Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Just to make sure

Jake had gone out with Patsy since High School and he thought she was the real thing and they would be together forever.

Her family welcomed him every night as he came round and she was sporty and fun to be with and he imagined the future with them always together.

He loved going on long walks together both in the nearby forest and at the local swimming hole and he could imagine no other life than being with her.

So it was a complete surprise that one night after watching the telly at her place that she suggested that they should have a the field a little just to make sure.

Reluctantly he agreed despite being heartbroken but thought that he must comply to show that he was not too clingy.

A few months later his mother showed him in the local paper that Patsy had become engaged to a local bloke that lived quite close to him and Jake felt he could have fallen through the floor.

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Skipping by

I remember the nineties
My grandparents did too
Many more years before

Yes looking back can be fun
But there's sadness too
Yearning for days of yore

We were spritely as young fawns
Laughing kissing more too
Pleasure forevermore

Now the years go skipping by
Words, numbers mixed up too
Now that I am fourscore

For everything we have gained
So much is lost
Live your life to the core

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He was home

She had waited so long for him
The candles flickered in the draft
When he finally opened the door at last

You are back, you are back, she cried
Elated that back from war he'd come
"I've missed you my love", then looked at him aghast

T'was not the man she knew before
For his wounds she could clearly see
His bandaged arm, his halting gait showed the past

So she sat him down by the fire
Helped him take off his coat and shoes
Hiding tears, trying not to look downcast

He slept in that chair an hour or more
As a meal she did now prepare
Once she heard him moan, dreaming of a blast

But he was home and recovered well
What he needed was her wifely touch
The doctors were so pleased he'd come good so fast

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Sunday, 27 March 2016

I go back there still

I went back of course
Nothing could keep me away
As I'd lost her there

There down by the sea
Where I first saw her paddling
Honey faced beauty

Picking up pebbles
Singing happy eyes shining
But then she saw me

She dropped the stones
Her hands holding them no more
She stared back at me

I waved but passed by
Walked to the beach's far end
And sat by a rock

Took out my sketchbook
The sea battering the rocks
Drawing the scene

By some miracle
Curious she came up to see
This strange intruder

She sat behind me
Watching but said not a word
Just meditating

After a few sketches
I turned round to look at her
"Want one?" I asked

First she shook her head
The changed her mind then nodded
Chose the best ink sketch

I feel guilty now
Because we became lovers
She was beautiful

Didn't last of course
My golden world turned to brass
After joyful spell

Strict parents found out
They forbade future meeting
So my earth collapsed

I go back there still
I'm still waiting for the day
When she will return

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Pebbles in my shoes

Heart heavy as lead
I walk that long crooked mile
Pebbles in my shoes

I knew I'd lost her
She was the light of my world
Still waters run deep

I still speak her name
Even though she has gone
To find another

I see phantoms in the mist
There's no smoke without fire
For then I was blind

But now you have come
The moon is shining brightly
A perfect princess

I'm so glad I said
Three little words "I love you"
Thank God that I did

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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Who took the sausages?

Even furry faced
Our dogs are not good liars
When they are guilty

Mischievous they are
And such great opportunists
To snatch a bargain

But they feel shame too
When the sausages are missed
Their eyes betray them

It's a good swap though
To have a loving friendship
That helps you keep slim

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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Don't turn your nose up at birdwatching

                                           Group of Freckled ducks on water

Many years ago my wife went on a weekend away with a group to learn bird watching in Australia

Needless to say with wifey all enthused I too got roped in to identify birds seen on our travels from the guidebooks to tick our lists for the year, the state, for the whole of Australia in one all time list.

Binoculars at the ready, searching for birds not yet ticked off we took roads less traveled, on tracks with snakes basking, on deserted beaches and sewerage farms a'stinking.

We rose early in the mornings and searched woods at night to find owls and pipits, wrens and whistlers, pardalotes and penguins plus an eagle or two.

