Sunday, 22 April 2018

My walk each day

There's a cemetery near by
I don't intend to lie there yet
But I walk through there oftentimes
Groundsmen mowing lawns make it neat
Bells ring, birds sing, I sit on a seat

There are interments on sad days
People gathered round dressed in black
Faces glum with words spoken soft
Caskets are slowly lowered in
Or tiny box with child therein

Ropes withdrawn let the sleeping lie
Mourners quietly wander off
Grief unpacked until they do find
That their lives have changed with this loss
The raging sea of their minds does toss

I continue on my walk each day
Blowing a kiss to my loves plaque
Plod my way back to my small flat
Return to the desert of normal life
Remembering my dear darling wife

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Saturday, 21 April 2018

Thank heavens it is Saturday

Had hardly any sleep last night
So hot we kicked the covers off
Our limbs spreadeagle not touching
Thank heavens it is Saturday

A mozzie bite now marked my leg
I stifled the alarm early
Before it startled you awake
Left the curtains drawn tightly shut

I pulled the sheet back over you
Went to kitchen put kettle on
Had my shower, was rinsing off
I heard you call me back to bed

The charming thing about my wife
Is her most persuasive powers
Try as I might there was no way
That her offer I could refuse

Sun's rays filtered though the windows
She grinned as I entered the room
Summer's heat now mingled with ours
As we rejoiced this brand new day

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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Different eyes

How can you see me with different eyes?
Just how can you see where truth really lies
I am not as so many others see me
Do believe me as I am trustworthy

You now look askance at me, I feel blue
They have invented lies that are not true
You're really the prettiest girl I've seen
And I love that your pretty eyes are green

Please let us walk home one fine day
I promise I won't hold your hand. Okay?
That is unless of course you want me to
We can do whatever you want to do

Of course I've noticed you for some time
You should have checked your mum, as she knows mine
Yes, it's okay to walk home now and then
 But not everyday, I will tell you when

And don't invent stories of what we do
For what we say is between me and you
We will do that and then see how it goes
And I like that you have a long straight nose

There is one more thing that will have to be
Don't start saying you're going out with me
We'll be friends as we live close, you and I
And no kissing yet...until by and by

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Sunday, 15 April 2018

Then the rain started to fall

Her calm green eyes stared at me
As she flicked her long fair hair
From her sweet face, mouth a grin
Unswayed as we both stood still

People they passed on both sides
In spite of that we stayed there
Both simultaneously
Smiling at one another

So we then started talking
Nothing about the scene fazed us
I reached up to touch your face
You let me, grinning, nodding

Then the rain started to fall
Holding hands we sought cover
Then entered a small cafe
Sitting close to the window

"I want you to be my wife"
A gracious smile on your face
"Perhaps" you said quietly
Rain washed down the gutters

"I've got a list somewhere"
"You look quite healthy, that's good"
She then took out her iPhone
"I've nothing booked, so yes"

Memories are foolish things
My mind spends hours in that realm
What I had, I now have lost
And never more can reclaim

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Skimpy dress

Do you remember my love
Those days long past, hand in hand
We'd traverse dunes sand in our shoes
Both laughing across the strand
Treat to see the sea at last light

As with a sect of others
Worship the sun's final rays
After a day's torrid heat
Align now to western bays
Feel night's cool breeze channel in

Your skimpy dress billows out
I must confess that pleased me
Injecting mirth as we walk
Long street to your family
Check time and get our tales straight

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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Nowhere to hide

The slap of waves on the boat's side
As now the wind blew as night fell
Fourth day at sea with nowhere to hide

Except when the sea was unkind
And sprayed us all with its wet kiss
O land, land just where are you to find?

Last night another baby dies
But the mother still holds him tight
When she gives him up, all day she cries

Our water is running so short
But one sip in morning and night
Just how long before we reach a port?

How bad was life before this?
That makes us suffer hell at sea
The first sandy shoreline I will kiss

It's dark but lights are seen far off
So we head that way full of hope
But my mother now has a bad cough

We arrive at a cove near a port
And soon are discovered there
But too late our landing to abort

So we are herded in buses
Just how comfy the seats they feel
We're so quiet nobody cusses

I smile at my little brother
His eyes all agog at this place
And mother with us all together

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Saturday, 7 April 2018

On the bank of the lake

Laying on the bank of the lake
Your head on my tummy
Fast asleep, unaware
Of the splash of the otter
Or the sigh of fir trees
Our limbs were intertwined
As I kissed your slim wrist
I now felt your pulse beat
And the warmth of togetherness

On the other side of the lake
Wolf emerged from its den 
Now carrying a cub
Staring at us in doubt 
Wishing we were not there
Putting us all at risk
A cool wind now sprang up
You shivered now smiling
At me and evening's fading light

"It's time to go" I said scanning
The dark lake's other side
The wolf was not in sight
"Let's hope the woodstove's lit"
As we got up to leave
Nature's portal again
Return to traffic noise
TV and foolish talk
Hearty meal and steaming coffee

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