Sunday, 17 July 2016

Holding hands

How easily I am distracted
From whatever that I do
By the cute flick of her hair
Even the way that she walks
The subtle glance of her eyes
And the waft of her perfume
That now fills the office air

My mind’s never on my work
Others seem untroubled by
This girl with such a frame
I think she really is the best
But clearly just does not care
I’m not in her sights at all
She doesn’t even know my name

I’ll ignore her, which is best                                                          
She’s not the one for me                                                               
How could I ever measure up                                                       
Then one day she’s at my desk
Asks me to help her on a job
“I thought you didn’t like me”
She says ”You’re so wrong, silly pup”

I’m the one that’s now envied                                                      
Cos she and I are dating                                                               
And getting the jealous stares                                                      
How good to leave the office                                                        
She holds my hand so tightly                                                                   
Reluctant to let me go
Love now frees us of all cares    

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This poem was written and originally published early in 2015 elsewhere has now since been amended and lengthened here today.


  1. At least fate gave both of you a chance to know each other, Robin. Love always win.

  2. Sweet. Very sweet. I hope it is not a dream ...

  3. This is such a sweet and romantic write :D

  4. Sometimes a little patience and gentle persistence pays off - always good to get the cream of the crop once in a while

  5. So sweet.. I truly need your positive poetry a day like this.

  6. yes, yes, love does free all from all the cares...sweet :)

  7. Sometimes one's dream does come true! And when it comes to love - such a joy!

  8. holding hands can bring great joy.

  9. I love happy love stories! Very sweet, Robin.

  10. Touching and gentle to read, uplifting. Thanks

  11. Oh the perfect feeling that love that frees us and distracts us...we can see only our beloved! Adore your love poems!

  12. Finally! In this world of daily rotten news, a story with a happy ending!

  13. Very sweet. Love the ending. Though, you know what they say about office love. Perhaps the end is yet to be written. Ha! An upbeat, fun bit of writing!

  14. Luv the surprise of fate. Ah the good ole days of holding hands

    Thanks for dropping in at my Sunday Lime, Robin

    Much love...

  15. i love happy endings!
    such a sweet story!

  16. I love a story with a happy ending. Enjoyed.

  17. "Silly Pup." What a pick-up line!