We were driving along the road by the Murray River when we thought we would have a break at the next stop but before we did we found the sewerage farm just out of town with birds a'plenty

Unfenced, in we went holding our noses we spied coots and galahs, a cockatoo or two and then some ducks we had not seen before on the water only to find they were Australian Freckled Ducks which were the rarest ducks in Australia.

                                      Female Freckled duck on water

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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Rural sounds

Neighbours are such a funny lot
Some may chat but others not
Others moan and take you for a fool
As kids laugh in the paddling pool
And jump all still wet and clammy
Which pleases me and wife Tammie
They'll wake you up at morning's light
Which make your dog bark out with fright
With brutal music that you hate
That upsets us all and makes us late

I dream of living with neighbours far
For rural sounds are all I care
The chattering of birds on wing
My wife as happily she sings
Air so fresh that we all breathe in
Far from the urban smog and din
Call me proud even call me dense
Stay far from those that cause offence
Keep away from the city's grime
For this is where I'll spend my time

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Man adapts to any climate

                                1. Polar bear stranded on ice floe

What an extraordinary primate
Is man that adapts to any climate
Pity wild life struggling in his wake
As he mines and pollutes this earth so fair
For transitory riches is all he cares

We bask in sunshine swim the ocean's seas
Not cognisant of our fatal disease
Of destroying all we touch and pollute
Let's shoot an elephant lets snare a bear
Let's burn fossil fuels see how far we dare

Let's spill oil on Australia's Barrier reef
Let's melt the polar bears Arctic fief
Look how much my bank balance has grown
Amazon's rain forest is burning now
Sure a tax deduction they will allow

                             2. Amazonian forest burning

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Saturday, 19 March 2016

In the forest again

She calls me again
The forest's like a lover
Tall pines wooing me

The long branches sway
And warblers whisper "He's back"
Chattering surprise

Insects fly around
At first aiming attack
Then fleeing away

Soft moss underfoot
I trudge into the blackness
Trees arms embrace me

I love the quiet
Waiting I see a beige fawn
Safe by it's mother

Sky opens above
I hear unseen birds call out
High up in the trees

I reach the swift stream
No sign of drought in this place
 I sit quietly

More feeders arrive
A grunt a snort and a splash
They are in heaven

I am so in love
This is the best of all worlds
All makes sense to me

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Sad sweet stories

Now I stand still on life's journey
A bunch of colliding atoms
Left now with no known place to go
I crossed that line of no return
That awesome day when I was born
What nonsense life's constant cycle
Sadly 'tis a one way passage
Born to the world with no knowledge
But encyclopedic death
All that experience wasted
Like a source of hidden secrets
Toting useless stones in the heart
Lonesome lovers weeping alone
Still searching for hope in the sky
With such sad sweet stories to tell

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Pacific pearl

I have always been pasty faced
Thus girls have been in no great haste
To share my kisses so I've been chaste
Which I think has been such a waste

Until I met this gorgeous Maori girl
We rubbed our noses for a whirl
She danced before me with pois she'd twirl
Think I'll stick with this Pacific pearl

NOTE: Pois are soft balls on cords used in Maori dancing

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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Did you see that?

She suddenly blurted out, "Did you see that out there?"

He looked up from reading his paper and stared quizzically at her noticing she was still looking out the window.

"Oh you'd never believe, it was amazing" she went on "but now it has gone you missed it".

"But I haven't missed anything because you never told me what it was or that I should come and see, so please finish your sentences" he grumbled.

"I just wanted you to see it, that's all", she said pouting.

"Yes dear", he said burying his head in the paper again wishing he'd read the fine print on the marriage contract if only he had one!

