Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The aging poet

Birthdays, O birthdays
Were it not but for you 
I would feel young again

Foolish child I was 
Looking forward each year
To this most hateful day

Did you not see change
What is a numbers use
As each fresh year condemns

Take me back please do
Return me to springtime
Where fresh is the morning

Then the future was bright
Mountains were there to climb
Stars were to wish upon

There’s no spring in my step
Can I catch that girl’s eye
Or run after the bus?

Birthdays, O birthdays
Yet were it not for them
I could not write these words

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Ferry to France

So I must tell you truly
My stomach is quite unruly
As we sail across to France

It clearly is not easy
When you're feeling very queasy
Leading you a merry dance

Violent is the weather now
I really am not feeling well
So ask that you look askance

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Sunday, 26 June 2016

I still need you

We found a path
Through the scrubland
Wildflowers there
Poppies blushing
Grinning for their worth

Over the dunes
Coastal heaven
Salt in the air
We found our own
Deserted beach
Empty foreshore just for us

Sun was flaring
Coats cast away
Stripping right down
Rush to the sea
A single kiss
Before innocence lost

I am old now
Remember it well
Love of my life
Where have you gone?
I still need you
All my past life unspooled 

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Saturday, 25 June 2016


"I've been to the dentist, sorry if I sound funny...just why are you laughing?"

"Because you said",“Ahll banta tu le deathlist, thury e ah thoun huny", then "Ooayahu hlahing?"

"I don’t sound like that do I?"

Yes you do as you just saidAda thoun thlike thlat du ay?”

"I’m going to bed".

Good idea, wish I was ”howing to ved” too.

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Friday, 24 June 2016

The heat of our love

I saw you first that day in autumn
You wore a coat with a fur collar
Then you flicked your hair from your green eyes
Still you did not see me

In winter I saw you in the street
Cold hands thrust deep in your coat's pockets
Gave me a sweet smile of recognition
And we both said hello

Then how you had blossomed in springtime
We held hands your head on my shoulder
I breathed you in as I kissed your lips
As we warmed each other

We went to our sandy beach in summer
Laughing touching we bathed in the sea
Dripping vowing we would never part
In the heat of our love

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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

She had gone by fall

There was a young man
What a great lesson it was
First pain from lost love

How he loved her eyes
Her turned up nose
Touching her soft hands

She had gone by fall
The sad leaves fell from the trees
And tears from his eyes

She had looked elsewhere
Has love no resilience
What hope future now? 

Did he climb mountains
Sail across the seven seas
To find another?

I will tell you this
That he lead so many lives
And kept his secrets

One day years later
A message from far away
Can we still be friends?

Two loving people
Writing to each other still
But never to meet

Such tenderness there
That sweet breathe of young love had
Now been rekindled

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Bitter you could say

This is the rooster that crowed in the morn
Far too early if you ask me
That woke the judge all shaven and shorn
To give a good impression
That married the man all tattered and torn
Who was a bit randy
That kissed the maiden all forlorn
And got her in the family way which was taboo
That milked the cow with a crumpled horn
Whose family are really furious
That tossed the dog that worried the cat
Who should have bitten the bloke instead
That killed the rat that ate the malt
That they used to make beer at home
That lay in the house that Jack built
Who is the maiden's father and is very taut angry and bitter you could say

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Bitter is a traditional English Pale Ale beer

The traditional Nursery Rhyme "The house that Jack built" has been parodied here.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Sweet scent of spring

My true love for Rose
Is like a sweet scent of spring
As I wake refreshed

You’re so beautiful
This cute young bud of nature
Sleeping by my side

What a thief she is
Who has stolen my heart away
This her only sin

How much time have we?
Before life’s loathsome thorns prick
To burst our bubble

That canker of life
Rose petals sinking in mud 
Despite lovers pleas

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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Shimmering sands

It was boiling hot
An Australian summer
Not a crow in sight

Mad rush to car parks
T’was the holiday season
Tempers are rising

Some seeking shadows
Others casting their garments
Blind to sun’s fury

No ripples at sea
Beaches swarming with bathers
Shimmering sands
Now laughter erupts
Parents paint their children
Soothing sun lotion

High in their lookouts
Patrols sweep the horizon
For swimmers in trouble

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A grey autumn day

It was a grey autumn day that Maud Clements died in the nursing accompanied by her few meager possessions; they were a grubby torn bible, a faded photo of her late husband and some chipped and cracked china dishes that had accompanied her from her last home. She had told her carers that they were special as they reminded her of Jack her husband. Her family came after they had been told she had gone and saw what little of her life remained; they shook their heads and told the manager, “Just get rid of it all, it’s just rubbish”. The manager nodded politely and instructed the cleaner to dispose of everything as the family wanted nothing. Amanda Perry, the cleaner collected the few pieces of Maud’s life placed them in a cardboard carton and set off for the trash bins ready to dump the lot. As Amanda dropped the grubby, torn and broken items in the bin her eyes glimpsed one little dish of a courting couple; on the back Maud had stuck a label which read, “Just like Jack and me” so she slipped it in the pocket of her uniform.

