Saturday, 30 June 2018

Leaving home

What are the gods playing at? 
As spirits spiral out of place
We, flitting and flirting still
On life's cycle and treadmill

Do we learn lessons from life?
Before the flight from our homes
With memories held ever close
Such essence of ourselves chose

We are then in passions sway
As our true selves boom with glee
We're on our own and all alone
And with the wind now tossed and blown

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Thursday, 28 June 2018

We need your help

"We need your help" the small voice said
"Please human we know that you are kind"
I looked around and what did I find?

In front of me and everywhere
Were mice, moths, spiders and yet more
These critters who clearly lived with me

"We need your help" they said again
Then I saw birds and butterflies
There at the window pane looking in

Clearly there was a problem true
As at the door there was a bee
That sat right down on my hand and said

"I'm the spokesman for all the rest
And I am here at their behest
The world is dying don't you know?

"Humans have hurt the Earth, it is bad
Seas filthy with you dumping trash
Forests felled, wildlife killed, end is near"

"Oh man, can't you see? Pity me
Chemicals have killed bees galore
Plants only seed if we fertilize"

"What can I do, I'm a writer?"
It was just then he looked brighter
"Good then you can tell the whole wide world"

So it was, we then worked and planned
For mountains, forests, seas and sand
Room for one and all...except for man! 

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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Least impact

When I think about myself
I still wish for more
Even though my life has been filled
With memories galore

Off to school every day
Carrying gas mask
Aware that we were at war
Quite an easy task

Food was rationed didn't care
As we played ouside
Did eat some leaves and berries
Grass and much more beside

Skies above were filled with planes
Both fighters and foes
Doodlebugs above us droned
Night sky often glows

So much has changed since those days
My kids raised in peace
But values have altered much
Greed rules without cease

Life can be good at anytime
Care not, cheat and rob
And think not of others plights
Refugees they sob

We're void of humanity
Don't share what we've got
But at least I've seen the best
Now...who cares a jot?

When I think about myself
I'm so glad in fact
Being the chap I came to be
One with least impact

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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Jim and my daughter

Though it was only seven o'clock
Already sun's summer kisses
Were brutal like an aged tart
As Jim and I got ready for work

Then the two dogs looked up from the shade
Doubtful that we'd be working today
But dutifully joined us anyway
They'd never been known to shirk a shift

Sheep were all crowded round the troughs
Cattle sheltered under the ghost gums
Dogs they sat on the trailer's hay cart
Along with Jim who opened the gates

The stock all looked at us with sad eyes
As they rushed for feed of fresh hay
The cattle stoic in the morning sun
Lowed a greeting that was not unkind

So we fed them hay on which to browse
Cleaned out all the water troughs quite soon
Sweat was now pouring down our faces
Both dogs tongues hung from their panting jaws

Got back to the farmhouse before noon
Sat with the girls for our midday meal
Saw Jim eye my daughter's pretty face
And her lower her shy eyes just in case

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Sunday, 24 June 2018

I gazed at the gate

The light was dimming
Sun sank over horizon
Moon's sad face now seen

The air was cooling 
After a sweltering day
Felt strange without you

I gazed at the gate 
Willing you to come back home
While sun's last rays died

I checked the iPhone
To scroll through the messages
No missed calls or text

Forward to nothing
Hateful taste of loneliness
Just where have you gone?

My boot's toe kicks grass
I see dust on horizon
And glint of car's lights

Hope you forgive me
We'll talk about it in bed
It is warmer there

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Saturday, 23 June 2018

The girl for me

"Damn! I have a flat tire!"
Brought the car to a stop
She merely grinned at me
Then got out to check it
"The spare OK? she asked
As a wisp of her hair
Now fell across her face
She changed my tire for me
I can't help but love her

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One last kiss for you

I was but a child again
Running free safe from harm
Plucking blades of green grass
Like a snail coming out of shell
Singing "Ring of roses"
Last images before adult hell

Wading through water deep
Gasping with such cold feet
Future...a nowhere land
So far from the final pit
Rattling of times clock
Weighing up loss or credit

So much changed when love arrived
Your voice, your touch, your heart
How complete it was then
You and I were a prefect fit
But time far too soon
Your sweet care had to forfeit

So at last the final pill
Drifting in limbo land
Looking back feeling sad
How love ruled from the very start
One last kiss for you
Memories folded in my heart

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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

So says the wise owl

What vanity in this creature
That calls himself Homo Sapiens
And does his wisdom surpass all?
Beasts, birds and fish are merely peons?

