Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Walking down the street

How I dreamed of her
I saw her every day
Walking down the street

Handbag and bangles
An occasional flick of hair
But no eyes for me 

Oh to kiss those lips
Or whisper sweet words to her
Just to breathe her in

So I must be bold
One day I’ll walk towards her
Perhaps ask her out

Hello I will say
Would you like to go dancing
Perhaps the theatre?

Perhaps just a walk
And go for quick coffee
Would you care for that?

The next day I did
Hello I said giving my name
By a shop window

So smiling she said
The song of a single word
“Yes”, as our eyes met

Exchanging our names
While slowly walking along
Our eyes were transfixed

After work we met
Then I held her soft warm hand
We were together

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  1. sometimes it just takes us asking -- and we never really know where that risk will lead us, but if we dont take it -- look at what we will miss out on.

  2. That one "yes" likely inspired a thousand happy smiles and songs.

  3. Yes, can be a powerful word that changes the path of life.

  4. awww such a sweet love song of 'Yes'....beautiful...

  5. Lovely and Longing as always, :) The pursuit can be both nerve wracking and exhilarating.

  6. So smiling she said
    The song of a single word
    “Yes”, as our eyes met

    This is soo wonderfully dream-like :D
    Beautifully penned :D

    Lots of love,

  7. Yes and No were the words I thought of at first too, but my poem went off on a tangent! This one is gentle and sweet as always, Robin!

  8. How sly to link the walk and the yes! I enjoy so much the song of seeing, asking, meeting eyes, and walking together hand in hand--yes.

  9. I love how you answered this prompt with the song of a sweet romantic yes! What a reward for asking the question, Robin!

  10. The song of yes opens so many doors to possibilities. Your poem convinces me that we must ask for what we want.

  11. As a poet, I have eternal belief in unconditional love and absolute submission...I love that lane of love where the two souls united at last.
    Lovely piece, Robin.

  12. Yes is such a songfull word. Especially after pluck the courage to even just say hello.

  13. We should take effort and have courage to express what we desire. Lovely poem, Robin. Actually the line walking down the street made me hum the song Pretty Woman :-)

  14. Took a hearts dare 'yes'. Nice one

    Much love...

  15. All of our prayers can be answered by that single little word, Robin...
    Lovely poem.