Thursday, 14 July 2016

Auntie Em

Louisa's Auntie Em (which was the family's nickname for her) had died and she had been her only visitor in the nursing home even though she hadn’t recognised or spoken a word to her for many months.

Lou’s family had all gone now she was by herself and sadly paid her last visit to sort through any belongings that still were there after the funeral.

There was absolutely nothing apart from her clothes and some meaningless knick-knacks and a couple of books all of which had been hurriedly packed for Lou to dispose of.

She was about to take the lot to the bin when one the books fell from the top of the pile and fell face open onto the floor.

As she picked it up she noticed an inscription inside the cover “Best wishes to Maureen and a happy meeting in Oxford April 1995 Catherine” then Lou immediately burst into tears.

Only twenty years ago Em had been in England and met the author who signed a book for her and just last week Lou had been accepted to study at Oxford next year but now she couldn’t talk to Auntie Em all about it. 


  1. It's not easy for those left behind. Very poignant in only six sentences.

  2. It's amazing how a single object can hold so many memories and emotion. I think we miss the conversations with our lost loved ones the most.

  3. I have a few things I hold onto as they were Dad's or Mom's. I can still
    Feel them .

  4. I tend to hold small momentos as of my most cherished items is a handwritten to do list!

  5. nice engagement, w small corner of the world at a time of life we have ahead of us. very effective tale.

  6. Life is like that: connections, common threads, a circle all intertwined. Bittersweet.
    Annie at ~McGuffy's Reader~

  7. A very heartfelt story. Great take on the prompt.