Wednesday, 27 February 2019

The cloudy day

I can remember as a child
When spring days were warm and mild
I'd run in fields so close to us
And lay me down on the grass

I looked up to the sky above
And this is what I really love
The clouds sped by at such a pace
Going to some other place

I liked it there now all alone
Just me and the insects' drone
Far from my bully brother
All alone needed no other

Until I see Billy from school
We often used to play the fool
So off we raced through the long grass
And watching clouds was in the past

How we need to refresh ourselves
Running free like forest elves
Wading in woodland streams
Living out our childish dreams

Mum will be cross I'm in the creek
Now seeing sun is near its peak
Must get home before our lunch
Brother's sure to give me a punch

I look back up in the sky again
The dark clouds now look like rain
Have to stay in this afternoon
School holidays end far too soon

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Sunday, 24 February 2019

No clouds in sight

It's a bright sunny day with no clouds in sight
I drive down the beach to check the tide
I wear my swim trunks but still can't decide
Are the waves smooth or will they put up a fight?

Relax as I drive to the free car park
Just a few here and the sea is quite calm
Bathers on, just take towel and creamy balm
It looks like the sand worms are having a lark

Wormholes show how the worms have been quite busy
Place bits and pieces on patch of dry sand
Have a paddle before I work out plan
Yikes! The water's freezing it makes me quite dizzy

Perhaps I'll go straight back home, (So I think)
I chide myself wading into the shallows
Until I'm passed by some other fellows
Maybe it's not that cold, wade in and slowly sink

So this initial trial then wakes me right up
And soon I am riding the waves with style
Swimming around having fun for a while
Got back home just before lunch and quite buoyed up!

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Saturday, 23 February 2019

I watch the wedge tail eagle fly

I watch the wedge tail eagle fly
Soaring around high in the sky
Morning sun shines he sees for miles
He's king up there and so he smiles

And so do I so near the sea
I'm glad the shore is close to me
The beach is calm for its mid week
So sit me down to have a peek

I do not have to wait too long
Before some dolphins come along
Elated with this gorgeous day
I'm glad my walk took me this way

Once before I had walked this path
When oceans fury was in such wrath
All birds and critters had long fled
As sailors benediction said

Certainly it's great in the wild
I have gone there since a small child
There's a prophecy that does say
"Let nature nurse you every day"

If we could nurture nature too
Not see forests embers burnt through
Humans should take a gentler line
Then everything would turn out fine

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Sun's shining face

Oh Spring come along
Where are your blue skies aglow?
And Sun's shining face

We need rainfall too
So that our seeds can all thrive
Then farmers can smile

Busy bees please come
There's much work for you to do
Fertilize this plants

Much thanks go to you
For the work all you have done
Fine harvest we'll reap

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Thursday, 21 February 2019

I make a mistake

This poem is being awoken that causes a fright
This poem is hearing crying on a starlit night
This poem is a nudge in the back by my wife
This poem's about my turn to tend to the love of my life

So up and off to our sweet daughter's pink crib I go
So pick her up, tears vanish as a kiss I bestow
So a sweet smile comes on her now beaming face
So I smile too as she now looks around the whole place

We go off to the kitchen to warm some milk for her
We see a bottle of beer in there but I must demur
We warm up the milk in saucepan but make a mess
We put it in a bottle she drinks I give her a caress

I make a mistake by taking her in our room
I see at once that her face is now all abloom
I see that my dear wife is shaking her sweet head
I know now that I have to find another bed 

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Wednesday, 20 February 2019

With some birds

My idea of fun you see
Is going out to climb a tree
To see far off to distant places
And laugh at little kids jealous faces

I poke a snoot down below
To see some birds strut to and fro
I drop some acorns from this old oak tree
They show no surprise unaware of me

Not knowing there's a human here
They look around; the coast is clear
But when I then squawk with a bird like noise
They jump with such fear and lose all their poise

They don't see me up above
The first to fly are all the doves
Starlings and thrushes don't give a hoot
While wiley blackbird looks up so astute

Sees this human perching high
Shakes his head and flies up in the sky
Wonder if he tells them where I am
For all at once the whole flock did scram

Mum asked where I'd been, when home
In those days it was safe to roam
"Oh with some birds that are my best friends"
How strange she looks as she misunderstands

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"Poke a snoot"  means to treat haughtily or to peer at. Snoot or snooter meaning nose.

