Saturday, June 24, 2017

Someone else

Sadness always comes with the question, why?
Hearts break, hopes lost, all you want to do is die
But all your eyes can do is cry, cry, cry

But the sun still shines above in the sky
The bees they buzz, flowers bloom, birds do fly
Showing that you should really try, try, try

Someone else will see that you need a guy
You'll forget those sad days that have gone by
For you'll be the apple of his eye, eye, eye

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

My dog looked at me

My dog now looked at me doubtfully
Hesitant about his morning walk
As thunder grumbled veiled threats outside

He wagged his tail as I donned my coat
Not his usual wag but obedient
No doubt preferring somewhere to hide

We headed for the park where he'd bark
And sniff at all the other dogs there
Which other owners could not abide

But t'was deserted as the darkened skies
Started to pour down with rain and hail
Now there was nowhere at all to hide

My dog kept on looking up at me
His eyes treating me with such scorn
Sulking head down now not by my side

That we were so soaked there is no doubt
When the weather eased we headed home
My wife there with towel and grin quite wide

My dog's tongue it was now hanging out
A smirk upon his face washed with rain
Shook himself before he went inside

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I came home early

I came home early
She was on her yoga mat
Now in the cat pose

"Hi" she said quickly
You've caught me at it again
Slightly out of breath

"Can I watch?" I asked
As she did a seated pose
Then up and down dog

"Cup of tea?" I asked
"Be just a few minutes more"
She said in a squat

When I had returned
She was doing a plow pose
As she finished off

Now red in the face
Glowing, a beam in her eyes
She rose to kiss me


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Sunday, June 18, 2017

That little child

How the passing years are cruel
Reminding me of times gone by
A father with his little girl
On my knee, she was only three

Then when she was growing up
Our angel running, smiling now
As we explored where birds did sing
Wading streams just daughter and me

That little child was now a teen
With long legs going her own way
Bending rules with her impish grin
Texting friends at night till almost three

She has gone her own way now
But comes home again and again
Thankyou Dad for the way you were
You were the best one that could be

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Threads of longing

How I hate that mournful whistle
Just like a night train leaving
Now echoing though my mind
Of the day that you left me
With words that were so unkind

Life's full of broken promises
That gnaw at our grieving souls
Doubts right from the very start
Ringing in my fuddled brain
Since the days we've been apart

But wheels must keep turning
As fall turns to wintertime
With footprints in the cold snow
I'll cut those threads of longing
For your touch that set me all aglow

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Remember when

Do you remember when?
The sun seemed to shine bright all day
Even if rain came pourong down
We would still go outside to play

How we laughed how we screamed
Splashing each puddle in our boots
We would sail sticks and paper boats
In streams from the rainwater chutes

But sunny days were the best
We'd go exploring woodland streams
Seeing wild foxes and rabbits too
And I still go there in my deams

When I see kids of today
Bent over, thumbs jabbing away
Lost in their artifcial world
Blind to the beauty of the day

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Friday, June 16, 2017

It's dark and quiet

I wake from my sleep
It's dark and quiet
I reach out, but you are not there

Then I remember 
You've left me alone
You have gone and I know not where

Seven years now passed
And you fought so hard
Once your body had not one hair

You tried everything
Pills, transplants and all
Daitly injections with no care

Then you said goodbye
The final bell was rung
You closed your eyes you were not there

Now I wake each night
You disturb my sleep
To say you love me still, I swear

I wake from my sleep
It's dark and quiet
I reach out, but you are not there

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