Sunday, 30 December 2018

Fair dinkum

Fair dinkum this is a hot Christmas
Even Ma got crook having to cook
So puts on a face

Bought a box of beaut chockies for Ma
By crikey they melted in the ute
Just like Marble Bar

Kids dead set to have a skinny dip
The creek's water and fish have all gone
On a day like this

Water tank's low dunno how it will go
All the stock are bleating in vain
They're always a pain

So flat out like a lizard drinking
Fixed fence, fed stock and cleaned all their troughs
Hard yakka all done

Then who do I see but brother Bill
"G'day" he says "Been driving all night"
"Could I stay a day?

"Thought I'd have Chrissie in the bush
"Fixed it with Ma, we'll get legless again"
"No worries", I grinned

"Bit of work to do first, don't you see?
Best get that clobber off, lend a hand
You're back on the land!"

T'was best time we had since we lost Dad
Gave hard yakka a rest and Bill said
"How I love "Straya"

Australian slang expressions and meaning:

Beaut                                          Beautiful, Great
Bush                                           Distant countryside
Chrissie                                      Christmas
Clobber                                      Clothes
Crook                                          Annoyed, Sick
Dead Set                                    Intent, True
Dunno                                         Don't know
Fair dinkum                                The truth, The real thing
Flat out like a lizard drinking      Very fast, busy
G'day                                          Polite Hello      
Gorn                                           Vanished, gone
Legless                                       Happily Drunk
Ma                                              Wife (especially with kids)
Marble Bar                                  Hottest town in Australia
No worries                                  No problem, It's OK
Skinny Dip                                  Naked bathing
"Straya"                                      Australia, Home
Ute                                             Utillity, small car sized truck 
Hard Yakka                                Hard work

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Love can be so cruel

Love can be so cruel
But it is worse in winter
When your young miss boots you out
Cold lonely days of darkness
Mourning a lost love

Love makes fools of us
But are we discouraged? No!
We should but shrug our shoulders
Forget what we have just lost
Bravely wag our tails

'Less we are fragile
Knowing that sister's advice
"That your girl was horrible
Plenty of fish in he sea"
Won't heal my poor heart

Mind you, she was right
About a fortnight later
I met this girl Sally Anne
And we clicked in a moment
Why's Sis always right?

Why is love so beaut?
But it is best in spring time
When everything blooms again
Kissing Sal is such a treat
Her eyes say it all

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Thursday, 27 December 2018


Yes, how I remember you
Springtime. Oh so long ago
We lay amongst the flowers
In the fields of verdant green
Watching the clouds up above
For a hint of some showers

Bees were buzzing all around
We kissed as friends always do
Not once thinking we would part
Future never on our minds
Never realizing that
Our lives were about to start

Enid your name, eyes of green
Where are you now my sweet love?
Are you old and tired like me
Dreaming of clouds and flowers
Of this boy you loved so much
A love that would never be?

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Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Christmas diet

Do you remember me?
I was te guy who smiled
When last New Year came round
After months in hospital
All but interred in the ground

My mind altered with drugs
Needles and drips what fun
Difficult to walk now
"It's time to go home sir
So it's steady as you go"

"My stomach's not happy"
I say to my doctor
"It's tum's bacteria
Dietician for you
Fix appointment to see her"

"You must cut acid foods"
Explains Fodmap diet
All the food that I love
I'm forbidden to eat
"Really! Good heavens above

"But Christmas is here
So what shall I do please?
"Just don't overdo it
Eat in moderation
I'm sure you'll benefit"

Being on a diet at Christmas can be a stressful time but I survived!

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Sunday, 23 December 2018

Christmas organised

My grandfather grunted
As was his way
Family gathering
Was not what he wanted 
This Christmas Day

With boughs of green holly
Decorations too
The smell of sweet balsam
Kids brought the foliage
What a 'to do'!

