Wednesday, 14 November 2018

I stay about an hour or so

My word you are beautiful
Like sun setting in the west
Skittish, laughing, hard to read
Head full of untold secrets
An old one that knew so much
One who has travelled so far
But are those tears in your eyes?
Closing them as I hug you
Remembering infant me
Time, tick, tick, ticking away

Your worn hands reach up to me
Compare me to my father
"I'll get you a cup of tea"
She says to me now smiling
Forgetting she is in care
But the trolley's coming round
We both get one and a biscuit
Hers shaking in her old hands
"How is...?" My wife's name is blank
So I talk about June then

I stay about an hour or so
Chatting; she patting my hands
Slowly she closes her eyes
I leave when she falls asleep
But she may not remember
That I came, but that's okay
Better than pleading with me
To take her back to my place
So hard to handle last time
Carers had to calm her down

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Sunday, 11 November 2018

Holding your hand

What can I do with all these tears?
I'd never before seen the connection between weeping tears
And the tears that rip you open until now
Now as I feel my heart being torn open again the tears flow freely
What's the thing about grief that punishes me so much for loving?

What can I do with all these tears?
Can I collect them and wash myself free of the memories
That constantly nibble at me now?
But you are all around me and within me, both outside and at home
There is the scent of you, enticing but sadly out of reach

What can I do with all these tears?
Let them fall and get them to send a message of lasting love
That will forever be in my heart
Telling you of your children and grandchildren, of music and birds
Of the sea and the hills and wind and rain and of holding your hand

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Can't say a thing

I can't say anything
For you won't speak to me
So I write you letters
But do you read what I've written?

You were my first true love
Help me to understand
Why I'm not on your page
Foolish me for I was bitten

No more long walks outside
Holding hands white Moon beams
Carved our names in tree's trunk
Silly me, as I was smitten

No more shall I write words 
Sentences filled with love
Tempted by another
You're no more my charming kitten

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Saturday, 10 November 2018

First rays of dawn

First rays of dawn shone through the window

She snuggled close to my back
Now breathing contentedly

I loved everything about her
Her eyes, her nose and her soft hands
But didn't even know her name

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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

The Book Worm

was surely lucky as a child
Instead of me madly running wild
I visited my mothers place of work
Not playing in the streets like a jerk

After school I raced without a care
To library in town's Market Square
Mum behind the counter stamping books
I gorged myself in some cosy nooks

In reference room I did my homework
And walked back home with Mum after work
I read fiction books not meant for me
Books like "Lolita" and "The Cruel Sea"

Wasn't long before I found classics
To each bookshelf I go and fossick
Aesops Fables, then The Golden Ass
Balzac, Zola and Seutonius

What education it was for me
To binge read "The Old Man and the Sea"
Even "On the Beach" by Nevil Shute
And other authors of great repute

When married my wife also a fan
So our few bookcases grew a span
Years later those books still talk to me
For reading's a pleasure guaranteed

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Note the picture is not of me but the story behind the poem is true

Authors of novels referred to: Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
                                               Cruel Sea by Nicholas Monsarrat
                                               The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway


Sunday, 4 November 2018

Wishing for a Phoenix

She is off on a journey now
Flying high in the evening light
Or singing at a perfect pitch
Oh how she made my life so rich

How I yearn for her now she's gone
Perhaps wading on a coral shore
How relentless is life's machine
Where have you gone my dear Maureen?

Met you when were such a cute miss
Walking to work so close to me
How telling was our first talk
Our eyes eager like pair of hawks

We stuck together as we should
Travelled the world and raised three kids
Grandchildren now number six
I just wish you were a Phoenix

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My sister

How I miss the swings and slides
Of our happy childhood days
Now my life is all despair
Oh for those times without care

How did we exist before?
Homework, tests and such strict rules
Cough syrup with runny nose
Hand me downs of sister's clothes

First to bathroom, lucky me
Now she's banging on the door
"Wait I've got to do my hair"
She pinched my arm with a glare

How the years have passed since then
When she died my heart did break
Cool day for her funeral
Heavens open; rain does fall

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