Friday, 1 July 2016

So I saw her there

So I saw her there
Walking in the street
A flick of her dark hair
How my heart did beat

But she passed me by
Didn't even stare
She must have heard me sigh
Walked on without care

Next day just one grin                     
Twinkle in her eyes                         
Was exchanged to begin               
That was a surprise                         

My heart did expand                        
Greeted her next day                       
Soon we strolled hand in hand     
Laughing on our way                      

My girl was so warm                        
Soft my tender touch                       
Kissing our nightly norm                
Loving her so much                                    

Soon we were but one                    
Laughing caring two                                   
Each our special someone                        
Never to let go                                  

We're together now                               
In each others skin                          
Loving one another                    
She’s my heroine                            

Passion is our norm                                    
Eyes twinkling with fun                      
We’ll keep each other warm
Our life’s just begun 

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  1. Whistles!! This is such a perfect blend of love, passion and romance :D especially love the image of "Soon we were but one, laughing caring two, each our special someone, never to let go." Beautifully penned. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support :D :D

    Lots of love,

  2. Oh! to have "passion as [the] norm". What a hot life that would be. I wonder if they would consume each other at some point...

  3. Just delightful Robin, enjoyed your take very much...somehow feel I've been there too...

  4. The start of a sweet romance - how lovely!

  5. Oh - if only it were that way - maybe it is fro some.. if so, good to have a window on that passion

  6. So sensual and passionate,, as love should be,,, :-)

  7. That is the definition of love, Robin. Everyone deserves a happy ending.

  8. Oh wow! That is the right amount of sweetness and elegance. The romance is real :D

  9. it's delightful when passion is the norm....

  10. Tender and loving as always!

  11. Such loving can start out of nothing... Love when passion can flare from bad beginnings.

  12. What a beautiful beginning to a long lasting love!

  13. Another lovely piece of romanticism; they always make me smile.

  14. This ballad, this song, thrills my heart. I'm dancing.

  15. I can always count on coming away with such expansive love and romance when I read your poems Robin....big sighs with this one too! So much love can be exchanged with just a smile or grin!

    1. Very romantic and glad for a happy ending,


  16. "In each other's skin"----what a line this is! So much intensity there :-)

  17. Ah! Such beauty you capture. Love growing in stages to mature with passion still intact. Accomplished!

  18. "Soon we were but one
    Laughing caring two
    Each our special someone
    Never to let go"

    My favourite verse

    I'm happy you dropped by my Sunday Lime Robin

    Much love...

  19. This is charmingly sketched and channels a wonderful - almost musical - vibe.

  20. a delightful love story! :)