His eyes tend to be not so hot
Uses just two of his long limbs
To walk or run which seems so strange
Voice that prattles at every whim

Animals fight for lives and kin
But humans do it just for fun
Hits with fists and spears and arrows
Fights as well with bombs and guns

This creature thinks he is so clever
Digs metal, chops trees just to make
Planes and ships for deadly war games
Not live in peace for pities sake

He plays with plastics and poisons
Then fouls the Earth with deadly waste
Knowing all that is very bad
So plans new home in far off space!

One day Earth with be clean again
The forests spring alive and green
Animals in safe habitat
The seas and rivers sparkling clean

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Sunday, 17 June 2018

Rocking with grief

The wonder years have gone
Your smile is rarely seen
Tucked up in bed asleep

Greatness of days now gone
No more splashing surf
Nor travelling roads long

Words from your lips are gone
Your eyes see not the day
But yet you still breathe on

Your friends have come and gone
You hear not whistling wind
Or cars in street below

I'll hold hands 'til you've gone
You still defy death's call
As I rock with grief's pain

"She won't know that you've gone"
The nurse says "Take a break"
"Go home and get some food"

Phone rings to say "She's gone"
"Careful don't hurry back"
The night that my wife died

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A shot in the dark

Honey I heard you call in the night
I was all alone, it was a fright
I felt your breath and heartbeat
Then your scent which was a treat

Fresh flowers it was but late the hour
To visit me in this mournful bower
So many years since you had passed
Such a treat, I have been so downcast

I have much to tell you sweetest love
So much has happened my turtle dove
Carefully wrapped around with my arm
Protecting you from all harm

I awoke to find that you had gone
For me morning's sun no longer shone
I fiddled around over an hour
My bed it seems was not a safe tower

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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Halcyon days

What was that feeling when we did meet?
As you waved at me across the street
It was that look so many years ago
When we first did meet in Old Soho
Your green eyes laughed with such impish fun
We sat on the balcony in the sun
You let my fingers touch your soft skin
While music played in the nearby Inn

What is my feeling now you have gone?
Just what happened and just what went wrong?
I thought we were made for each other
Then I found you were with another
So I wept, didn't know what I'd done
I missed our halcyon days in the sun
I have that memory of your soft skin
As music played at the nearby Inn

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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

A lover of mine

I shouldn't tell you this
But I just can't resist
It's about a lover of mine
She was a beauty so divine

Met her many years past
Knew our love wouldn't last
Still lusted for her and she saw
Smiled at me and I knew I'd score

Our eyes met, words were few
Was no doubt what we'd do
So talked of music and of art
Touched her face so affair did start

She lived way out of town
Didn't wear a nightgown
Stood there naked by the fireplace
And flicked raven hair from her face

Took her hand, kissed her nose
So pleased she wore no clothes
Laying there did what lovers must
Laughed and wept with our wicked lust

Affair lasted about two years
Finished of course in tears
Mine of course as I had tarried
Hers when she learned I was married

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Now please don't admonish me for this blog is mostly fiction not a biography

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Colour Blind

When I was young they all laughed at me
For I was colour blind you see
Not so bad that all was shades of grey
But green and brown 
Just made me frown

Mother, brother, teachers shook their head
Other schoolkids just laughed with glee
But for me it was sheer misery
The sky was blue 
Yes, that was true

Father got a painters colour chart
Thought he'd teach me from the start
I just thought they'd got the colours wrong
Green the tree trunk
Leaves brown...I thunk

It really didn't matter a jot
My blood was red, blue ink did blot
My dear wife said her eyes were green
That made me frown
Saw them as brown

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All I can see here is dots 

Sunday, 10 June 2018

I still think of her

A long time ago
I was asked "Who's your best friend?"
So I said "This book"

"How lucky you are"
She said, as she picked it up 
reading the title

I liked the way her 
Long hair fell over her face
Finding her pretty

"Nearly finished it?"
I said "I'm a fast reader"
"Want to borrow it?"

