Sunday, 31 March 2019

Love is addictive

What is the language of love?
As I stroke my wifes soft skin
Sunlight shines on her brown arms
I breathe her scent in the air

Don't want to leave her presence
But go when she murmurs "Tea?"
She a gem amongst women
Worth her weight in gold, that's fair

Remember when we first met
When attending friends wedding
Thought when photographed up close
Fine bones and beautiful hair

I remember she told me 
She asked others who I was
As did I ask the poor groom
'Ere  long we too were a pair

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Thursday, 28 March 2019

Wilbur Woolf

Wilbur Woolf was a wily one
Was his nature said and done
Chose his lovers every one
Husbands at work, he had fun

Teasingly he won their trust
With loving words as beaux must
She stopped sweeping up the dust
Afternoons of unbridled lust

Sadly trysts came to an end
She had to dismiss her friend
Who, bunch of roses would then send
Hoping that would somehow amend

Unaware she was with child
Husband thought she was undefiled
She acted all meek and mild
Less a divorce case was filed

Wilber's wife could not refrain
In his face saw lines of strain
"Will! You've not done it again?
While he closed his ears in pain

Words used: Afternoons, Dust, Teasingly

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Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Watching clouds drift by

I looked out the window
Watching the clouds drifting by
Even they wouldn't talk to me

How I love solitude
That quiet peace when I am king
And the distant tree tops wave at me

I hang the washing out
Birds scatter they know I like peace
They're always watching me

The only thing I like
Is my ancient chiming clock
Without it I'd be all at sea

We while away the hours
Be it sunshine or in snow
For the rest, just let me be

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Sunday, 24 March 2019

When will it end?

Release me from this debt
Is there no relief
No end to clasping ways

It is with much regret
Just when will it stop
Paying you all my days

Borrowed money I was poor
I'll still be owing
When in my pauper's grave

Loan seemed such a small thing
But looking forward
to hear what pastor says

Just realised what I said
'Coz then I'll be dead
And not care anyways

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Thursday, 21 March 2019

Moon clouds her face

I still walk the same path
You holding my hand
And smiling you laugh
Along by the mere
Moon rising for us

See its light in your eyes
As we sit on a log
Then kiss your sweet face
You hum with delight
Moon winking at us

Then the owls in the trees
Hoot as they agree
The fish they do plop
You bare all for me
Moon clouds her face

I still recall those days
Teen love lasts not long
But still hold you close
In this my sad mind
Moon can't be seen

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Never thought about it

Never thought about empowerment
Until my girl and I got married
And then I realized what it meant

Once single and without one care
Such thoughts had never crossed my mind
Now I had great burdens to bear

For now I was responsible
For a wife and quite a lot more
But she was quite irresistable

The rent, the chores, feeding the cat
Lock the doors, help with washing up
Long gone days I thought nought of that

Before a lad playing the game
Now have wife with me all the time
I've grown up and she has my name

Responsibility is great
What strength it's given both of us
She really is the best of mates

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Sunday, 17 March 2019

Her sound of silence

There is something quite erotic
Dining your girl by candle light
Flames flickering in her green eyes
And hearing her seductive sighs
As she looks all around the walls 
Then back to you she shines her eyes
As clearly she admires your choice
Of room for your overture of love
Those wicked words whilst holding hands
To sanction your life together
Painting pictures of love and fun
Far into the future....she listens
Wondering if to shrink away
Or grasp the offer without complaint
But then your heart falls with the sound
Of silence as she shakes her head

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Saturday, 16 March 2019

It was raining

Like a three act play
Writing the words that I speak
Changing my garments

Though it was raining
Thought I'd walk along the beach
To wave to the sea

I love the silence
Just the patter of raindrops
And swish of the tide

Small patch of blue sky
Gave sun a chance to beam goodbye
Bowing out sadly

How I love this Earth
At any time of the year
It fires up my soul

Walking the forest
Or climbing hills and mountains
Thus finding myself

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Rose Claire

I rose up one morning 
With my eyes full of glee
So thought I'd take a walk
To see what I could see

Do forgive me sweet girls
I have a roving eye
Sat in a rose garden
To see what I could spy

I took some old breadcrumbs
To feed the birds down there
And they came pretty soon
Plus girl with raven hair

Not long before we talked
Her name was Rose Claire
She loved that birds came close
Pecking crumbs without care

"Rose" I asked, she looked up
Her eyes shone beautifully 
I rose up then kneeled down
"Please with you marry me?"

Her soft hand touched my cheek
Fingers close to my lips
I kissed them while I could
Those sensuous fingertips

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Thursday, 14 March 2019

I wonder...

I wonder how long I will live?
Now my brain is much like a sieve
Will I live in a comatose state?
Sadly being force fed
Lying in hospital bed

Will I keep writing useless rhyme?
Just to pass away my time
Will I wander round retirement home?
Chatting to garden gnomes
Because they are all alone

Will they find me watching TV?
Dunking biscuits in my tea
Trusty notepad at my side
Happy in my later years
Writing tales of joy and tears can count on it!

