Saturday, 9 July 2016

Lazy Weekend

Winter warmth, me you bed
Under the blanket and quilt
While the wind whistles

So we laugh a lot
While birds peck and chirp outside
Checking for scraps

Can't stay here all day
She says, twinkle in her eyes
Yes we can I say

It is grey outside
Rain weeps against the window
It's our indoor day

I lift the covers
We are growing tired of this
And need a coffee

I'm in the kitchen
I hear her in the shower
She squeals with shock

So I join her there
Oh this is the spice of life
She cares not one whit

There's plenty to do
We love our lazy weekend
Back to work Monday 

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  1. enjoy your lazy weekend! cheers :)

  2. It is good to keep the weeping rain on the right side of the window - and enjoy those inside, carefree days

  3. Ah... do nothing days are the best. Good one, Old Egg!

    1. Enjoy your day, they don't come often enough,


  4. Again, the words enter so effortlessly one would never believe that the descriptions were woven around them.

  5. A teasing, tantalising touch to this one.