Ma said give him a dram
That's what we did
Church bells were ringing
In city spires down town
Us they did bid

So we all went to church
Except Granddad
All rugged up in our coats
Kids vainly wished for snow
Grownups quite glad

Grandma glad Dad refused
Said he'd just moan
We looked at the bare trees 
At church got to squeeze in
Pew of our own

Going home Grandma said
A letter came
From a retirement home
Reserving them a place
(Won't be the same)

But thinking it over
Their worries cut
In future was our turn
To organise Christmas
No ifs or buts

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Meddling Moon

Once so long before I was wed
I had a girl whose name was Sue
With whom I walked each night
Holding hands and kissing as lovers do

In a dark unattended park
We sat down on a handy bench
First we hugged and then we kissed
I must confess she's a beautiful wench 

How great she was I must tell you
Such charms I wanted to cry out loud
Her lips, her eyes, her warmth
Then a full moon came from behind a cloud

Jealous that white orb surely was
Our kisses stopped as Sue stared up
And fell for Moon's love spell
So I supped no more from her loving cup

So in future I wooed indoors
Where romance bloomed to my delight
Free from Moon's meddling ways
It was warmer too each cold winter's night

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Thursday, 20 December 2018

A Thylacine kiss

I shouldn't really tell you this
But I've had a Thylacine kiss
Who poked his nose at me
To see what other food he'd get for free

I'd gone walking in the deep bush
South of town when I heard a whoosh
Could have been a bird or a bat
Or any creature on God's Earth come to that

So anyhow I'd sat me down
When this creature with stripes of brown
Came out and stared at me
Then sat down under a eucalyptus tree

I had beef sandwich in my hand
So threw a bit in the bushland
His eyes watched every move
Then got up, found food at me did approve

With nod wandered back to his tree
Closer this time staring at me
So we shared all my food
Then leaned back as though sleep was my mood

Through half closed eyes relaxed my head
And he curled up ready for bed
Place his head on my knee
First sniffed my clothes then licked my hand for me

I drifted off in land of dreams
And woke, all was not as it seems
Thylacine was long gone
My special treat to recall ever on

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Sunday, 16 December 2018

She's gone ahead

I love the beauty of the night
While all of you are sitting tight
I wander down dark muddy tracks
To get buffeted by the wind
Hear the howl and thrum of a train
As all around is kissed by rain

Shops are closed and signs spin around
Hundreds of birds rise at my call
Laugh as raindrops fall on my neck
Sudden noise makes me smirk and grin
As I hear the howl of midnight wind
Lucky me I'm free and have no kin

Usually I say not one word
Perhaps a grunt at station gate
Or nod as I pass others by
What need of talk, they're nought to me
Once asked "Who to tell that you're dead?"
"None" I said "for she's gone ahead"

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Winter romance

Sally in winter

Winter is not a happy time
Whereas summer is sublime
Where one can play and love at ease
And watch the stars just as we please

At the beach I see much more of her
Whereas all others seem a blur
Cuddles are really much more fun
With much less things to be undone

Winter comes and shows its grey dome
And bitter cold freezes my bones
So I find I must limber up
And run about at a gallop

In fact it's like a cold valley
Such as with my girlfriend Sally
Who keeps shivering with the cold
So she in my arms I enfold

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Saturday, 15 December 2018

The best time

Why is it that now I am old
That childhood stares me in the face
To relive those halcyon days
I dream of climbing trees again
And wade in flowing water streams
To wake crying from my sad dreams

I see children iPad in their hands
Wasting the best time of their lives
So drift back to my youthful days
Watching steam engines roaring by
Perched at top of railway cutting
Smoke in face and eyes a'smarting

And dare I tell you the tale of Joan
My first real girlfriend all alone
With gentle touch and sweetest kiss
Our sighs marked first step in our lives
That put all childish things away
On a journey to this very day

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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Our lesson learned

Peace be with you
Well I hope for the best
Whether you be human
Or a bird on its nest

          In charge am I
          Of birds, trees, fish and seas
          It's money in the bank
          That's important to me

Our lesson learned
We don't mean that at all
Those humans are so cruel
Not caring if you fall

          Trees they're useful
          And water we can sell
          Now just what did you say
          Folks are living in hell?

