Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Laughing in the rain

I quite like this world
The sun's warmth on my face
Laughing in the rain
These are things I can rely on

But there’s much to hate
Children orphaned from wars                              
Seas clogged with debris                          
And politicians who just don’t care                      

I love the Coral Sea                        
Cute Koalas in trees
But hate filthy coalmines
And slaughter of precious species

For we are losing
Our grip on precious Earth
Walking in circles
Putting developers in charge

Do I then accept?
There are those that don’t care
That can’t see ahead
To our final devastation

I am an old man
What heritage is this?
That my grandchildren
Receive a world destroyed by greed

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  1. some harsh realities can't be accepted but Nature has Her own ways when She loses patience She won't take a second to shake us off...

  2. It is impossible to accept the unacceptable.........yet I love how you make note of the beautiful things, laughing in the rain. When the choice is whether to laugh or cry, I say laugh. (Easier to do if we dont watch the news!) I love what you wrote about the legacy for your grandkids..........

  3. Of course you are concerned about your grandchildren but the best memories you can give them is one of a loving happy fun Granddad who gifts them with the beauty of literature, art and the natural world

  4. Sad but true that humans seem to be systematically destroying the environment without care...

  5. I think this greed has been destroying civilization for thousands of is our legacy if we accept it. I am grateful there of those of us, like you Robin, who do not. It is such a beautiful world. Wonderful poem!

  6. I loved the way you have talked about the simple, beautiful things of life and also the harsh atrocities in one poem.

  7. we have to do what we can - and do we accept that we can not do more, that we can not make a difference or do we press on trying to affect small change.

    i have recently been shaken awake again by the realities of our world.

  8. A world destroyed by greed... indeed! Powerful write.

  9. Hi Old Egg, If only poets words were listend to by those that can, and act upon, so we must never stop writing about these issues, maybe just one day. Love the photograph. A really good thinking mans / womans poem.

  10. Hopefully, your grandchildren will carry forward, those precious values, thoughts, and laughter you have shared with them.

  11. We need to teach our children that by small things are great things brought to pass. In other words, to "never never never give up" on making ours a better world. Hope is a powerful thing.

  12. Such a sad situation!! Because we don't think about future generations, we abuse this land. So bleak is the picture...
    Powerful lines....Robin!

  13. Hmmmm, quite, Robin! Some things are just completely unacceptable!