Saturday, 31 May 2014

Not Cupid teasing

I’m a lucky man
Jovial gods are smiling
Countless dreams tease me

You lean over me
The scent of your warm body
Has me chasing you

Propelling me on
Through fields of new spring flowers
To your loving heart

Fluid grace as you walk
Through this my imagining
Our lovers’ terrain

Who launched this affair?
Surely not Cupid teasing
Sturdy wicked child

No! T’was you yourself
Your eyes paved their loving way
To my loneliness

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The blush of Spring

It’s the blush of Spring
When I see her waiting there
Under the awning

Youthful and glowing
Edible just like a peach
But can she see me?

I stand and watch her
Her eyes look like precious gems
Shame they’re not for me

But then she looks up
And sees me staring at her
Grins, shakes her finger

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

My girlfriend

My friend she’s feisty
Pint sized and a real cutie
Flirts with anyone

Where is her right side?
I’ve not been stabbed in the back
I’m a lucky one

My meddlesome miss
May not be worth the trouble
But I still love her

Monday, 26 May 2014

Dum and Grunt have a different view (Dum tales 20)

Forgive me for not catching up with Dum and Yum for the last few weeks
but I managed to visit them the other day to see what they were up to. 

Grunt's bird trap

It had rained for several days and Dum and Yum had watched the creek fill as the thunder rumbled and lightning crashed and lit up the sky both by day and night as the rain poured down. The people in the cave had little food put by and Dum or one of the other men had to brave the rain to go down to the fish trap to gather what they could and bring it back for everyone to share.

There was no fresh meat and they were lucky that they managed to keep a fire going by the entrance to the cave even though their wood was damp and smoke found its way inside and everyone was miserable.

Strangely what was absent were flies and other insects as they did not fare well in the rain sodden atmosphere either. After Dum and Grunt had walked down to the fish traps once more the women could clearly see their baskets were heavy and bulging with fish. They were pleased they would not go hungry but clearly there was only so much fish they could eat. No one grumbled though as it was better to eat fish than starve even it was the same thing every day. All except Grunt that is who complained all the time wanted something with fur or feathers on.

Yum could see that Dum was in a close conversation with Grunt about catching other food as he was drawing with a stick on the floor of the cave obviously wanting to try something out. Grunt was a doer rather than a thinker and clearly he didn't agree with Dum.

Later that night as they lay together Yum was uncomfortable with the new baby in her tummy making it difficult to adopt her normal sleeping position. She finally found a position that she happy with by lying half on top of Dum. “What were talking to Grunt about?” she asked. “Catching birds” Dum said simply, “He disagreed how on it should be done.” Yum tried to say something but as she was so comfortable now and Dum was stroking her she just mumbled and fell asleep.

In the morning Dum was up early as was Grunt and they were soon outside gathering long lengths of tree saplings for each to construct something.

“What are they doing?” Grunts wife Dong, asked Yum who was sitting in the entrance of the cave watching them. Yum laughed “They both think they can build a better bird trap than the other. This is so we can eat something different to the fish we have all the time now.”

Later that day they had both completed their traps. “Tomorrow we will test them out,” said Grunt.
Dum nodded “Good, I will bait mine then still go to get the fish to eat, but you will have to stay by yours all day long.”

                                          Dum's bird trap

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Two pearls

Last week there was a request for a sequel to the story "The girl in the reeds" this is it. 

Gor’s face showed his sorrow
picked up by a mother’ concern
as she surveyed his eyes

She knew at once he was in love
and wanted to wrap him in her arms
so pleased that he spoke to her

“Do I know her”, she asked
“Is she one from the village?”
He bowed and shook his head then spoke

“I should not have looked on her
nor she on me, but we did.
Bel comes from the hills to the north”

The mother laid her hand on his face
“You needs meet her again son
to show her you are strong and brave

Dare to visit her people Gor,
and take an offering for her parents
to show them of your respect”

Gor shook his head again in doubt
“They’ll refuse me and the gift I offer
and then they will surely punish me.”

