Saturday, 29 February 2020

A bright new day

The dog's at window and watches out
At carpet of cold snow now melting
Turns to me and looks a little hurt
Curls up on the floor, now quite inert

The lounge has a piano for the kids
But my wife who's the talented one
There's a trapdoor in the ceiling
To go up there is not appealing

It's dangerous for a man like me
I like to lounge around when I'm home
Forgetting work and idle about
Watching for swallows in their hideout

The weekends can be both good and bad
I'd like to be gardening again
My wife is probably in her bathrobe
Or now sorting out her own wardrobe

Dog's curled up on the floor sleeps away
Dreams and woofs about a bright new day

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Wednesday, 26 February 2020

When a youth

Most girls I dated when a youth
Looked up to me as I was tall
I looked down on them in the nicest way

Not too good in the town's dance hall
To stare at my chest was no fun
While the other girls my eyes did survey

Found at last one girl on a par
Whose sweet green eyes hypnotized me
Lips like cherries I kissed every day

Her skin was soft as finest silk
On which I laid my weary head
"I like you Robin" said my sweet girl Faye

We dated for six months or so
I hoped it would last more that that
Sadly she sent note "Have moved away"

Was too old to have a sad cry
But I'd lost the apple of my eye
Now should I look for girl named Jay or May?

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Sunday, 23 February 2020

Childrens laughter

A trace of childrens laughter woke me from my sleep
Let my eyes open wide; no, not a single peep
My dog lay at my feet fast asleep in the shade
Where were tose kiddies that sound they surely made?

Perhaps it was a dream of many years ago
When my children raced about eyes all aglow
When I used to join in their chasey games with them
Oh the laughs and joys in those days of sheer bedlam

When Ma relished break from cooking kids licking lips
They and I would get pizzas or some fish and chips
We get it walking to the shops quite close to us
The owner knew the kids gave kids candy; a plus!

For some odd reason the shop was painted bright green
But the place was always crowded and was quite clean
There were lacy curtains on the large window front
Plus table with magazines if reading was your want

Knowing we were regulars served us well did he
When we paid and picked up order extras there'd be
By such design as this we'd always patronize
For in his shop was best service and that's no lies

It's sad to think too much of the past long ago
Bite to eat at fish shop or way my wife's eyes shone 
Our kids playing with their spears and bows and arrows
Our memories like this are our joys and sorrows

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Saturday, 22 February 2020

A Chinese dragon

I looked in the bathroom mirror
A new tattoo now graced my arm
A Chinese dragon now breathed fire
Caused some pain under my attire
The demon drink had convinced me
Sipping beer one night in a bar
Shown parlor by my supposed friends
And happily blind drunk agreed
Walking lurching sideways inside
Though thought after there'd been no need
Luckily the pain's no problem
It was far worse showing girlfiend
Shook her head, said "That's not for me"
Picked up her things walked out the door
I'm hanging about like a bad dawg
All quiet now just like in a morgue

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Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Her kiss of delicacy

My wife died nearly ten years ago
As you'd imagine that hurt a lot
Fought her illness long as was her way
Everyone wept for many a day

We married long ago in Britain
When we were both aged twenty one
Independent strong minded both were
But we thought alike and did concur

She was an analytical chemist
Sang in choir and performed on stage
Loved the flicks so that pleased me too
Explored overseas, was good to do

Agreed that children should come along
And they did just that, one, two and three
I wanted girls, she wanted a boy
Boy came first then two girls to enjoy

Both of us wanted to see the world
So migrated to Australia then
Was the best thing we ever done
As though a lottery we had won

As the children grew and made their way
She then bought a bookshop just for fun
To take her mind off kids leaving home
As they too found partners of their own

With just me and her living alone
Both retired we travelled far and wide
Some years later cancer knocked her door
She fought hard but sadly lost the war

But what a life of triumph was hers
For she laughed and loved it to her fill
Our three children are her legacy
So miss her kiss of delicacy

Illustration is postcard of migrant passenger ship Fairstar which was the boat we emigrated on in 1966.

