Monday, 30 March 2015

I woke from my dream

I woke from my dream
You had fooled me again
For you were not there

Yet I breathed you in
Your warmth always by my side
Your gentle heartbeat

You walk by my side
You are here in everything
That I see and touch

You left me alone
A houseful of memories
A heart in darkness

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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Glad we had this talk

Can I talk to you?
About my life these days
Of his fiery temper
Do you see my black eyes

What more can I add?
Little deals to stay alive
The broken window frame
That he'll never repair

Shall I sing a song to him?
Don't ever come back to me
He'll never give me a chance
This is how I exist now

I hate to see storm clouds
As they billow overhead
Temperature is rising
With his thunderous call

He is skilled at his craft
And is such a weak man
He will crush and break me
For all of his mistakes

Glad we had this talk
My knight in shining armour
If only you were real
You could have saved my life

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Wind in my hair

Whistling welcome
I love the wind in my hair
On a cool spring day

Blow, blow, blow away
Winter's ails and memories
Show me life again

Maybe love as well
To refill my aching heart
Even a warm kiss

Yes, sun will do that
But I need a pretty girl
To give one to me

There's one on the heath
She's up there ahead of me
Pretty as a picture

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

In a distant cemetery

                                        Kanchanaburi War Cemetery

What value is freedom?
Only those know
Who have lost theirs
A child shut in his room
Even a dog in a shed
Or yet a man in prison
Especially one in wartime
Fighting for his country
Like uncles of mine
Some who came back
With that look on their faces
Yet there were others too
Who did not return home
Not heroes there but slaves
Underfed and ill treated
Against the rules of war
To die beaten, tortured
Thinking of their children
And their wives at home
With no resting place
Save a white stone slab
In a distant cemetery
To show their service
Freedom for their children
To fight yet more wars

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Miles Apart

How I love this girl
Who lives far away from me
Across that wide sea

She is so petite
Her little hands a delight
A smile just for me

But she lives alone
In a land of chilly hills
That would not suit me

One day I'll see her
How glorious that would be
Will she come? We'll see

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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Fool that I am

What a fool I am
To let such powers me rule
In my wildest dreams

Just when was it last?
That I could sleep all night through
Free of your tongues lash

My heart burns with grief
As beginnings reach their end
Proving feet of clay

That is life, my friend
I've lost it's true; for you have
Stole my heart away

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Friday, 20 March 2015

Free of Traffic Lights

I love the city's sights
The traffics constant hum
The bustling mindless crowd
The busker as he shouts out loud
With a call to buy his wares

I see the flashing neon signs
Seduction at its best
For each sparkling eye
Persuading you to buy
And take your prize along

The rumble of the subway train
As I ride back home alone
Others eyes look askance
As they drift off in a trance
So many strangers in this town

But there is another me
That yearns for further fields
Where everyone you know
And the pace of life is slow
The country where I was born

The corner shop and the local pub
Where all do laugh and drink
The old farmer chats with me
Hoping that some rain he'll see
For I am welcome here

I see the nurse from the hospital
The doctor is playing cards
With the barber and others too
They all have a drink or two
As this is Friday night

It's just a walk to see some sport
It's not a cent to see my team
As a game is played upon the park
Neighbours smile at me in the dark
How I wish I lived back here

For friends will wave on Main Street
For no-one gives a hoot
The local dog turns not a hair
It is how to live without a care
So free of traffic lights

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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Not yet dawn

It was not yet dawn
A beautiful hushed silence
Broken by a scream

The night creatures ruled
Not yet annoyed by the light
I was still in bed

But it was just me
One more restless night of pain
Instead of sweet dreams

Age does weary me
My only comfort is the past
When dawn then brought hope

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Please no messages of concern; I don't pick the words, Thom does!

In Sun's warm light

Sun, you warm my body
But not so my heart
You shine on me
But that’s not enough
Where is she gone?
Where does she bask?
Why are you so bright?
Yet you answer not
When I stare at you
Behind a cloud you hide
With the truth in shade

The wind does tell
Of so many tales
Like him I do rage
He whistles up a storm
That clouds my mind
With thunder's shout
To make me think
Of many other things
As I stand alone
But I’ll not be fooled
By nature's wiles

I will bring her back
From Hades grip
Unlike Orpheus
I have no lyre to play
But will rescue her
From that dark realm
To bask yet again
In Sun's warm light
In my loving arms
She’ll be embraced
Forever and a day

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Like an Autumn leaf

I hated to see you go
Just like an autumn leaf
You slipped from my arms
And were lost to me...forever

