Monday, 21 October 2019

The sea and me

The sea has always had a power over me
Since first I was taken there barely three
To find that each year it would be the rule
To go there when there was a break from school
At first it was just to paddle and bathe
Until the sea embraced me with a wave

Up above the searching seagulls would fly and squawk
Dad slept in deckchair, Mum watched like a hawk
Later as I approached my teenage years
I was free to roam without Mum in tears
I wandered far watching all the wild life
And like any boy had trusty penknife

And the gulls and terns flew high in sky overhead
While I scrabbled around searching sea bed
Every sign of oceans aquatic world
Would entrance me 'til in bed I was curled
I still walk the beach, I did yesterday
Some terns flew overhead and squawked a "Hey"

Illustration "At the seashore" by S. Anderson

Saturday, 19 October 2019

Summer comes early in Oz

It is springtime now in Australia
Koala bears grunt in Eucalypt trees
Blossom falls like confetti down
Ashes from burning off soon will end
Lest wildfires spread over our wide land

"Bring on summer" kids happily say
Whilst Ma clears shelves for bottling ripe fruit
We love the sun but still have a moan
As sun scorches everyone in town
As skin reddens; not beautiful brown

Faces glowing in the brazen sun
Kids all in tears now going back home
We start a sing-song in the packed car
Carpet covered in sand and rubbish
Ma says "Shall we stop for chips and fish?"

That received a quick round of applause
We spot right shop to fill all our needs
So in we go shedding sand and grit
Minus shoes on kids who'd come in too
All happy now on route fifty-two

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Friday, 18 October 2019

We stood there in awe

Many years ago my wife and I went on a weekend away to learn about birdwatching in Australia. Needless to say with wifey all enthused I too had got roped in to identify birds see on our travels from the guidebooks and to tick off our lists for the year, the state, and the whole of Australia in one all time list.

Binoculars at the ready, searching for birds not yet ticked we took roads less travelled, on tracks with snakes basking on paths, on deserted beaches with cross sea lions and at sewerage farms stinking!

We rose early in the mornings and searched woods and forests by day and night to find owls and pipits, wrens and whistlers, pardalotes and penguins plus an eagle or two.

Once when we were driving a road by the Murray river we thought we'd take a break at the next town but before we did we found a sewerage farm just out of town with plenty of birds there to check out.

Unfenced, in we went holding our noses to start with and we spied on coots and galahs, a cockatoo or two and then some ducks on the water that we had never seen before. Thumbing through our field guides we found they were Australian Freckled Ducks, the rarest ducks in Australia. It was amazing that a retired couple could get so much pleasure seeing them in such a stinky environment.

Image 1 found at www.Freckled-Ducks.jpg
Image 2 found at www.Freckled-duck-female.jpg

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

The food we eat

When we were cavemen in a cave
To find our food we were brave
We had to stalk furry friends
With tools and some odds and ends

Such as club made from a tree
Or spear, near by best not be
I'd prefer noose or trap
As prey was not happy chap

It all seems so simple now
Don't need to kill pig or cow
But visit our butcher man
For prewrapped cut set to scan

Remember when fruit we'd feel
Was it ripe or a bad deal?
Now it's all in plastic wrap
Touch the fruit you get a slap

Now warnings are on each pack
It's your fault if sense you lack
Recall as kids years ago
Raw fruit and veg? Go, go, go!

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Monday, 14 October 2019

Thoughts when young

I often sit on our balcony
And watch clouds dash across the sky
Look! They seem to race each other
Just like us sister and brother
Sister sighs and raises her eyes
She's much older and fancies guys

Damn, I wasn't 'spose to tell  you that
So I'll just bend and stroke the cat
Tthere is a girl I like at school
Shouldn't chat, its against the rule
But she sits close makes eyes at me
Think she teases but I'm happy

We both walked home the other day
'Cos she doesn't live far away
We held hands I even kissed her
She's even better than my sister!
I like the way she flicks her hair
Wish I was was a millionaire

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Sunday, 13 October 2019

Planning Christmas

Cats collide being rained upon
Dry summer days have now long gone
Evening light fades
I flick my braids
Finger them now
Shy smile on show
Toddler sister follows me round
Without making one sound

I like autumn when the leaves fall
From the sycamore tree tall
Scuff feet in leaves
Dad checks the eaves
Wear socks for hose
And warm night clothes
With our Lounge fire hot as a forge
And lots of snacks and food shall gorge

Might get dressed up for Halloween
Perhaps I'm too old at sixteen?
Roads now icy
Driving's dicey
Salt is now spread
Got hat on head
Snuggling is good with my boyfriend
Check Christmas lists that never end

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Keep Still

Sleeping doesn't come easy
There's not much to cheer one up
As a welter of worries come
And phantoms creep around you
You hear them at the keyhole
Menacing you as you dream
And pray for a quiet life
Or at least for forty winks
And you find yourself praying
Then you hear your wife saying:

"Keep still will you or sleep in the spare room!"

Image found at bed