Saturday, 30 April 2016

I've read of love

I've read of love
That hopeless yearning
The primal urge to join another

Kissing their skin
Seizing the moment
Boundless steps of silken joy

Seeing the light
Swaying together
A pair of graceful dancers

Passionate fire
Love grows from this cell
This speck this egg of promise

So does love last?
As written in books
With you I will take that chance

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Childhood memories

Childhood memories
Black night dreaming
Shadows on the windows
Car lights dazzling
Little fingers blocking ears

Menace from within
Dishes smashing
Crying in the kitchen
Silence after
He's now throwing a tantrum

Father's now speaking
He is leaving
Bruises plain on her face
She sleeps with us
Until he comes back again

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Wires crossed

True, I was not wise
What could I do otherwise?
So you heard my sighs

It was a surprise
We had got our wires crosswise
What do you advise?

T'was those little lies
That led me to my demise
Now I've lost the prize

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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

One Day

Jimmy Matthews lived with his Dad and his new wife Dawn who came from the East coast.

He could vaguely remember his own mother who used to have him on her lap and cuddle him close and he could feel how soft and warm she was how safe it felt like that.

Dawn was OK but if she ever mentioned his Ma she would call her "the Ex" which he didn't really understand.

As he grew older he often wondered whether he would ever meet his real Mum again and hoped that could happen one day.

After he had been at school a few years and started to learn new words he discovered the word excellent and thought about his mother again and how that word fitted her.

He determined that when he was older he would try to find her and tell her how much that her loved and missed her.

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The shepherdess

I spied this shepherdess
With her flock on the rolling hills
I saw her joyfulness
Skipping barefoot with the lambs

I liked her happiness
When she took me to her croft
She showed such tenderness
As she wrapped me in her arms

I loved her openness
She told me the way to live
And was the seductress
Who stole my poor heart away

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She was the baby
The last of our children
How we all loved her

When she woke crying 
I kissed away her sad tears
Still she wanted Mum

She was the last one
Very soon she was the boss
Coming to our bed

For her midnight snack
So I then slept in the lounge
I was well behaved

No tantrums from her
Often she'd sleep on my lap
Put to bed later

She's all grown up now
Those tender years have now passed
I'd have them over

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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

We met by the sea

Yes she holds it still
A small fragment of my heart
O how I loved her

We met by the sea
I loved her salty kisses
He seaweed garland

How was I to know
That she was Neptune's daughter
A siren to lure me

My eyes are swollen
Salty tears for her alone
Wreckage on the shore

Come again my love
Let us splash in the shallows
And bask on the rocks

Yes she holds it still
A small fragment of my heart
O how I loved her

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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Encounter in the reeds

                                                   Bel looking back

Her skin was like alabaster and her eyes pale as the early morning and she was one of the people from across the river. He knew he shouldn't look at her for she came from the high mountains where the altitude made breathing difficult. They spoke a different language and the children were warned not to speak to them for that would be disaster as “They are not like us” his parents had warned, “Talk to them and there will be chaos.”

He looked through the reeds and saw her with her family gathering clay, probably to make pots for there was none in the hills. Although he kept still, the fair people were still alert and watched out for an attack. Like wild animals one of them was always scanning the area, so he moved not one muscle. He scarcely breathed as the girl came closer to him as in admiration she plucked the flowers that grew there. Then she turned and stumbled into his hiding place. He could see her expression change from being alert to one of fear.

He put his finger to his lips to signal silence as his face graphically reflected his own fear. He glanced first at her face then down to her feet that squished in the moist mud where they stood. Finally she uttered her word for “Mine” as she clutched the flowers close to her breast. He nodded in agreement and smiled at her pretty face. As he did this she visible relaxed and stooped down to where he hid. He pulled a chunk of bread from his satchel and offered it to her. Doubtful at first she finally took it from him and nibbled at it looking all the while at him in case he posed a threat.

Finally he spoke; “Gor” he said, pointing to himself. She thought for a moment and then said “Bel” to tell him her name. Gor held his hands out to her with his palms uppermost indicating there was no guile him. Instead of doing the same Bel placed both her hands in his and nodded. Then almost in an instant she changed; she had heard her people calling her name. She replied that she was there in the rushes, “I am coming, I am coming”.

