Sunday, 3 July 2016

I hate poems

Sitting in class
My body tenses up
As I battle the foe
English grammar again

Each Monday morn                         
Sentences me to hell                     
Lingering torture                            
Tense over tenses 

We’re encouraged 
To write just a quick draft            
On any topic we like                    
Essay or poetry                                 

I hate poems                                     
And feel so redundant                   
When others put up their hands   
To voice their opinion                     

"Do not forget                                     
Start with introduction                     
Say what you want to say              
Then a conclusion"                         

"When writing poems                       
Repetition is good"                           
She drives home every point        
Only fragments remain                  

Pity my brain                                     
Excess information                          
So write about football                                    
And how I loved that game                        

I hand it up                                                        
I get such a good mark                    
She says you have great style 
By writing what you know      

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  1. Exactly that! Some rules apply but generally speaking they are redundant in creating something unique or fun - and the photo - brought back chills..

  2. So, that's where I've been going wrong!

  3. I don't think poetry writing can be taught really. I think it might be torture to be in such a class.

  4. She says you have great style
    By writing what you know

    It has been said poems are reflections of one's experiences as one progresses in life. Rightly so Robin!