We were young then
I couldn't believe that you
And I were a couple
So comfortable did I feel...foolishly

This tall tree became gaunt
Like a pine tree just holding on
To the needles of despair
Shedding them slowly...until now

For countless years later
You've swept away the past
Whispering though the branches
Teasing my memories...of you

Of how we held hands
I'd look into your eyes
And caress your soft skin
Once I had kissed your lips...with love

Now you have waved from afar
To delight this old man
Little do you realise
How precious you are me

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Saturday, 14 March 2015

For me alone

I shouldn't look at her
She is bound to look back
Our eyes would then meet 
A explosion of love

She knows I want to touch
Run my fingers through her hair
I softly touch her cheek
As I've done that before

For a second she leans 
Into my palm, eyes closed
Her expression of desire
Meant for me alone

But we are still strangers
Others might hear what we say
I dare not speak her name
Lest I say it in my sleep

How long can we do this?
Teasing the others love
We never make any plans 
For we have no future

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He heard her call out
"The family are coming"
He was gardening

No that was not true
He uttered a blasphemy
Sitting in the shed

His short quiet time
Reading Sunday newspaper 
Would now be ruined

Whole plague of monkeys 
Would invade and take over
Keeping him awake

No siesta now
Two children running around
And one in her pram

She was born last year
Sweet favorite of his wife
Her name Abigail

He cleared the deck first
Old ones would want water
Put sprinkler on lawn

They arrived on time
He was given a new job
As baby was crying

He took her for a walk 
By the rustling Aspen trees
Not that far away

She looked up at him 
As he smiled and talked to her
Slowly fell asleep

He still chatted on 
Of how beautiful she was 
Shed a loving tear

He made his way home
Drying his eyes as he came
For his cup of tea

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Pins and needles

It gives me pins and needles
To think of others needless plight
When we are full and happy
And can always sleep at night

It makes me giddy with anger
To think that many starve
As I live the life of plenty
Yet they have no meat to carve

Nor yet is there clean water
For them to drink their fill
I see the children crying 
The wind blows in death's chill

I do not believe in lending
If such help cannot be returned
But gladly give with compassion
A conscience free thus earned

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A Man's Day

                      "In Bed" by Henri Toulouse-Lautrec

He left early for work
She got him his breakfast
The children were crying
He knew what time he had
A quick peck to the cheek
"I'll see you tonight"
And then he was gone

She wondered what he did
As she washed the kids
Dressed and then fed them
Two would go to school
That left baby and her
To think of her man at work
Did he ever think of her?

Did he brag about them?
Tell others of his children
Or did he just keep quiet
As he earned his pay
He didn't talk much
Couldn't even save much
With five mouths to feed

What she did lke though
Was he touched her face 
As he came through the door
Took hold of the little one
Lifting her up laughing
Before hugging the others
As they clamored around

Later when all were quiet
Asleep in their little beds
They would talk a little
Not about much at all
Then they would go to bed
He'd draw pictures on her back
And she knew he loved her

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Monday, 9 March 2015

It isn't fair

Poor Alice hated her name                                   
And needed someone to blame               
Old fashioned she thought it was
Had no street cred or a buzz
Like Poppy who was her cuz

It wasn't like she had another
Like Jake who was her brother
His other name was Antony
Thus his nickname was Macaroni
But she called him boney Tony

“It isn’t fair” she did pout
Until her mum had to sort it out
“You have my dear sister’s name
Who you will have to blame
She was a singer of much acclaim”

Alice then soon brightened up
As her thoughts now did gallop
One day she could be famous too
A lawyer, doctor, who knows who
Even a vet that worked in a zoo!

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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Your eyes said it all

I hear the traffic in the street
Just here where first we did meet
I looked into your eyes
And you smiled at me
Buses spilled their cargo on the street
Crowded with the trample of many feet
And you smiled at me

We walked down to your office block
Deaf to traffic and the church’s clock
As you held my hand
I felt your warmth
But didn’t hear that city’s swarm
Or the ringing of the fire alarm
I felt your warmth

You pecked my cheek at the office door
I was sad that I would get no more
I touched your face
Your eyes said it all
I rushed back to my place of work
To bury myself in the office murk
Your eyes said it all

I tried to concentrate that day
To please the clients and earn my pay
But thought of you
And your alluring scent
Made me think of a future bright
To be with you both day and night 
And your alluring scent