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Maisie in the park

I often sit in the park and feed the birds, tossing it to them squabbling for free pickings. I like to think their chirps are a thankyou.

Today I look at other visitors; joggers and mothers with babies. I don't wave or say hello to them or they me, we are part of the furniture like the seats and kiddie's corner, fountain, gardens and trees. Except Maisie; I am sure that is not her name, that is just what I call her. Wearing slovenly clothes she looks cross and holds an unbent coat hanger in one hand and drags her trolley in the other. The trolley is filled with bags half filled with an assortment of bottles and cans all of which can be redeemed for 10c a piece at the recycling centres. We have so little debris littering our parks and waterways as they are far too valuable! Even if you don't want the 10c, Maisie does and hundreds like her. There's an army of scavenger ants clearing the suburbs this way!

While sitting there Maisie nears the waste bin by me and using her improvised tool, fossicks for treasure in the garbage. I however notice her; she is dressed for the task. I don't think her friends would recognise her (if she had any friends!). Her hat shields her face and protects her from the sun and is held on by a chiffron scarf of doubtful cleanliness tied with a knot under her chin. Her clothes are ones opportunity shops would throw out. They are foul and her shoes are sneakers of a size that would probably fit me!

At first I would ignore her and she me. One day I noticed hiding behind her facade was a sweet face when her grimace was relaxed. In that moment I saw the real Maisie. I saw a girl thrilled at receiving her first kiss. I saw a blushing bride gazing into a young man's eyes and I saw happy tears on her face cradling her baby. I saw Maisie in a different light; doing so I got up off the bench, smiled at her and took a walk in the park.

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Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Young and Foolish

I remember those days when I was 'young and foolish'
'Falling in love' with every pretty girl in school
Mother said 'Don't let them pull the wool over your eyes'
After she saw me brooding for 'I was such a fool'

'Needless to say' one lass named Enid that was so cute
We always sat studying in the school's library
We chatted a lot about art and of other things
Then one day our fingers touched, not accidentally!

'This was my moment in the sun' we became good friends
When school bell did ring I walked her to the bus stop
Thought she was 'spitting image' of a famous film star
We're so fickle as foolish me 'let the bubble pop'

Years later I saw her 'quite by chance' in city far off
Our eyes met, we both smiled but said not one word that day
Mind you I was married then with kids one, two and three
The past 'water under the bridge' is all I can say

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Monday, 10 February 2020

I shed tears

My poor heart is broken
My eyes wept with grief
As I remember back all those years
I miss you so and I shed tears
I was desolate you gave no parting kiss
The sky was cloudy; me too
What on earth shall I do?

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Saturday, 8 February 2020

Sent upstairs

I woke with a start, I'd been dreaming
Back being that seven year old boy
So many years ago in wartime
Dad grew vegetables in the garden
We were hungry as food was rationed
Parents both at work we helped ourselves

I chewed on last crust from the bread bin
Mother worked at grocery shop in town
"Behave yourselves" she said when leaving
But that was never my brothers way
For he did eye my prize jealously
But I ate it up which made him cross

Our job was to start cooking the meal
That Mum had prepared much earlier
But we had been too busy playing
Or checking Dad's vegetable garden
Pity they were not ready to eat
That is when my brother checked the clock

Both open mouthed stared at each other
For Mum would be back home very soon
As we were supposed to light the gas
Food should be cooking when she arrived
We had eaten every scrap of food 
Delving in each corner of kitchen's realm

Onion and peas sandwich just for a start
Three last biscuits each from the tin
And cheesy breath from Dad's Camembert
Pungent not to teens untrained taste
Which improved our knowledge of food store
Part peeled green apple chucked in the waste

And so it was Ma did her head in
On seeing such an unholy mess
Worst of all was finding the poor cat
Miaowing sadly in the bread bin
Mum cried at seeing such a to do
And we were sent straight upstairs to bed

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This is a mostly true story of a memory of mine from WW2 when with both parents working two pre teens were left at home to manage with not unexpected results, we weren't fed until the next day!

