Saturday, 25 May 2019

I woke from my dream

I woke from my dream, just where had I been?
Seems like three hundred years ago
I worked in an architects office
Drawing boards on benches by windows
Chatter of draftsmen, pencils in hand
Erasers sitting waiting for call

"Boss has gone on an inspection"
Says Matt, whose window faces car park
Relaxing now he now makes paper planes
Smallest models, snipped and taped up
That fly about the drawing office
For half hour or so; except one day

That was when the boss returned early
We believed we'd be safe for a spell
As we had just launched our fighter jets
Door opened and in he walked unaware
He looked at Pat then at me straight faced
"Forgot to pick up the Palmer flle"

Ignoring the paper plane on the floor
I walked to the drawer and fetched the file
As he left he gave me a small grin
"Might be a long time, it's already three"
Thirsty after that fright, tidy up
Tea girls trolley is a welcome sight

Now we really must get back to work
So cleaned scraps of paper slits off floor
Pat says "Must give him longer to go"
As he fills his fountain pen with ink
While I do my given tasks quietly
Dark now, wonder what Mum's got for tea?

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Curiously when I viewed the given words they allowed my to recall my very first job working in an architects office and my older workmate's passion for making paper planes in his spare time or when he was bored and this poem records the time when the boss caught us out by chance!

Spring's warmer days

The chill of winter shows it's face
No beams of greeting or of cheer
Heads now bowed against swirling wind
Umbrellas up for teeming rain

So we dream of spring's warmer days
We drive slowly in a downpour
Or throw sticks to our dog Bruce
Not just watching from window pane

How long 'til sweet Summer's song
First signs with Shrike Tit's sweet trill
Cold now gone, free to bare my knees
So dear Sun you do keep me sane

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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Woke up early

Woke up early and it was already light
While I was shaking off effects of last night
Visitors came and lasted beyond their stay
Not that they knew it, but I'd had a long day

I looked outside to view our garden green
Wifey has the kids and all her chores unseen
Walks dog and tends each flower bed
Cooks like chef and pleases me; enough said?

She looks beautiful, sleeping peacefully now
I wonder if kiss on the lips she'd allow?
All at once she said these words "I'm not asleep
As I've checked on you now and then with a peep"

"I'd woke earlier, thought you'd left on the light
But the sun had beaten us by shining bright
So there's only one thing you can do for me
My dear, is go and get me that cup of tea"

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Sunday, 19 May 2019

So many years ago

With thoughts in my mind and hope in my heart
I set about walking to the top of the hill
So I could look down on the town I was born
That I had left so many years ago

It has gorwn of course and changed so much
With one way traffic and conjested roads
Which is no surprise as towns grow up too
But sang soft song of love from long ago

Why did I go back? I hear you ask me
With sand and cement in every town
Perhaps to see the school I once was taught
And roam the woods and streams of long ago

Or walk to the railway's station now changed
Steam engines have disappeared from sight
Now provides a carpark for hundreds of cars
Recall just six, seventy years ago

Perhaps relive the trials of growing up
Queuing at cinemas ticket booth
Kissing first girlfriend by the parks gate
What a mercy I recall those days long ago

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Saturday, 18 May 2019

Riding the bike

"Good he's learning to ride the bike"
I'm home from work, wife son in hand
Leading him crying back indoors
"This is your job" She said sadly
"I feed him, clothe him and yours is
to teach him things that end badly"

Her sarcasm was not lost on me
So I went out to fetch the bike
No damage, so wheeled it back in
But sat down and showed him my scar
Son was nibbling at a biscuit
"That's from when I fell out my car"

"No it's not" said my wife, smiling
"My appendix scar is bigger"
By this time our son was grinning
"Now you have fallen off" she said
"You don't have to do it again
but can have a story in bed"

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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

My father-in-law

My father-in-law hated picnics
It wasn't his favourite activity
He liked his meals served up on a plate
At the table in the dining room
Eating out 'en plein air' he did hate

But he liked to swim did my wife's dad
At the sandy beach close to our home
But seeing that snacks were in the pack
He'd walk far away along the beach
Searching for round pebbles, shells and wrack

Not that he was a miserable guy
His sense of humour quite unique
Loved it when grandkids curled in his lap
Best of all swam in the briny sea
Then in the deckchair take a long nap

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Sunday, 12 May 2019

A baby's born

She lay on her back breathing
Her breasts heaving
Her thighs quivered
Her eyes watching
As baby's born
Midwife holding
New baby now being weighed

"That's a mountain climbed" she said
"Let's check you out"
Baby now wrapped
Placed in her arms
Murmurs her love
Singing a song
Now surging with emotion

"You've been nine months a'coming
I'm your Mama
You'll see Dad soon
All in good time
But I'm the boss
There's work to do
Clean the stains and tidy up”

"You and me will be tigers
My first baby
My little girl
All I wished for
Princess at home
Have no secrets
Now let's meet Daddy shall we?"

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