Sadly Gor nodded and reluctantly let go of her hands. He then reached up and touched her pale face as she was so beautiful and he uttered a one word question “Why?” She lowered her eyes, then rose up, turning to rejoin her family.

Gor watched her go and as she pushed through the reeds his thoughts urged her to look back at him. The force of his love was so great that just as he gave up hope of her responding, she did so, turned and smiled at him.
                                           Where did I find love?
                                       I found it in the marshlands
                                          When she smiled at me  

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It's spring again

It's Spring again
Larks are rising
Ascending to have a talk
While I take a country walk

Woodpecker knocks
Minnows darting
In the cooling forest streams
This the season of my dreams

Buds are bursting
Tadpoles wriggle
From clustered grapes of frog spawn
Lamb babes skip from early dawn

So this is life
I am awake
No need to prick my flesh now
Farmers out with horse and plough

As evening falls
Nightingales sing
This my temple of delight
Spring you are my one true light

I lay down now 
My day is done
Spring like heady wine has spoke
Sleep now wraps me with her cloak

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Friday, 22 April 2016

Coffee Break

It was coffee break
Girls gathered round the machine
The usual gossip

There was much laughing
About boys and the weekend
Then Hilda appeared

Back to work you girls
The old supervisor said
Sternly as she could

She recalled those days
When she worked on the shop floor
She'd been one of them

They'd get the sequel
At the afternoon's break time
She wished she could hear

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There now below me

I climbed the mountain
Looked down to the world below
Vision of darkness

There now before me
My beautiful world now scarred
My face hid with shame

Such fires and smoke belched
Forested hills felled naked
An unholy mess

What prophet saw this?
I weep for all the children
As I close my eyes

Who will save the world
Just who'll atone for this sin?
World's light is now dimmed

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Thursday, 21 April 2016

After the break up

She knew she was right and that she had to give Paul up as they just weren't going anywhere; to tell the truth he was boring.

He was devastated of course as he had planned on being with Nicky for ever having a beautiful wedding with her on his arm in all the wedding photos.

She relaxed after the break up and started going out with the girls again to nightclubs and getting really smashed.

That was fine until one night one particularly anxious creep would not take no for an answer and was waiting for her on her way home.

When she resisted he roughed her up  and smacked her around the face and left her sobbing on the ground by a street light.

Laying there on a bed in casualty she wept tears of regret and wished she hadn't ditched Paul all those months ago.

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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

I do love her

I walked to the beach
The sea is my friend...sometimes
She tells me stories

She pacifies me
Lulling me with her beat of waves
On the sandy shore

Then sometimes angry
Raging drunk with a power
That inspires me so

When after the storm
She finally calms herself
So much like a wife

So I sing to her
With that she kisses my feet
Oh, I do love her

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We were friends

We were friends that is all
Reading chatting laughing
About all things but us

Sat in the library
Knew each other but not
If you get what I mean

What were we studying?
Books, plays, and opera
Not each other, Oh no!

But then we played tennis
She in shorts with long legs
Her cute smile just for me

Later I'd walk her home
But still we did not touch
'Til that very first time

Just where had we both been?
So I kissed her goodnight
And that started it all

Now it was electric
Our voices whispered love
Such a change had occurred

We embraced each other
I even kissed her toes
Passion was our secret

Sadly love did not last
We never kissed goodbye
But I did make her cry

Oh how I miss her so
Her eyes her voice her smile
What was it that went wrong?

I too have wept my tears
I know not where she's gone
Love is not always kind

In this piece I interpreted the prompt Organic to be a poem that tells a story which grows, flourishes then dies.

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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The end of the affair

I held you tight
My head lay on your breasts
The drums of your heartbeat
Beating a rhythm of love

This last meeting
Our life together now gone
Shattering hopes and dreams
He'd finally found out

The streets signs blinked
Rain fell weeping for us
Strip lights flickered sadly
Gravely we whispered goodbye

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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Fine Dining

Whining and dining
Taking kids to restaurant
For it was a treat

Lucy in her red shoes
Ouch! She now kicking my shins
Just where are their meals?

