Friday, 30 October 2020

Yum's necklet

Everything quietened down in the cave after Yum's fight with the woman in the fish trap. The woman's husband would have been cross but he knew his woman was greedy. He couldn't see the problem as they would manage by themselves. 

Yum and Dong went to the beach to collect shellfish when fish were few. Fish tasted good when put on the fire but the shellfish were best eaten raw. Soon there was a big pile of shells outside the cave and Yum had an idea what to do with them. The ones with the best colours of similar size she collected from the pile and found if she was careful she could make a hole in the thick part to thread some twine through that they used to fasten things with. When she had a number fastened on the twine she held them up to look at the pretty shapes. Then she put one round her neck and leaned over a rock pool to see what they looked like. She loved it so much she made another one and when Dong wandered up the beach to join her she gave it to her.

Dong wasn't sure. "Doesn't Dum like how you look now?" she asked. Yum laughed "Dum would like me even if I had a smelly fish hanging round my neck. No, this is to please me. Now let me put yours on you too Dong" 

Dong tried unsuccessfully to look at herself so Yum pointed to the pool to see herself in the water. Dong looked at herself, saw the necklet and how it emphasized her face and even made her tangled hair look good. "It's good Yum; it will show we are friends. You teach me different ways of seeing things and now I am even beautiful like you. I will keep it."

310 words

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Thursday, 29 October 2020

Going nowhere but down

The park gardeners found his body that morning with nothing to say who he was. A vagrant no doubt, with empty Bourbon bottle and a tattered bedroll. The police were called and his body was taken to the morgue and they were no wiser as he had nothing to identify himself. There was no address, no letters just a rusty penknife, a few coins and a tatty bible with a scribbled name inside that was unrecognisable.. An ambulance now appeared and the team placed him on the stretcher and put his few belongings in a bag before taking him to the mortuary. He was kept there until the police had made their enquiries before interring John Doe. Clearly he had had a hard and grim life with no one to care for him. A photo of him was put on show to find anyone who knew or had met him but no-one provided any further information. When all the investigations were over a simple burial of his ashes was carried out in a pauper's grave. Barely three people were there and an old lady standing some way off.  She used to let him have unsold bread and cakes from her shop at closing time.

                                                None knew who he was

                                            His body was found that day 

                                                    With Bible in hand

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Wednesday, 28 October 2020

My secret affair


"How did you get on?" he asked

"She's married my dear fellow" I answered

"What difference does that make" he replied

(Three lines from Balzac;s short story, Domestic Peace)

...and so it was from that day on

I had a secret affair with her

A polite grin at first from me

And then her sweet smile in response

Meeting by chance at the town fair

Blushed when I pointed to a cafe

But in the end she did agree

So much more of her I did see

Eager to show me where she lived

Not long she took me home with her

Lead me around to show me all

'Til we both gave each that first kiss

That commenced our pure love affair

That lasted to the start of fall

We parted one day at the fair

...husband guessed; that was end of me

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Saturday, 24 October 2020

The Romantic Thrush

I love the sound of rain

A male thrush looks on

Singing by the window

Knowing its time to go

Back to his shaded nest

As the night calls him now

When his family sleep

Safe now in the trees shade

Chirping always for food

Which chick the first to leave?

As he now imagines

Being alone with her

Friday, 23 October 2020

Yum is cross


Most mornings Yum and Dong would go down to the beach soon after the tide started going out, to check their fish trap. This day they hadn’t gone early as they talked about their husbands now they were both off hunting. Noticing that most of the other women had already gone they put their babies on slings to be rocked by their walking as they went down to the beach.

There were one or two women waiting to look for fish after Yum and Dong had taken theirs first. Already in the pool was a woman looking for fish and tossing them out on the sand nearby.

When the two friends arrived Yum handed Wah-Wah to Dong, strode up to the woman and hit and scratched her face. She told the woman to take the fish she had stolen and go and tell her husband to build his own fish trap as she was not allowed in this one anymore.

All the other women were scared and started to walk away but Yum called them back to look for fish for their families with her and Dong. Dong was amazed at how strong but fair Yum could be.   

Everything quietened down in the cave after Yum’s fight with the woman at the beach. The woman’s husband would have been cross with Dum had it not been the fact that Grunt and Dum did everything together as well as him knowing his woman was greedy. When he learned that Yum had given her the fish he didn’t see a problem. It wasn’t long though before the couple left the cave and peace was restored,

270 words

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Maisie's Rosary


Maisie was an old lady down our street

Who scared us kids if ever we did meet

She wore a rosary our parents said

The cross of which that was made of bone

From her dead husband's fingers; how we moaned!

Which made us scared before we went to bed

We would laugh at the tale when were older

And would pass her house when we were bolder

For it was one way she still had him close

Ma said it was because she loved him so

Dad said it was she wouldn't let him go

Young sis Ann covered her ears filled with dread

Saturday, 17 October 2020

Definitely devine

It was almost dark the night was falling

I listened to rattle of the screen doors

There's a bell, I expect them to ring

"Answer it" my wife's green eyes do implore

Slowly I get up to check who it is

To find a sweet lass whose lips I could kiss

"Sorry to worry" she says with a smile

"Could I see your wife for a minute or two?"

So opened the door (she was quite nubile)

So pointed to lounge door to enter through

She was a stunner; you know what I mean

Apparently her first name was Eileen

So in she came, I took her to my wife

Apparently a student at her school

Most beautiful girl I'd seen in my life

Studying history, still made me drool

Some kids really grow up so fast these days

"You're really such an old fool" my wife says