Monday, 18 November 2019

Early morning sun

I woke to see early morning sun
Now shining through the bedroom window
I lay my head close by, watching her
She breathes in quietly unaware
As curtains sway in the summer breeze

The lawn I cut yesterday grins at me
Scent of fresh cut grass still in the air
I should get her a cup of black tea
Long to stay with her for eternity
For there are no better days than these

I breathe in the perfume of her skin
Still dozing she puts her arm round me
I am intoxicated with her love
What a lucky man to have found this prize
Then she awakes and says "Darling, tea please"

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Sunday, 17 November 2019

So off we go

There was a lick of light through the curtain
As the crack of dawn made her appearance
Bird in tree's branches waves hello to me
Keeping time with her family of three

I like my garden and I love my wife
They're the two best things that are in my life
That's until our new baby brings us joy
Times imminent already got one toy

I won't be happy till baby's here
Must be calm but inner feelings do fear
I prefer the rhythm of garden tree
Soon I'll hold her hand and new baby see

I turn to see my wife's sleeping face
Her clothes are all packed in one single case 
Then she whispers "Time"  just one single word
So off we go, cheeped on by just one bird

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My potter daughter

Daughter has taken to pottery
Throwing muddy clay upon a spinning wheel
Moulding it with her fair hands
Until she forms bowl, pitcher or vase

It takes some time to get the knack
Eventually trying again and again
Establishes a rhythm 
To form pot and smears on face

Gradually she likes the work
Not dilly dallying to make her own way
There's no heavy heart or strain
Happy, bouncing home, pots in case

She's passed the test in tutors eyes
Around the house we have flower pots galore
Dishes and other things
Now need shelves in every place!

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Friday, 15 November 2019

A child in wartime

I wake up to the sirens drone
I was small but not alone
Sound was like a mournful scream
Blinds drawn so our lights are not seen

I am a small boy once again
See my mother's eyes in pain
Dad's in London fire watching
It is wartime no time to sing

We hear the planes up in the sky
Can't look out even if I try
Blackout curtains do make sure
If light seen warden will knock door

Under the table we huddle
Pillows, blankets and cuddle
Quietly I fall asleep
Wake up in bed heard not one peep

Mother must have put me to bed
Now it's morning I'm not dead
So must get up, off to school
Can't miss the bus that is the rule

The bus is late, I can see why
Buildings bombed Mum starts to cry
Hoping dad will soon come back
Working all night he'll hit the sack

Dad arrived when we got back home
Shrapnel gift from a dropped bomb
Showed it off at school next day
Kids crowd around at break for play

I liked watching planes overhead
Or listen to them when in bed
War's horrid I've seen it all
Still recall it while standing tall

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Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Winter taunts us

Winter taunts us with Autumn's colour
Romantic as we hold each other
As dead leaves fall softly to land

Then eerie mists appear at dawn
Soon blown away by the cruel north wind
And beaches now seen with empty strand

Draft excluder now placed foot of door
Trees stripped quite clean with nothing to say
Gaping at view of barren farmland

Humans appearance changes now too
They're less relaxed as if much to do
Planning Christmas needs every hand 

Even the dog curls up in a ball
On summer days he lays out in a sprawl
Now dreams and moans of seashore's sand

Children's eyes shine with first fall of snow
Soon they're downcast with bitter cold
Slipping and sliding is not so grand

Now look! Spring flowers burst from the soil
Gloves not worn now, Sun shines at dawn
Birds chatter and sing like a brass band

Smiles are on faces walking around
Winter forgotten for one more year
Now couples dancing a saraband

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Monday, 11 November 2019


My first real girlfriend was Joan
I'd met her playing tennis
Free time used the courts at school
Soon after walked her back home
Held hands, talked of many things

She was in a different class
Both at school and on the court
She won the girls tournament
And easily beat me too
Holding her hand my heart sings

Her mum, dad holidayed once
Down at beach resort in Kent
Was invited down for a few days
So she and me walked a lot
Hoped this was more than a fling

She told me after that spree
That was all for her and me
It broke my heart to be free
We'd both left school gone to work
To see what the future brings

Later I found perfect wife
Settled down to married life
Had our kids one, two and three
Worked hard finally retired
Travelled the world sightseeing

Wrote stories and poetry
Kids married all left home
On Facebook had a few friends
Wife died, I'm alone again
Then old girlfriend requesting

Her husband too has now died
So we talked of such a lot
As though we had not parted
Few weeks ago she too had died
Wonder where the story's ending

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Sunday, 10 November 2019

Choosing a husband

A blacksmith with anvil to clobber
The work brought me grief so I slobber
I've become bitter I've failed a lot
My stubborness means I've lost the plot

I didn't understand about life
My eyes on a honey for my wife
She liked muscles but not the clatter
Of hammer pounding, did that matter?

