Sunday, January 15, 2017

Grump on nature walk

Fireflies glimmering in the trees
They've come out to replace the bees
Snuggled up close to keep alive
Now hiding away in their hive

Now something is breathing in the dark
I hope it is not an Aardvark
Or a bat hanging in the trees
Dropping things and I don't mean fleas

We're slipping sliding in the wet mud
My boots are filling with some crud
Still it's fun to be scared this way
(I'd rather be sleeping any day)

This trip is not turning out well
I want to hear the final bell
What's that's my teeth
I'm sure we'll all come to grief

At last a light we're nearly done
The river's source ain't that fun?
People throw in a coin or two
Critters can't spend it, that won't do!

So ends our evening's nature walk
I'll go mad if there's more such talk
There's much to discuss, I don't think
I'd rather wash dishes in the sink

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

It's come full circle

It's come full circle
I have become old
Losing my senses
I stare out at the blue water
Water I paddled in as a child
The tide comes in rolling waves
Testing, cresting, washing over the shore
Leaving a wake of frothy ribbons of bubbles
Making the shingle sing faint praises to its might

The seagulls shrill cries
The crabs scuttling
Ribbons of kelp dumped
Sad seashells mourning their owners
Sun now singeing their colour away
While sea remains blue much like me
Its roiling rolling surf peaks again
I look on having lived my life; my stitch of time
Draw pictures in the sand as the sea rolls in again
To wash them clear away sensing my foolishness

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Your eyes shine

There so far distant
Your eyes shine like the pole star
Guiding me forward

Now you glance at me
I feel weakness at the knees
My heart missed a beat

There is kindness there
As we are then introduced
Your hand is gentle

Like a baby's kiss
Warm as a cosy fireside
Smile full of promise

We chatted awhile
You then asked for my iPhone
Put your number in

Ring me tomorrow
I'd like to see you again
Your eyes shone once more

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Conversation on a rainy afternoon

The rain pelted down
So I ran into the mall
My car glared at me

Shopping first I thought
Then changed my mind " No, Coffee"
The barista grinned

Girl with long black hair
Didn't ask me what I'd have
Just looked at damp me

Then asks with a grin
"It's not still raining, is it?"
She has pretty eyes

"Oh no" she then moaned
I'll be off in half an hour
I'm bound to get soaked

"I've some things to buy
Then I can give you a lift"
But she looked doubtful

I read the paper
So went to do my shopping
Then back to cafe

She was waiting there 
"The boss knows you, so I'm safe
I'm glad you came back"

The rain had eased off
Car seemed happy to see us
Maybe it likes her

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The lovable rogue

He was a lovable rogue
You couldn't trust him an inch
Avoiding people he owed
With his lopsided grin
Buttering up those like me
Who might just lend him some cash
Which was never quite enough
That you'd never see again

He had a family somewhere
Up the north coast so he said
He real mates were in the pub
Kindred of sorts, jokes, tall tales
Was always watching the door
Alert like a keen jockey
For quick exit from the stalls
Those days long gone thank goodness

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Why do I love you?

Just why do I love you?
For years now I have flirted with you
We're friends but not lovers

I dream of you always
Me laying my head on you tummy
My fingers touching you

But still you laugh at me
Your perfume intoxicates me
As I now breath you in

I look deep in your eyes
Just how do I open up that door
To touch your beating heart?

Shall I draw you pictures
Tips of my fingers on your warm back
Calming you while we dream?

Let me hold your sweet hand
And trace both our futures on your palm
This will give us the key

So then you'll welcome me
Into that sweet beating heart of yours
In everlasting love

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Hungry wolves

Hungry wolves prowling, growling, watching lambs leaping
Will spring soon be here and the weak survive?
Or wander down the road to endless sleep?
Why is that sibling still alive
Whilst his brother is in his grave?

Baby laying meek and mild
Inhale now start your life
Tell me what you fear most
Hard pressed for the answer?
There is none little one

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