Saturday, 29 November 2014

Sweet breezes

The air was still, warm was the sun                     
And sweat in our eyes was no fun                                  
This work now started was quite hard
Picking apples in the orchard
We were gathering the harvest                
But we needed a spot of rest                                

Soon a lunchtime break was called
So our toil was finally stalled                                
We all scattered to find some shade                   
Down to the grove of trees we made                   
A cool stream trickled in that spot                        
Sat down, the days work we forgot                      

We gazed out on the sylvan scene                     
Able to rest from that routine                                 
We ate our fill then cuddled in                             
I bent over and kissed her skin                
What splendor was my view that day                  
Sweet breezes blew her hair astray            

Our joy was sadly brought to nought                  
A rattling bell our labor sought                             
This secular peal was not the tune                     
A real church bell would wed us soon               
But money first we had to gain                          
Before our marriage that was plain                     

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She is my delight

She is my delight
When I see her sleeping there
The moonbeams kiss her

My girl of nature
Soft thunder of her beating heart
As the sun rises

Her scent drifts my way
The soft touch of her sweet breath
Inflaming my soul

I embrace her love
The rolling hills of her breasts
Always beckon me

Our stormy passion
A walk in the wild weather
Lightning in her hair

My eyes open wide
The rain falling on her cheeks
Telling a story

She murmurs some words
Wakes and wraps me in her arms
She is my delight

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Just more of the same

Young Ann was hopeful
She was shy but she still grinned
So her mom was pleased

Tanya just shrugged
Tolerant of him for now
She couldn’t care less

Donna shook her head
Mom had brought home a boyfriend
Nothing but distrust

For she remembered
All the rows and the screaming 
Just more of the same

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Monday, 24 November 2014

My girl Jill

They shook their heads as oft they did                  
My parents knew of my desire                                
To travel far from my place of birth             
To live my life for all I was worth                              

We were country folk of southern hills                     
Where hard farming was our sole graft      
But all my mates did laugh and scoff                     
As I was one who sought a life far off                        

Despite this as soon as I was able
I said good bye to my parents sad
And stole a kiss from my girl Jill
This need for adventure for to fill

So off I went one fine morning
Left my home of many a year
I trekked over the hills to the sea    
Where my life could be lived so free          

I was but a stranger on that shore
And found life hard to fill my needs
I toiled on a job to pay my way 
But so empty was my night and day

I drank too much, that’s for sure
My workmates speech was hard to read
And they laughed at my country ways
Taunting me ‘til I was ablaze

Waking in the gutter one morn
Of this life I knew I’d see enough
Adventure now had lost its thrill 
I must go back to my girlfriend Jill

So I packed my bags and off I went
To make that uphill journey back
My heart now knew my love was home
No more from my cute Jill would roam

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Sunday, 23 November 2014

The sad song

I hear a sad song
“Where is the one that I love?”
The lonely bird calls

The trees whisper back
“Do come again in springtime”
Speak they to me too?

I see her soft eyes
And her limbs so lithe and brown
And sweet lips to kiss

“Will she dance for me?”
The trees only shook their heads
And dropped some sad leaves

The wind she moaned too
And blew cold on my poor heart
The message was clear

Just how many lives
Do we each expect to live?
Tears are my answer

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I can live again

I look at her dance                                                  
Pirouettes of such longing                                    
Memorable moments                                              

Children’s loving hands                                        
Lonely tear spills from my eyes                            
Pride and loneliness                                              

Such stain on my heart                                         
Heart’s sad flutter of regret                        
Cloudy with sorrow                                                 

Fateful decision                                                      
My miserable loneliness                                        
Sad neglected life                                                     

Firm and resolute                                                    
Loving times not forgotten 
I can live again 

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Saturday, 22 November 2014

I am not Harry Potter

I find life is hard
Being only a muggle
Can’t conjure shortcuts

I have found that age
Makes everything a struggle
Magic wand would help

Autumn of my life
I have to battle ailments
Not mythical beasts

Yes, I dream a lot
Looking for that magic cure
To keep me going

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Is it tonight?

