Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Loving each other

"I'm late for work again"
I shouted now staring 
At the mute alarm clock
My wife grunted asleep
Or pretended to be
We were so addicted 
To loving each other
That time ignored us both

As I rushed to get up
To arrive at work late
I pondered life’s questions
How wasteful to leave her
To commute into town
Talk to boring clients
Only to return home
Tired and bruised at days end

She’d be getting up now
Putting the laundry on
Having a coffee break
And talking to the dog
As they checked the chickens
She’d make a to do list
Before going shopping
Perhaps she’d think of me

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  1. she was probably thinking of you all day.What a lovely poem

  2. I am certain she thinks of you.. perhaps it's the apart times which make the together times feel even more special

  3. Wistful. And a little sad. Sweetly done.