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Wednesday, 13 March 2019

The neighbors dog

Many, many long years ago
When I was young with just my bro
Used to be sent outside to play
Spring, summer and autumn days

Neighbors dog got to know of this
Thought 'twas something he could not miss
Would jump the fence to join our gang
Sniffing around for every tang

When we ran he would run as well
Grinning when he sniffed a bluebell
Then jumped into streams just for fun
Then shake the drops on us when done

But shook his head when we climbed trees
Gave him chance to smell woodland breeze
Then follow us on our long trip home
Tongue hanging from his mouth alone

He'd rarely poke his head in our door
Just grinning asks "Do this once more?"
Then race down garden then under fence
Bob the dog with commonsense

But Bob was never on a lead
Didn't mind, didn't see the need
But one day he crossed the main road
Clipped by truck ran to our abode

Luckily the damage was slight
But it gave us and him a fright
We kept well away from traffic
As we hated to see him sick

Neighbors knew nought of this event
Free running Bob often absent
But he took care on future trips
Knowing trucks might give him the yips

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Yes, there was Bob the dog in my childhood. As soon as we opened our back door and he heard our voices he would jump the neighbors gate come running up to us tail wagging and would do whatever we did but preferring the trips in the woods to chase squrrels or the open fields to chase us around. He wasn't keen on us climbing trees though! Yes, he was clipped by an army truck about 1944-5 as he decided to cross the road before us but no bones were broken. Sorry this is not his photo as camera roll film was virtually unobtainable in wartime Britain unless you had bought it pre war!  

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

March here is sunny bliss

What visions March has for me
Living once in England's clime
Willing spring to show its face
When still around was winter's frosty rime

I left those shores years ago
Sailing to another place
To Australia I did go
To warmer clime was no disgrace

March here is sunny bliss
Summer takes it's time to leave
Sea welcomes with a warm kiss!
And winters spot of rain? Hard to perceive

It depends on where you go
Oz is a mighty country
Satisfy any lad or beau
No March hares but snakes and sharks aplenty

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P.S. This is the beach at Glenelg, South Australia where I live where winter is in June, July & August

Saturday, 9 March 2019

The attic

I was sorting out the attic
The rain was streaming down outside
With window in the gable end
It was the best place at home to hide

Wife was spring cleaning down below
I thought it best to disappear
Armed with bags and other stuff
She said I've not been there for years

Doesn't take long to get waylaid
In this dusty place, memories realm
Rosary beads, purses, childs shoes
Long gone relatives caught on film

How much time did I waste that day?
Open boxes telling the past
Getting tissues to quell my tears
Knowing how much time had past

"It's time for tea" my wife calls out
Sees the tears that are on my face
"I can see you are having fun"
Kisses me, says "That's no disgrace"

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The bully boy

When I was just a little kid
What seems a thousand years ago
Playing at the schools rusty gate
Along did come the bully boy
Who said "I wan't your money mate"
"Ain't got any" I sadly said
Screwed my face up waiting for a punch
"C'mon you turd, I didn't have my lunch"

Just then a teacher comes up
Stares in the bully's ugly face
"Heard every word you useless pup"
"You really are a damned disgace"
Then teacher told me "Move away"
As he then took the boy inside
To see the Head in his office high
Later saw the boy had had a cry

In those days rules were very strict
The bully boy never came back
Heard later he was a convict
As other crimes he did enact
How gormless could he really be?
Bullying completely vanished
What was good that all my schools
Kids were never such silly fools

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Friday, 8 March 2019

I was young

I think I made a mistake
I was young for goodness sake
I was quite fit or so I thought
Wearing running shoes I'd bought

So I ran to keep me fit
Once started there was no stopping it
In the park and by the stream
Was I mad, was it all a dream?

I joined a club and ran around
Feet always pounding on the ground
In the park, beach and every street
What was I doing to my feet?

Foolishly tried another sport
I thought long jump was my forte
But badly twisted ankle once
Wife glared, thinking "What a dunce"

So settled down to family life
Was the best way with no strife
The babies came one, two three
Wife quite happy to sit on my knee

But that was many years ago
Children grew then off they'd go
Now I've constant pain in my back
That's those years on the running track

I think I made a mistake
I was young for goodness sake
I was quite fit or so I thought
Wearing running shoes I'd bought

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Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Kindness fills your heart

Others kindness fills your heart
When you receive it
Kindness shows what can be done
When you see it given
Kindness makes you feel so glad
When you have given it
Kindness lets you see the world
In a beautiful and different light

Kindness is a helping hand
That lifts you right up
Kindness is a loving smile
Which you need when you are down
Kindness is the hug you get
From someone who has received it
Kindness is that kiss goodnight
From your spouse as you switch off the light

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