                                                  A grey autumn day
                                                Unforgotten memories
                                                  As love lingered on

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Friday, 17 June 2016

I lay my head down

I lay my head down 
On her sweet scented tummy
Rocked by her breathing

What delight it is
To rest there so close to her
A hand on my neck

Far away I heard
A nightingale’s song for us
As I closed my eyes

Slowly she relaxed
Then drifted off into sleep
As the moon watched on

I wondered if love
Was ever so beautiful
Or precious as this

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Thursday, 16 June 2016

A deck of cards

There was always a deck of cards in our home and as kids we would play simple games such as Snap and Beggar my Neighbor or even Old Maid with each other

Even when alone hours might be spent playing Patience until bored and with that I would decide to make a house of cards myself and see how high I could build them until they fell over in a heap.

Being kids we found a better game to play by flicking the cards against a wall to see whose card landed nearest only to be told off afterwards by Dad because the cards were now bent.

Then at Christmas time when relatives came, everyone wanted to do something as a group and would sit in a circle and play Chase the Ace hoping you didn’t get the Ace that was a low card but if you did could pass it on for a higher one or better still being dealt a king and showing it straight away knowing you couldn’t lose that round.

Eventually when grown up you would play Bridge or gambling games when things got complicated with everybody looking so serious and not laughing at all.

I think I have a deck of cards somewhere around the house now but so few people play anymore unless they do so by themselves on the computer like everything else these days.

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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Those days long past

It was Jock of course
"Aye she's a sassy lassy"
He said beer in hand

He came from Glasgow
We met every Friday night
At the Bakers Arms

Born in the Gorbals
Drank us under the table
He just got noisy

All brawn, raw language
Had an eye for a sweet girl
Quick to take offence

Married Jim's sister
That sure quietened him down
Oh those days long past

Wish I could go back
To be that young man again
Drinking in the pub

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As I lay dreaming

As I lay dreaming
On the summer grass
While you picked flowers
Those weeds from heaven
Which give us such delight
Do you like butter?
She asks flopping down
Placing Buttercups 
Just under my chin

We did love our walks
Hand in hand kissing
Laughing at nothing
Being together
Watching the birds fly
So high above us
And always touching
With such gentleness
Until dark clouds came

Did the wind watch us?
Sending squally notes
In tiny raindrops
To spoil the days fun
She cared not one wit
Blew a kiss skyward
Then thumbed her nose there
And laughing flopped down
For love was her way

But she had the power
The shower now eased
What a fool I was
Should have read the signs
We broke up of course
Who knows why we did
Days of love long past
How I yearn for her
As I lay dreaming

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Sunday, 12 June 2016

The country wife

Pit, patter splatter
The rains came down from heaven
On the old tin roof

My wife grins at me
I had moaned we needed rain
When we last chatted

She’s a good lass
Been married thirty years now
Still with trim figure

We’ve always been chums
“Like your chisel jaw’ she said
At the village dance

Left me to propose
A smirk on her pretty face
Hell, I do love her

Then we both heard it
A helicopter whirring
Must be in trouble

Lemon scented gum
Now seems to shake with a fright
Swayed in the downdraft

I love that tree too
Will leave a scar on our view
If I dig that out

He lands it okay
Big storm approaching, he says
I take him indoors

“One more for tea love”
She nods, puts the kettle on
Nothing upsets her

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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Uneasy feeling

Slowly I came to
Trying to recall moments 
Of my time before

Flashing images
Distorted clues to my life
So many years past

Good he's coming round
Said sister as she bent over me
I'm in hospital

Uneasy feeling
Just what have they done to me
Images appear

Just three weeks ago 
I was writing a story
Of aliens on Earth

So it was true then
Humans altered for transfer
To a far planet

I started to feel
All over my poor body
I'm dreading to know

Bandages are off
By why have I got gills now
and my digits webbed?

Cute alien nurse
She now tends to my needs
This might be okay

She checks my readings
Then plants message in my mind
Good, she likes me too

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Tears in my eyes

It was our first house
Built on sandy soil
My dad laughed at me
Choosing such place

A blasted heathland
As seen in his eyes
But we both loved it
Was where our hearts were

The land spread for miles
Low scrub scattered trees
Few horses grazing
Seen from our back yard

Our dog loved it too
Scampered through the fence
To chase rabbits
But never caught them

When our kiddies came
Fresh air and much more
Great place to explore
Hawks were hovering

Some pine trees grew there
Close to the dark lake
Whispering their secrets
Swaying in the breeze

But those days are gone
Still I remember
Daughter was born there
I was midwife's aide

Been back there again
The wildness has gone
Packed full of houses
And tears in my eyes

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Friday, 10 June 2016

I notice her waiting there

I notice her waiting there
The evening now darkened
Making her mysterious
Just how could I approach this beauty?

