Sunday, 17 July 2016

At the first crack of dawn

Before first crack of dawn
My best chum (dog of course)
Poked his wet nose on mine
For we have simple rules                          
While I’m busy at work                               
He’ll stay and mind the house                 
But on every weekend                                     
We must go for a long walk                       
As well as the usual                                               
Slick and quick ones around                    
The ‘burbs night and morning                  
Dogs are so fair that way
So I unlocked the garage
We got into the car
Paws and thumbs were numb
As is was still so cool
And as luck would have it
Roads were not wet or slick
We left the city's thrum
Dawn's sun sparked up ahead
And found the forest green
To succumb to her charms
Now breathing easier
Worries crumbled away
Dog’s tongue lolled out of mouth
All troubles left behind
Those irksome neighbors cats
Numbed from his canine mind
We were in paradise
At the first crack of dawn

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  1. Such an easy life, Oldegg. All fun!

  2. To have paradise even fleetingly at the crack of dawn is a very good thing indeed - a break for man..and man's best friend..

  3. Perfect! I don't have a dog, only a cat, but he is always there to greet me at the crack of dawn.