Sunday, 29 January 2017

Hiding from brother

I was so very young
Grandma lived up the street
And smoked her cheap fags
Different world back then
Tobacco smell pervaded
Inside the house and out
Plants filled up the garden
First there were the veggies
Then fruit trees up the back
Outside toilet those days
Luckily it flushed though
Not just hole and bucket
With ivy climbing the walls
Trying to find the sky
Reaching up to the eaves
It was there I felt safe
First place I really did
Brother was a bully
Wise to keep out his way
In Grandma's crooked house
'Cos we were never friends
And no one else knew
Just her, me and her cat
She'd give me a cup of tea
Sometimes fruitcake too

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The Pest

Give that man a standing ovation
Just look what he’s done for this nation
He’s very well dressed
He’s feathered his nest
Says he’s doing his best
But wears a bullet proof vest

Give that man a standing ovation
Just look what he’s done for this nation
Our economy’s gone west
Our wages buy less
Now who would have guessed?
He’s on a world wide quest!

Give that man a standing ovation
Just look what he’s done for this nation
A new initiative? - just give it a rest
His policies are but a jest
Oh why are we so blessed?
How can we get rid of this pest?

Many years ago I wrote this short poem presumably annoyed at the performance of a politician in Australia. Needless to say all these years later I have forgotten which incompetent leader it was now. But times pass, wheels turn and heads roll and the sun comes up each morning to give us hope.

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Saturday, 28 January 2017

You are my world

Are we the best of friends?
We chat a lot of course
You know I really care
We always write of love
Yet we have never touched
And not once have we yet kissed

No love songs have been sung
Nor promises yet made
Our eyes have not met once
Or felt each others warmth
To me, you are my world
An embrace should not be missed

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Friday, 27 January 2017

Lighting the fire

I couldn't believe it
That you could look at me
To smile with dancing eyes
My poor heart beat so fast

It was that glance of course
That sparkle of desire
Igniting my passion
Arousing me so much

And your half open lips
Sweet, moist and beckoning
Promising tender kisses
In passionate embrace

That need to feel your cheek
Soft as a silken thread
On my grateful fingers
As you accept my touch

My head lies on your breasts
I hear your heart beating
The rise and fall of your chest
You wrap me in your arms

We explore each other
Our breath matches our hearts
Beating that drum of desire
As we become just one

Holding each other close
Grinning at this wild love
That has been lit by us
We sleep now together

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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The fountain

Some children were playing by the fountain in the town park. It had stopped running but they didn't as they circled the rim dipping their hands in the remaining water flicking it over each other and scampering away as kids do.

Meanwhile a rather rotund man accompanied by his wife also walked through the park presumably admiring the view stopping a few steps from the fountain and looked at it with disgust. “This is scandalous”, he said as presumably his one pleasure was to see the fountain spraying water from its jets as he made his regular walk through the park. His wife nodded in agreement as he continued expressing his displeasure at the inconvenience this had caused him.

Then I thought of the millions of people in the world that had no means of access to potable water for their needs. There women or children were having to walk miles to a water source to fill up their rusty cans or used plastic bottles with water from a well or other supply that may well be contaminated with sewage or chemicals and animals just to quench their thirst in their parched country.

Then I felt ashamed for this need not be the case for providing people with the basic necessities of life was not that expensive compared with the amount of money that the developed world spends of armaments, and luxuries, and food that is ultimately wasted and then thrown away.

We can send astronauts into space to the moon and probably to other planets too but we ignore the fact we can’t look after many people in this world properly despite our ability to do so. This is because we are just like that man in the park annoyed that the fountain in the park is not working and are completely mindless of our neighbours in need.

