Wednesday, 29 July 2015

One false step

Our gang was down by the river again with our shoes off of course, wading in the stream.

We had to be careful because the stones in the water were hard on on our feet so there was a lot of Oohs and Aahs as we walked along.

Each of us had nets, cans or just hands to to catch fish if we could find them while little Johnny Miller just had a stick to poke at things and just be a nuisance.

I had caught a tiddler and Jenny had found a fresh water crayfish and screamed so much that it made us all laugh.

All of a sudden there was a shout and splash from behind as Johnny Miller cried out.

He had taken one false step and fallen in the water which was the best thing to happen that day.

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I have to be me

Silent she looked down
Checking her red fingernails
At his proposal

He was not handsome
Nor did he have a good job
He was just eager

Her nails were no help
He smiled hopefully at her
Waiting for acceptance

Was this her escape
From her cruel family home
For better or worse

At her suggestion
She should meet his mum and dad
He shook his head hard

This was no marriage
That was made in the heavens 
Just jailbirds fleeing

She made up her mind
Said let me think about it
Then left home next day

Better to be free
She mused on the long coach trip
I have to be me

A waste of time

Your eyes reflected sadness
As you packed your bags
Packing and unpacking
Travelling used to fun
Exploring was not boring
But now I am snoring
Or perhaps I've died
I wanted to hold you close
You shook your head
Journeys are tedious now
Feeling tired sitting down
When we do arrive
All we want to do
Is come back home
A waste of time
A waste of energy
A waste of you
A waste of me
As I loved you

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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Just another night

Walking the highway
Counting the milestones
To flag down the cars
But none stop for me
And neither would I
Coat-less vagabond
All drivers thinking
Not to be trusted
Hobo reaching out
And his tricky games
Touch us for a buck
That's what they'd  say
So another night
Under the bright stars
Which envelop me
With all their stories
No meal inside me
Just humble pie slices
From God's vast kitchen
I'll find a warm barn
Or sheltering tree
Not be a trouble
To any other soul
Until tomorrow

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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Love in her eyes

My heart was on fire
Clare agreed to go with me
We walked by the river
The sunshine smiles at us

Our hands were so warm
I didn't want to let go
Then suggested a boat trip
She nodded agreeing
That should be fun

I rowed from the dock
Upstream to the shady trees
To escape the day's warmth
Though it was such hard work
She looked so sweet

Pulled into the bank
We kissed each other fondly
Not noticing close by
A camping site site just there
Oh, damnation!

What a mooring place
Small children and their kayaks
Campfires and marshmallows
Was my idea of hell
But she just laughed

I rowed further up
And we talked of many things
I liked her long brown legs
I'll not be tired of her
There's love in her eyes

Only You

Only a few songs
Will break my heart over you
When I hear them sung

Only a few sights
Recall that gentle soft touch
When I see them now

Only a few scents
Remind me of you close by
When I feel so sad

Only falling rain
Brings back our walks side by side
Now you are gone

Only your sweet kiss
Could restore you in my life
Perhaps one day soon 

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Thursday, 23 July 2015

The country cottage

We had just moved house into a country cottage to retire because it had beautiful views.

Downsizing meant we had a few pieces that wouldn't fit so we took a look at the old attic for a temporary storage place.

It was bare except for an old trunk shoved under the eaves shrouded with cobwebs.

My wife was delighted hoping to find treasures or secrets from the previous owners.

After some difficulty I managed to get the lid open to reveal its contents.

My wife screamed and then I realized that moving was not a good idea after all.

