Saturday, 30 December 2017

Outback Christmas

A sliver of light peered through the window
Morning once again telling us to get up
It was another hot day taking charge
Simmering slowly at first then boiling us
Like poor potatoes in a cooking pot

Our farming land was miles from any town
On the edge of nowhere, not much rain here
With nothing but kangaroos, flies and snakes
Ditches and waterholes dry for most of the year
With leaves and fruit withering on the vine

Dog seemed pleased to see me wagging his tail
Crows cawed in the middle of the gum trees
While mocking pink Galahs screeched disbelief
Our sheep gathered under the gumtrees shade
Hiding, stoic in ditches from sun's heat

I found wifey busy in the kitchen
She had breakfast all ready for us both
As the mighty sun strode across the sky
Her smile worth at least a million dollars
No way could I have made it without her

"You do know it is Christmas don't you Ben?"
She said as I took my boots off outside
"Course I do, your present's under the tree"
Hand in hand we went into the Lounge room
I hope she likes what I got her in town

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Sunday, 17 December 2017

I look out the window

I look out the window
The grass is still green
Greener I hope now
That she has left me
She's done a runner
Has broken all ties
Even snapped the chain
And left keys to the locks

So I cook my own meal
Recovering from shock
Will clearly take time
A shard of light shines
Through the window pane
Her slippery tongue
Will hurt me no more
As puss plays with my socks

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Attention to detail

There was hardly a ripple on the water
As we now basked in the midday sun
I preferred watching the waves heap up
Gigantic in the their fury onto the beach
Then skitter back down foaming at us like fools

Gulls meanwhile searched for who knows what
As they'd eat any left over rubbish
Being the hobos of the shoreline
Wiser terns would circle high then dive in
To gain select items like connoiseurs

Meanwhile Angela called me back down to earth
On her knees with lotion bottle in hand
My task to apply oil as directed
Clearly a simple job made for able men
A sort of reward for services rendered

I make no bones about it, it was great fun
But attention to detail was noticed
She was in the throes of annoyance
I was sent off to wander the shore again
The wise terns shook their heads at me in disgust

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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Celebration of spending

I recall before the world was rich
When I was just a little titch
Celebrations then were very few
For then we had so much more to do
As poverty is like that you know
I remember Christmases long past
My present was new shoes meant to last
Not a big box of creme de menthe
That would be gone in less than a month

But are we as rich as all that now seems
As we waste money beyond our means
Struggling to pay our debts later on
When the bank's credit has now all gone
Celebrations are all ebb and flow
We're told we are happy so think we are
So we are like cogs in a motor car?
Just consumers for rich magnates gain
Who rub their hands quite blind to our pain

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Sunday, 10 December 2017

I know I'm in love

We run down the beach
Reaching the shallows at last
Nudge each other in

We swim out to sea
Into deep darker water
Up to the sandbar

We watch the sailboats
Then turn to assault the waves
Returning to shore

You try to beat me
But I just get to shore first
We seat ourselves down

The sun and wind dry us
You fall asleep snuggling up
I am your puppet

It's often the case
Hope I can afford that risk
I know I'm in love

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Lost pearl

The wild winter winds are cold outside
Rain traces tears down the window pane
Dead leaves swirling in the courtyard
Point their fingers for I am to blame
For she has finally left me here

What a homecoming this is for me
House now shrouded in bleakest darkness
I walk though all the rooms in despair
Each precious moment now crams my brain
The error of my ways is now clear

It was spring when we met that first time
Beautiful the past days seem to be
My mind tries to block out each sad thought
For the affair with that other girl
Lost the richest pearl I held so dear

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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

The mirror and I

The mirror and I have never been friends
I don't see how we can make amends
The image it has provided me with 
Reflects not me but some ugly myth

Perhaps I've seen too many movies
With me a star dating lovey-doveys
I am quite tall surely that must count
But with rippling muscles I really don't

So I shun the looks of that wall hanging
And walk the streets with my heart banging
Smiling eagerly at all the girls
Especially ones with long blonde curls

I don't know what the problem is now
All they do is laugh and jeer, I vow
As in the park the flowers I observe
"Go home granddad, you've got a nerve"

Later that evening the mirror glints
There's an old man in the shadowy tints
I sigh deeply and must accept the truth
I really am an old man now "Strewth!"

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Saturday, 2 December 2017

Winter afternoon

We curl up together
This winter afternoon
With wild winds out of doors
Twigs whipping the window

Your Dad's old clock chimes three
You grunt your approval
As I unfasten your bra
Wanting what I do too

As I lay my head down 
To hear your beating heart
The open fire alone 
Lights up the living room

As dusk falls we make love
Still wrapped up together
Steps outside now rouse us
You jump up and dash off

And the door bell now rings
So have to check the door
The starlit sky reveals
Your parents on the step

I force a smile for them
"Thought we would pay a call"
They said looking so pleased
"Who's that?" I hear you say

"Come on in, the fires lit"
"I'll put the kettle on"
When I take in the tea
Wife grins and winks at me

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The ring on her finger

If you hadn't smiled at me
Election day when we voted
How beautiful were your eyes
You subtly glanced my way
Thinking I must not let her get away

Who cares what party got in
I waited 'til you emerged
You grinned as you saw me there
"That was thirsty work" I said
"Just one" she said  "I've more to do today"

We drove to a drinking spot
Both in our separate cars
"Thanks" she said getting her drink
Sitting in a cosy nook
"It's not often I can escape this way"

'Twas only then I noticed
Fool that I am for sure
The ring now on her finger
She sees me look, sweetly smiles
"Don't worry, it pushes the rest away"

My heart sang a song of love
Surely she heard my thoughts
"I can't exist without you"
For my wishes all came true
"I think the same too" she said, "It's OK"

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