Friday, 5 June 2020

Hard Times

Our grandmothers and their foremothers too
Had very hard lives but they still pulled through
My wife's grandma's husband fell in the sea
Boarding his boat was not on dock or ship
Navy and harbor they cared not a zip

All this took place a hundred years ago
Wife had seven children what a to do!
They lived by the coast poverty their friend
Kids were farmed out as a hard life she faced
No lessons learned just that she was abased

Sending kids out begging for foods each day
Instead of enjoying their lives in play
So many year granny begged her whole life
Children went to work as soon as able
To help put food on families table

Unfolding their own lives soon as they could
With spirit determined they would make good
Healing their dark past with wisdom and work
No matter what roots of your families line
Your life's your realm, not a puppet on string

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Tuesday, 2 June 2020

What happened to her?

Best thing I recall about going to school
Was escaping from class and breaking a rule
Even at break times was to find a quiet place
Got my fags out to smoke which was a disgrace

Of course I got caught and got the cane for that
Detention after school for being a brat
So yes I learned quite a lot being at school
Trying to conform and not break every rule

The saddest part was when true love came my way
Tennis with girl in class happily did play
I liked her legs and looks and rest of her too
But was offered a job, so goodbye, boo-hoo!

I often wondered what had happened to her
Some years later saw her but did not confer
We smiled then nodded for a moment or two
We were both married so what more could we do?

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Sunday, 31 May 2020

Visit from daughter and family

Where have they gone, those days of the past?
Sat by smoking fire at our place at last
Our dog pushes in front to singe his fur
Cat comes too and receives warning Grr!
We all breathe in to be close to the hearth
Jill soon comes out with kids fresh from the bath

They grin having had fun in the frothy water
Now they're hand in hand with Jill my daughter
She loves coming to this cottage of ours
They're here in one of her husbands posh cars
She'll drive home (he likes a whisky or two)
Or book taxi for they have money to

We had a good meal they like dining out
All dishes were empty no messing about!
We gave them some eggs thought that would be fair
She had been cutting and setting my hair
She touched me gently helped to lift me up
House felt empty, kids now gone, we washed up

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Thursday, 28 May 2020

On my knees did bend

Respect your elders I was once taught
I laughed I was young and scared of nought
With fit young body and tongue that worked
I'd face the world nothing would be shirked
So turning aside from their wild minds
Chose my own path to make my own finds

Was it a gift or a penance won?
Were my feet now planted on he ground?
I know I met most beautiful of girls
With who I relished kissing her curls
Loved her so much wihout her I'd die
Mum said "Why is it you always sigh?"

There was no turning from my resolve
So told her whom I was now involved
Her eyes lit up, said "I know her mum!"
Just how would I know that they were chums
So this poem has a happy end
Usual ritual on my knees did bend

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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

An assortment of anagrams

A few raps from the trainer brought a rasp from Bob who didn't like to spar.

A saint in white satin failed to notice a stain on his robe.

Bleary eyed, I was barely awake when we started harvesting the barley.

Local families on the estate did resent an empty nester couple who enters their neighborhood.

The judge had to recuse himself secure in the knowledge that would rescue him from involvement.

The spiv in the lane chose to lean against the wall with elan.

What is the angle with an angel who tries to glean my doubtful past? 

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Saturday, 23 May 2020

I love the city

I love the city
No, not the shopping mall
Or the famous landmarks
With their fine architecture
Avoid the tourist bus
To learn the spurious traditions of a bygone past

No, come walk with me
Not in the bright sunshine
We'll wander down this dark alley
To find a separate world I know
A place that I love
Far from green lawns with flowerrs and statues

Keep your eyes open
Stare at no-one
Particularly that woman there
See those doors way up there?
That's an old warehouse
You can see an old hoist still there above

Stand here for a while
Do you hear that rumble?
Those are trains under our feet
It would be hard to sleep 
In these old houses
With that tremulous feeling all through the night

We can cross this bridge
Over a placid river
A man was thrown in and drowned
For just being different
Before the city was built
It was the native peoples camp site long ago

Each city is like this
Remembering like me
As it holds on to its chequered past
Now as we turn this corner
Here are the shops again
And the city that everyone thinks they know

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Friday, 22 May 2020

When my brother died

When I was but a skinny boy
Told by Mum to go play outside
Boys love fields, woods and runny streams
For that was playground of my dreams
Great times in oak and poplars shade
Amid sun's shiny rays unafraid
Or climbing trees to view the world

My favorites were running creeks
Shedding shoes and socks wading there
Or resting against maple tree
Watching birds happy as can be
The whisperng wind highin the trees
Now sounding gently on the breeze
While I'm by its roots safely curled

I feel I am now part of the earth
Safe from these wartime days of fear
Mum's now weeping for son now gone
Just how long will the war drag on?
While here I in the woods abide
Mum sits there mute crying inside
There'll be a service flag unfurled

Note this not autobiographical except for me playing in the woods!

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