Thursday, 20 September 2018

Hidden paths

Once we walked the hidden paths
Travelling wide foreign lands
Laughing kissing holding hands
Walking barefoot on the sands
Until announcing wedding banns

Time is cruel you did not stay
Tears were shed including mine
Did our job in family line
Young ones grow they're doing fine
But for me the sun does not shine

For I'm not whole without you
I hate it that memories fade
Except that clinging saudade
That's you waiting unafraid
For that time with you I'm laid

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Needless to say saudade doesn't really rhyme with the other ...ade endings but if I had used that rhyme I would have written a poem about the artist Dada, but I didn't; sorry!

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Felled forest

What do we need to see the truth
Of creatures habits here on Earth
Who can tend the land and sea's song?
Who by their actions do much wrong?

One thing to eat fruit from a tree
But felled forest a shame to see
Or kill life in fossil oil quest
When sun shines each day east to west

The oceans provide so much food
But our trash and waste does no good
What dirty creatures mans kind are
Careless here at home and afar 

Hibernating birds fail to come
Industry trashed their Asian home
Waste dumped in seas kill a reef
Man's a foul beast beyond belief

Politicians no problem see
All the while banks cheer with glee
Puppeteers pull strings of blind men
Thinking they'll take gold to heaven

For the climate will make a change
As storms and tides will disarrange
But man will want a profit still
Must keep money filling the till

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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

I'm alone

I could tell it from your eyes
I could see it in the skies
The wind made a mournful sound
Soon this land would be snowbound

You sought to flee from the cold
No longer for me to hold
I crave your love, why break up?
I needed your loving cup

She's now gone and I'm alone
I hear the winds mournful drone
Rain lashes the window pane
Hope for letters all in vain

Snow is falling all day long
Not one bird singing their song
The cold silence shatters me
Just where on earth can you be?

I shopped today at the store
Stocked right up with food galore
Saw this lass with greenest eyes
Concentrating on her buys

I looked at her and she me
Both smiled, should have said "Yippee!"
Her eyes, nose, lips were the best
She's the one, I am impressed

Warmest winter I have known
So much better not alone
Spring's coming and birds they sing
I don't want for anything

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Sunday, 16 September 2018

At the bakery

I met her at the bakery
At the corner of High Street
Went in as I was hungry
And wanted something to eat

Oh what a smashing girl she was
Behind the cafe counter
Dark eyes, dark hair, wore a sari
Did she swept me off my feet!

So sat right there to chat her up
Took her to the pub that night
Was happy to be there with me
Found a table and a seat

She had a glasss of soft drink
While I had a whiskey shot
I loved her jangling jewellry
Her sweet looks were hard to beat

She told me she made her own clothes
Spun round like a compass point
Western style called Shalwah Kameez
Eyes like lanterns were a treat

Chatted a while, then took our leave
Rode the subway on way home
Found a dandelion on the path
Blew it to win this girl so sweet

I saw her again the next day
Eager eyes met mine once more
I was smitten when she said
"My parents, you must meet"

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Note: Tradition has it that if you blow all the floating seeds off a dandelion in one go your wish will come true.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

I met this girl

It was such a long time ago
Beer glass in hand stomping our feet
With trad jazz playing on the stage
Young wild and free this was our age

This night it was Chris Barber's band
Ottilie Patterson sang songs
Money of my own now to spend
Our lives for us would never end

All that stopped when I met this girl
So cute I'd not seen her before
She's got green eyes that sealed my fate
Really must ask her for a date

I spoke to her and she agreed
Turned down jazz but okayed the flicks
I gave her chocs and held her hand 
Yes, it's better than a jazz band

One year later I married her
Found that she was a soprano
Sang in opera locally
I've gone up in the world, you see!

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Yes this was a true story (sort of) edited to make it sound a little better but the date and consequences and my enthusiasm for Chris Barber's band were correct. 

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

By your side

I had sat by your side all day
Breath was steady without one word
The nurse checked on you now and then
Smiled at me, saw you had not stirred
"Looks like you need a break" she said
"Yes, I will get something to eat"
So off I went to get back home
To stretch my legs and use my feet

It was almost sunset, phone rang
I'd almost finished my evening meal
It was the hospital that called
"She has gone, please do not rush back"
As darkness fell, I tidied up
Then drove slowly back to town
Having phoned the kids, so they'd know
So kissed her once, then sat down

I then had my last chat with her
As she flew far away from me
Night had fallen so many ways
I was on my own, in the dark
Family came in one by one
Moon came out from behind a cloud
Each child kissed their mother goodbye
I stood, wanting to scream out loud

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Sunday, 9 September 2018

My daughter tells tales

There's a cypress in our garden
And it's tall and thin like me
It's been there for many a year
It watches us carefully

It's not like a trembling poplar
Or sturdy like an old oak
But proud and tall and whispers to me
And sometimes will tell a joke

It can see above the rooftop
To find the hills far away
He yearns to be in a dark forest
To go there on holiday

T'was my daughter who told those tales
Handsome knights, a midnight deed
Of dark haunted woods and waterfalls
Searching for lost Gannymede

I love this world she has created
Rivers overflowing and gold mines
Rose will be a poet or writer
She's showing all the right signs

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