Saturday, 31 January 2015

I'm in a state

I'm in a state, time is ticking by
Seconds, minutes, an hour even
The patron, host, manager whatever
Clearly is miffed I've not ordered
He could have seated better guests
A group to put a smile on his face
More than just my bottled water
I pour a minute measure more
Into the now warm, tall  glass
Honestly I thought she would come

The day hadn't started like this
Cloudy yes, but with bright patches
I had raced to get here on time
Even now she could rescue me
By coming through the door smiling
We could order a sumptuous spread
But now I rise to eat humble pie
Walk to the counter to pay up
Glancing at the door, but clearly
I'm in state...of freedom again

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Fly away

I breathe in your scent
And dare to touch your soft skin
You lower your eyes

We should not have met
But disdain the punishment
We surely deserve

I stroke your lithe arms
As you shudder with delight
And grasp me so close

O that we had wings
To fly away together
Impossible dream

What is love but hope?
We shall surely soar away 
The stars tell us so

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

It is hard to imagine

70th Anniversary of liberation of Auschwitz Prison camp

It is hard to imagine
Luckily I remember
As a nine year old
Reading the papers
Seeing the pictures
Swallowing hard
At such an atrocity

How glad that I was
That it didn’t happen
To my loving family
But it could have done
It still happens today
We turn a blind eye
So don’t look on coldly

Yes, it is far away
But it’s also at home
Look around you
Don’t close your eyes
You are powerful
By doing nothing
You’re just as depraved 
As the perpetrators

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Are you my mother?

When I was a child so very small
I didn’t know that much at all
I had my dad and my mother
Then of course I had big brother

Off we’d run down to the gully
Sadly for me he was a bully
I would rather pick some petals
Instead he pushed me in the nettles

Surely if me he so much hated  
He and I could not be related          
So off home I ran full of tears
And told my mother of my fears

“Are you my mother?” I said sadly
When my play had ended badly
“And adopted I have been truly
With a brother so cruel and unruly”

She could not stem my flowing tears
So she had to disprove all my fears
Found a newspaper cutting of my birth
And cuddled me for all I was worth  

This is a true story and even now I can imagine how much of a shock my mother felt when her five year old son told her this. However I can laugh at it as it was me!

Monday, 26 January 2015

I caught Debbie's eye

I’ll say this of Jim
I so marvelled at his choice
Of girlfriends that is

We would visit bars
In the springtime of our life
He dressed well did Jim

With that knowing smile
Pick up the girl drinking gin
Brazen chick was she

Broad smile, full bosom
A laugh you dare not take home
We were envious

While his games were played
I tended to sit and chat
With my mates from work

Office girls sat close
Enjoying their small freedom
Shy glances exchanged

I caught Debbie’s eye
So settled for the opposite
Quiet, cute and wise

She warmed to my smile
I breathed in her scent and she
Let me hold her hand

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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sadness fills my heart

Sadness fills my heart
Raven always speaks to me
Looks me in the eye

They do not count or read
But regard me with wisdom
It is a warning

So the trees whisper
Their moans of such discontent
Man you’re such a fool

Signs are all around
Wild dogs sadly shake their heads
But leave me alone

So I close my eyes
Breathe in the wilderness air
I scent trouble now

Gone are the wild bees
There’s so much work to be done
And so little time

On the wide sea's shore
There, dead fish now stare at me 
Man you've caused a stink

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Saturday, 24 January 2015

You are my full moon

That spell you have cast
Now scorches my hearts fibre
I'm glad it does so

You are my full moon
That shines on me when it is dark
Thus easing my mind

In your far off land
Your church bells chime not for me
So far, far away

So what is my aim?
Maybe, one day we will speak
Our sweet words of love

And what is the sign?
Free spirit will you dance now 
Or keep your silence?