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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Lessons from my dog

A curious idea is unity
To solve all mankind's ills
Which we are surely dearth
In the most diverse creature
To inhabit our small earth

Dogs befriend their own kind
Always sniffing to check
But liking all white brown or black
Yet we have a strange habit
Of cautiously holding back

Their bark is understood
They join in a throng
In north, south, east and west
To know everyone better
Liking each other the best

But hatred is our way
Others speech a turn off
Yuk! The food that they eat
Just look at their color
Those, I care not to greet

I pat the dog at my side
He looks back kindly at me
I have taught him a lot
But I have learned nothing
Clearly clever I'm not

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She looks so pleased

She bent over me 
Dentists surgery again
Six monthly checkup

Teeth cleaned and polished
Now for the real testing part
Injections and drills

My mouth is now filled
With metallic instruments
For optimal state

I cannot protest
Just grunt and moan with sadness
But she looks so pleased

Better now Old Egg?
She says her dark eyes twinkling
See you January

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Playful Whispers

The time had now come
I heard the playful whispers
Seasons were changing again
Leaves fell sadly to the ground
Autumn winds whistled a warning
First they teased then tormented
Preparing us for winter's might
Her long lonely frigid nights
The raven surely knew
He strutted cockily in the stubble

The sun was ashamed
For she barely showed her face
There was no warmth in her pale smile
Left to fend for ourselves
Our work was harder still
So much to do so short of time
Stubborn tools and reluctant earth
Cleaved to our bidding
As winter grasped us in her fist
Then sprinkled us with cold snow

Just when all hope was lost
I was greeted by a visitor
One bright morning 'twas a Robin
On my doorstep so cocky
Tilting his head, full of news
He tweeted that spring was here
I tossed some crumbs down for him
Soon he was joined by others
Heralding this joyful day
Rejoicing in nature's constancy

Note: This is an example of Pathetic poetry which uses human feelings and attributes for the natural world.

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The breeze blew in

She led me astray
That is my excuse
The way she smiled at me
Which she knew by instinct
Would crack my armour
I reached over to her
To touch her soft face
That she tilted at an angle
Away from me teasing
She was so beautiful
It was then that I came to
I had been dreaming
I was alone in bed
The breeze blew in
Ruffling the curtains
Dampening my spirit
I crawled from the covers
Staggered to the window
It was not yet quite dawn
Birds cheeped quietly
In the nearby trees
Anticipating the day
Not hampered by loss
As I now surely was
Having taken a bruising
Remembering the words
It is much easier 
To catch cold 
Than true love

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Her girls night out

We're off to the park
It was our outing each week
Open space and fresh air

We made up stories
Walking along and chatting
Of the others there

There were some running
Even exercising their dogs
We were arm in arm

This one's a boxer
She said as we passed a man
Just look at his fists

I pictured the gloves
Being knocked to the canvas
And my purple eyes

Well what about her?
Of the woman by the bin
I asked in reply

She's a bag lady
Hoisting the used cans to sell
To buy her next drink

Our walk nearly done
Headlights shone in the suburbs
Lighting up her face

Do they talk of us?
Of course, she laughed, don't you know 
I've been abducted

You won't let me go
You are big and I'm so small
My face white with fear

She's so beautiful
I'll ring when we can next meet
She kissed me goodnight

Now back in the car
I drove her home to tell Paul
Of her girls night out

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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Better than a picture

I have stacks of old postcards each one a small glimpse in the past for I had been collecting them for years.

This brief correspondence of a bygone age becomes the property of a reader voyeur often tells the true story many years later.

The were many of France in WW1 when hundreds of thousands of cards were sent home to loved ones all over the world.

I have one which is very precious as it it is from an Australian aboriginal soldier sent to his girlfriend Doris at home on which he writes: "On leave in Paris with friend I saw you at the station, better than a picture. Tell you about it when I get home and we are wed. Tommy.

I have been to Paris many times and it dawned on me what he meant for he had probably arrived at the old Gare'd"Orsay railway station now a museum where there are four statues of each of the races of mankind depicted by women; one of which was Oceania showing as an Australian Aboriginal woman with a kangaroo by her side.

Much later after a lot of digging in the war records that I found that Private Tommy Karpany hadn't returned back home to Australia to fulfill his dreams with Doris but had stayed on in a battlefield in France.