I loved her nose and her eyes
That looked down as I neared
But I saw so much in her
Sweet soft flower blooming in the night

Respectfully I nodded
Together we caught the train
Sat close but said not a word
Our shoulders touch, sweet kiss from heaven

I could stay here for ever
But as my station approached
I rose to stand by the door
Now I find she is right behind me

I haven't seen you before
I say as we leave the train
She says that she's just moved here
Her sweet smile is such a precious gift

It has become quite dark now
Tell her I live up the hill
She nods then say quietly
Let's walk together in the moonlight

I couldn't believe my luck
You don't remember do you?
She says as the moon smiles down
You held my hand in kindergarten

Let me hold your hand again
Her smile is so enchanting
Places it mine laughing
If this is a dream I must not wake

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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Can I walk you home?

She longed for him as he was tall and sporty but he never seemed to notice her at all.

Yes, she was a bookworm and he seemed to be such a gentle person when he wasn't playing football; not that she watched the games but that is what the boys talked about all the time.

She turned one day in class and found that he was staring right at her so she gave a little smile then turned back round again trying not to blush.

However that incident was enough, he was waiting for her at the gate as she went to catch the the bus home and he was grinning as he asked her "Can I walk you home?"

Her heart skipped a beat but she said "But won't that take you out of your way?"

"No" he replied, I found out you lived quite close to me but if we walk I'll have much longer time to talk to you."

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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

It was Friday night

Nibbling on her ears
We cuddled up together
It was Friday night

We had the front room
All to ourselves so we thought
Sue was my girlfriend

But it wasn’t long
Before her young sister came
To spoil our fun

I breathed heavily
This outlandish behaviour
Her parents bored her

My girlfriend just smiled
She wasn’t perplexed at all
She expected it

Sis made us some tea
Be glad when she has boyfriend
I heave a big sigh

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Crying alone

Was it that hard dear
To keep your promise to me
To stay together?

Where have you gone now?
Leaving me to yearn for you
But your love's not lost

In Spring you are here
When the daffodils bloom
My tears are showers

The heat of summer
Stirs the warm scent of your body
For me to yearn for

Now in the Autumn 
Leaves fall that whisper to me
The wind sings your song

Tears are the ocean
Of those who left their loved ones
Who walk by the shore

Was it that hard, dear
To leave me cold in Winter
And crying alone?

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Sunday, 5 June 2016

The girl on the train

She has hazel eyes
One glance from them I felt limp
We spoke not a word

Each morning the same
On the train we took to work
Went on for months

Then I sat by her
Only seat left in carriage
A small glance from her

My heart then softens
So I dare to speak to her
Just to hear her voice

Oh how sweet it is
Getting her to talk in this way
I could kiss her cheek

She talks about work
About her family home
I could hold her tight

I check her fingers
A small scar but there's no ring
Good she's not engaged

But her eyes notice
Then pouts, "You checking me out?"
I love her spirit

Her name is Anna
We're always together now
We sit side by side

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Saturday, 4 June 2016

The day was a howling success

We both stood stock still
Bird watching in the forest
On Queensland's coast

Looking for one bird
Hoping it would break cover
Shy Noisy Pitta

We were off the map
Lost from sight and on the move
He should be just here

We did not split up
In case that one did see it 
And the other not

We moved so slowly
Lest we frighten it away
Then sat down to rest

Quietly we drank 
And ate some food together
Then heard a faint sound

At the rear of us 
We turned to see it pecking
In the undergrowth

Flicking leaves about
Slowly disappeared from view
We grinned with delight

At the parking lot
Lace monitors were waiting
What a day this was

So then we split up
One would open up the car
But the other not

That was our best plan
To divert their attention
For our getaway

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The sun still shone

I remember seven
Back in nineteen forty three
It was wartime then

It was all I knew
Tanks, planes, bombs and doodlebugs
We kids loved it then

Everywhere shortage
Even I was short then too
We had milk at school

Didn't play with girls
Climbing trees was a boy's job
And scraping our knees

Few dads were about
'Less they got back home on leave
Then they looked so tired

But the sun still shone
And the rain bucketed down
Just like aunties tears

Uncle stayed out east
Because he never came back
Died in prison camp

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Friday, 3 June 2016

The girl at the flower stall

He was in a rush to get home
Glanced at his watch
He was going to miss his train

So decided to slow his pace
Catch the next one
For he now had plenty of time

As he looked all around him
Nudged into her
The girl working at the flower stall

"I'm sorry"he said "It's my fault"
She smiled sweetly
But said 'Take time to smell the roses"

Nodding 'I'll buy some for my wife
for I'll be late
I will take a bunch of the pink"

"She'll be pleased you thought of her"
The girl then said
"Working here mine never bothers"

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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

My wife just nodded

"I want five" I said
"All girls with pretty curls"
My wife just nodded

I had a brother
Then dozens of boy cousins
Was time for a change

She was different
Sister but no boys in sight
Was a game we played

Wife now had a bump
She spoke not one tiny word
First one was a boy

The next two were girls
So we were both satisfied
And filled with love

And they filled our home
'Til time for them to roam
Were alone once more

Then came the best bit
Grandchildren totaling six
Made us feel so young

Better still by far
For when we were both tired out
Hand them back again

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