Saturday, 23 July 2016

The call of the sea

The call of the sea
The pull of the tide
The scent of the briny water
Long before we reached the shore

We'd voted as one
For a trip to the coast
Four of us packed in the car
Off for a spin this fine day

Who is first to see
Will give a great cheer                                           
Look there it is over there                                      
As we approach the small town                           

The sand in our toes                                              
Arguing seabirds                                                    
As they look for free pickings                               
So then we give them our scraps                        

Then breathe it right in
Salt smell of the sea
With the tide now at its full
Our toes take a tiny dip

We’re under its spell                                              
Race over the sand                                                
There’s no joy is quite like this                             
First to splash in the water                                    

I’m there to explore
To find what I can
Seashells and pebbles
Among branches and driftwood

We’ve scoffed all our food
Drunk all our drink
As the sun sinks sadly down
Dissolving into the sea

So then we pack up
Wend our way back home
Giving the sea one last wave
Of course she gives us one too

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  1. The last two lines are so good!!

  2. Delightful! Brings back many memories of such trips – both as child and parent.

  3. We’re under its spell
    Race over the sand
    There’s no joy is quite like this
    First to splash in the water

    Sigh.. such peaceful and serene images here :D Lovely write.

  4. Luv the simpatico in this poem. Clearly the joy is not one sided

    Happy Sunday Robin

    Much love...

  5. What fun it is to be out on the beach for the whole day! Just being with the loved ones!


  6. What a beautiful day, so vividly described....sigh. I need just such a day soon.

  7. This reminds me of my childhood - I lived beside the Indian Ocean and spent a great deal of time at the beach.

  8. Oh that last line had me laughing with a matter of fact the whole poem was delightful and filled me with such memories. I grew up on the Jersey Shore, and the smell of the salt water, the sand in my toes, the pull of the water is spiritual for me still.

  9. Some vivid images of a day at the seaside. We were put onto the same wavelength with this one - but your final wave breaks beautifully.

  10. Lovely. I think it sounds like something you could read to a child.

  11. Oh, when one can answer the call of the sea, it is such a lovely day :-)

  12. marvellous memories invoked in this galloping rhythm of child like enthusiasm - yes brilliant last line

  13. One of your best...a keeper!I can hear the seagulls.