At weekend I entered the local
Who leans by the bar? But my sweet gal!
"Forgive me" she said "I've been a fool"
"I really forgot the golden rule"

So I asked her what on earth was that?
"If he works hard with horse, dog or cat
He will treat you gentle and be fair
And will love you while you're in his care"

So we're back together again!

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They're comng of age

The millenials are marching
They're coming of age
The boys are champions
Have looks like a sage
The girls are luscious
They are marching too
Rights are their wishes
Which will come they're hoping

The millenials are singing
(A bit out of tune)
It's no milk sop army
But movement brewing
This bright afternoon
Crowds are thickening
They're playing their cards
And they aim is winning

They've reached the park with bells ringing
Crowd sits down waiting
For first one to speak
Talks of corruption
Nature, climate change
Melting ice, forests
Water theft and more
Then there's over fishing

No subject for them is off the cards
Greed rules the planet
For them truth is clear
Wars are for profit
So millionnaires grin
Meanwhile all the crowd
Want an honest life
And to end the charades

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Friday, 8 November 2019

Checking apartments

Checking apartments were my wife and me
At Brighton town overlooking the sea
So we looked at new ones and we looked at old
But not one we looked at screamed out, sold!

Until we found this place high up the hill
My wife's eyes brightened, I could see her thrill
From the Lounge window we could see the sea
It had been maintained in fact superbly

The kitchen was first room seen by my wife
Never seen her grin so much in her life
We saw Lounge room fireplace was burnished brass
In fact the whole flat really was first class

I spoke to the salesman to check the price
"The sellers just dropped it, does that entice?"
Wife nodded but I said,"There's more to see
From master bedroom we could see the sea"

With the drop in price we could afford it
We double checked the lot, then we did sit
Signed the offer, salesman nodded his head
Wife said "I'll see the sea from my own bed!"

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Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Living in the city

I have always found it such a pity
To spend all my life in this busy city
Where people rush and the air is so gritty
Traffic fumes are filled with such toxicity

Oh to live in peace with no duplicity
Where there are wide spaces that are so pretty
I long to receive a generous annuity
I could retire, be happy and sing a ditty

I've been planning this since I was barely fifty
Couldn't work without generous annuity
But my wife viewed idea with toxicity
She liked to visit shops in the damned city

We argued the problem with much authenticity
Wife of course the chairman of the committee
We stayed where we were with doubtful felicity
So please keep this quiet, I hate publicity

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Monday, 4 November 2019

Wolves mournful song

The dark forest didn't beckon us
In fact the morning pines
Told us to stay away

For foolish man was stupid
To cull the wolves whose home
Was balance natures way

We have the police on every street
Forests have wolves instead
It's their job every day

There's no hospital in those dark woods
But wolves do whats right
So harmed ones put to flight

For then the wolves sing their mournful song
To let the forest know
One more friend had to go

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Saturday, 2 November 2019

What's that?

"What's that?" I ask seeing a sparkle in her eyes

She says "The year is coming to another end"
Watching that damned clock drives me round the bend
The willow tree has wept its leaves right off
Now is the season for sneezes, colds and cough

Soon we'll be singing songs and carols round the tree
Telling of our ancestors that used to be
Moving with ungainly stooped gait they did bend
I rue their absence as year comes to an end

We chat, sing carols and children scamper about
Play games with each other after presents doled out
Finally they all go home after time check
While my wife waves as she rubs her tired neck

"Ah! solitude" she says following me to bed

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Brother deer

I don't want to make a fuss my friend
But whats on your breath for heaven sake?
Guess you've been down the humans lake 
Drinking their water full of muck 
You should have known better - silly buck

Mind you that gives me a better chance
Don't fancy your hopes with that beaut hind
She'll sniff you and you'll be left behind
Then you'll have to wait 'til next year
I think you've lost out brother dear

Illustration by courstesy of Jason Limberg

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Walking in the forest

I love walking in the forest
Losing sight of road, rail and town
I want to hug the trees awhile
To dip my hands in bubbling streams
I've done it most of my long life
Such a pleasure with my dear wife

We'd sit us down with backs to trees
As birds appear when we are still
Owls would open one eye to check
"Whoo, whoo?" One whispers to their mate
"The usual two, they do no harm
They come from beyond Arnold's farm"

We sit down now part of the scene
Gum trees wave branches looking down
They seem quite pleased to see us too
As the west wind now makes them bow
A lone roo comes to check us out
Joined by mate and joey close by

