Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Darkness is to day

Darkness is to day as dawn is to night
As hobgoblins roam to give you a fright
I recall the days as child in my bed
As curtains were drawn that feeling of dread

Made worse by brother who set fire to fuel
Of telling stories of ogres so cruel
I'd sleep okay but end up dreaming
Of witches and wolves and wake up screaming

Mother came in to see me filled with dread
Only to find that I had wet my bed
So change clothes, change bed, oh what a to do!
I got back to sleep then brother shouted "Boo!"

By luck parents heard every word said
So next day Dad cleared spare room for my bed
From that day on I never wet myself
Even put my books on very own shelf

How sweet now my dreams as the younger son
Fairies and pixies play in the bright sun
Paddling in the stream of the dark wood
Living a joyous childhood as I should

Why do these long gone times now flood my brain?
Those halcyon days playing in the rain
How thankful I was the boy that roamed far
Despite my Britain was then deep in war

How versatile us children really were
Planes, bombs and losing uncles we held dear
School was good but then how much more we learnt
By seeing buildings bombed, destroyed and burnt

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This poem about WW2 is based on my early life at that time but is completely mixed up so that it cannot be said to be true. It merely gives the feel of war to a five year old child. Many children then were bed wetters because they were aware and frightened. Luckily I was not so troubled being younger when the war started so everything to me seemed normal!

Sunday, 27 January 2019

The presence of a third

I walked in the garden at twilight
The dogs raced around playing a game
My wife furious with anger indoors
As I'd winked at a girl I'll not name

Looking up birds flew home at twilight
Theirs wings out of sync with each other
As the dogs now came to check me out
Me being out there was a bother

My wife was preparing the table
Both the dogs rushed in though they'd been fed
Labradors hunger never ceases
Sniffed around then settled in their beds

How I yearn for those halcyon days
When at dusk she drew the curtains to
That palace of ours which was our home
Many things bring back that deja vu

I went up to her and hugged her tight
She looked up and lay her head on me
Such little things drive a woman mad
Words husky from crying I could see

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Saturday, 26 January 2019

The boy at school

As a boy at school
Bore sarcastic percussion
From my Latin teacher

'Twas Taffy Jenkins
"What would your Mum think of you?"
Still drums in my brain

As those years rolled on 
His admonishments grew cruel
"You are less than dust"

So he translated
"Beneath my chariot wheels"
So the whole class laughed

Later I left school
And without Latin to help
I am what I am

I had a great job
Then came to Australia
A successful life

Think Mum was quite proud
But I cannot tell him that
As he is long gone

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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

The look on their faces

I've seen the look on their faces
I have seen it in many places
The sea birds shake their heads at me
When I take a walk down by the sea
Recently there's been strange looks too
Then my cat Bess whispered a clue
Stop being so foolish human
or you'll sit with the ferryman

You are causing the Earth's demise
Most of what you do is unwise
You trash the oceans and the fish
Burn the forests and demolish
Vast swathes of land that give you life
Dear animals fear gun and knife
Just so some mad millionaire
Can show stuffed animals with flair

Soon the Earth will be a desert
Is what you want just barren dirt?
With children crying without food
And only you in a joyful mood
For the best way to tend this Earth
Is love and care for all we're worth
I want to hear the lions roar
And birds in trees; nest, sing and soar

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Note: The ferryman rowed the dead to Hades in Greek mythology

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Wish I was a poet too

The beauty of being a poet 
Although you don't really know it
That by writing your words in rhyme
You'll be remembered past your time

As readers will see what you've seen
Even though it's been all a dream
When they read your words from the start
And may then feel your beating heart

There'll be birds soaring in the trees
And scent of flowers on the breeze
There will be good times and the bad
They'll be laughing when they'll be sad

Most of all there will be that time
When their tears will fall at your rhyme
You've made them feel just as you do
They'll say "Wish I was a poet too"

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Sunday, 20 January 2019

Waiting eternally

I look to the distant sea
Love the shingle on the beach
Sound of waves on pebbles
Sea moans as it breaks in surf
Hear seagulls calls of despair
As they circle in the air

You once placed your hands in mine
I felt your warmth in this place
But you've gone from this wild world
Leaving me alone missing you
Walking miles through the pine trees
Sobbing, coming to my knees

Do I repent loving you?
Love is precious won or lost
Theres a trace of you in my heart
That will not leave evermore
I feel your eyes that follow me
Wait; I'll wait eternally

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Saturday, 19 January 2019

The torn letter

The candles have extinguished
Gone the way of waving flames
Darkness fills my living room
And my heart with dismal gloom

Your note's shredded on the floor
Got the message you have gone
Shadows of the night take hold
It's time for rats to be bold

Men are such foolish lovers
Blind to most important things
You've crossed my name off your slate
Will no longer be my mate

I search the torn letter's text
To find just one word of hope
Thought we stick just like glue
You were a peach, how I loved you

The candles now extinguished
Gone the way of waving flames
Darkness fills my living room
And my heart with dismal gloom

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Thursday, 17 January 2019

My Bunyip

A Bunyip lives quite close to me
In a cave on river Murray's bank
I hear its roar in dead of night
And its smell really is quite rank
Once as a teen I rowed my boat
Right up to its cavernous home
Though alone I should not have roamed

I moored my craft to a gum tree
I poked my nose in his dark cave
To see if he was really there
Couldn't tell my Mum, she would rave
It stunk it really was the worst
But so do boys, so I went in
Asleep the Bunyip did not grin

Sat watching him just a minute
He looked sad as he'd hurt himself
For he whimpred and gave out cries
His leg was cut, he was in pain
So went back home for first aid kit
Rowing fast as fast as I could
To help the poor beast as I should

Mum thought nought of me rushing round
It was always my normal style
Returned to the cave, he looked up
Wondering what on earth I'd do
But resigned to me fixing him
So gave him my ham sandwich too
He just grunted, I was true blue

I never told others where he was
Sometimes I used to take him treats
Then he would nudge me with his nose
He was not always in the cave
I shut my mind to who he ate
Knowing that we were true friends
And this is where the story ends

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There are many legends of the Bunyip living in or around the River Murray. I too believe in Bunyips particularly if I have moored my boat in a deserted part of the river and it is dark as dark can be and you hear strange grunting and snuffling noises!

