Sunday, 17 July 2016

She was a marvel

She was a marvel
So sweet and lusciuos
So much like the meals she cooked
That was her forté
Much more than a game

Beautiful big girl                                                      
Cute plump round buttocks                              
A voice like a parakeet                                           
When in the kitchen                                                      
Flicking her blonde hair                                     

Yes she was the chef                                          
Me, I kept well clear                                            
Sitting at the front counter                                     
We met much later                                                  
Two lonely people                                                

Was a game at first                                                 
Nagging each other                                                          
About our jobs in the hotel                                     
Were both on the shelf                                        
And knew it was right                                        

Then we made love                                           
That turned things around                               
We’d start our own restaurant                    
So thumbed our noses 
And started afresh 

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