Sunday, 30 July 2017

Surprise reunion

What sweet surprise to see someone like you again
But best it reminds me of all the laughs we had
How you girls in the class teased us boys those years past
As we laughed with joy and cried too when we were sad

Only thinking that they were the best days of our lives
Uniforms so alike and how we did our hair
Strict rules where we sat and if we could ride our bikes
Now in this deceitful world theres no-one to care

Over coffee we chatted on for quite some time
Until we both heard the town's old church bell chime
And so then we parted for the very last time
But still I failed to tell her she was still sublime

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Saturday, 29 July 2017

One good deed deserves another

"Be back late tonight"
Said Jim as he left the bed
"Grunt" was all she said

Jill was still tucked in 
Sleeping, dreaming, that was all
He thought in the hall

But she knew his game
So phoned his best friend Peter
"Yes" He would meet her

Put a smile on her face
To pluck the fruit that was ripe
And fix leaking pipe

Sally office girl
Jim dallied with her a while
To see her winsome smile

They had eyed before
So good time was had by all
Calm before the fall

Before wife's goodbye
Hubby gets home all washed up
Pete's tools all packed up

Smiling, drinking tea
Pete gets up to greet his friend
Jim went round the bend

Jill's face innocent
Moans at doing all the work
While he's time to shirk

Turns her back that night
But what really makes him ill
He too has had his fill

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Young Rhapso

Young Rhapso was goddess of sewing
Who in archaic times did stitch and thread
That surrendered not to young mens lusts
Lured by this young beauty's scent and charms
Were hell bent to wrap her in their arms

They'd follow her uphill and down dale
Even would sail across the raging seas
In proving the heat of their desire
This upset the other gods a lot
Musing "what's she got, that they had not?" 

Rhapso then disappeared from the scene
Shining sliver victim of jealousy
Whose only fault was her charm and skill
That other gods were so envious of
She tripped because she was sew loved

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Rhapso was the Greek goddess of sewing and is where the modern word Rhapsody comes from. Very little is written about her so clearly she must have upset someone many years ago and became undone. What I have written is purely fiction!

Thursday, 27 July 2017

First Time

The first time I saw you it was across the street
I never once thought that one day we would meet
As I watched you flick your blown hair from you face
Next was in the library at the same bookcase

I smiled, you then said, "The man across the street!"
I am sure I blushed for how my heart did beat
"Sorry my eyes thought they should admire the scene"
She said, "That's OK you were on my radar screen"

In those days first date usually meant the flicks
So I gave her the chance to make the first picks
But rather than choosing a girly movie
She picked a French action film which was groovy

We married then of course which seemed only fair
There was so much more to like than her blowing hair
And when people aske us on how we did meet
We both laugh and say "We met across the street"

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Before I die

Before I die please let me find
A place to live where all are kind
Somewhere safe my kids can live
Return to others what I can give

I don't mind if it's hot or cold
But must be where I can grow old
To see my children all grow up
Where water jug is filled right up

Then if my kids could read and write
Without guns and bombs that's alright
To see them smile just once a day
Not see their faces filled with dismay

Why is there all this hurt today?
I want my kids to laugh and play
To learn there is a better course
Grow up, work and live without force

I awake from this foolish dream
For none of this is what it seems
My heart breaks for I am so weak
I recall they all drowned last week

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Sunday, 23 July 2017

The night was dark

The night was dark and clouds hid the moon
Our delightful tryst would end quite soon
I drew back from kissing your lips
Although my hands stayed on your hips
The moon now shone like many candles
As your toes wriggled in your sandals
And your eyes still sparkled with delight
How I hated leaving you each night

The clouds scudded across the sky
As the time to leave now grew nigh
Back to work in kitchen scrubbing dishes
Preparing broccoli, gutting fishes
Always cleaning dirty pots with dents
For wigged boss who just has no sense
What bliss, what rapture in your arms
I relapse by dreaming of your charms

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Saturday, 22 July 2017

The house by the river

Laurel was her name
Lived in the tumbledown house 
Down by the river

Don't know why I smiled
That day in the marketplace
Her deep dark eyes spoke

Of a loneliness
A pause before she smiled back
And that was the start

We talked for a while 
Then argued about a date
But was invited home

Her son lived with her
Saw his father at weekends
That's when she saw me

She was generous
But as poor as church mouse
I made her happy

And then she told me
They fought over custody
As I kissed her neck

Away interstate
I didn't see her for weeks
Then found she had gone

Her house deserted
The walls creaked but made no sense
But had a sad look

I sat out the back
The river told me nothing
But it never does

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Postscript from the beachfront