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Sadness fills my heart

Sadness fills my heart
As things change around me
I'm yesterday's man

I can still see well
But not what others now can
Future's not for me

What joy in the wild?
When birds and animals flee
Forests disappear

I love the wild surf
But plastic is washed on shore
And fish are long gone

The coral reef bleaches
Makes way for bulk carriers
Ugly commerce wins

Sand blows in my eyes
Rivers find not the ocean
My tears are no help

I'm yesterday's man
As things change around me
Sadness fills my heart

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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Where I want to be

Linger longer lover do
In your trap I've now been snared
It's just where I want to be

Broken hearts I've caused a few
Loneliness I've had that too
Musicians write songs about me

Life's been peppered with mistakes
Everything done turned out bad 
But I'll not jump from cliff to sea

Nor will I yet walk the plank
Or revenge on others take
For you'll create a better me

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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Endless carousel

Birth of a new day
Sunlight peeps over the hills
Giving the Earth hope

Hearts and souls rejoice
The warmth reaches everyone
Touching them gently

Preparing for work
Toting their heavy burdens
Coping with their lives

The new day has dawned
A new baby has been born
An old man has died

Round and round we go
On life's endless carousel
Sun sinks slowly down

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My brother and I were enemies
I had won the first battle when born
When I took control of the breast

Then made matters worse I left the cot
To share the bedroon he thought was his
Thus started the age of conflict

"Play nicely together" Ma did say
When pushed out of the door on a fine day
Brother with friends of his own not pleased

A push and shove for there was no love
Me the boy that cried all the way home
Who greeted his Ma oh so depressed

I played with Teddy and other soft toys
But craved a dear dolly of my own
Someone in my arms to be caressed

So as children we never got on
Unalike as chalk, cheese and much more
Living thousands of miles apart best

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Friday, 20 January 2017

Me and Annie

The last verse of  Edgar Allan Poes poem "Annie" is this one: 

But my heart it is brighter
 Than all of the many
Stars in the sky
 For it sparkles with Annie
It glows with the light
 Of the love of my Annie
With the thought of the light
 Of the eyes of my Annie

Following years of controversy of the meaning of Edgar Allan Poe's poem I have dared to include a final verse he may be thinking of adding now.

For we are now together
 As I lay on her breast
Safe warm in bed
 The best of my loves was Annie
Together in bed
 How I love my dear Annie
Surely all has been said
 Now please forget me and Annie

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Thursday, 19 January 2017

The Old Mill

I drove back down to the old mill down Anstey Mill Lane which I remembered from my childhood.

We young kids used to haunt the place as the river flowed through the gates, turning the wheel and spilling through the sluice to rejoin the river later on.

Even in those days the wheel did not turn, no farmers brought their grain and only the birds and rats lived there and us boys of course on school holidays when Ma and Pa were at work and we did just what we liked.

We climbed the ladders and dipped our fingers into the rushing water and disturbed an owl that was having nap and we got dirty and soaked.

I had to drive down the new highway to find it and turned into a lane that said "No Thru Road" and parked the car close to a blackberry bush.

It had all changed as there was a six foot high mesh fence surrounding the mill which was now a heritage building but the river had been diverted and there were no kids playing there neither in the mill or paddling in the river close by as they were probably all at home playing on their iPads.

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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Baa to that

I can think of nothing worse
Than to be afficted with the curse
Of unity

That strange desire to be the same
When all the good that I can name 
Is different

Should we all the same language speak?
And strive to have the same physique?
I think not

Automaton I refuse to be
I am myself and happily
Which is good

Be careful that once you do conform
You'll not be you but just the norm
Just a slave

Be like minded, yes that is fine
But to be a sheep do not incline
Baa to that

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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Grump on nature walk

Fireflies glimmering in the trees
They've come out to replace the bees
Snuggled up close to keep alive
Now hiding away in their hive

Now something is breathing in the dark
I hope it is not an Aardvark
Or a bat hanging in the trees
Dropping things and I don't mean fleas

We're slipping sliding in the wet mud
My boots are filling with some crud
Still it's fun to be scared this way
(I'd rather be sleeping any day)

This trip is not turning out well
I want to hear the final bell
What's that's my teeth
I'm sure we'll all come to grief

At last a light we're nearly done
The river's source ain't that fun?
People throw in a coin or two
Critters can't spend it, that won't do!

