Thursday, April 27, 2017

Grandpa's house

Us young kids were all playing outside Grandpa’s house after going to Grandma’s funeral while our parents and other visitors chatted inside as adults do after occasions like this in the country.

So we were tearing about to garden, seeing if the fruit was ripe on the trees which it wasn’t and trying to prize open the lid to the old well and while we were doing that Grandpa must have come outside without us hearing to have a smoke or use the outside toilet which he still had.

By this time I had crawled on top of the well cover and was trying to open it up when he must have seen me he shouted“Keep off, I don’t want you to go near there”  waving his stick at me. I stiffened with shock and confusion and blurted out, “Why, is Grandma down the well?”

Hearing this Grandpa just collapsed in a heap bawling his eyes out causing my sister Win who had been watching us to run inside to fetch Ma. All this happened many years ago and here I am nearly sixty and as I recallthat incident my eyes are wet with tears too..

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Schooldays remembered

Young Ted was a rebel
And always up to not much
Hiding in the corners 
To keep from teachers touch

When on the sportsfield
He'd find a shady bower
Open up his fag pack
To wile away that hour

I'd join him once or twice
To share a cigarette too
Were the the plucky twosome
But got the cane, Boo Hoo!

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Sand through my fingers

Little did I think playing on the beach
A child many years before
Those sand castles, moats and dams that I built 
Were mountains in days of yore

As the sea washed over my little toes
I knew not what came before
That my ancestors had crawled up on this beach
A new place to live they saw

For as I hopped and skipped without a thought
As I grew each year by year
We had once feared wild beasts and birds around
Pets now that I hold dear

Did they stay close or forsake Mother Sea?
To find a safe place to hide
Live in a cave or construct a wood hut
Safe from predators abide

Mankind has struggled many years thus far
Now to reach this point in time
But found it best to fight in bloody wars
And to trash this Earth sublime

As the sand through my fingers now does run
A tear runs down my face
This paradise in which we once lived
Has been made hell in its place

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Mind in turmoil

How my mind is in turmoil
As midnight's pale moon looks on
As bastard minded statesmen
Cause peacetime hopes rot away

The blind buggers now rule us
Speak such candy coated lies
Seldom in my memory
Have the world's hope looked so grey

So play some calming music
I'll imagine maidens dancing
Liting sounds of soft singing
May well ease my mind this day

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The Wait

I waited long my lovely
On that summer's night
All neat and smart and longing
For your presence to light
My fire, my passion
And promise you my life

I waited long my princess
As the air turned chill
My plans went all asunder
And much against my will
Wept some tears of doubt
That you would be my wife

I waited what seemed like ever
The gifts I held seemed poor
Could  lose my precious who
To me meant so much more
Sadly I left that place
And trod my way back home

You didn't ring to tell me why
Or even write a letter
I lost you on that summer's eve
To a boy who was surely better
But as the past is past
I think I'll ring young Cindy

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This poem was originally written in 2010

Saturday, April 22, 2017

You are my springtime

Through a dark mirror
You are like a lethal drug
That makes my heart thrum

At times you melt me
With those dark eyes that promise
Key to your treasure

As I lay my head
In the hollow of your breasts
Let me stay always

We will never row
A plit would cause disaster
We need each other

Strip all your clothes off
Let me deck you in flowers
Springtime you are mine

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Friday, April 21, 2017

The Fruit lady

Staring now out the window
Looking at the market place
A bustling scene below her
She shed just one tear

She remembered long ago
When standing by her fruit stall
Shouting out "Ripe Bananas"
For them all to hear

What a young girl she was then
Coaxing all the customers
To buy all their fruit from her
As she called them near

She polished fruit on her smock
As she waltzed around her stall
Welcoming every buyer
Always with good cheer

Then one stall holder noticed 
She wasn't in the window
Gone to her orchard in the sky
That was very clear

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