Saturday, 29 October 2016

I recall her still

I recall her still
The velvet touch of her skin
She had such beauty

Her silvery words
Echoing in my poor heart
Voice clear as a bell

But what of her lips
A sweet bowl full of cherries
Ready to be kissed

She was so much fun
Oft curled safely on my lap
I was in heaven

What beauty she had
In a class all by herself
But it could not last

That her eyes were green
Warned me that she was jealous
But I was a fool

For those few months
She was the light of my life
Until she dropped me

"I'm busy tonight"
Those oily words of her deceit
Our romance over

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Friday, 28 October 2016

The wind whispered


The wind whispered gently in my ear
Come walk one last time without a fear
Tread these paths in the forest deep
Hear the streams sing and the birds that cheep
Breathe in life's spirits meant to be 
Soon it will be taken away from thee

Without your kind the Earth can manage
Your fancy ways and gilded carriage
The smoke, your waste, your destructive cast
Soon comes the end of your days at last
You've gone too far your futures grey
We've been watching, hurting, fading away

But we'll survive the torment, not you
Earth will replenish there's much to do
The whales will sing in the oceans deep
And the Arctic bears no more will weep
The forests now will sigh with relief
And we'll shed not one sad tear at your grief

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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Making the dogs bark

As a kid I always liked to have a stick in my hand when I went out playing with my friends.

It wasn't used to hit them with unless we decided that our sticks were weapons and then we would have sword fights with them.

To get a stick we needed a penknife to cut it off the bush or tree and shape it so that could be held easily and whirled around keeping all your friends and enemies at bay.

A stick was good to swish around to slash the stinging nettles down or best of all to run along a fence making a rattling sound as you ran along with the dogs barking loudly on the other side.

Then when you felt your tummy rumbling and it was almost time for tea you used it as a walking stick to help you on the way home.

I am old now and I might need a stick soon to help me walk down to the shops and back but knowing me I will be running that stick along the fence to make those dogs bark again.

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Caught in the act

I tried not to listen
To the vapid conversation
At the adjoining table behind me

My wife was unconcerned
Merely tucked into her entree
Clearly enjoying it for all it was worth

I stood it no longer
Dropping my napkin on the floor
Saw the loud bouncy blonde smiling at me

I'd been caught in the act
My wife found it hard not to laugh
She'll want an expensive dessert now

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Bel and the Dragon

She now caught my eye
As wind whipped her auburn hair
So I smiled at her

She, now embarrassed 
Stared back cheeks colouring up
Just for me alone

Lowering her eyes
She couldn't hide a small smile
As I waved to her

Those beguiling eyes 
Shone like stars in heaven
So I approached her

"Forgive me" I said
"The wind has chosen you today
I'm a bystander"

"No man is neutral
Their minds do not think that way
Back to Mars you go"

"And you to Venus?
Surely it's why we're here on earth 
To meet each other?

"Where do you suggest?
The Queen's Arms, I would expect?
As she smiled wryly

"That's hardly neutral
We must feel comfortable
On this our first date

I really liked her
So went to one that fit best
"Bel and the Dragon"

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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Woodland Green

I like to wander in the wild
This I've down since I was child
Losing myself in woodland green
The forest wraps me up unseen

Sweet scented lover and a friend
She knows me for I don't offend
Her sights, her scents they are such bliss
I surrender to this passionate kiss

There's a dark pool and drifting stream
Buzzing insects complete this dream
Above the rooks are wheeling high
As scudding clouds drift in the sky

I hear now cheeping, it is the best
So count the chicks in hidden nest
Before the mother find me there
Lest she abandon it in fear

Now there's signs of twilight's gloom
And must away before night's perfume
Signals that I'm am not welcome here
For ancient ones ways I do fear

I hurry to the forest's edge
It's lighter here amongst the sedge
What adventure it is to roam
But still I'm glad to come back home

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Saturday, 22 October 2016

A thousand years ago

It seems to be 
A thousand years ago
That I had you on my lap
The birth of our first child

Those wakeful nights
We spent tending your needs
Thriving as the years passed by
My bouncing baby boy

Now digging and delving
Then choosing your own career
You were so one minded

We were amazed
The way you grew up so fast
Planting your feet so firmly
In your own brave new world

By breaking free
In serving your country
And living to tell the tale
A son to be proud of

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Friday, 21 October 2016

It was her eyes

I was all but eighteen
She'd put a spell on me
It was her eyes of course
Green like a forest oak
Limbs twining around me
Mix of pleasure and pain

I hardly spoke to her
Just smiled thinking that best
It was her eyes of course
For I stood not a chance
As she set me aflame
I knew I must kiss her

She has read my poor mind
A smile benign at first
It was her eyes of course
Welcomed me to her arms
On her bosom I lay
Her will was mine that day

I woke changed, a man now
The sad forest whispered
It was her eyes of course
Sparkling now in the dark
Fading as she left me
The moon hiding its face

I still think oft of her
Others now cannot please
It was her eyes of course
Holding me in her trap
Whispering in the trees
Ever to be her slave

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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Paddy the painter

Paddy was in a fix as his wife Liz was complaining about the outside painting once again as she expected him to do it himself to save money.

They had been in the house now for over thirty years and George had diligently done all the maintenance himself but now he was retired he thought it would be better if someone else did it for him.

