Saturday, 30 May 2015

Cherries in her hat

I waited for her outside
She is late for her latte
This girl that I've dated
Is a bit arty-crafty

I like her so much
Should I buy her ring?
Now there is a thought
But she's covered with bling

She's got this gold chain
Somewhere there in with the rest
Fourteen carats so she says
But it's lost on her chest

I'm boiling just waiting here
Here she comes, thank goodness for that
Now here's a strange surprise
There are cherries in her hat!

She shows me her best smile
He teeth gleaming white
I say "I have to be nifty"
But that now leads to a fight

I really did like her
But this sequence of events
Shows I'm just not in her league
And that I've been so dense

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Love's a cruel master

You have a cruel heart
That's my thought before dawn breaks
Hidden in darkness

I feel like crying
Instead I show a brave face
To greet the morning

Good, it is raining
Those sad tears will not be seen
Washed away now

Love's a cruel master
I have been whipped once again 
And learned nothing

Charity's my name
I give but get nothing back
No satisfaction

There are two answers
Red wine or dark chocolate
I think I'll have both

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Thursday, 28 May 2015

I have this crush

Pardon me for being in a rush
It's just that I have this crush
On this girl that's such a lush
I glanced at her and she did blush
That even made my face to flush
So our date is why I'm in this rush

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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Pretty pink toes

I opened my eyes
Just what had we done last night?
Lying on the floor

The air was so stale
And reeked of cheap liquor
I remember now

Lost another job
With misery my only friend
Drowning my sorrows

Until I thought of you
A privilege to know you
For you'd sympathise

Me drunk as a skunk
You fast asleep in your chair
With pretty pink toes

I reached up to touch
But you sadly shook your head
Then said "Time you went"

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Boys of yesterday

I was a weedy child; a little runt in days long gone
Food was rationed, candy too for the war was on
But Dad had a garden where vegetables he grew
It was our job to pull out weeds, as well we knew

It was much more fun for us boys to run and play
Down in the dark woods by the creek and stay all day
We'd climb the trees and scare the squirrels with our din
Sting our legs on nettles then be late home again

We'd push and shove for this is what boys do at play
How we tussled until Mother saw us and did say
"You are a pair, where have you been? Why do you roam?
Don't you know your father is already home?

We were sent to get washed up before dinner time
She pointed to the clock and warned "before Six's chime"
Dad gave us both a wink over the newspaper's top
She glared at him "They skipped the weeding, that's got to stop"

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Monday, 25 May 2015

Heaven Sent

Old man stood on the busy street
As commuters passed by his feet
There a frown always on his face
For none bought from him at that place

He stayed there all that long day
Until the sunshine turned to gray
For he was that funny old fella
That all day long sold umbrellas

At spots of rain he'd nod his head
But when it poured a smile would spread
Shoppers their homeward path would wend
Now people were happy for to spend

T'was not long before he'd sold out
Rain was gushing from each water spout
He left for home and prayed as he went
For that good rain was heaven sent

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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Maggie May

Now I remember Maggie May
Was told to call her Auntie
Why not? She was one to me 
She was always busy but sad
But had time enough for this lad

Country cottage where she lived
Rough stone walls like her worn hands
She had a deep guttural laugh
She spoke to me without cease
Crooning like a warm sheep's fleece

She'd raised one of those there too
Who was watchful as a guard dog
That would butt all intruders
Diving at any legs he'd see
Except for mine 'cos he knew me

I used to walk up there alone
She welcomed me like a son
And would always touch my face
I knew that she loved me then
With her it was just heaven

Monday was her washing day
Sheets were bleached, rinsed then wrung too
I helped to peg them out to dry
She'd be humming some love song
And hugging me for far too long

Indoors we was busy too
I'd sort buttons, cottons and all
And was allowed to poke the fire
But sat down as she mended socks
To sort out her needlework box

With all her indoor chores now done
Out came cards or dominoes
She was no fool at any game
I found new methods how to play
Oh, how I miss my Maggie May

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Saturday, 23 May 2015

My Glorious Spring

Youth misspent of course
But what an education
A botanist I

Until I met you
It was then that I blossomed
My glorious Spring

Were you in my life?
All my sweet scented flowers
Basking in sunshine

Poppy was bubbly
Heather wanted so much more
did make Rose blush

Iris was so tall
Lily stayed at my pad
I loved Jasmines scent

Fleur was so petite
You'd say I was in Clover
Posy a puzzle

Daisy chained me up
Young Ivy did cling to me
Petal shook me off

Those times now long past
Sadly I've faded not they
For I walk alone

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Walking on the beach

"Find a place to park
Look down there" she said, pointing
I pulled the car in

It was deserted
Mid week, not a soul around
The sun welcomed us

Walking on the beach
What a day to remember
As I held her hand

She was so petite
Paddling at the waters edge
Running from the surf

Collecting seashells
We both tried to find the best
But she always won

Gulls and terns weren't sure
They squawked high above us now
A crab scuttled off

Stripping off her clothes
"I'm going in" she said
Determined to swim

"Come on, you can too"
Now without a stitch on 
I gulped nervously

I kept glancing back
Were we the only ones there
Swimming in the sea?