So ends our evening's nature walk
I'll go mad if there's more such talk
There's much to discuss, I don't think
I'd rather wash dishes in the sink

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Saturday, 14 January 2017

It's come full circle

It's come full circle
I have become old
Losing my senses
I stare out at the blue water
Water I paddled in as a child
The tide comes in rolling waves
Testing, cresting, washing over the shore
Leaving a wake of frothy ribbons of bubbles
Making the shingle sing faint praises to its might

The seagulls shrill cries
The crabs scuttling
Ribbons of kelp dumped
Sad seashells mourning their owners
Sun now singeing their colour away
While sea remains blue much like me
Its roiling rolling surf peaks again
I look on having lived my life; my stitch of time
Draw pictures in the sand as the sea rolls in again
To wash them clear away sensing my foolishness

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Your eyes shine

There so far distant
Your eyes shine like the pole star
Guiding me forward

Now you glance at me
I feel weakness at the knees
My heart missed a beat

There is kindness there
As we are then introduced
Your hand is gentle

Like a baby's kiss
Warm as a cosy fireside
Smile full of promise

We chatted awhile
You then asked for my iPhone
Put your number in

Ring me tomorrow
I'd like to see you again
Your eyes shone once more

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Friday, 13 January 2017

Conversation on a rainy afternoon

The rain pelted down
So I ran into the mall
My car glared at me

Shopping first I thought
Then changed my mind " No, Coffee"
The barista grinned

Girl with long black hair
Didn't ask me what I'd have
Just looked at damp me

Then asks with a grin
"It's not still raining, is it?"
She has pretty eyes

"Oh no" she then moaned
I'll be off in half an hour
I'm bound to get soaked

"I've some things to buy
Then I can give you a lift"
But she looked doubtful

I read the paper
So went to do my shopping
Then back to cafe

She was waiting there 
"The boss knows you, so I'm safe
I'm glad you came back"

The rain had eased off
Car seemed happy to see us
Maybe it likes her

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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The lovable rogue

He was a lovable rogue
You couldn't trust him an inch
Avoiding people he owed
With his lopsided grin
Buttering up those like me
Who might just lend him some cash
Which was never quite enough
That you'd never see again

He had a family somewhere
Up the north coast so he said
He real mates were in the pub
Kindred of sorts, jokes, tall tales
Was always watching the door
Alert like a keen jockey
For quick exit from the stalls
Those days long gone thank goodness

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Why do I love you?

Just why do I love you?
For years now I have flirted with you
We're friends but not lovers

I dream of you always
Me laying my head on you tummy
My fingers touching you

But still you laugh at me
Your perfume intoxicates me
As I now breath you in

I look deep in your eyes
Just how do I open up that door
To touch your beating heart?

Shall I draw you pictures
Tips of my fingers on your warm back
Calming you while we dream?

Let me hold your sweet hand
And trace both our futures on your palm
This will give us the key

So then you'll welcome me
Into that sweet beating heart of yours
In everlasting love

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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Hungry wolves

Hungry wolves prowling, growling, watching lambs leaping
Will spring soon be here and the weak survive?
Or wander down the road to endless sleep?
Why is that sibling still alive
Whilst his brother is in his grave?

