wed, so lad's night was off
Rocked our baby lest he cry
If we met, he'd say "Hows the toff?"
So many years ago

At his graveside no words said
When I finally found the place
Funeral over, flowers dead
Would have said "Fred, you're the ace"
So many years ago

Lads love their mates but keep "shtum"
Trust them and stand by their side
We change when real life does come
But not dear Fred and now he's died
"Thanks mate for so many years ago"

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