We were just first wed
Moved in our very own home
Free as little birds

Some friends lived not far
In a small rented cottage
with dunny outside

Their rooms were damp and
Outhouse had a toxic smell
Much like fiery hell

Often we played cards
But when at their house it was
Best to shun that loo

For night soil men came
Notorious in those days
For their sloppy work

And “is it tonight?”
Always our plaintive plea when
Nature made her call

Dunny - Australian term for outhouse toilet

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The beauty of life

The beauty of life
Of a hidden observer
That is what I am

It started when young
For I watched rather than did
Rather than join in

Shy to the extreme
How could I talk to the girls
Who just laughed at me?

It did me no harm
So I was the quiet one
Man of mystery

Must have a secret
So I must be interesting
That is what they thought

So I saw the stars
And the wind sway the tall trees
With chicks in the nest

I saw hidden tears
Both angry and loving eyes
And soft graceful hands

My life was so full
I tried to paint what I saw
But no, words were best

I’m now old and grey
Sitting, sipping my coffee
Writing about you

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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Ma Petite Joelle

How I loved ma petite Joelle 
She so mesmerized my soul
Our affair was more than love
So much more than that toasty 
Warm, safe feeling of belonging
Of such utmost togetherness

Oh, how easy to yield to her
Like skipping through a fresh field 
Of those bright Gallic buttercups
Happy for us to mix with them
I savored her like a taster
Tending to subtly sip champagne

Those gentle secret kisses
Aware of a divine promise
Hints of a sexual encounter
How we lingered over each touch
Our palates urged us on for more
But keep it a secret? Mais non!

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This gypsy girl of mine

I noticed her in the market place                                      
Sat at the curb, stick in hand                                           
She saw me stare her in the face                                    
Was she from a foreign land?                                          
This gypsy girl of mine                                                       

Green eyes, dark hair, an impish grin                                
Scarce a word she spoke to this boy                               
We lived apart for it was a sin                                           
To talk and play with diddicoy                  
This gypsy girl of mine                                                       

Foolish as I have always been                                         
I went over and sat by her side                                         
To watch the cattle weighed and penned                    
To be sold at auction by and by                                       
This gypsy girl of mine                                                       

When bored with this she took my hand                                    
To the nearby park walked unseen                             
Sat on the swings and how she laughed                      
As I looked into her eyes of green          
This gypsy girl of mine                                                       

Then when she glanced up at the sun                          
I knew my time with her was done                      
I touched her fingers, oh so brown                                               
She put them on my cheek, then was gone                   
This gypsy girl of mine                                                       

I'm such a foolish old man now                                        
But still I think of days gone by
A yearning remains, it will not go
For that sweet childish love I pine
That gypsy girl of mine      

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Diddicoy - from the Romani - didikai for gypsy    

Friday, 14 November 2014

Except that candle

When I was a child
Oh, so very small
The nights were very dark indeed

We were urban poor
In the midst of war
There was no other life known to me

So food was short
and so was I
And blackout rules made night a misery

When bedtime came
Those stairs I climbed
To sleep safe with my little teddy

To allay my fears
A light was left
So goblins would not frighten me

My closing eyes
Saw little then
Except that candle flickering away

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Lost Love

It looked stormy out
but no worse than the thunder
so deep in my heart

“It’s over” she said
The words not unexpected
were still malignant

I thought we had trust
A crucial part of our affair
Clearly I was wrong

Could I recover
from the gnawing yearning pain
of this long lost love?

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Swimming against the tide

I have always been
One who swims against the tide
Who listens to the other side

Just who these days
Thinks they know all there is to know?
For there’s much more room to grow

In these dark days of ours
I may not be all that bright
But I am searching for the light

So you will not see me
Idly drifting down the stream
My way is to follow every dream 

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Monday, 10 November 2014

The Foolishness of War

I walked in this park
Nay, t’was a cemetery
And I was alone

But for the others
Who lay there so peacefully
That is what I thought

So then I sat down
My mind wandered, drifted off
In contemplation

I heard someone say
Just why are you here young man?
I struggled from sleep

Before I answered
Others began to cry out
Yes, I heard them all

Talk about bedlam
For each grave had opened up
They clamored to speak

Then the question came
What measure of man are you
To kill your own kind?