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Such is life

Life is such a paradox
When as a child growing up
You can't get there fast enough
Then you find it is so tough

There's a race for what you want
And all run faster than you
Recalling life as it was
Kissing next door girlfriend Ros

How good those freedom years
Sport and booze to name just two
Then marriage, kids, working hard
Digging garden in back yard

Then there's just the two of you
The age of gray approaches
Working days end now has come
You and her in empty home

You're free to do what you want
But you want to see the kids
With their little ones in tow
To tie girls hair in a bow

Get on the floor with youngsters
See their hands and sparkling eyes
Play with cars with the young lad
And wipe the tears 'cos you're sad

How you wish you were like them
Stepping out for the first time
The future in front of you
With so much more still to do

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Sunday, 13 January 2019

His letters

I keep his letters in a shoebox
Sweet loving words that I so adore
He hungered for me that's plain to read
These caring words from my man at war

I'm old and wrinkled and the clouds are gray
Life's complicated in many ways
He died there, our love was unfulfilled
My life is now full of cloudy days

I am not a pious woman, No!
It's not easy coping by myself
I use the bus or walk to cut costs
There's not much food on the pantry shelf

Oft I walk down the seas promenade
As it waves at me with oily brim
Gulls squabble, squawk and soar aloft
For this place is best to think of him

I can't deny that I was afraid
Hoping that he would survive that war
To see him waving from the troop ship
Not leaving this life in bloody gore

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Saturday, 12 January 2019

The hollow man

I am the hollow man
Who's lived a life of woe
I promised much along with trust
With nothing to back this Joe

Friends how they come and go
Fall in the spiders trap
I borrow cash then disappear
Don't tell, so they call me crap

I always seem okay
Neat look and smiling face
But I'm ready to make a dash
I plan to flee in disgrace

I am the hollow man
Now it's me that is fraught
My acts have caught up with me
I sit here alone in court

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Friday, 11 January 2019

It's time to stop

Fish are dying on the sandy shore
Native species soon will be no more
As habitat drives them far away
Foreign predators will have their say

Dolphins injured at port's river mouth
Speedboats and skiers are so uncouth
Seals are gashed boats propeller blades
What one was Heaven is now Hades

Mankind is such an ugly creature
Thinks nothing of each precious feature
Struts his way around our precious world
Thinks he owns it all when flags unfurled

Forests whisper of mans many wrongs
While all wolves and whales sing their sad songs
As pollution spreads like a disease
As man sits back with arrogant ease

Everybody, please save our precious world
And let all creatures sleep safely curled
Forests breathe out so we all may live
Man! It's time to stop the take... and give!

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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Does she watch?

I find it hard to start over
Now that my wife has passed away
So all I can do is visit
Some of her favourite places
To see if I could find her one day

I walk on her favourite beach
To splash in the surf that she loved
Listen to the gulls squawk overhead
Crabs sidling on the sandy shore
Perhaps she watches me each day?

Just how can I begin again?
She is with me in everyway
The books she read, the pots and pans
Daffodils in Spring, everything
Then if I did, what would she say?

I think it best I stay as I am
With whom else would I chat and laugh
As I read the books that she loved
Shakes her head as I clean and dust
Even drink my coffee black each day

I find it hard to start over
I reach out each night to touch her
Lying there next to me in bed
There's still a pillow on her side
She's with me each and every day

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Saturday, 5 January 2019

The Sunday After

I woke to warm silence
On a fine summer's day
My wife's naked back stirred
Her grunt meant "fetch me tea"
I silenced the alarm

"Church this morning?" I asked
Before rousing the kids
Hearing the bells now chime
She stirred from her dreaming
Snuggled close to my arm

"It's the Sunday after 
Christmas" she said to me
Bells ringing from afar
"Littlies won't want to go
One service missed won't harm"

So got up and made tea
Found kids happy playing
So I then removed all
Christmas decorations
Kids watched without a qualm

It didn't take me long
For that was plain to see
As I tidied our house
Felt the heat of window 
Pane with my open palm

This is Australia
And we live upsidedown
Sky was clear no clouds seen
Who'd live anywhere else
Where all is peace and calm

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Thursday, 3 January 2019

Australia January

The timid silence of dawn 
Surely meant a torrid day
Australia January
Even the dogs do not bark
In this heat there's nought to say

You've flung covers off our bed
Pensive thoughts run through my mind
Australia January
You grin at me but shake your head
Clearly it's not time to play

The wind whips up the dust and more
I'm ready to check the stock
Australia January
Dogs jump in the truck with me
For they do it everyday

Drive around the boundary
Good, the sheep have found some shade
Australia January
Find all the gates are secure
The creek's dry at the causway

Tasks all done I return home
Dogs are fed in the shed
Australia January
Wife greets me back with a kiss
She's going to make my day

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