The waste chokes us
Ice caps melting away
The seas are dying now
Strangely quiet today

          We are laughing
          We have made so much cash
          But we are in trouble
          Things are starting to crash

Nature has won
Do you hear that sweet song
It's peace on Earth day
Humans have now all gone

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Sunday, 9 December 2018

Our scruffy cat

A scruffy cat adopted us
One cold December day
My wife agreed to keep him
If some rent he did pay

So I stroked his furry back
And whispered in his ear
He agreed to catch some mice
He'd be busy have no fear

So that day he got to work
Tiptoeing on his paws
Busy in the garden
First mouse caught...great applause!

He holds us to the bargain
Sleeps at foot of our bed
Or by the fire or fridge
Where he wants...enough said?

He mounts all the furniture
Runs as if in a race
No longer thin he sits
On our laps with some grace

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Friday, 7 December 2018

When you smiled

Were your eyes glancing at me?
Or did I sense your perfume
While the crowds kept on talking
As you entered through the door
My heart beat like anything
Was only us in the room
When you smiled, I loved you more

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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

What a surprise

Oh what a surprise
When I looked in your eyes
You stared right back at me
Smiling so winsomely

Well I must confess
A adored your sweet dress
Was cut low at the back
Glances you did not lack

How proud I did feel
As though I'd spun the wheel
And won the jackpot as
I asked "Dance with me lass?"

Placed your hand in mine
My dear that was divine
As our eyes then did lock
And our minds ran amok

Was love at first sight
And just try as I might
There was no denying
It was love, not a fling

You nod when you heard
Me now saying each word
"Please will you marry me"
 You did of course agree

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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Under the mistletoe

Yesterday the sun shone
But now she's fled, she's gone
Yet people's faces smile
Christmas is coming,she's been gone awhile

Despite the rain and cold
Shoppers are being bold
Buying before the rush
To miss the season's usual push and crush

I watch them, knowing well
Winter's better some tell
For their thoughts are not sad
As cruel winter's cold and snow drive them mad

They think food, gifts and fun
As round the tree kids run
Their faces all aglow
And lovers kiss under the mistletoe

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Sunday, 2 December 2018

A mismatch

From my life there was something missing
I admire you in so many ways
But am afraid with all this kissing
and acrobatics could end my days

You're awesome, with you I struck a chord
Being with you both at night and day
But gymnastics I can't afford
I regret I can no longer play

I loved you and much more was my aim
Sweet girl so sorry I failed the test
Goodbye, I'll wear an apron of shame
You took me me further than I'd guessed

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I whisper soft words

I gently kiss your pretty nose
And run my fingers through your hair
Your sigh repeated not only once
As I whisper soft words that I care

You touch my face with your hands
And tenderly look me in the eyes
I hold you close and promise all
As tears confirm our future ties

I breathe your scent that I know so well
Your embrace confirms our love
As murmurs of our passions stir
Fond blessings from above

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This poem published a few years ago asked to given another airing; so I have obliged

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Where were you?

I returned to England as my brother had died. He was penniless and I found out that he had been out of work for some time with a failing heart and lungs riddled with cancer. He had one skill apart from bullying me as I was two years younger than him and I don't think he ever forgave me for breast feeding with our mother. Growing up and being told to go outside and play together was a harsh punishment for me. He didn't like me tagging along with his friends and would punch me or push me in the stinging nettles by the path that led to the woods. Once I came home with a broken wrist after falling from a tree that I climbed. My mother's first reaction was "Did your brother do that to you?", so I said "No". I don't think she believed me. So following advice of his death I sifted through what possessions of his that were left. Virtually nothing remained but evidence of his skill as a photographer. Boxes and boxes of film and prints; so I spent time going through them selecting some for myself and some for his ex-wife who said she would like some memories too despite divorcing him some years prior. With that his sixty-five years of life were gone; obliterated and forgotten whist I returned to my home country the other side of the world with photographs of everything and everyone but him.

                                                 Where were you my friend
                                                 When I needed a brother?
                                                      Not one photograph

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Yes, this story is based on fact