I lived by the sea just you and me and the dog
I like the clear days when you can see for miles
When we run on the foreshore with you all smiles
But I also like it when it is shrouded with fog

You were born here and always have called it your home
I was born a poor town boy who met you by chance
Who saw you bathing at West Cove and was entranced
Nothing could stop me picking you up from the foam

We married and over the threshold I carried you
What's more our little cottage overlooked the sea
With garden, low beams, open fires and bedrooms three
Our friends came round to shake hands and admire the view

We go to sleep each night hearing the seas calm song
Hoping we have triggered our first babys' birth
Then one day on waking wife's face shows such mirth
Meaning that first baby will be born before long

I live by the sea just you me and the kids
The dogs string along too as we go to the beach
The wise sea tells us there is so much it can teach
The eldest now comes running "Dad are these squids?"

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Thursday, 20 July 2017

It was a game

Now why did I feel no remorse?
Because it was a game of course
Lanky youth and stunning girl
Always walking home after school
Chatting about not so much
But it was funny how we'd touch
And talk of life and love and art
With just one sweet kiss as we'd part

Then I said I liked Susan Tate
Asked her if she could fix a date
"Yes I'll speak to her have no fear"
As on her cheek I saw a tear
Soon I was walking sweet Sue home
A careless fool but a coxcomb
Now why did I feel no remorse?
Because it was a game of course

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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Standing at the corner

I was standing at the corner just watching the world go by.
When a girl oh so pretty caught my roving and eager eye.
She saw me look then blushed crimson red which proved that I was right.
Soon we were walking hand in hand with a touch of such delight.
And at her gate that first kiss took me to perfect paradise.
I started to go back home then turned to see her laughing eyes.

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The masks we wear

No-one sees the masks we wear
That cover the grief within
Is it a badge of courage?
Of a stoic optimism
Or sad tears we cannot shed
That hides our secret umbrage

We're fooled by a smiling face
That's when tears are shed within
Words that hide the bitter truth
Oh to be that young again
To have the knowledge we have now
With sad foolishness of youth

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

I saw her sitting there

I saw her sitting there                     
Proud, arrogant almost                  
She was the first women               
In our organisation given               
A high management job              
I liked her                                          
She eyed me suspiciously            

Door open to her office                  
I walked in and sat down               
To discuss my problem                  
The window behind her                
Luckily I didn’t laugh                      
I liked her                                          
Ignored chip on her shoulder       

She was clearly on trial                 
And had to act like a man              
In this office of men                        
As we got down to business         
She relaxed just a little                   
I liked her                                          
So gradually she changed            

She would always greet me
To have a chat when we met
Even told me where she lived
And shared the office gossip
Wonder what happened to her
I liked her
And the first among many

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This piece was first posted in 2015 to Poets United

Saturday, 15 July 2017

The cruel wind

A storm is coming roars the wind
Clouds now scared flee across the sky
And birds with haste away do fly
Dog digs quickly to save his skin

Poets treat such days with a shrug
As brutal times have words to match
Like a cat with cream who then does scratch
With face a mask it is so smug

Wind an orphan, has no brothers
Sees not the damage it has done
Careless, foolish since time begun
Cruelly scorns the need of others

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The rain poured down

My wife had gone to have a bath
I said I'd work in the garden
But outside the rain poured down
Just one blackbird looked up at me
As I stood on the verandah

A bamboo bush swayed in the wind
Dirty clouds scudded across the sky
The leafless fruit trees quite silent
Singing came from my now clean spouse
So went back in to light a fire

She now emerged with glowing skin
Looking like an artist's painting
Hanging on a gallery wall
Clearly now I was not a monk
For a stirring need was so dire

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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Last words

"Hang on, it's not that I mind coming here
but I've not said goodbye to those I hold dear
then there is that bottle of wine I've not drunk
plus my garage is chock full of all sorts of junk"

"I haven't said goodbye to my sweet girlfriend
for when she finds out she'll go round the bend
and then all the lads from the drawing office
will be fighting to see who'll date that goddess"

"But worst of all there's my dear old mum and dad
I haven't seen them for years which is so sad
she will be crying but he will not say a word.
Hang on! Am I really dead or have I misheard?"