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Saturday, 7 March 2015

For the final time

Let’s begin again
That is what you said
I should have laughed
At your excuses
Trampled on your words
Thrown them in the wind
To let such manure
Fertilise the plants
You’d string me along
As you did before
To drive me insane
I’m not your putty
To fill some weird need
To be kneaded with spite
With my wings clipped
Those days are gone
I have paid my dues
To your own weird club
For the final time
Imagine that loser
It's you that's been stung

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Now but memories

I cry tears of grief
While my house burns down
Heaven is now gone

As has our laughter
For you have left me alone
Hope in the trash can

Darkness all around
Stars do not shine anymore
Now your ship has sailed

Once there was heaven
When we laughed with happiness
Now but memories

But are they enough
Will your star shine more brightly
For my aching heart?

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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A long wait

How envious I was
Of the girl up our rough road
I was so forlorn

She had many dolls
Messy me, never had one
Just cars and soldiers

My mum saw my grief
Calculating, asked girl’s Ma
"Is there a spare one?"

Shock! Girl shook her head
Had to wait a few more years
To get a real one

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I liked her

I saw her sitting there                     
Proud, arrogant almost                  
She was the first women               
In our organisation to given               
A high management job              
I liked her                                          
She eyed me suspiciously            

Door open to her office                  
I walked in and sat down               
To discuss my problem                  
The window behind her                
Luckily I didn’t laugh                      
I liked her                                          
Ignored chip on her shoulder       

She was clearly on trial                 
And had to act like a man              
In this office of men                        
As we got down to business         
She relaxed just a little                   
I liked her                                          
So gradually she changed            

She would always greet me
To have a chat when we met
Even told me where she lived
And shared the office gossip
Wonder what happened to her
I liked her
And the first among many

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Monday, 2 March 2015

View over the ocean (Dum Tales no 30)

It was a beautiful morning. The skies were blue and the air was still and there was barely a cloud in the sky. Song walked through the village and saw that Dum was repairing a post in the barricade around the settlement that kept wild animals away at night. Yum sat outside their hut threading shells on a small necklet for one of the children of the village.

“Let’s go for a walk” invited Song. “I know a place where there is a great view of the sea". She pointed to the hills behind them, “Dum can come too.”

“What are you planning, Song?” Yum asked.

Song smiled, “I have a yearning. I want more; I want to see more; I want to learn more.”

Yum looked sadly at Song as they walked along, “Sometimes happiness is staying still, just living our lives in safety.”

Dum finished finished his work and caught up with them. It was just the three adults as the children had been left safely behind within the village playing with their friends.

They climbed higher up the mountainside than they had ever done before. A light breeze blew their hair and the smell of the trees and the flowers was much different than on the plain and by the seashore.

Dum kept looking out to sea. He could see further than he had ever done before even with his one eye, as the air was so still and the sky so clear and the heat of summer was not yet upon them.

"I must rest" said Yum finding a small open area to look out over the ocean. Song sat as well and they noticed she extracted some nibbles for them to eat while they admired the view. While they chatted Yum continued to observe the horizon and suddenly called out, “Look, look far in the distance do you see what I see?” all the while pointing with her fingers to where she was looking. Dum of course only had one eye so he said “What is it you see?”

Song just smiled. “That is why we have come up here. When the sky is so clear we can see so very far, far away when we look out from here. I have seen it before. It looks like another land...I want to go there.”

Dum looked at Yum and Yum looked as though she would cry, for she loved Song for she was such a strong woman and knew so much. She did not want to lose her. So then Dum asked Song “How will you get there?”

“Well Dum, you will build a boat for me...well, for us all perhaps. We should all see what is there. We have the ability, we have the courage and we have the love to explore our world.”

Yum looked doubtful, “What if it is terrible or dangerous there?”

Song put her hand on Yum’s face “Then we will come back” she smiled. “But remember we have much to trade.”

So this was the day that man instead of wandering by foot on land decided to explore the world by sea.

Note that Song’s reference to their having much to trade was of course their knowledge.
I cannot guarantee that we shall hear any more of Dum's family but there is always a chance my time machine will take me back there again.

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

The whisper of Spring

I awake to a hush
the cold not yet gone
on this frosty morn
with remnants of snow about                   

A few minutes more
close my eyes again
and dream of warm days
with sun on the window pane                  

The whisper of spring
larks call from above
the coo of the dove
new blossom to warm my heart                

Although that is good
There’s still digging to do
and manure to spread
and that old mower to check                     

You stir by my side
and cuddle me close
and arouse my desire
to stay in bed for a bit

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