But for now, farewell
No more of my trite nonsense
You know me too well

That spell you have cast
Now scorches my hearts fibre
I'm glad it does so

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She smiles shyly

She does not see me
Yet I’m no stranger to her
That makes me so sad

There she goes again
She’s lost deep in her own thoughts
Perhaps she’s in love

I love to watch her
But never guess what she thinks
Singing her own song

Living her own life
Always dreaming her own dreams
What beauty she has

She sees me and waves
So I dare to approach her
She greets me warmly

Do I have a chance?
So I manage to blurt out
“You look so happy”

So she smiles shyly
“It is all a front you know
I’m glad you are here”

We grab a coffee
And spend some time together
I really like her

I’ve been such a fool
How much time have we wasted?
Until now that is

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Fashion, a man's view

Men find it hard to see the fashion bent
That all women follow like a scent
To possess a surfeit of clothes to wear
When we would rather see them bare

I confess I do not always think this way
When skimpy beachwear is on display
When awful thoughts I begin to harbour
So I must bathe to dowse my ardour

I would rather spend my cash on booze
And outlay more time on sport or snooze
While rounds of shops we have to probe
Leaving me less space in our wardrobe

Can’t they wear a suit and tie like us?
This would surely stifle all the fuss
Then we could nod our heads in greeting
And bank accounts would be less fleeting

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Better to have fun in life

Oh, how I liked her
It was that look in her eyes
Joyful, frivolous

One to relax with
And whom one could joke and laugh 
Unrefined of course

But to marry her?
Yes, that was the big question
As I held her hand

I stroked her fingers
Better to have fun in life
Be amicable

I gave her a hug
And then kissed her pretty nose
Then heard a tapping

So then looked down
Yes, it was her ring finger
She could read minds too!

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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Where are we going?

He walked home alone
After they had kissed goodnight
Recalling her words

But they puzzled him
She’d said “Where are we going?”
He had no answer

As he trudged along
The cold wind whipped around him
Just what had she meant?

Was it a concert?
Perhaps a weekend away?
Then the penny dropped

His heart beat faster
Oh! She wants to be married!
It’s too soon surely?

When he got back home
“Just what do you think of Jill?”
He asked his mother

“Yes, she a good lass
Isn't she dating others?”
So he shook his head

She smiled, and then thought
“I always wanted a daughter
We get on well too”

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Hopeless Romance

I saw her again
After a bit of a break
She lowered her eyes

She knows I like her
But always keeps me at bay
She’s married of course

I’ve flirted with her
Many years without number
It’s a game we play

I kissed her the once
A crowded street, broad daylight
She just whispered “No”

She enjoys the care
But gives no encouragement
Faithful to the end

What hopeless romance 
I hope I am in her dreams 
For she is in mine                                                                                        

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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Daughter of the Moon

She was the daughter of the moon
Pale, beautiful always out of reach
But who could read her
Not me, no-one perhaps

Neither was she of my small world
I long to hear her voice as she sang
Exquisite poetess
Who breathed the cool night

For if I have been so touched
Has she bestowed a special gift?
And kissed my eager lips
Hers for eager eternity

Her father could be time himself
Shapeshifter moving constantly on
Could I live with this legend
Or be her poem's sad end?

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Medicine men

Medicine is such a secret realm
Couched in terms not meant for you
Where doctors play with words and us
While all we can do is moan and cuss

To justify their hard earned wage
Higher beings they deign to be
They shake their heads and write a note
But when we’ve gone they laugh and gloat

You’ve been there an hour or more
They don’t want to talk, just write a script
For the pharmacists to translate
For you’ll find they are always late

If they cannot solve your ill
They will send you to those that will
Scans and tests and specialists
While your cash goes in the mists

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Yet another day

Ann sighed so sadly
For she was pregnant again
This one was her fourth

Yet one child alive
The angels may have brought them
But they did not stay

Jim, Tom and her here
The others were in heaven
Not even a grave

She wanted a girl
But often wondered for why
When life was all grief

This time it might stay
For baby was due in May
That could be her name

But God would provide
And would take away as well
She smoothed her belly

Let me keep this one
She prayed, and a daughter too
Jim, stirred by her side

The cock crowed outside
Silently she left the bed
Yet another day

Infant mortality two hundred years ago meant that 25% or more babies died before they were one year old; many more in undeveloped countries. Birthdays were not at all important, just surviving was a gift.