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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

I sensed a movement

I sensed a movement in the bed
The time had come few words were said
I phoned the midwife as arranged
She quizzed me on what things had changed

T'was her day off but she still came
To be with mothers was her claim
She knew her job, she was a boon
Lucky us, bub would be there soon

I was put to all sorts of work
To keep me from going berserk
As push and shove went on and on
Do this, hold that, the time soon gone

With an arm wrapped around my wife
A little cry signalled new life
Baby came with tears all round
Midwife more jobs for me then found

Take this, do that and lots more
My heart was beating now full score
At last I was allowed back in 
Weeping tears at her weighing in

That was so many years ago
Three kids have their own babes now
I still recall this midwife's aid 
When this new dad made the grade

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Yes, this is a true story of my job as a husband, father and midwife's aide at home back in 1962

Sunday, 9 July 2017

I woke one morning

I woke one morning
Stretched and looked out the window
The choice was all mine

Shower, shave, set out
City bound work as usual
Or stay home, garden

The answer was plain
Rosemary made it so clear
We were both in love

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The girl in braids

I saw you at the festival
Your hair was done up in braids
You walked up to me smiling
and wore some fancy shades

We sat and listened to the poems
The weather had turned out fine
Together on the grass now
You placed your warm hand in mine

Only in that crowd of hundreds
Had we been alone before
A ripe fruit right for picking
I could not have asked for more

Later we were at a wine bar
Talking about favorite things
Your eyes looked at me with love
How loudly my heart now sings

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Saturday, 8 July 2017

By the fireside

The rhythmic beat of the storm
Sheets of rain lashed against the window
Autumn's chill dug itself in

Shimmering glow in the hearth
As smoke plumes rose from the fireplace
Off to meet the starless night

As I relaxed in the chair
My head was nodding searching for rest
It was but a foolish dream

The dog now yapped in his sleep
Like some prophet venting his wild dreams
Of camels and caravans

Still searching for Morpheus
A shot rang out which was but an ember
Cracking now on the hearthside

Dozy dog now yelped in fright
I bent down to pick up the pieces
While rain drummed on the roof top

There is nothing quite like it
That satisfying comfort of home
Safe and warm by the fireside

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Friday, 7 July 2017

My heart skipped a beat

My heart skipped a beat when I first saw you
Your eyes like deep dark pools of mystery
A smile that turned all heads not only mine
With soft skin, brown as summer berries
Was it possible that you would look at me?
You turned, smiled then nodded, you were devine

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Thursday, 6 July 2017

The crickets chirped on

The crickets still chirped on
Dusk drew curtain of the day
I touched your warm fingers                          
You grunted satisfaction

The moon now showed her face
Grinning at us cuddled there
Making your eyes shine bright
Our bare limbs now interlaced

Hearts now beating in accord
I recall this from years ago
As a night bird flew overhead
A new world we now explored

But this was not a fling
Our lifetime voyage sailed
And crickets chirping now
Just makes me want to sing 

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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

A great big wheel

Independence is how you feel
Free to do exactly what you think
Or be shackled to another's wheel

How glad we are to cast our votes
Until we see who'll speak for us
Find that we've chosen sheep or goat

Independence is a sham you know
Regulations are piled so high
You're not free to choose which way to go

You're just a cog in a great big wheel
Turning whether you want or no
Just play along it's no big deal

What feedom you have don't let it show
And take care when you laugh or smile
They'll tax that too before you know

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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Watching the news

Many tears are shed as
once again an avoidable
catastrophe takes place

What comfort is there
when a leader of a nation
cannot hug the bereaved?

Just who didn't care
the burning tower was built 
at the cheapest cost?

How many beds were empty
homeless had nowhere to go
because no one cared?

Who will be first to say
this must never happen again
when we know it will?

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Saturday, 1 July 2017

I still remember

Tears now ran down my face
Threw lipsticks, scents away
With the rest of of her stuff
As I packed the boxes
Before I moved next day
She's no more in this place

But I still remember
A wisp of hair flicking
As she put hairspray on
The way she walked and ran
Looking round, eyes smiling
Lips pursed, her voice's timbre

Willing her to return
I see her hips swaying
She goes about her chores
Wonders about dinner
Pleased if we're out dining
How much for her I yearn

Seldom did I put to mind
As I worked as a clerk
How I'd cope by myself
Alone without my wife
Now my life is so dark
One like her I'll not find

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Exploring on one's own

I was a stranger in this land
What could I expect from this tribe
Whose village was now close to hand
Would they let me pass with a bribe?

Or spit on me, stone me to death
Blame me for a recent earthquake
Now all laughing at my last breath
Never to see the next daybreak

Swallowed up in some traceless hole
On the edge of the universe
But a girl now waves, bearing bowl
For me to drink, it could be worse

Note: The twelve prompt words were quite trying to say the least! However I managed to include all of them.

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The night is falling

The sun is setting
I write such words as I can
Joyful to be here

The night is falling
Go in peace with hope and love
Now and forever

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