Tommy spills his drink
Napkins are in short supply
Ants are in his pants

A couple nearby
Wishing they were miles from us
Are having a blue

Ah! Good news at last
Waiter has finally come
Our meals have arrived

Then Tommy lets loose
He now wants what Lucy has
Gone green in the face

Room's almost empty
It's strange we had to book
Try Macca's next time

Note: "Having a blue" is an Australian expression meaning having an argument

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Saturday, 16 April 2016

First signs of dawn

First signs of dawn and the old rooster stirred from his perch to welcome a new day after his night's rest. The sun's rays just flickering over the horizon as the cock left the coop as night lost morning's battle and scuttled away. Just as he was about to crow a welcome to the sun he sensed a movement by the fence and cocked his head then purposefully strode down to investigate catching sight of a snake trying to break open the shell of an egg laid by one of the hens the previous day. The snake looked up, rattled its tail while the cock straightened up and ruffled its feathers to look bigger. Forgetting all caution the cock stretched his height to the fullest and strode forward to combat the snake. The snake hissed, cock pecked to grab hold of the snake's tail and shook it throwing on the ground. The snake desperate to find a hole slithered away but when the cock followed the snake turned and struck the cock with its fangs and the two tussled squawking and hissing rousing the hens who came out to see what all the fuss was about. The snake mortally wounded writhed on the ground whilst the cock bitten staggered around the pen and collapsed while the hens looked on.

                                              Snake hissed feathers flew
                                              As cock defended the hens
                                              Chicks would hear the tale

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Friday, 15 April 2016

Such a glorious morning

A wink through the window
Sun flirts with me again
Though my wife's in bed with me
I get up, one smiles the other groans
And pulls the covers over her head
As I feel the warm embrace 
Of the new day dawning

What better love is this?
Than to woo me softly
Then when so enraptured
Wrap me with her passionate heat
To set the world singing again
Birds twittering, fluffy clouds dashing
Such a glorious morning

Lazy bones at last appears
Enticing still in her nightie
Grabs my hand lest I stray
Shakes an angry finger at the sun
Pulls me back inside the house
Laughing makes a cup of coffee
"You're mine" she says in warning

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Long dark hair

It was a mixture
Of shock and utter delight
When I kissed her cheek

I was ten years old
She was in same class as me
So about that age

She had long dark hair
Stood by me at assembly
We dare not touch then

Planting that first kiss
Holding her hand on walk home
A life changing time

So girls were okay
Being invited in good
Her smiling Ma best

I dream of those days
Seeing the world first time
With much more to come

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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Waiting for the day

At long last she heard his key in the lock and he was finally home.

"Have you managed to eat?" she asked as he flopped in the chair in front of the TV calling him from the kitchen.

He stared at the screen, silent, deaf to her and to the voices in front of him and it was then she knew something was wrong.

She feared this day would come; the succession of late nights, the feeble excuses about work and worse still his disinterest in her.

Bravely she asked; Is there something you want to say to me for I can tell something is wrong?"

"I'm leaving you" he said and she breathed a sigh of relief and thought it had taken him long enough to tell her as everyone else knew and she had been waiting for this day.

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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Where my love is found

Home? He laughed out loud
When they asked him where he'd go 
On his holiday

I feel more at ease
Walking on a lonely beach
Or in the forest green

Where the sea's whisper
Sings me a sweet lullaby
And soothes me to sleep

Fish nibbling my toes
There a crab waving a Hi!
And the broad blue sky

Breakers they'll applaud
At my visiting again
I know my heaven

The sand in my toes
The fresh salt wind in my eyes
With the scent of brine

Then there's the dark woods
With the tall whispering pines
I crave that feeling

Rustling of wild things
Now checking just who I am
Owls hoot the all clear

Creatures wander round
For they are not frightened of me
As insects buzz by

The stream ripples on
Little birds twitter and dive
Such place could I die

All my stress is gone
My happiness is found there
Of which do I dream

But you're right he said
I am going home once more
Where my love is found

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Pink dawn

Pink dawn turns to blue
Whole world changes its hue
Morning's welcome news
I'll touch your fingers
No, I must not linger
Know I have no time to lose
Gently kiss your soft skin
Your eyes follow me but I must go
Sever the string that ties me to you
Shower and dress a bit to eat
Then back to see if you've stirred
Your eyes have now closed
You say not a word
I'll see you tonight
I say as I take flight