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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Ripening Grain

Ripening grain waved
In the summer heat
A crow's call splintered the silence
Our dog crawled into the shade
To gnaw his bone in peace
The clay soil cracked open
As if gasping for air
And I thought of you
What a powerful attraction
Of you just lying there in bed
Collapsed, contented, smiling
Quilt thrown on the floor
The way you said my name
My heart quickens at the thought
I think of escaping this work
Of rushing back home
To be there at your side
And touching you again

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I sat at the bar

I sat at the bar
What a boring life I lead
The bartender's friend

Talk is quite mundane
Loneliness, a two edged sword
I'm not home alone

I breathe in a scent
Dark hair, long legs and Chanel
Beats television

So I nod at her
She grins at me and sits down
I buy her a drink

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Sunday, 12 July 2015

The Flirt

I waited long my lovely
On that summer's night
All neat and smart and longing
For your presence to light
My fire, my passion
And promise you my life.

I waited long my princess
As the air turned chill
My plans went all asunder
And much against my will
wept some tears of doubt
that you would be my wife.

I waited what seemed like ever
the gifts I held seemed poor
Could I lose my precious who
to me meant so much more
Sadly I left that place
And trod my way back home

You didn't ring to tell me why
Or even write a letter
I lost you that summer's eve
To a man who was surely better
But as the past is past
I think I'll ring young Cindy

Postcard "The Flirt" by Boileau

This poem was posted almost five years ago and I thought it needed an airing

Jae Rose did comment on it then so she is excused this time!

It's over of course

I bathe in my sweet dreams
In the deep waters of your heart
Drifting, wrapped in your arms
On the day before we did part

In that shady arbor
We would loll together in bliss
Loving fingers entwined
Eager to seize just one last kiss

I lost you of course
A shattering blow to my pride
What cruel wrathful spirit 
Now prances with glee by your side?

Dialing your number fails
You've been as quiet as a mouse
No posts are sent to me
Who's parking their car at your house?

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Saturday, 11 July 2015

I am all alone

Now I am all alone
Waiting for the resurrection
Just like a convict
With a ball and chain
Branded for recognition
So I won't escape
Thrown here like a rag doll
Tormented by a scorpion
After being hunted down
It doesn't look good now
Witches poke me their lips licking
Still blind to my pleas
Snarling in my ears
But is me that is howling
Just like a werewolf
I'm ready to give in
Had enough of this heartbreak
It's still only 3 am

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Darkening my mind

Our nest of romance
This abode of happiness
My impulsive touch

The warmth of our love
Your passionate eyes
Hearts full of desire

Cup running over
The laughter of our children
Such contented ease

Leaves fall in autumn
A cruel sprinkling of sad tears
Darkening my mind

Cold winter of loss
My mind full of sad longing
This house of sorrow

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Thursday, 9 July 2015

I'd like a pet

"I'd like a pet", my wife said not long after we were married.

"We could try the pound and could give a stray a home", I replied.

"Would they charge us for one?"

"Just a few pounds", I nodded as we were living in England at that time.

The first day we both were free we went to choose one.

"This is the one" she said, "I can feel my heart pounding for he is wagging his tail at us.

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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Okay on the whole

I was so annoyed
Temporary replacement
Fixed with this date

So I sighed out loud
We would now have a foursome
On this Friday night

We were introduced
Dark, wary and aloof
Tiniest of smiles

She drank G and T
Conversation was a bit hard
She had pretty hands

We talked about work
Said she could play the guitar
I became less tense

I touched her fingers
When I told her what I did
She started to smile

Shall we do something 
Just by ourselves? I said
As we were dancing

She nodded grinning
And was so pleased that I asked
This girl's a keeper

I saw Jim later
Of course he asked how it went
"Okay on the whole"