Satisfied, forest comes alive
Geckos run up and down the limbs
The scent of trees tells us to stay
Every creature knows they're safe
My wife is crying and so am I
We'll remember this 'til we die    

Note: I have mentioned in odd previous posts that my wife was an avid bird watcher and needless to say I got roped in as well and many delightful moments were spent getting lost in forests or deserts hoping we could find our way back to the car. Occasionally we'd come across a bird or furry animal trapped in branches miles from anywhere and needing help to get away. There is nothing quite like seeing the surprise on a bird's face that we were not going to eat them but they were free to fly back home afterwards. 
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Monday, 28 October 2019

Round in circles

I am going round in circles
That's good the planet does too
No wonder the way we treat it
It gives to us with richness
We treat it with bitchiness

We burn the forests, foul the seas
The ice caps melt and whales mourn
Wild animals starve, best in zoos?
Extract the oil and iron ore
Both are bad so what the hell for?

No good remembering the past
For as kids we were at war
Sadly no lesson this taught us
We must have loved them, they've not ceased
But still our numbers have increased

The fault sadly is in the stars
Just wait I think it should be ours!
World leaders are weak as piss
We're still keen to buy our next cars
While others plan their lives on Mars

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Sunday, 27 October 2019

On Struggle Street

Here I am on Struggle Street
I've no money to make ends meet
And ask myself what it all means
Nothing in life is what it seems

Could you spare a dime (or more)
I'll work hard til my hands are sore
Start early until clock chimes six
Tell the truth I'll not play tricks

Straight up honest by design
Dare not with wife and bub of mine
As for conduct I don't do crime
I'll be at work all the time

Probe all you like about my past
I want this job and it to last
I'll be there on site at first light
At your side I'll do things right

Okay, okay! The job is yours
Mind you, It's sack if you give cause
Thank you boss, I won't make a mess
Wife can now buy a new dress

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Saturday, 26 October 2019

The girl with green eyes

I'm deep in the woods
Breathing in its scent
Sat down by the water
As is ripples away
I remember one day

Once we rode horses
Your friend owned them
Before you left me
Deep in the forest
Where we had a rest

We patted their necks
They nodded their heads
One nibbled the grass
Foxes concerned you
Fearing a to do

There was no problem
With their whinny call
Sending firm message
Releasing her fear
She was such a dear

Just where is she now?
It's such a long time
I loved her green eyes
I sit by the stream
Of her I still dream

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Thursday, 24 October 2019

I woke with a start

I woke with a start.
Was that a bump?
It was pitch dark.
Who is that there?
Had to check up.
Put my robe on.
Quiet down the stair.
Open the back door.
Hair stands on end.
Am grabbed from behind.
What is going on?
Whisked off my feet.
Can't even call out.
Put into a boat.
And Charon he says:
"Coin in my hand."
Then opens my mouth.
I panic and squirm.
A tooth he extracts.
My gold capped one.
He examines it well.
And loosens his grip.
I'm over the side.
In the River Styx.
The river of death.
Swim to the shore.
Run back home fast.
In through the door.
Climb up the stairs.
Get into my bed.
Am asleep in a sec.
Dead to the world!
Wake soaked in sweat.
That wasn't a dream.
I have cheated death.
Just for a bit!

(Image by Cecil Keating found on cover of Penguin Classics book  "Satirical Sketches" by Lucian. 1961)

This poem written almost exactly ten years ago to the day was one of the first poems I ever posted. The coin in the mouth (or my gold tooth) was the tradition to pay the mythical ferryman for the journey across the River Styx to Hades in ancient Greek tradition.

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

I am sorry

I am sorry you died before me
I can still remember you saying
Such a very long, long time ago
You and your sister planned it all out
That once me and her husband died
That both of you would live together
In a house by the sea hearing the tide

I thought it was such a good idea
You had been so close when you were young
But sadly though that never took place
You both skipped off just a year apart
Leaving us husbands the ones that cried
Having to cook our meals just like you
Coping with old age all blurry eyed

I forgive you for that dearest one
For I now cook, clean and tidy up
And yes, I make the bed and change sheets
Plus vacuum the carpet every week
I do all the things you used to do
But what I miss these days most of all
Is being cuddled up at night with you

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Monday, 21 October 2019

The sea and me

The sea has always had a power over me
Since first I was taken there barely three
To find that each year it would be the rule
To go there when there was a break from school
At first it was just to paddle and bathe
Until the sea embraced me with a wave

Up above the searching seagulls would fly and squawk
Dad slept in deckchair, Mum watched like a hawk
Later as I approached my teenage years
I was free to roam without Mum in tears
I wandered far watching all the wild life
And like any boy had trusty penknife