One by one they spoke
But their skins were not as mine”
So the pit for you

What is your excuse?
“They prayed to other gods”
Fool, I still heard them

So then the next
“They spoke a foreign language”
To hell you must go

And there were more
“Our leaders told us we must”
And did you not cheer?

“I was soldier
It was my duty to fight”
“But you killed children”

On and on they spoke
And for each was an answer
I had to protest

“Stop” I then called out
These men have all been punished
their families too

“Silly little man
I was not speaking to them
No, I spoke to you”

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Sunday, 9 November 2014

This girl I know

This girl I know
she has no past
now just how long can that last?     

I love her hair
I love her eyes
and I weep too when she cries                   

We touch fingers
and we touch toes
I like to kiss her turned up nose      

And just for her
I want to be
just that one special memory                      

This girl I know
is very strong
so she'd just laugh at this song           

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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Sleepless Night

Just where am I at?
My mind is in a fervour
Sleep’s abandoned me

The hoot of the owl
Reluctant crocus in spring
The unending night

So I look for signs
Ten suicidal lemmings 
Sanity's crossroads

Thorns in my poor heart
Late roses shy in autumn
Threading the needle

Brain mushy as mud
Birds are all of a twitter
Oh no! not sunshine

I get out of bed
Or did it just eject me
To start a new day

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Dating a soprano

What a magic world
“Tripping hither and thither”
She had eyes for me

I was enchanted
The girl I had dated sang
In Iolanthe 

I adored her so
Sadly there was a problem
Yes, another beau

But as they do say
“Faint heart ne’er won fair lady”
I had work to do

We walked in the park
“On a tree by a river “
A blue tit sang

How could I not hum
“Take a pair of sparkling eyes”
When I was with her

She whispered to me
"I have a song to sing, O"
For we were in love

Gilbert and Sullivan operettas referred to:

"Tripping hither, Tripping thither" is from "Iolanthe"
"Faint heart never won fair lady" is from "Iolanthe"
"On a tree by a river" is from "The Mikado"
"Take a pair of sparkling eyes" is from "The Gondoliers"
"I have a song to sing, O" is from "Yeoman of the guard"

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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The girl with the gossamer wings

What a gift you were
When I met you last Christmas
What magic it was

We both flew so high
Girl with the gossamer wings                                                                              
Such heavenly bliss

Such love does not last
Now I’ve plummeted to earth
Taking the big fall

Your words not unkind
Did not point to the future
Devastated me

What was my fault?
My feet always on the ground
Now love lies buried

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Bonfires of sadness

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Such childhood allure
They were a part of our lives
When I was so young

My dad raking leaves
Us boys playing in the heaps
Mum at the window

That sweet smell of fire
The scent as it clung to us
Staring at embers

We thought that we helped
As eyes smarting in the smoke
Laughing ran away

Later we poked the ashes
Why did I feel such sadness
That game was over

Was a lesson learned
That all of life is consumed
Then gone forever?

Monday, 3 November 2014

Whisper who dares

Just whisper who dares
no one shall steal you from me
you are so precious

Take hold of my hand
come enter this magic land
close your eyes and breathe

Just what do you feel?
tread on the carpet of soft
scented pine needles

Listen to the call
serenading our coming
by love’s nightingale

I’m made bold by the
babble of encouragement
of the woodland stream

When all’s said and done
there’s no better place than this
to dance with my love

You are in my arms
you have hypnotized me
my woodland goddess

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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Everything's just right

                                                    Sleeping baby

Hush my sleepy baby
Don’t stay awake
Daddy’s in the garden
And I must bake a cake

Close your little eyes
We both love you
Dream of a little sister
Who’ll stick to you like glue

What a joy you are
Precious little mite
You've made our lives complete
Everything’s just right

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