Baby laying meek and mild
Inhale now start your life
Tell me what you fear most
Hard pressed for the answer?
There is none little one

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Saturday, 7 January 2017

A siren of the sea

I thought it was a seal
But oh, was I so wrong
A mermaid before me
A siren of the sea
Who scared now tried to flee
Glancing now up at me
Doubtful look on her face
Feebly trying to escape
But had injured her arm
So I climbed down to her
Leaping the rocky shore
She bared her teeth at me
As I sat beside her
So I tore off my shirt
And made a sling for her
This made her laugh and smile
As she leaned against me
Knowing I would not cheat
Lucky that we had met
Calmer now she did preen
Then glance out to the sea
Then back at me pleading
To take her to the surf
That single sad look of mine
Made her laugh with such glee
Gave me a salty kiss
As you sow so you reap
She then whispered to me
"Come back when moon is full
You'll have more than kisses
So it was, that's the truth

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Sip the honey

Life is short, life is long
When it's good sing a song
But when it's bad you need strength

Try to be busy please
Just like those little bees
Sip the honey don't be sad

Good times come, then they go
First it shines then it snows
Love will always conquer all

So touch just one sad heart
Pierced now with your love's dart
So they see a future bright

Then comes an endless sleep
Sadness as others weep
But a smile on just one face

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Friday, 6 January 2017

I remember you

How I remember you
Long black hair down your back
Walking at the shore's edge
Feet paddling in the surf
So I asked you your name
And you looked straight at me
Your eyes soft as raindrops
Then whispered "Pallavi"

So then I fell in love
We met every day
Flotsam on the rising tide
Holding hands kissing too
My fingers exploring
You happily laughing
Until that August day
You had tears in your eyes

For it was the last time
The tide was at the ebb
East wind blowing on shore
Hand in hand in silence
We walked the cool surf
I wrapped you in my arms
Both hiding the sadness
Before you were married

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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Bored dog

I miss having an animal in the house whether it be cat or dog or even a budgerigar singing away unaware that he is in prison.

Dogs and cats however don't feel this way for one feels it is one of the family and the other thinks it is head of the family.

Most dogs in our home thought they they were just another kid with special privileges such as missing out on school and being able to piddle in the garden rather than in the toilet.

Cats were rarely bored and if there was nothing to do they would sleep on your lap when you wanted to be busy or dig their claws in you just for fun.

When bored, dogs found their own pastimes by chewing socks and toys or going to sleep in the middle of the afternoon on your bed for you to find it unmade when it was time for your sleep.

He would then wear a cheesy grin as if to say "Well I am one of the family, what are you moaning about? and you would shake your head and forgive him anyway.

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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

I was eleven

I was eleven, his eyes blazed hatefully at me but I stood my ground. Usually kids ran away when he clenched his fists and started calling them names but for some reason I hadn't done so and he was now unsure. His mouth was gaping open wondering what to do with this new boy in school. So he threw a punch so hit him back straight away so he was surprised and hurt as I had found his face. Tears welled up in his eyes as this once incorrigible lad was now laid bare as he was weak and unsure of himself or perhaps had an unhappy home life. He turned and ran off shouting "I'll tell on you!"

His mother called at our home the next day with the boy in tow. "Your boy hit my boy yesterday" she started as my mother looked crossly at them both. "He punched me first" I said standing safely by my mother.

His mother then turned to look at her son and he hung his head in shame as the schoolyard prank had misfired and was just getting complicated. She grabbed his hand as she turned to go and said to him "Just you wait until I get you home, boy".

Note: This is a true story from sixty years ago.

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My vision splendid

Scent of eucalypts
Whistling whisper of the wind
This is my country

Who is that laughing?
It is the kookaburra
I am home again

Kangaroos jumping
Eagles soaring overhead
Silence of the bush

Sky is wide and blue
The sun warms my heart and soul
My vision splendid

You glance up at me
Tanned Shiela grinning now
You're my everything

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"Vision splendid" is from the poem "Clancy of the Overflow" by Banjo Paterson
"Shiela" is Australian slang for pretty girl (Yes, it is spelt that way)

Sunday, 1 January 2017

I discovered you

I felt so very blue
Until I discovered you
Wearing that pretty dress
It took my breath away
For you're my perfect match
Your eyes mirror this love
I'm so glad you are mine
Now sitting in my lap
We are drowning in love
I'd die should I lose you
From the bottom of my heart
I'll love you forever

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