I loved how she laughed
I'll always remember her
Walking on that beach

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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

I remember now

It was a fine morning
We set off early
Walking in the hills
Just Julie and me

Each too a backpack
Drink to quench our thirst
And some snacks of course
We were free, so free

We crossed the stiles then
Passed the still dark copse
A lark spied us both
Close, a buzzing bee

Now an uphill climb
Meadows scent now gone
Windswept trees were seen
Now there's rocky scree

We now stopped awhile
On a jagged col
Took a well earned rest
To seek the distant sea

We were out of breath
But she smiled at me
Look so intimate 
So I touched her knee

I remember now
Those days so long past
Our love in full bloom
And still yearn for thee

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I want nothing more

                                      Monet's Garden, Giverny, France

What is happiness?
It is bright morning sunshine
A kiss on the lips

Birth of your baby
Surely it's children's laughter
Trust in their bright eyes

That letter of love
The way we held our warm hands
Walking by your side

The games that we played
The fresh scent of the garden
With the hum of bees

It's all these and more
Not experienced alone
But you by my side

Togetherness rules
To lay on your sweet breasts
And want nothing more

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Monday, 18 May 2015


'He's handsome' she thought
Glancing from the barista
Where she worked each day

Order slips came in
"Cappuccino number three"
That was his table

Smiling just for fun
She made a heart and arrow
In the froth for him

Now, would he notice?
As he read his newspaper
He might not see it

So busy today
She'd barely time to look up
Now she saw he'd gone

He hadn't noticed
She felt such disappointment
As she took her break

Next day he was back
Presented her with a rose
And smiled at her

She took his order
"You really are beautiful"
He said quietly

She loved that he was shy
So two birds faced each other
on the froth today

Saturday, 16 May 2015

I'll take to the road

Just like a prodigal son
Grieving for my birthright
I wend my way from the tavern
and light candles of remorse

What did I find in the city?
What help in the beer house?
What treasures in whoredom?
and did I learn from wastefulness?

None, for I'll take to the road
Well off the beaten track
With the sun on my sad face
and the rain in my lank hair

Where tarmac turns to gravel
Where footsteps falter on hardship
Where nature's wild things roar
and rushing mountain streams sing

Like an old repentant man
I now return to my roots
To rediscover my life
and plant my feet firmly home

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A night with no wind

A rustle of hope 
As you lower your dark eyes
A love like no other

A night with no wind
So you softly speak my name
"Lover come to me"

Thundering heartbeats
The moon playing hide and seek
I cannot see you

Sweetness of your lips
Gently I touch your soft skin
Delicious caress

Now we are so close
Our cup of love spills over
This warm autumn night

A bell chimes nearby
Tolling, telling of our love
And the day ahead

My first glimpse of dawn
Birds kind chorus of applause
I get a cup of tea

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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

This mermaid loves me

Seagulls piercing calls  
Wild surf rolls in once again
Crabs scuttle away

The waves beckon me
"Welcome back son of mine
You are home again"

The beach deserted
Salty spume in the air
Wind in my sad eyes

Look, there's a dolphin
And bladder-wrack at my feet
Shellfish blow kisses

This mermaid loves me
She's from the sea whence I came
So beckons me home

I can not resist
Her tempting sad sirens call
"You belong with me"

Fleshy tones of love
Deep, deep as the oceans sigh
Clean my sins away

I weep salty tears
Rock me in those arms again
With your sweet solace

"How deep the ocean?"
If only I could fathom that
Who knows the answer

Still waters run deep
With sweet tidings of our lives
On your bosom lie

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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The games we play

She looked at his eyes
They blazed with evil intent
It was frightening

He'd not yet seen her
Safe in the laundry basket
Peeping through the slats

He snorted out loud
Frustrated not finding her
She tried not to breathe

The curtains were pulled
She thought Jill had hidden there
But once more he groaned

Where are you, Dammit!"
He muttered out loud once more
And stomped from the room

She said not a word
As the door opened again
"I've caught you" he laughed

She did not relax
But heard Melanie sighing 
From under the bed

Now she was the last
Time was surely at an end
A drink was needed

Could she still hang on?
Cramped in her tight nest
To win this fun game

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Note: the game suitable for Adults and Teens is like hide and seek but inventiveness is the key to being undiscovered. Once my daughter hid on top the fridge in the kitchen and no-one found her even when the lights were turned on!