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A sad look

She had a sad vacant look
Maybe uncovered a truth
That left her undecided

First he tried to ignore her
But then her eyes angry became
Abruptly she then burst out

"You're playing around you swine"
He gulped as she continued
"For two can play at that game"

Guilty he then colored up
Dumbfounded spoke not a word
"Men are all fools" she then said

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Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Am I a saint if I do no harm
And suffer much my whole life through
Would I then be an example
For all others to look up to

Or should I not think like this
But strive as I think I should
And let my innermost self shine
Shun evil and try to be good

Just how are we shaped I wonder
What drives us to be good or bad
When I die just who'll pray for me
Recall who I was and be sad

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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Soft breezes

Birds tweet though they're hiding from me
I long for the scent of the trees
The echoes from the canyon walls
The cool shade by the running stream
That fleetingly mirrors my face
I am the one that does no harm

Crown of pine trees whisper some words
As they bend in a gust of wind
Never blind to a human form
A body that doesn't belong
Who may cut or snare and destroy
Now soft breezes kiss my pale cheeks

Some butterflies flitter around
Other insects now buzz and hum
I sit down my back to a tree
So everything relaxes again
Furry ones come out to feed
My forest is empty no more

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My Maori dancer

Art College break up
End of year party at pub
Beer, laughs and music

She was so petite
Dancing like a little bird
I put my drink down

Walked over there
Nodded at her and she smiled
Brown skin shone for me

She was a Maori
Her eyes sparkled her face laughed
Dance floor was crowded

She let me hold her
We talked of everything
Then she laughed at me

Do you know she said
Everyone will think you are 
Dancing by yourself

I still think of her
All these many years later
My Maori dancer

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Another day goes by

I have lost you I know
I should buy some flowers
You liked them in the house
Would have had the place full
But still I dream of you
Thinking you are still here

Yes, they transform my flat
Have to keep them watered
It's not all shiny now
Don't dust the furniture
I miss the words you spoke
And listen to you breathe

It was so easy then
Not like the present time
My eyes water again
Don't object to cooking
Just being all alone
Another day goes by

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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Heather and me

Her name was Heather and she had that sweet country scent and a boisterous laugh and what's more she liked me.

She had freckles and squirmed when I touched them then tickled me to make me stop and then we would lay back in that grassy field and hold hands say we would love each other for ever watching the clouds skim by overhead.

It wasn't true of course because things always change although we never thought for one second they ever would but we both shifted house and schools as well and after the few letters we wrote even they stopped too.

I wanted to cry but I couldn't because I was a boy and that wasn't right but it still hurt so much inside.

That was years ago now then one day not so long ago I was working in a busy town when I saw her and she saw me too.

Heather was pushing a pram with a baby fast asleep inside and she nodded at me as I went over to say hello and then as I reached up to touch the freckles on her face she cried.

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Tom and Sue

I didn't have a hope
That she would ever even look at me

She had pretty curls
With a cute turned up nose
An only child so she was selfish too

But she fell over
Going back home from school
Holding her hand I took her to her home

She said not a word
Until we got to her street
Big house, walked right in dragging me in too

This is Tom, she said
Her mother got a plaster
I just stared at the tasteful interior

Was given a drink
Then was thanked for my help
Sue asked If I'd walk her to school next day

I didn't have a hope
That she'd ever look at me, but she did

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Weird war for youngsters

Toddler in peacetime
Then schoolboy when the bombs fell
But we had free milk

Food was very scarce
Everything was rationed then
Except mothers love

Kids ran wild and free
Bus to school and Ma to work
Dad in London town

His job was great fun
Dowsing incendiary bombs
Dropped by enemy

Eyes on the skies 
Looking for the hostile planes
No that's one of ours

Empty grocers shelves
Food was short and so was I
Cold damp bomb shelters

Wrapped up in blankets
Waiting for all clear signal
Let's get back to bed

Wrote childish scrawl note
To uncle in Italy
Cheered him up he said

Another aunt sad
This uncle's not coming home
So she cried a lot 

All kids at school fence
Army trucks and tanks pass by
Heading for the coast

Us kids played in the fields
Doodlebug flew overhead
Good it has flown on

The tide was turning
We found out how bad it was
For millions more

We all cheered at last
For peace was finally here
Weird war for youngsters

I started school in 1941 quite unaware of life in peacetime so I have here tried to show my memories and feelings of wartime Britain, the planes, the soldiers, the tanks, the shortages, the rationing, the fear and the tears for I was only nine when the Second World War ended in 1945. Despite that I am getting old and forgetful but I do still remember my wartime National Registration Identity number DLMI 30/4! That is weird but at least is was not a tattoo!

