Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Could I talk of you?

Wondered if I could talk of you
Those precious moments years ago
I spied you standing in the street
As you flicked your hair from your face
Such beauty took me back a pace

Or was it that quizzical stare
As our eyes met you were aware!
So walked right up and smiled at you
Seemed the best thing to do I thought
You just grinned at me...I was caught!

So introduced myself to you
"I know" you said "I asked Tessa"
Yes I knew Tessa, my mate's girl
She was dating my best friend Leigh
The world is quite small don't you see

We walked as she was off to work
And I was too, I did not shirk
T'was a short way from her workplace
So each day we'd meet up for lunch
Our eyes would lock as we did munch

Wasn't long before we got engaged
How contented then we both were
What can I say we were a match
Grabbing the moment when it came
That's how to win the mating game

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Monday, 9 December 2019

Two views

One view

The troops are here back in our land
Don't they know they'll die on our sand?

It's our bad luck we live in a barren land
It's dry, we're poor, what don't they understand?

And the reverse

Can't they see we want to set them free?
You'd think they'd all be shouting with glee

Don't they realize we live a better life?
Yet theirs is full of oppression and strife

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Sunday, 8 December 2019

I leave no evidence

What will heal my wounds of life
As I struggle to start again
Much like sad and barren tree
Losing leaves, blossoms sadly
Baring all majestically

Along comes spring full of joy
Bathing in watery kiss
Leaves spring gladly every year
Flower buds gifting new life
Tree not knowing she was wife

Swaying in forest clearing
Sometimes fearing scent of smoke
Always sucking water up
To feed buds and seeds therein
Hiding many birds basking

And me? When I think of death
Body in casket now placed
All I was; blown far away
No more pride no disgrace
In heaven, hell or other place

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Sparkling Eyes

That sad story we do tell ourselves
Trying to hide our faults on high shelves
S'pose we all hunger for the past
Opening our minds who we once were
Choking with sadness when we lost her

Yet days do not weary anymore
Once when filling them was quite a bore
Should we reminisce about the past?
Or try to put that aside for good
Does it matter if misunderstood?

So love hurts if that fire is put out
It's not a sin to cry or to shout
Or to jump queue in the line of love
Where one must fly high to win the prize
On the grounds that she has sparkling eyes

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Friday, 6 December 2019

Pacifico temptation

So many stories this ocean tells
With its vast seas and washed up shells
I've swum in reefs, worn garlands galore
Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and more
I've danced with brown girls holding me tight
Whose alluring smiles are a delight
Fell in love with their way of life
Wondered about native girl for a wife
Who stole my heart with her dancing feet
Took my hand and writhed to music's beat
One girl smiled and asked for my address 
Hoping to find work in Aus, my guess
It never happened but memories last
Believe me how tempted I was in the past

Illustration of Pacifico -The Pacific Ocean, by Kerry O'Connor@skyloverpoetry

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

I really hate change

I really hate change, unless it is me
It's my choice to be who I want to be
But with others I firmly disagree
I really must end this verse with an 'e'

I am joking of course but we should all
Accept changes even they do appall
You wouldn't think that I would have the gall
To finish verse without a rhyme at the end!

Forgive me I like to have just one joke
For I've always been that sort of bloke
Forever laughing as I write each stroke
As though my finger does give you a poke

Enough of the silly childish banter
You'll think of me as a silly ranter
I'll soon be speeding off at a canter
Christmas shopping calls so might meet Santa!

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Monday, 2 December 2019

Words and Deeds

Words to live by you say; when deeds really count
Would you muse at home while I climb a mount?
Do your scribbles match my world wide view?
Do rhymes match my seeing a kangaroo?

Okay, they're dangerous could give a kick
But could go to church to light candle wick
Then take a walk in rain and howling gale
It's exciting so writing tells the tale

To tell you the truth, I always stay home
Though seen the world even Samoa and Rome
My memory's keen so scribble a lot
Writing of cold and (as Aussie) the hot!

Must confess dictionary's by my side
I view the wide world with eyes open wide
And pound the keys as write poems and prose
But am so sad this blog site soon goes

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