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Path to the future

Suns opaque shyness
It was one of those grey days
Everything was sad

Even the wind moaned
Melancholy, boisterous no more
Mature in mourning

There's always hope though
Laughing child and nimble lamb
May give us all hope

Mankind offends all
Mountains crumble and seas weep
Yet children still play

Lay me down to rest
Sure that a little one sees
Path to the future

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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Waking in darkness

Waking in darkness
Listening to you breathing
Waiting for the dawn

You're not there of course
Birds tap against the window
As the new day comes

Sleeping or awake
I can't get it in my skull
That you've really gone

Sun unfolds the day
I make myself a coffee
And some burnt white toast

Skein of geese flying
Might take a love note to you
That's probable

Brick by brick I try
To find a life once again
Seems impossible

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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Love you Daddy

Talk to me she said
As I tucked her up in bed
Tell me a story

I knew what she liked
We both went on adventures
In magic circles

Riding fast horses
In tales of fairies and gnomes
In dripping dark caves

Beneath the surface
Befriending fierce dragons
Riding on the their backs

Just us together 
Meeting the good fairy queen
By a flowing stream

Then used and abused
By an evil witch and dwarfs
Until hope at last

As we both escape
To fight and win in the end
Cheering in the stands

I see my daughter
She is asleep at long last
Hearing the story

As I kiss her now
She murmurs "Love you Daddy"
I turn out the light

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Do you floss?

Oh no, not again
Time for check up I was told
Trip to the dentist

First the hygienist
So they charge a little more
Kids pictures on walls

Adult now feels small
Finally sees dentist
He asks, "Do you floss?"

Naturally I lied
Hygienist has just done it
I nodded of course

Think we'll book you in
That old filling looks nasty
For he wants me back

Latest model car
Is in the showroom window
He needs my business

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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Start on Monday

Deep clear blue eyes stared
Searching my soul for some sign
Then she pushed away

Was I rejected
Wondering what she needed
Had I performed well?

I felt deflated
Pondering what I did wrong
Would I ever know?

At last she spoke up
"I choose you" pointing at me
"You start on Monday"

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How are you doing?

Came to Australia fifty years ago
Despite having a good job in England
But my wife and I were adventurous
And as sponsored migrants we had it good
Cheap fares for all at ten quid an adult
Kids travelled free on the three week cruise
Across the world just like a holiday
An adventure for my young family
While the children were still young
I found a job quickly, bought a house
Made very welcome given the vote
This country really needed us and more
Produced a little Australian of our own
Became a citizen after a few years
Had new friends from all over the world
The country wanted workers in those days
It had all its own industries
We made our own vehicles and toys
Our white goods and furniture too
Produced most of our own food as well
Made our own clothing and footwear
Ate fruit and vegetables in season
With great variety exported our surplus
It cost little to fill up the gas tank
Best place to live on Earth...sadly
We even trusted our politicians
It all changed, all for the better they said
But it wasn't, fruit didn't taste the same
New country of origin labels lied
Pristine environment was raped
Mining in every state making a waste land
Holes in the ground holes in our hearts
Seas and rivers were polluted and dry
Rare species of fauna were dying out
And now it is getting even hotter
New immigrants don't want to fit in
Politicians represent themselves
Stashing ill gotten money abroad
Multinationals now own everything
Even new shirts my size don't fit
As manufacturers abroad skimp
Yet no-one bears responsibility
This was the lucky country but no more
Well my fellow citizens of the world
Just how are you doing where you are?

Postcard image of 1960's migrant passenger liner sailing from UK to Australia