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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Hungry for the bush

I must leave the city
Wail and thrum of traffic
The noise and the clatter
Endless inane chatter
No friends just enemies
With no faint praise for me
Road works and lots of jerks
Everyone a stranger
Bright lights and back street fights
Walk, don't walk, traffic lights
City darkness goodbye
Thanks a lot, had my fill

I'm hungry for the bush
Need to take that trip soon
Thirsty for the country life
Please counsel me no more
I've heard it all before
Heading up north right now
Loose myself in the woods
See eagles fly up high
Wilderness here I come
Back to my true blue home
Praise the hills for their calm
Off to my place of rest

Australian terms used: Bush         - Outback country living 
                                   True Blue  - Real Australian

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On that starlit night

Sat around the hearth
Ancient ones began their tales
Of the distant past

They told of heroes
And their quest to save young girls
From defiant beasts

An amethyst ring
Would give them strength and power
So the story goes

Sparks flew from the fire
As we youngsters sat in awe
On that starlit night

We climbed the mountains
To fight the fiery dragons
Then swim rivers deep

Young ones fell asleep
Oblivion now their friend
Parents took them home

Wrapped in the darkness
We cared not the ground was hard
T'was a game for us

Later we would be
Now filled with these spirit tales 
Story tellers too

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Friday, 4 March 2016

The stable boy

I stood before her cap in hand
Humbled by the queen of that land
"Come forth boy don't dither"
I gulped and shook
Tears formed in my eyes

"Now what has brought you hither"
Just like a snake I did slither
Cap in hand head bowed
Mumbled words I spoke
"You horse is dead, no lies"

She looked down her nose at me
Stable boy just five foot three
"Oh yes, I have been told
Now stop your blither
and those mournful sighs"

"You will ride with me this day
I will mount that spritely bay"
So I rode along with her
Galloping side by side
"Page boy next" she smiles

Image of Stable Boy by Chris Cummings found at

Note: So you wanted the word spritely spelled sprightly? I assumed the queen hundreds of years ago would use the former spelling of the word!

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

My first job

I was barely sixteen still a schoolboy and had got my first real job working for the Post Office in Britain in 1951.

It was the Christmas rush and students were selected from certain schools and I struck lucky.

Us boys were assigned to parcel delivery and two or three of us would accompany the driver of a truck to deliver parcels and packages to happy households who received goodies from relatives and friends from all over Great Britain as well as the United States and other overseas countries.

It was obvious from the aroma that many parcels from Ireland contained foodstuff such as hams, other meats and cakes for lucky relatives that probably would not be permitted these days.

Britain was still slowly recovering from the Second World War and as the Republic of Ireland had been independent they were source of plenty for a lucky few.

Still at school the following year I managed to get the same job again but with my experience I was upgraded to Postman with bike and armband to show that I was official delivering letters right up to and including Christmas morning as the postal service then was the only means of communication for many in those days.

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Now I am alone

When we were married
My wife held a bunch of roses
Yet I was the one
Who received a flower that day 

When she bore our child
She proudly showed him to me
Now I was the one
That shed a tear from my eye

Then we were alone
The sun shone more brightly still
Always together 
Our sublime togetherness

Then at her life's end
Took her last sweet loving breath
I am quite bereft
Something has died within me

Now I am alone
That flower given to me
Blooms still in my heart
Then and now for evermore

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