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Walking at night

How I like walking at night
When the Moon's shining bright
No! Trees don't sleep at night
Just like us humans do
They've still got plenty to do
Like breathing out CO2

But when the Moon disappears
We humans tremble with fears
Find we are shedding tears
As we are all alone
And hear dead zombies moan
It's not beauty I smell...(groan!)

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Saturday, 16 February 2019

Clear Blue Skies

Oh how I long for clear blue skies
Sandy beaches and mountain range
Stuck working here from dawn to dusk
I need the sun, I need a change

Want to leave the blocks of flats
Rattling trains and factories grim
Rushing people, bus, train and tram
I need wild; fill me to the brim

Now I'm framed on every side
Like a robot trapped in brickwork
Moving one way, turning around
Must do something, I'll go berserk

Just heard branch office opens soon
At the Gold Coast, that's great; Hurray!
Application in; book me up
Get to go there next Wednesday

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Note: The laugh here is that The Gold coast is a very popular tourist resort with lots of high rise apartments but does have excellent beaches and a hinterland to explore but work will be much the same!

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Her green eyes

I saw her across the street
Never thinking that we'd meet
Flicking her blonde streaked hair
Should I approach her, should I dare?

All rugged up in winter's cold
She must be twenty years old
So aloof but such a beauty
Have to ask her, it's my duty

Her green eyes, how they melt me
A flicker of smile I can see
Chat until her bus comes in
Then I walk home, I'm in heaven

Next day we arrange a date
That's simple, flicks! No debate
Cuddled up and held her hand
Ate the choc's gave her beforehand

I miss courting years ago
Beautiful years quickly go
But with her did not tarry
So one year later we did marry

Fifty years and now she's gone
Three babes, six grandkids on
Does one sing a song of praise
For each of those halcyon days?

When I saw her on that street
Who'd thought she'd make life so sweet
Luckiest man in the land 
I still yearn to hold her hand

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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Shall I tell you?

Shall I tell you about my first love?
The thrill to hold her warm hands in mine
Her laughing eyes her cute turned up nose
Everything about her so divine

I liked the way she lay her sweet head
On my chest on green hills grassy slope 
And raised her head when she heard my heart
Beating fast with such desire and hope

It's funny loving someone this way
As the whole world now belongs to you
The sun, the moon, the wind and the sea
You're filled with such strength you never knew

The world's your oyster with much to try
And when you're young changes come so fast
There are now others flirting with you
Not long one smile and the bait is cast

Broken hearts end in Cupid's trash cart
Did you lose or did you not succeed?
Love when young is so expendable
Affairs when when your poor heart did bleed

When you lose that one that's been your life
Rage and loneliness overwhelm you
You see them in your dreams every night
Every moment recalls your love so true

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Love that lasts

I shouldn't have but I didn't care
I held her hand walking home from school
Our satchels on opposite shoulders
But everyone guessed we were such fools

I kissed her in her front room at home
And gently touched her arms and soft breasts
Heard her mother at back door come in
"Whose this" as girlfriend adjusts her dress

"Oh yes, I do remember your dad"
When we both tell her just who I am
Hoping she doesn't see girl's loose clothes
But think I'm as innocent as a lamb

How I loved this sweet girfriend of mine
And liked it when we walked near and far
Across field, in woods and running streams
Sadly in the end she said "Ta ta"

It's been sixty years since our last walk
Both married going separate ways
Our spouses left us now, their time came
So now we write in our final days

