Sunday, 25 August 2019

Greedy, wasteful, blind

We are ignorant and flawed creatures
Greedy, wasteful, blind in a crisis
We light fires to that which gives us breath
No belief that climate will change
When oxygen disappears from Earth

Earth is of course constantly changing
But it will remain it is not the end
Unless you need oxygen to breathe
We and all other creatures will die
Then green trees willl again conquer Earth

That is of course if the rain still falls
So the trees and plants are watered
Perhaps oceans can then recover
But for our plastic waste choking life
From living in the sad wounded Earth

But mark my words all you readers
Mankind will not be number one
The impact will be great, that's no lie
Loss of breath, loss of lives, we have failed
Escalating our demise on Earth

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Saturday, 24 August 2019

Your face lights up

You always make me welcome
On arrival at your home
Your face lights up, and seize me
Lovingly you pull me in

You gather up odds and ends
Hiding other girly stuff
"Like a drink?" I hear you say
I hug her close with a grin

"Can't stay long" I tell her now
"Currently I'm on a job"
She looks sad pouted her lips
So I kissed her nose and chin

Got me a glass of water
"I could come tonight, okay?"
She screwed up her pretty nose
Face eases "I may be in"

Who knows what goes with us two?
What fate has for us in store
Know we are a perfect match
But enjoy pursuit we both will win!

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Thursday, 22 August 2019

What you love you must love now

It is the look in their eyes that counts
She returned my glance the trap was set
Lowers hers so I can reel her in
She wriggles a bit, but I still win

Her name is Roseanne my sweetest rose
Those soft warm hands they belong to me
Kiss her, she murmurs contented sigh
Opens her eyes, looks up says "I must fly"

She drives off to work, I work at home
We make love each and every night
I grab a coffee, get down to work
I'm self employed so can never shirk

I get a call about half past ten
Been an accident, she's had a crash
Hospital advising of the fact
She is injured from the cars impact

So I say I'm coming right away
Have to cancel a late visitor
It took me half hour to make the trip
She'd died and my sad tears then let rip

She told me once why she loved me
She could find no other any place
Once recalled snuggled up brow to brow
She'd said, "What you love you must love now"

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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Musing over museums

What I do like about travel
Is that some places you visit
It's like entering a museum

One is entranced by unique views
As you leave crowded airport
The buildings are all different

In Holland windmills wave at you
And you get lost in Amsterdam
For not one road seems to be straight

In London and Paris museums 
Hide from traffic and tall buildings
Spires, domes and bridges and transport

Whilst in Rome and and wet Venice
Seem to be like museums themselves
Where time appears to stand stock still

Why do we revel in long gone past
For we don't really learn from it
We make mistakes over again

And when we progress, we still fail
to anticipate the future
Or live peaceably with others

Of all the mammals on Earth
We are the ugliest there is
Love profit whilst ruin our home

For now our climate is changing
To endanger our existence
And even balance of nature

Just how stupid to have done this?
Over thousands of years living
To leave none to visit museums

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Sunday, 18 August 2019

What is love?

Just what is love? I hear you ask
My mind goes back so many years
Fragrant gardens and holding hands
Kissing under the old oak tree
Your sweet eyes now light up for me

The years have passed, fragile is love
It does not have a fighting chance
Have we strength to fix things up?
We spoke much but did not agree
We are not who we used to be

But we can't give up everything
No way I want to see you sad
I do love you, must make amends
We'd both be lost, we are a pair
Let us make up, it's only fair

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How bizarre

I saw you once again

My, how strange, I saw you standing there
At busy Victoria tube station
On London's Underground yesterday
You had got off the other platform
Didn't catch sight of me boarding here

They gave the all clear and we moved
You took the exit way unaware
How bizarre, you were my first true love
We had spent so much time together
Doubt you'd worry now or even care

I'd made my offer to you after school
A couple of dates; you played the field
Clear you didn't want ties at that time
Or thought I was a shallow man then 
Wonder if she'd fancy an affair?

Nah! I'd only crash again

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Thursday, 15 August 2019

You cried in my arms

I wondered if you would remember me
We were always absolute friends
Heartbeats in such synchronicity
Until sadly the kiss spelled the end

We all walked home after school each day
You and John had always been best friends
We were all in shock the day John died
You cried in my arms, strange message sends

We did connect after both left school
When I met the husband of your choice
Was glad that you did not make it last
Could even say that I did rejoice

It wasn't long before we did date
To find we fitted hand in glove
No secrets just joy and the good times
A relationship based on true love

Books in order of use:
Remember me
Absolute friends
The Kiss
The day John died
The husband
Make it last
The secrets
The good times

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