Friday, 1 July 2016

Election time in Australia

Election time hurrah!
In Australia now
If registered to vote
It is compulsory
It is mandatory
Your really must do it
If you don't you are fined
But that is still OK
As all you have to do
Go to the polling booth
Get name crossed off the roll
For then you can decide
If you want to or not
You could fold up your paper
Without a mark on it
Place it in the ballot box
Then have done your duty
Your vote is informal
Just doesn’t count at all
But if you really care
Who governs the country
Your representative
That’s for the lower house
You must number every box
In preference order
For the Senate it changes
You number six at least
Above the special line
In the little boxes
Representing parties
But alternatively
Below the line you can
Vote for individuals
But in order of course
Numbering at least twelve
Finished? Very well done
If only we could get
Government we deserve
After all that hard work

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  1. Easy as that - no wonder people don't bother or get distracted by the whole affair - maybe we need a revolution..

  2. I just hope that politicians would serve the country, both their voters and those who didn't.

  3. I've always wondered how well mandatory voting worked out, as opposed to simply leaving it in the hands of those who are most interested, like we do in the US.

  4. Sounds a bit elaborate as compared to ours. It is good as it caters to one's inclination to be presented with more choices.