Friday, 5 March 2021

The entrance gate


I always wanted to live in the country where the wild things are and being able rove around without the crowds but with the fresh smell of nature and the sky is clear and the constant sound of traffic is far, far away. I wanted to able to sit on the porch and watch a flash of lightning brighten up the night sky as the homeward flying swifts rush straight back to their nests to feed their chicks one last time before the dark of night moving stealthily takes control. Then all is calm until the night dwellers appear silently like the owls hooting their presence and the bats swoop high and low trying to catch the remaining insects which were trying to find a safe haven for the night. As I step back indoors leaving my boots at the door my wife is busy in the kitchen preparing our evening meal, smiling sweetly at me saying “Just a few more minutes and it will be ready”. So I go to the bathroom in order to clean up and just then the phone rings and my wife takes it chatting away still as I return . “Who was that?”  I asked. “It was Jenny wanting to come and visit this weekend”.  “Oh that’s okay. It’s about time we saw the grandchildren again. I’ll make sure the chained entrance gate is clear for when she comes.”

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Wednesday, 3 March 2021

I wonder if she thinks of me

If history had its eyes on me I sadly disappointed it

I did it my way, I didn't join the pack

Apart from playing sport like tennis, cricket and soccer

And running around keeping fit it dawned on me 

That there were many girls around

That needed escorting home from school

And should be escorted to the movies

On Friday night with a box of chocolates

Most would be quite pleased rewarding me 

With a goodnight kiss as I walked her home

To her place wher her mother smiled

But then her dad looked at me darkly

Hoping that I had behaved myself

Later I was allowed to sit down with them

Being happier I could be observed there

And allowed a goodnight kiss when I left

Later we both got working jobs

We worked miles apart

And so we parted

So many years later

I still think of her

I wonder if she thinks of me?

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Sunday, 28 February 2021

Io the traveller- (Chapter 3)

We flew into Kuala Lumpur airport miles from the city. I went to the Business class area and Io followed me in.

"How far are you going?" I asked.

She merely said "You first".

"Adelaide" I said.

She beamed "So am I." 

"You haven't a ticket or a passport have you? You just make them think so. Do you think you are Cleopatra or someone like that?" 

"Well I'm better than her. Haven't you heard of Isis?" She pouted.

"I thought that was a story the Egyptians made up of you swimming in the sea to escape Hera tormenting you with gadflies."

"I am a good swimmer, but an insect spray would have been good."

I shook my head "You really have bewitched me? Why did you pick on me Io?"

"You are the only one that understands" With that she gave me a hug as we headed for the lounge together.

We settled in some easy chairs and I said I was off to the shower. "We could bathe together" she suggested. 

I shook my head. "That is forbidden, the facilities are segregated. You go ahead, I can get one later." So off she went. Later she came back all fresh and dewy. So I went had my shower and then we talked about  Adelaide and what she wanted to do. I would let my family know I was back and mention I had met a friend on the plane who might stay with me.

I still wondered why she fled Greece but such matters were slight compared with how much I fancied her.

As I looked up she smiled and said "I've changed my name".

I raised my eyebrows.

"I am Violet S.Inarchus and I'm Greek on holiday to see friends in Melbourne. That is near you isn't it?"

"Only about 450 miles away and I think you have put an "r" for Robin in your family's name. I am flattered."

She grinned. "Yes, you are quite good Robin!"

331 words

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Saturday, 27 February 2021

Io and my first night (Chapter 2)


Io and I were passengers on the plane. She chose her food, her drinks and accepted the toiletries a stewardess gave her.

Io was a Naiad, Inachus's daughter. Her job was to frighten people or sing as they drowned. 

She was Hera's handmaiden who Zeus fancied. Hera suspected this as he ravished any girl turning them into heifers. Hera wasn't fooled. Seeing a heifer grazing she asked Zeus if she could have one as a present. Zeus couldn't refuse so agreed. Hera then set hundred eyed Argus to keep watch on Io day and night. Zeus desperate to possess Io gets Hermes to kill Argus. This clearly is not an easy task as even when Argus is sleeping half his eyes are still open. So Hermes has a chat with Argus and they talk all night. Hermes telling him boring tales so eventually all of Argus eyes closed. Hermes then kills Argus so Zeus can have Io.

I guessed Io would be cross when I asked why she chose business class rather than cattle class for this trip. She seemed puzzled at first explaining that I was the only person on the plane that she had met before so naturally she chose to sit by me. Suddenly she twigged the cattle joke and was furious; but then relaxed.