Gor’s mother denied this and laughed
“I have something they will not refuse”
Showing him a pair of pearls from the sea

“Go soon and I will tell your father
lest he dissuade you with men’s tales
for I see nor harm in this, only good

Better to cross that river with a gift and a smile
than to take an empty angry fist and be stuck
in the foul mud of anger and deceit”

It took some time for Gor to climb
high into the forested mountains
where even bird calls could be that of men

Was that a pigeon, is that crow?
Gor alert, thought that meant he’d been seen,
but still no-one barred his passage

Smoke scent signaled habitation
his heart now fluttered with fear
each sound, each squeak was a puzzle

Then the ripple of children's laughter
relaxed his mind as the camp fires’ scent
showed him he was almost there

The children ran off to report his coming
soon a querulous crowd surrounded him
“May I speak to Bel’s father?”

Thus he came and looked Gor up and down
then indicated that he should follow him
where he was seated on a mat

Before he could speak, a finger
went to the father’s lips then in the air
indicating they wait for another

Then Bel and her mother entered
surprise showed on the girls bowed face
as well as a touch of fear

“You were expected” her mother said
“Bel told me that you would be sure to come
but we did not think that would be so.”

“You speak our language well” Gor said.
“As well I might, as I too am from the shore
And now you want to return a part of me there.”

“I do, I want Bel to be my wife”
The mother then spoke to the father
who looked at Gor and shook his head in doubt

Gor then took the pearls from their bag
He placed one in each hand
And opened them for the father

“I come in friendship with a gift"
He looked at Bel "should she be willing”
Both father and daughter nodded and agreed 

Saturday, 24 May 2014

O whisper to me

O whisper to me
Tell me you are here with me
And loving me still

Darling walk with me
Let me hold you pretty hand
So I feel your warmth

If I kiss your lips
And breathe in the scent of you
Will I see you here?

Dearest one come back
To lie down with me again
I’ve missed you so much

My deep love for you
You can see it in my eyes
The return of hope

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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Tintern Abbey

They walked in the rain
Ancient ruins beckoned
Peering through the mist

Not a soul was there
Still, quiet, secrets lurking
None that they could see

Massive walls told tales
They strained to hear the choir
Of long dead phantoms

Sunday, 18 May 2014

The girl in the reeds

Her skin was like alabaster
Eyes pale as an early morning
She was from across the river

He knew he shouldn't look at her
She came from the high mountains
There altitude made breathing difficult.

They spoke a different language
They were warned not to speak
For they are not like us

His parents had warned him
Talk to them and there will be chaos
But she was so beautiful

As he looked through the reeds
He saw her with her family gathering clay
To make pots as there was none in the hills

Although he kept still and hidden
They were still alert watching
Like wild animals sniffing the air

So he moved not one muscle
Scarcely breathing, the girl came close
Plucking the flowers that grew there

Then she turned and stumbled upon him
Her expression changed from alert
To that of an overwhelming fear

He put his finger to his lips
Signaling, pleading silence from her
Graphically reflected his own fear

He glanced first at her face then down
Her feet squishing in the plastic mud
Where she stood staring at him

Finally she uttered her word for “Mine”
She clutched the flowers to her breast
Nodding in agreement he smiled at her

With this she visible relaxed
And stooped down to where he hid
Staring wonderingly at him

He offered a hunk of bread from his satchel
Doubtfully she took it from him
Nibbled it, looking at him all the while

“Gor” he said pointing to himself
Silent for a moment she then said “Bel”
“Bel’ he nodded approvingly

He held his hands open, palms up
Instead of doing the same
Bel nodded and placed her hands in his

Then almost in an instant she changed
She had heard her people calling
She cried out in reply “I am coming”

Sadly Gor nodded in despair
Reached up and touched her pale face 
As she was so beautiful

He uttered a one word question “Why?”
She lowered her eyes, then rose up
Returning to rejoin her family

She pushed back through the reeds
Watching, Gor willed her to turn around
To look back at him again

The force of his love was so great
That just as he was giving up hope
She did so and smiled for him.

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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Lucy Lu

Lucy Lu
Was in a stew
She had a pebble in her shoe
And didn’t know what to do

What to do?
She was in the street
Going to the bus it hurt her feet
Poor hobbling Lucy Lu

Lucy Lu had a clue,
“Help me please” she called out
The handsome man had no doubt
He’d help poor Lucy Lu

Lucy Lu
Is now no longer poor
She could wish for nothing more
From that pebble in her shoe


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The writer in the cafe


The girl with dark eyes
takes my order, “The usual?
She knows I like her

She lowers her eyes
Aware that I look at her
Yet they still tease me

“Hello says the blonde”
Her eyes sparkle with fun
“I’m your favorite”

“Don’t flirt,” I protest
She then comes close teasing me
Walks up with my cake.