And the gulls and terns flew high in sky overhead
While I scrabbled around searching sea bed
Every sign of oceans aquatic world
Would entrance me 'til in bed I was curled
I still walk the beach, I did yesterday
Some terns flew overhead and squawked a "Hey"

Illustration "At the seashore" by S. Anderson

Saturday, 19 October 2019

Summer comes early in Oz

It is springtime now in Australia
Koala bears grunt in Eucalypt trees
Blossom falls like confetti down
Ashes from burning off soon will end
Lest wildfires spread over our wide land

"Bring on summer" kids happily say
Whilst Ma clears shelves for bottling ripe fruit
We love the sun but still have a moan
As sun scorches everyone in town
As skin reddens; not beautiful brown

Faces glowing in the brazen sun
Kids all in tears now going back home
We start a sing-song in the packed car
Carpet covered in sand and rubbish
Ma says "Shall we stop for chips and fish?"

That received a quick round of applause
We spot right shop to fill all our needs
So in we go shedding sand and grit
Minus shoes on kids who'd come in too
All happy now on route fifty-two

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Friday, 18 October 2019

We stood there in awe

Many years ago my wife and I went on a weekend away to learn about birdwatching in Australia. Needless to say with wifey all enthused I too had got roped in to identify birds see on our travels from the guidebooks and to tick off our lists for the year, the state, and the whole of Australia in one all time list.

Binoculars at the ready, searching for birds not yet ticked we took roads less travelled, on tracks with snakes basking on paths, on deserted beaches with cross sea lions and at sewerage farms stinking!

We rose early in the mornings and searched woods and forests by day and night to find owls and pipits, wrens and whistlers, pardalotes and penguins plus an eagle or two.

Once when we were driving a road by the Murray river we thought we'd take a break at the next town but before we did we found a sewerage farm just out of town with plenty of birds there to check out.

Unfenced, in we went holding our noses to start with and we spied on coots and galahs, a cockatoo or two and then some ducks on the water that we had never seen before. Thumbing through our field guides we found they were Australian Freckled Ducks, the rarest ducks in Australia. It was amazing that a retired couple could get so much pleasure seeing them in such a stinky environment.

Image 1 found at www.Freckled-Ducks.jpg
Image 2 found at www.Freckled-duck-female.jpg

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

The food we eat

When we were cavemen in a cave
To find our food we were brave
We had to stalk furry friends
With tools and some odds and ends

Such as club made from a tree
Or spear, near by best not be
I'd prefer noose or trap
As prey was not happy chap

It all seems so simple now
Don't need to kill pig or cow
But visit our butcher man
For prewrapped cut set to scan

Remember when fruit we'd feel
Was it ripe or a bad deal?
Now it's all in plastic wrap
Touch the fruit you get a slap

Now warnings are on each pack
It's your fault if sense you lack
Recall as kids years ago
Raw fruit and veg? Go, go, go!

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Monday, 14 October 2019

Thoughts when young

I often sit on our balcony
And watch clouds dash across the sky
Look! They seem to race each other
Just like us sister and brother
Sister sighs and raises her eyes
She's much older and fancies guys

Damn, I wasn't 'spose to tell  you that
So I'll just bend and stroke the cat
Tthere is a girl I like at school
Shouldn't chat, its against the rule
But she sits close makes eyes at me
Think she teases but I'm happy

We both walked home the other day
'Cos she doesn't live far away
We held hands I even kissed her
She's even better than my sister!
I like the way she flicks her hair
Wish I was was a millionaire

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Sunday, 13 October 2019

Planning Christmas

Cats collide being rained upon
Dry summer days have now long gone
Evening light fades
I flick my braids
Finger them now
Shy smile on show
Toddler sister follows me round
Without making one sound

I like autumn when the leaves fall
From the sycamore tree tall
Scuff feet in leaves
Dad checks the eaves
Wear socks for hose
And warm night clothes
With our Lounge fire hot as a forge
And lots of snacks and food shall gorge

Might get dressed up for Halloween
Perhaps I'm too old at sixteen?
Roads now icy
Driving's dicey
Salt is now spread
Got hat on head
Snuggling is good with my boyfriend
Check Christmas lists that never end

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Keep Still

Sleeping doesn't come easy
There's not much to cheer one up
As a welter of worries come
And phantoms creep around you
You hear them at the keyhole
Menacing you as you dream
And pray for a quiet life
Or at least for forty winks
And you find yourself praying
Then you hear your wife saying:

"Keep still will you or sleep in the spare room!"

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