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Office matters

How easily I am distracted
From whatever I do
By the flick of her hair
The ways that she walks
The glance from her eyes
And the waft of her perfume
That now fills the office air

My mind’s not on my work
Others seem untroubled by
This girl with such a frame
I think she really is the best
Who clearly just does not care
But I’m not in her sights at all
She doesn’t even know my name

I’ll ignore her, which is best
She’s not the one for me
How could I ever measure up
Then one day she’s at my desk
“I thought you didn't like me”
as she asks for help on a job
Replies "No you're genuine, silly pup"

I found she was quite modest
And was glad I had let her be
While all the others ogled her
Wisely my distance I had kept
Safely observing from afar
She's summed us up, so I think
Perhaps love is finally astir

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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The boy on her mind

She sat by the phone
Jack always rang on Wednesday
When he worked away

It was unlike him
She tried to think what she’d said
As she felt choked up

Was he different
Last time they were together?
She felt hot and sick

Her face coloured up
Did he think she had flirted?
That time in the bar

Well he smiled at her
Of course she would smile back too
His name was Robert

"There’s plenty of fish"
She mused to herself, grinning
"I hate those that sulk"

She now felt better
"He can stay working up state
Leaving me behind"

Just then the phone rang
“I wonder if it is him”
She said with a laugh

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Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Artist's Model

Every week he went
To the down town studio
He worked in conté

The same mixed group there
Different model each week
High speed impression

Five, ten, minutes more
Likeness to please or throw out
Until this stunner

Steady as a rock
Best model they ever had
And curves to die for

A student of course
Earning some cash for keep
Hope she comes again

Conté sketch by Author

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Forelorn Hope

Your eyes spelled out that ennui
Gone that special touch for me
Where are those notes you used to send
I can sense this is the end

Your rosy scent I can breathe
No news for so long, so I seethe
Once you channeled all your life
Now you choose not to be my wife

Must I now capitulate? 
Drifting in an inky state 
Drenched with tears cold to the bone 
Now condemned to walk alone 

Please generate some hope for me 
List all I could do, you'll see 
A single smile, one warm glance 
To show I still have a chance 

Just what can I say to you? 
To show I'll be ever true 
And what gift can I render?
Proving my love is truly tender

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Secret Kiss

Now if I had been
So inordinately drunk
As to touch your hair

Then you’d turn around
Look me in the eyes laughing
And would forgive me

Because you knew me
We often smiled at each other
And idly chatted

Your eyes told stories
And I loved to kiss your cheek
when you spoke my name

It was but a game
As we admitted nothing
Both with our problems

Until that one day
I stole, but you gave, that kiss
Completely sober

We two, now delighted
Have a very big problem
Our special secret

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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

On Waking

You are in my dreams
I am in seventh heaven
For I breathe you in

I lay by your side
My fingers touch your soft skin
You turn and come close

Those old times return
As in passionate embrace
We kiss savagely

I melt into you
And capture every sigh
For my memory

Those electric dreams
Find me alone by morning
Now I’m cold inside

But were you not here
Are they your tears on the sheets
Or mine once again?

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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Was that you?

On the road again
I’ve been in this town before
Many years ago

Sixties or seventies
I was so young in those days
Until I met you

You were beautiful
I was hungry for adventure
You just wanted me

And you were so strong
I was putty in your hands
Where have you gone now?

Country girls are best
So strong and reliable
How did I leave you?

Could you still be here?
Married and a grandmother
Thinking of me too?

The old town has changed
So have I for that matter
Was that you just then?

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Sunday, 4 January 2015

You start Monday

“You start on Monday”
The voice said a week later
It was the New Year

She was so nervous
Walking into the office
With the other staff

“I’ll get Mister Jones”
The receptionist then said
So she sat to wait

A tall man walked up
“Hello Jill, welcome aboard
Mine name is Matthew”

But then he added
“But everyone calls me Matt”
And then smiled at her

Talking all the time
Pointing out the departments
“Don’t worry you’ll learn”

“Here we are; your desk
I’ll go through the procedure
With you for this week”

As they sat she thought
“I’m going to like it here”
Looking in his eyes

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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Facing the plain truth

We are all alone
Just pale shadows of ourselves
That is my belief

I dread that bell's chime
On the day of nevermore
That holy call to prayer

Have you had your fill?
And ingested life’s full compass?
Our life’s finite joy

Laughing happily
Dedicated to sweet love
Care and tenderness

Before that sad arrival
Facing the plain truth that
Your signs, your stains gone

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