She nodded shyly
"Wait until the weekend"
"I am near the end"

Yes, she did read it
And some other books of mine
Then we'd discuss them

I did kiss her once
But we never dated much
Really don't know why

I still think of her
Her eyes said more than her lips
What a fool I was!

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Our last chance

                                       Temperature change 1951-2015

Mother Earth listens to us
But we don't hear her at all
I've seen changes over years
For she has shed many tears

Mankind has prospered that's true
Nothing's sacred any more
We've felled the trees, trashed the seas
Brought the planet to its knees

Human acts are waste of time
Rivers dry, climates change
Drill for oil or dig for that
So we trash the habitat

Money dulls the brain of man
Doesn't matter we can't breathe
Bank balance he wants to hear
Who cares for whale or bear

Spirit of the world please come
Save this place we call home
I'm writing now, please help us
We're not all contemptuous

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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

The years run out

Running, working, wooing. 
Just why did you not stay? 
Hold my hand, kiss my lips
Just come for one more day

     Hush now, please don't be cross
     We have done all we could
     Had our kids, one two three
     I must go as I should

Running, laughing, wedding, 
Please do come back to play
Why just you, why not me?
I'll do anything you say
     I am tired, I must go
     I'd not cope on my own
     I will wait 'til you come
     Pity there is no phone

Running, feeding, growing
Kids and grandkids miss you
You should see them all now
The girls all look like you

     I was so sad to go
     We've done our job quite well
     Life circles round and round
     When called we cannot tell
Running, mourning, crying, 
All those years of our lives
Gone as I'm left behind
Now my sanity dives

     Smile, I will see you soon
     You'll not have long to wait
     Soon I'll be watching you
     Come through that pearly gate

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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Another boring day

The chairs are empty by my bed
My visitors I see have gone
All is now quiet in my room
Outside sun still weakly shone

I can recall falling at home
That was I think a month ago
I'm still in a hospital room
Hearing traffic in street below

Miss my house in the countryside
This city is a noisy place
Where ugly money reigns supreme
Traffic, crowds, noise with no good grace

Then at night the dark side reigns
Spruikers, call girls to name just two
Drunks evicted protesting still
Bats of the night around they flew

The evening here is a quiet one
Pills dispensed are now locked up tight
But now choppers blades thrum away
Emergency patient lands tonight

The chairs still empty by my bed
Temp and blood pressure now begun
Curtains are closed on waning moon
As another boring day is done

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Author's note: In case you were thinking of asking; No, I am not back in hospital I just wrote what my brain told me to.

Bad day in Paris

Michel, his mother and his aunt had just visited the Academie Francais. It was a present for passing his exams and he was allowed to buy a comic at the newstand opposite the entrance. Suddenly there was an explosion and a blast of hot air slammed into their backs. A man on his cycle fell off and another jumped into the channel of the Seine to escape. Meanwhile others raced off anywhere to get away. Injured people crawled about crying and Michel's aunt had lost her hearing and was pressing her ears. He looked back at the building and gendarmes were gathered stopping and checking everyone as suspects. His mother then said "Our best chance is to cross the river and catch the Metro at "Le Pont Neuf" that will link with ours".

                                           He clutched his comic
                                    He had bought at the newstand
                                       As the smoke fumes cleared

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Michel, his mother and aunt are the threesome just starting to walk across the bridge you can see from the clockface of the Academie Francaise.