“That is what I like about you, Robin.” She said with a cute smile,” You are not scared of me.”

Changing the subject “Should I be?”

“Just don’t let me down.”

“Have you flown before?”

She looked at me, “How did you know?”

“I didn’t, I was just asking.”

Satisfied I was telling the truth she said, “I flew with Icarus with his new wings when he was  escaping from Crete. I was on the isle of Samos with Hera when she made me her handmaiden. He couldn’t keep flying safely. He just had to fly high to the sun just for fun."

“Just to impress you?" I suggested

“Don’t be jealous Robin.”

"I am not" I lied. 

“It wasn’t my fault about Icarus” she murmured sleepily.

When I woke she was holding my hand. 

Word count  352

Kokkinolaimis - Robin

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Attracted to water


I was attracted to water

When I was but a young boy

Whether it was a rippling stream

Or a slow drifting river

Even lakes silently calm

Where I'd be on most weekends

My nearest water close home

Midst of trees whispering on

Was where I'd go out to hide

With birds chirping in their nests

Which silent came as I came

'Til they knew I was a friend

As the sun arced high in the sky

And butterflies glided around

I wished too that I had wings

In azure sky flying high

Arcing over hills and bends

Leaves settling on surface day's end

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Wednesday, 24 February 2021

I woke with a start


I woke with a start
Was that a bump?
It was pitch dark
Who is that there?
Had to check up
Put my robe on
Quiet down the stair
Open the back door
Hair stands on end
Am grabbed from behind
What is going on?
Whisked off my feet
Can't even call out
Put into a boat
And Charon he says
"Coin in my hand"
Then opens my mouth
I panic and squirm
A tooth he extracts
My gold capped one
He examines it well
And loosens his grip
I'm over the side
In the River Styx
The river of death
Swim to the shore
Run back home fast
In through the door
Climb up the stairs
Get into my bed
Am asleep in a sec
Dead to the world
Wake soaked in sweat
That wasn't a dream
I have cheated death
Just for a bit!

(Image by Cecil Keating found on cover of Penguin Classics book  "Satirical Sketches" by Lucian. 1961)

This poem written many years ago was one of the first poems I ever posted. The coin in the mouth (for my gold tooth) was the tradition to pay the mythical ferryman for the journey across the River Styx to Hades in ancient Greek tradition.

Sunday, 21 February 2021

Io and me (Chapter 1)


I made a stopover in Athens on the way home to Australia. During safety instructions a girl passenger came down the aisle; who was being directed to sit alongside me. She had virtually no luggage, just one large red leather handbag.

I nodded, then settled back down again. She looked all around checked her seat controls and was about to recline her seat so had to dissuade her until after take off. She complied but grinned at me cheekily and said “So you are a Taurus too.” As the plane taxied.

“We’ve met before.” She continued.

“Have we?”

“At the Acropolis"

“Yes, but the temple of Hera looks a bit sad now"...

“That bitch! They should have pulled the whole lot down.”

“Well that is what the Greek gods were like" I laughed.

She grinned "Why do you think I am here?”

I introduced myself, “I’m Robin, going to Australia.” I held out my hand to shake hers. She looked doubtful but placed her hand in mine. What a beautiful hand it was; soft and ridiculously sexy. Thinking hard she finally said “Io” with a tiny shrug of her shoulders.

That’s Greek isn't it?

“No! I am a Naiad.”

The stewardess came with drinks. While we were choosing I guessed she was pulling my leg.

 “So your Dad was Inachus, but your Mum was....?”


“Was it? Well you’re Greek you should know.”

“I am not Greek!’ She said getting worked up. “I am Arcadian.”

“Yes, right. So, you’re going to Australia?”

“Is that where we are going?”

“How did you get on without knowing where you are going?”

Ignoring me, she said “I needed someone to help me.”

Smilng seductively placing hand on mine with pleading eyes. I was electrified. With my last fragment of sanity I said “You probably don’t need me at all.”

“You’re right,” she said “I just thought it might be fun with a younger man.”

“Io,” I said “I am not young”

“How old do you think I am then?’” She replied flicking her ten fingers up hundreds of times, finishing with just four. “It will work out.”

I had an uneasy feeling about this, she must be about 3500 years old

368 words

Readers; in case you are wondering; yes, there is more to come!

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