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Saturday, 9 February 2019

What could go wrong

Just for a laugh and just for dare
Asked my brother about dating Claire
Claire is my friend and beautiful too
But jealous that I'm dating Matthew

Sweet Claire sings like a nightingale
And Miss Bates says she writes really well
What could go wrong she'll like him for sure
This must be her, there's knock at the door

It's Matthew and Claire both at the same time
Just as the church clock now starts to chime
Matt grins shyly as he looks at me
While brother looks anxious and edgy

As he hadn't met Matthew before
"Excuse me" he pulls me out the door
"Won't be a minute" says to them fast
In kitchen tells of Matt's darker past

That chat now done we climb in two cars
Drive to a restaurant that's not far
Sure dunno how I managed to eat
Claire and I took a break from our seats

Back at the table found Matthew had gone
Brother said he'd been called on the phone
Well, he said "Sorry, crisis at home"
Claire's head shook, "I saw how his eyes roamed"

"For on the way here he tried it on me
Flirty touches, then grinning with glee"
I started to cry, I felt such a jerk
Let's hope brother's date with Claire will work

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Thursday, 7 February 2019

Did I help?

I woke up this morning
So thank goodness for that
I checked all my emails
And fed Tinker my cat
Before you say a word
I didn't call him that
His former owner did
So thats the end to that

Ping! The computer went
Who else can be up now?
It's Clair who wants to meet
Perhaps to have some chow?
Must admit loved her once
Not so as to take vows
Was pretty I admit
But that's enough for now

Met her in park's garden
We walked with not much said
Then sat down on a bench
Damn! Wish we were in bed
Forgot how beaut she was
She told me of marriage dead
Held her hand, warm to touch
Words from her heart were bled

Did I help? 'Spose I did
Dried her tears from her face
She said "What shall I do?"
"I do need some space"
Told her to take a break
"Try it, It's no disgrace"
Nodding agreed with me
So moved into my place

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Wednesday, 6 February 2019

A kid again

No zero tolerance in my day
Just  knew that I'd mucked up
I would have to stay in and not play

That was the rule both home and at school
Swinging legs in my seat
Wanted to cry but I'd look like a fool

Then at last minute allowed a break
To go to the toilet
This was my playtime for goodness sake!

I much preferred to run around like mad
Teacher patted my head
"Be good next time" I saw she was sad

Perhaps she was human after all
In the playgound I went
To race round about until bells call

Others had been there so grinned at me
But I recalled her eyes
She wanted to be what I could be

Young and skipping and jumping with glee
A kid again like us
When back in the classroom she smiled at me

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Saturday, 2 February 2019

Love walking at night

I love walking at night
When a whole new world comes alive
Bats chasing moths and flies
Quickly, quietly flutter and dive

Owl watches, turns his head
A stranger in his world tonight
Head rotating, body still
This man is not good in his sight

So venture far from town
I walk on past the last streetlight
Horse whinnies in paddock
Young foxes yelp in friendly fight

Town's streetlights now far off
As streams rippling water I hear
A splash in pond is heard
I'll observe but not interfere

Creatures oft sing their songs
Invisible lullabies to send
Warnings and claims to land
Or sending love to a girl friend

I love walking in the night
When a whole new world comes alive
Cats chasing who they like
Slyly, quietly, pounce and dive

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So up I soared

Will retire soon
Or so I tell myself
Before I go completely mad

It was Friday
Drafting a contract
Listening to chatter of keypad

That was Betty 
Typing dutifully
To some firm in Hyderabad

Then a sharp gust
Blew into the room
Took all my notes which was so sad

Was stunned at first
To see them fly off
Then pleased; I was really quite glad

Stood on my feet 
Waved Betty Goodbye!
Jumped out the window from launch pad

So up I soared
Fetching the pieces
Of paper and files like a young lad

Then down I went
Down ever so fast
I got them all; clever Granddad!

Mission all done
So swooped up again
Into office, that wasn't half bad!

Just for a dare
I kissed sweet Betty
"Your last day sir; I am so sad!"

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