Thursday, 6 February 2020

The revenant

What am I doing in this urban sprawl
A place of dirt and crowds and threat of crime
When parking a car it will cost the earth
With myriad strangers but friends are few
The key to happiness is just not here
Misfortune always shows as front page news
People talk in languages I'm not akin
Disaster always on everyones lips
So I'm off; close the book and pack my case
I have ranged so far and lost my roots
Oh to exit this claustrophobic place

It's time for me to don my hiking boots
To find the sweet scent of country life
To grow up like the mountain tops so high
Steams and rivers flowing to wide blue sea
Fluttering leafy trees wave just for me
Chairs on porches lush fruit on the vine
Please calm me with the stillness of your night
Then entice me with the fresh scent of dawn
Surprise me with pleasant views far and wide
You have proved your case there is room for me
My country town's waiting to be my bride 

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Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Bunch of bluebells

What is war like for children?
I'll tell you as I was there
When bombing, sinking and fighting
You'd think that would engender fear

Lived but an hour from London
Knew well when sad siren called
The drone of bombers overhead
You'd think that kids would be appalled

Our house at back led to woods
Through fields of ripening corn
Where us kids would live our lives
Planes overhead since we were born

We'd climb the trees and wade streams
Lived our lives in chosen world
What better to live our young lives
Than in the dank bomb shelter curled

Kids see though different eyes
As parents worry with the truth
The delight when back home we come
Forgetting their own days of youth

Recall the delight on Ma's face
At bunch of bluebells brought home
But now happy all in one place
Before nights fear of bombers drone

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Monday, 3 February 2020

I am not sad

I am not sad it is raining after weeks of freezing snow. I am not sad the wind is blowing cold faced winter away. But I am glad the Spring flowers are peeking out the soil. I don't mind the rain soaking in the ground, Even the trees look happy as fresh green leaves sprout now, I even saw the first swallows wing their way overhead. Springtime makes me happy as so much gives birth again.

                                                  Goodbye wintertime
                                                It's time for procreation
                                                   It is why we're here

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A walk in the misty wild

In the bush for a walk, we did watch birds
It's what we did roaming far from home
Through trees, across plains and mountains too
An excellent pastime for just us two

We'd both have a stick for safety's sake
In case we were set on by a snake
We didn't say too much as we walked
As the birds would fly high if we talked

We didn't steal eggs or chop up the plants
Just took photos if we had close glance
Never touch a nest with new eggs there
They were baby birds not meant to share

Took photos of birds we'd not yet seen
Scribbled notes of where we had just been
They were the only tokens of our visit
Why spoil what was qite exquisite?

Oft other walkers would make us cringe
Who may have come to just gawk and whinge
Have no care what harm they might well do
Leave tokens of the visit which accrue

Forewarned, forearmed the best way to go
No to leave ltter which is a big no!
Lest we form ideas in creatures mind
No sign of rubbish if we are kind

No plastic trash or ropes to cause snags
Or smoking there and discarding fags
Not plastic tape or rubbish to harm
And the wild with no cause for alarm

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Saturday, 1 February 2020

Did the birds come?

Did the birds come and sing to you tonight?
To tell you of my joy and such delight
Tapping their beaks on the window pane
Singing that I wanted to see you again

And that I need to kiss your lips again
Or as they said " a little peck,,,no pain"
I think you are lovely as are your hands
Let's walk tomorrow on sea shores sands

To watch the summer sun sink in the west
As we hold hands and do what we do best
Vanished now my fears you would not love me
Perhaps some other lads looks you did see

Why do I worry about whys and wherefore?
For looking at you face I know the score
Your eyes, your nose and how you flick your hair
To me your beauty is beyond compare

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