Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Perhaps tomorrow

I had no idea
How both my parents voted
When I was little
Nor am I aware
As they never discussed it
That they did either

But my wife and I
Knew full well how we would vote
We respected that
Never did we miss
Any election on offer
Why give up that right?

I'm still not happy
For it is one thing to vote
But what's the return?
Our elected member
Should represent all of us
Not gain privilege

Siding with business
And those big corporations
To feather his nest
Thinking they've fooled us
Promising much but failing 
To represent me

A wonderful thing
Is universal suffrage
We suffer a lot
With our only hope
That a great leader will come
...perhaps tomorrow

Image found at www.abcnews.go.gom


  1. I love how this poem affirms representative gov't and at the same time points up its failures. Great leaders might both represent those who elect them and lead those who are inhumane to a more human stance. In the USA, I now see a bigger danger as the rats come out of their closets and head to the voting booths. (Whoops! I had told myself that I could leave my personal politics out of today's commentary!)

  2. A great leader does feel like a distant dream - but perhaps the best ones slip by unnoticed - we should all vote - the gentle poignant detail of knowing how your wife voted is touching - sometimes understanding is such that we need not explain

  3. Perhaps tomorrow! But there are probably ones that don't get into the news cycle .. I agree with Jae.

  4. "But what's the return?" everywhere this is the story of democracy...dreaming is what we can only do...

  5. ha i love your first stanza, Robin :)

  6. There's always hope in tomorrow.

  7. And even when a great leader comes, politics is so partisan, half the government works against him........we live in perilous times.

  8. "Promising much but failing
    To represent me"

    That's it, exactly.

  9. Good points all. My kids know my politics - I try my best to live them. Cheers!

  10. there's always hope that someone we'll be in power who actually means what they say. great poem

  11. At least you aren't face with Trump. I feel like apologizing to the world.

  12. I do luv the intimated 'hope' which is the reward of exercising the right by voting

    Thanks for dropping by to read mine

    Much love...

  13. Is there really any such thing as a representative democracy?

  14. " Our elected member
    Should represent all of us
    Not gain privilege"-- Ah, sometimes I think, each single vote is too inconsequential to affect the outcome. Sigh!
    Nicely done, Robin.

  15. Your third verse I think is universely true, especially like the final vers too.

  16. Unfortunately, yes... Your poem, Robin, expresses our collective disillusionment with our corrupt politicians. Well penned.