I groan inwardly
The regular they all know
Coffee, cake, observe

And this absurd farce
Always brightens each day
My beautiful life

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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Love vanishes


Your love vanishes
Like fond dreams of the morning
Now axed from my mind

Love shatters like glass
Broken with my clumsy words
Listen to my song

I rub my old wounds
And seek your name on my heart
Gone, gone with the wind

Can I settle in this land?
Knowing I see the same sky
That lights up your face

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Drifting through my dreams

Drifting through my dreams
I have such fond memories
Of gentle kisses

Of breathing your breath
And desiring your body
Of chasing our dreams

And I remember
An old newspaper tells me
Of the day we wed

And how proud we were
Of so much laughter and joy
Now there is sadness

Winds whisper your name
The sea gives me your tidings
And sun shines your smile

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

And you smile shyly

I burn with a fire

I've fallen in love again

Your eyes bewitch me


Have I no morals?

I so want to possess you

And you smile shyly


You ask what I’d like

The hue of your skin thrills me

“Cappuccino, please”

Monday, 5 May 2014

Dum's Dream (Dum tales 19)

                                                Dum's dream

For some time Dum had been pondering the problem of regular supplies of food so that they could stay in the cave all the time and not have to wander too far from safety to catch animals in the forest or fish for other creatures in the sea to eat. The problem was that land animals were not plentiful but had to be searched for and often you were competing with other tribes of people or worse still larger animals that considered you edible too.

Each animal seemed to have their season to be plentiful then wouldn’t be seen again for months and the cave dwellers would get thin again. No far from their cave down a short trail through the trees was a smaller cavern that they stored the carcasses of the animals until they went rotten and started to crawl with maggots or worse still were stolen by other predators.

Yum could tolerate smelly meat and didn’t mind so much as she would eat anything but with only one eye Dum’s other senses were enhanced and he would shake his head and moan “Bad” if he thought it was too much to stomach even when nearly burnt black by the fire.

One day when the smell in the storage cave was really bad they set fire to some branches of wood still green to make it smell better and detract animals. They then put in their fresh meat from the recent kills back in the cave even though it was still smoky in there. They placed the carcasses and other meat up off the floor on timber racks to stop the insects and small animals finding it.

Later when some women went in to fetch some meat to eat they found the cavern filled with smoke that had wafted into the cave. This caused the meat on the racks to dry out and change colour. The women were cross that the meat had been spoiled by the smoke and didn’t use it.  They told Yum who in turn told Dum who went to have a look. The fire was still burning weakly in the enclosed space and it was difficult to see inside.

Eventually Dum went into the cave and found that some of the meat had changed colour but didn’t smell bad at all. Even though it was still quite hot he managed to put some in one of his baskets for Yum to see. They found that although the meat had changed colour it did not smell bad and when they tasted it was good to eat. When cooked it tasted even better.

Dum thought about this a lot and nudging Yum one night and grunted to her “Shall we try to smoke fish dry too?”  Yum laughed and shook her head but pulled him closer to her. Dum was silent for as bit then said “I think I have another idea”. 

Yum then said “Are you thinking of drying fish or pleasing me?” 

“Both” said Dum, who then pictured what he thought they should do.

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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Soaring with angels

You make me feel free
Those eyes a gift of moment
I fear not the night

The blackbird wakes me
Arise my heart you are sent
To fill my whole life

And you are my wings
With you I soar to the heights
To see the world’s light

When I am broken
Dead to this beautiful land
I will still have you

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Letting you go

Standing there weeping                                                    
He saw the young girl he’d wed
Many years ago

trusting eyes 
full of love
looking shyly
alone in the crowd         

of jovial guests                                                                    
of tenderness
of belonging
of bonding

creating a family                                                                  
working together
laughing at nonsense
walking in the rain

of touching                                                                                                               
of breathing
of creating
of caring

swimming in the sea                                                         
strolling on the sand
enjoying the family
now letting you go

Then the oration                                                                 
Looking over the coffin 
And saying goodbye