Saturday, 30 July 2016

The caretaker

The whole family was there
With flower girl
And page boy
Running around 
All waiting for the new bride

Nervous embarrassed groom 
In the front pew
Best man checking
If he has the ring
The priest waiting patiently

The limousine finally comes
Bridesmaids waiting
Groom gets a nudge
Guests twist around
As the bride walks up the aisle

The men stand there waiting
Priest is nodding
Best man checking
That the ring's still there
Now the bride lifts her veil

Congregation is singing
Promises made
Bride is smiling
Service is finished
Her white train now sweeps the floor

The couple pose for snaps
Plus the family
Even the priest
Is thrust in the shot
Unfettered parents look pleased

Caretaker looks through fence grill
Sighs a big sigh
At all the mess
He has to clean up
Before the Sunday service 

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  1. all wedding scenes are almost the same..the same nervous waiting, the arrival, the function, snaps, happy parents and at last the cleaner vividly put...

  2. Just love the caretaker's point of view.. so real.

  3. I agree, weddings tend to create that certain atmosphere which we can all relate to. Beautifully penned.

  4. A wedding is a beautiful thing. Very apt take, Robin!


  5. It's been a while since I attended a wedding but you have certainly captured all the scenes.

  6. Well, hopefully the bride and groom will have a wonderful life together. I had to smile at the caretaker's thoughts. I wonder how many times he has to clean up the happy remains.

  7. You've captured the spirit of a wedding, and that of a caretaker not wanting to takecare of the aftermath of a wedding.

  8. You took us there, Robin. I enjoyed the best man continually checking for the ring, and, especially, the caretaker, resigned to his lot, and stoic. Smiles.

  9. First of all, I enjoyed this very much.

    I do think you have a typo here: "Now the bride lists her veil" (should be "lifts" instead of "lists").

    Also here:
    "And her white train now sweeps (the) floor
    The couple pose(s) for snaps"

    You may hate corrections, but some people like it. Sorry if it bothers you. :(

    Anyway, the last stanza is my favorite. I very much like the scene you've painted.

    You know, the running joke in my family is that I'm always the bride, never a bridesmaid. Three marriages, but I've never stood with someone at their wedding. I was asked once, but I lived out of state at that time, and couldn't do it. It's all so expensive, anyway!

    Anniversary parties are WAY cooler than weddings anyway. You don't even know the first thing about marriage in the beginning. It takes time to learn what it's really all about.

    Now I'm thinking about Sister Wives, for some reason. (I love that show ... and the whole polygamy thing; I'm fascinated.)

  10. Robin, i'm quickly absorbed into this one. took me back to my days of singing in the church choir too.

    much love...

  11. Aw. I love weddings. But I must admit, I never thought of the person who cleans up the mess. Your picture is as complete as a colorful video.

  12. You got it! I think they are all much like that.

  13. I love long as they are not mine:)

  14. The caretaker's attitude made me smile. Mostly because I've felt the same way.

  15. If I were the caretaker, I'd sigh too!

  16. A delightful piece. Well done.

  17. There goes the bride; here comes the broom? :)