Monday, 11 May 2015

Wash Day

Apartment living
Was one of first to arrive
In my retirement

I waved to strangers
And explored the  new building
Before my wash day

Good a drying room
Dutifully did my wash
When it was needed

My moniker then
By other residents there
Made me laugh out loud

I was introduced
"Please meet you neighbor Old Egg
Does his wash Monday"

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Sunday, 10 May 2015

In the dark woods

I lay in the dim dark woods
Looking at the sky above
Clouds racing southward
Remembering you

Surely twenty years have passed
All that time without your love
My fingers touch the soil
No consolation

I recall you leaning on me
Your warm breath on my cheek
What a purple patch for us
That time we made love

Oh what a donkey I am
To think I can find you again
In this sweet hollow
Of mystic pleasures

My feeble brain recalls
A pestilence of memories
For if you treat love lightly
It will disappear

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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Never let me go

Those smoldering eyes
They have made me your captive
You have bewitched me

I watch your fingers 
As they work in the kitchen
Deft and beautiful

The warmth of your smile
Soft words as you speak to me
They play with my heart

You shine like the sun
With you I can live again
We both will flourish

Your voice like a song
Such sweet melody of love
In time with my heart

I idolize you
Put me in your sweet prison
Never let me go

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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Years gone by

Years gone by
With grandparents two doors down
Two aunties there too

Two cousins tucked in
Fathers had been called to war
In Britain's dark hour

The war was raging
Housing appropriated
For the duration

One uncle at sea 
The other stationed far away
Each child same story

My dad in London
Keeping things working at night
Dowsing the bombs fires

Same for all of them
All they had was constant hope
And fear for us kids

Nobody was spared
Others uncles at front too
All gone to war's call

North Africa, Burma
Fighting in desert, jungle
Patrolling the seas

War's an ugly thing
Making orphans and widows
and peace for us kids

You fought for our homes
You fought for us your children
Now we honor you

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Just where were you?

I didn't even know her name
But she looked up and blushed
As I came in that crowded room
Her face hauntingly beautiful
It was her dark eyes of course
Sadness or longing, I know not what
I so wanted to be by her side
On an impulse I approached her
Introduced myself and spoke idly
About art and photography
Which was why we both were there
But she knew what my game was
As I lingered still talking away
"You must know that I am married"
She said, coloring up as she spoke
Revealing her own interest
But not her disappointment
That I had been so bold today
She held up her hand for me
To others, a formal goodbye
But we both needed that touch
That intimacy of forbidden love
As once again she spoke to me
"Just where were you a year ago?"
She whispered tears in her eyes
"When I made the wrong decision"

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Monday, 4 May 2015

And the child slept on

Warm and safe for now
Babe suckled at mothers breast
Hidden, free from harm

They had traveled far
To flee the rebels gunfire
With nowhere to go

The smoke and the screams
Were left behind them now
And dead father too

Now in cover laid 
Wounded woman breathed her last
As trucks rumbled by

And the child slept on
Soldiers scoured the drains for mines
Two bodies were found

Attached to her breast
Orphan with no history
To start life anew

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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Singing in the car

Clothes strewn on the floor
Church bells calling some to prayer
Latin lover laughs

Her eyes look around
Tiny opening in drapes
As man still sleeps on

She now leaves the bed
Touching the ornaments
Toes deep in soft rug

Looks all round the house
Smiling, feeling everything
Eyes drinking it up

Enters the kitchen
Opening the cupboards
In her element

She checks his pantry
Dips her finger in honey
Nibbles a biscuit

Could she live this life?
Remembering her old home
Those tears on her cheek

All the rows back then
So tired of the endless fights
She must keep moving

Level headed now
She showered quickly, got dressed
Then took her money

When he woke up
She was fifty miles away
Singing in the car

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Saturday, 2 May 2015

As birds flew away

This poem written about a year ago was posted last January and has now getting another airing,

Demented woman
Still crying by the graveside
Her spouse stays silent

Birds pay her no mind
Swooping and pecking around
While she weeps alone

Widow unaware
The gravedigger's daughter watched
From father's tool shed

Her raven hair shone
She waiting for her boyfriend
In the setting sun

Whistling as he walked
Young man's hand held a present
As birds flew away

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