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A creature of the night

Darkness is now my friend
I am a creature of the night
Life's mysteries are more beautiful
Than the bright garish day
For then sad tears are hidden
Seductive secrets are whispered
Lit only by the flirtatious moon
With the teasing twinkling stars
So many untold stories speak
On the cool midnight breeze
I love her nocturnal ways
Wrapping me in her embrace
I'm here but you may not see me
Then where are you? You ask
Even if I am not here, I was once
I'm the rustle in the leaves
Or the creak in that old door
The sad lonely sigh of the wind
And the beat of your lonely heart
When you remember who I was

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Sunday, 5 July 2015

My nowhere woman

It's all in my head
Between that roaring silence
And her calm still voice

The misty eyes spoke
The beginning and beyond
Told me everything

I'm not of this world
But have a place in your heart
We've spoken before

My nowhere woman
Sage, lover, spiritual guide
This muse walks with me

Of all the people
Why do you choose me my friend?
Who but you my love?

Write, write on again
Write of the trees, the mountains
And the restless sea

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Saturday, 4 July 2015

I dream of soft sand

I dream of soft sand
Wet on my old toes
I've been here before
Many years have passed
Since you ran laughing in the surf

Our own deserted shore
Far from our beach shack
Only the gulls knew us
With the scuttling crabs
And the clinging wrack in the sea

Seaweed clung to you
Just like I would do
Wrapping you up tight
Giving you wet kisses
As you sighed with such happiness

I have not been back
To that beach of ours
There's salt in my tears
Still thinking of you
And always being together

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Crows flew overhead

Crows flew overhead
Cawing for all they were worth
I push the quilt off

My head is splintered
Tea, pills for head, heart and throat
Even my bones ache

I crawled out of bed
I will open the curtains
Perhaps just a crack

I've no grain of will
As I dream of escaping
For I've feet of clay

My life has collapsed
This winter of discontent
For you have left me

The birds are singing
Get up they say, it's fine out
Might give it a whirl

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It's so quiet here

Granny May was tired
She sat in her small garden
In her old deckchair

Drifting off to sleep
Tinkling laughter awoke her
Grandchildren had arrived

The girls kissed her cheeks
Daughter Jill said she'd make tea
Sue searched for the cat

It's so quiet here
Said the oldest granddaughter
Sssh! Listen, said Gran

Can you hear the bees?
They're in the snapdragons
Buzzing as they work

And there's a blackbird
How beautifully he sings
He's happy today

What do you hear now?
The little girl shook her head
That's just a sprinkler

It's the man next door
Watering his vegetables
He gives some to me

The tea was brought out
Jill had brought them cakes to eat
Birds watched from the fence

May threw them some crumbs
They dived twittering away
Soon they came up close

When the cake was gone
They still stayed to give their thanks
Until a dog barked

It's beautiful here
Can I come and live with you?
The eldest one said

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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

I laughed out loud

I drew the curtains
The weather was miserable
A somber grey day

Sad clouds rushed above
Obedient to their master
Raspy thunder coughed

Then the lightning struck
The clouds wet themselves with fear
and I laughed out loud

So I went outside
Standing there unprotected
Now kissed by the rain

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Breaking my heart

When I look back now
to my childhood years
when I had parents
poor as church mice
war was raging
the world was ablaze
army trucks in the streets
planes flew overhead
and bombs rained down
I could walk in the fields
wade in the cold stream
climb the old oak tree
observing the squirrels
play with my schoolmates
tease the girl up the road
get stung by the nettles
race our dog back home
then read the comics
feeling so free
all seemed good to me

I couldn't see ahead
to changing schools
girls laughing at me
of breaking my heart
stressing over exams
trying to find a job
of losing a girlfriend
paying my taxes
getting a mortgage
a second hand car
being responsible
serving my country
married with babies
sickness and funerals
kids now adults
getting those grey hairs
a bit of a paunch
being left alone
deaf and aching
hearing the clock tick
who wants to be free?

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