Saturday, 16 July 2016

Among my souvenirs

The day our eyes met
When first we held hands
The stroll in the park
You were such a treat
Among my souvenirs

That precious first kiss
Alone in the dark
Moon shined in your eyes
How our hearts did beat
Among the shadows

The day we were wed
You really were mine
Touching each other
Our union complete
Among well wishers

Joy with our first child
The tears that were shed
How proud we all were
She was so petite
Among relatives

So much we have done
And travelled afar
Our kids have all grown
The world they did meet
Among their high hopes

How the years have passed
Alone once again
What a life we had
Our journey complete
Among my memories

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  1. Perhaps there is still a journey - albeit a different one and a more painful one - but still..there's life in the Old Egg yet

  2. I'm with you with that beautiful poem. Aging is something we have no control, but memories are with us for life.