Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Lonely as a cloud

Once I wandered lonely as a cloud
Did not express my thoughts out loud
When childlike life was mostly play
But with an urge to seize the day

I looked at girls they laughed at me
But there was one I could see
Was happy to walk and hold my hand
'til foolish I spied a girl named Anne

It wasn't until I thought a bit 
This was no way of doing it
Here was I indulging my all
For soon this led to my downfall

I had not thought of how they felt
For met this girl, my heart did melt
Was convinced she was next to none
Despite my pleas, was not the one

All through my life I dreamed of her
Yet so much else is just a blur
Until one day Facebook request
There she was, now my soul can rest

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

I breathe your scent

I gently kiss your pretty nose
and run my fingers though your hair
your sighs repeated not only once
as I whisper soft words that I care

Those fingertips touch my face
you tenderly look me in the eyes
I hold you close and promise all
as tears confirm our future ties

I breathe your scent that I know so well
your embrace confirms our love
as murmurs of our passion stir
and pray for blessings from above

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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Foggy January day

A train's whistle muffled in the mist
as shady figures faded from my sight
so like a chicken without a head
I fumbled around with turn and twist

What sane person would walk in dense fog
like taking a stroll down a dark shady lane
or a thick forest with no trails
without the assistance of a guide dog?

No! I'm not superstitious at all
but could list more than a hundred things
playing this game has no grain of sense
Gravity; on my face I'll surely fall!

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How time flies

Wistful was his mood now
Their time to leave came round
The visit had relieved all fears

The childrens' cold faces 
Shone in the moon's bright light
And the stars twinkled in their eyes

The old farmer's daughter
Brought them up to visit
The dark night now hiding his tears

His voice as harsh as gravel
Did speak of love and things
Before they then said their goodbyes

She leaned against him then
Touching his gnarled old hands
The children he'd not seen for  years

Jess said they'd come again
He so hoped that was true
But the farmer knew how time flies

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Rainy days

I wait for the tram
Watching the threatening clouds
Raincoat in my case

Then swipe my ticket
Find a seat by the window
Stare at the grey sky

She got on stop nine
Tall, dark, hair was all frizzy
Classic high cheeked face

She looked at no-one
But she knew I looked at her
I read the paper

Then the sky darkened
As I read her beautiful eyes
And her turned up nose

We reached the city
The rain poured down in torrents
At Town Hall she rose

Then I caught her eyes
And gave her my newspaper 
She took it grinning

Smiling in the rain
With that paper on head and
Unfinished crossword

From that day onward
We would both sit together
The crossword not done

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Last dancing flames

The crackles had stopped
The last dancing flames 
Slowly died away
Amy looked around 
For paper or wood
Something flammable

She blew the embers
Lest the fire went out
She pushed the poker 
Under the black coals
Raising them slightly
A smallest of glows

Sizzles turned to flames
Stone hearth looked cheerful
She heard shouts outside
The brass doorknob turned
He looked at the hearth
"Good lass, Amy love"

Their eyes met briefly
"Get us some drinks now"
"Yes sir, right away"
Curtsied, left the room
She grinned silently
No one knew just yet

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Saturday, January 6, 2018

The pebble beach

Luckily it had been a warm night
Binge drinking session over
I woke up on the pebble beach
With hungry seagulls watching me
But soon they were quickly put to flight

Staccato whistling of soaring birds
Checking the water for some food
And the gentle sprinking of rain
Convinced me to leave my stony bed
To farewell my sidekick who'd not stirred

Some hours later I could not deny
I felt thinner after a bathroom stop
Slick too shaving off my stubble
Then I spied my eyes in the mirror
Don't talk of my sin 'til by and by

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