Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Never notice

Came home once to ear splitting laughter
The children from next door had come round
All four were playing cards on the floor
They were all fumbling cards awkwardly
But were laughing for all they were worth
Was the school holidays with no homework
They wanted me to join in the game                  
So I tried to keep a deadpan face                       
As the girls hated playing “Old Maid”                  
So we changed it to “Go Fish” for a bit                
Then we played “Snap” until the cards bent        
My wife came in to see what was up
And to bring us drinks and refreshments                     
Soon it was time for them to go home            
How I remember those carefree days                
But sadly they have now passed us by              
Kids are always glued to their iPads
Never notice that I have come home

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  1. Me and Alice will play snap, Ludo and even Cluedo if necessary - In all seriousness absence can happen even if we are all in a room together..perhaps it is about connection and all too often that seems to be via internet waves..

  2. Sometimes you have to insist put those I-Pads up and come play a real game. I understand about those devices my SIL is always on his.

  3. I find this sad reality very depressing. We have lost the art of paying attention to each other.