"We can't afford it" Liz moaned so Paddy reluctantly agreed to do the work and as the weather was fine decided to do the gutters and downpipes and worry about the doors and windows later on.

He was very careful and took his time and spent a lot of time admiring the view over the next door neighbor's fence for they had a pool installed last year and the neighbors wife was having a swim each day.

So Paddy worked carefully at roof level each day and Liz came out to see how he was doing telling him she would make him a cup of tea.

"No hurry" Paddy called out I still have a lot to do up here and smiled as the neighbors wife waved to him from the pool.

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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

I set the rules

Mumble of conversation
Listening at the door
Just what are they talking about?
I want to know the score

The cat did have it coming
Spitting at me like that
I barked and sent him running
It was our very first spat

He should know I set the rules
Fireside is mine alone
My growling set him running
Cat's now debarked from home

Master has gone to fetch him
He's on the garden shed
My chin's laid on Mum's warm lap
She gently strokes my head

The cat now makes his return
And glares at me with hate
Master says "Come you two
Behave and be good mates"

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Listen to the wind

The tendency as you get older is become slightly unhinged as slowly your brain reverses gear and you revert to childish ways. There is a message here because you start drooling again, find it difficult to walk and burst into tears for no apparent reason. It is happening to me as I forget peoples names; wonder why I wandered into a room so then retrace my steps and start from square one again. Now I believe in fairies again as I wonder who stole my spectacles  and put them in the bathroom and I am sure they hid my slippers under the bed. It is no wonder I am putting on weight as I found that were twice as many dishes to wash up tonight so I must have had two dinners today or did I forget to do them last night? I do have a notepad to write things down so that I am less confused but when I look at it I can't read the writing so someone else must have been in to see me and written a note or perhaps I had a beer last night and lost my marbles which is symbolic really as I wasn't any good at playing marbles as a kid. I think I should go to bed now but I am sure someone called me just a moment ago that they would pick me up to go shopping or has that already happened? I would ask my wife but I have lost her and I can't find her anywhere. Do you think she is playing hide and seek. I think she must very good at the game, don't you?, as I haven't seen her for such a long time.

                                                       Listen to the wind
                                                Hear stories from long ago
                                                   Now prepare for sleep

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Monday, 17 October 2016

Without You

                    I dream of that long ago past, but I shouldn't should I?
                      As those pictures of you seem to dance in my mind 
                          And spin before my crying eyes remembering
                             I now realize that you have now long gone
                                My life trampled on by sweet memories
                                  Your smile, your sparkling hazel eyes
                                    As translucent as a spring morning
                                      My eyes pan about to follow you
                                         You disappear from my sight
                                          Stun my senses into reality
                                           I travel with you no longer
                                             You took that trip alone
                                                Leaving left me with
                                                   Morbid thoughts
                                                    Troubled mind
                                                      Off the grid

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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Big News

Many prayers were said 
For one like her when younger
Dreams flying skyward

Mornings were best
My fingers tracked over her
To praise her beauty

Loveliness unflawed
He skin was like porcelain
An ancestral gift

That is what she said
Smiling eyes twinkling at me
I desired her so

I loved her singing
Now cooking in the kitchen 
A skillet in hand

Parents to dinner
Put bread rolls out for our guests
Baby's birth big news

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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Bus trip

City lights now fading
The overnight bus pulls away
I sat at the back

Crawl through the suburbs
Faster on the open road
My heart beat slower

Pretending to sleep
Leaning against the window
Dark trees whistling by

The flashing headlights 
Slowly disappearing now
Heading out of state

Worries now fading
Insulating myself now
From being followed

I could kick myself
For parking my butt with her
Her man flipped his lid!

Was he in a spin
Exploding like St. Helens
Mimicking the man

Lava then oozing 
From the guy's crater rim mouth
Lucky I escaped

Bus crossed the state line
First small town is my limit
I promised myself

I must grow a beard
Then I'll get myself a job
Go easy with girls

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Friday, 14 October 2016

Sweet words of love

You are that warm bright light
That glows for me in the darkness
Of my sad longing

Yours is that tender touch
That comforts me in my despair
A sweet breath of life

Sing your sweet words of love
To banish my sadness away
You're my shining star

Come to live with me now
Lets wrap ourselves in happiness
For I am now yours

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

That loving cup

Money through my fingers slipped
So foolish my youthful ways
The sun came up each morning
I wasted away my days

Drink lubricated my life
Laughter echoed in my ear
Girls they came and they did go
But not one to hold that dear

Until she did come along
Whose eyes shone like the stars
But just shook her head at me 
She was Venus I was Mars

Persisting, she gave a nod
What fool I'd been that's for sure
And just how could I have missed
Seeing such beauty before

We found that we were a match
What rich world now opened up
Filled my mind as ne'er before
So we drank that loving cup

What wealth of love did we find
As I lay there on her breast
We're married now, what fine day
Sure our love will stand the test

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The sun's radiance

The sun's radiance warmed the room
As she rose to make a cup of tea
His snoring had kept her awake last night
A groaning rhythm made her want to flee

She place a cup at his bedside
Then took a shower and dressed for work
Did household chores at which she was adept
The vacuum now roared to please the jerk

The radio was now on full blast
Song's rhythm now put smile on her face
She sang along to "Walking on Sunshine"
Hearing him groan from that inner place

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Walking on Sunshine was a hit for Katrina and the Waves in 1985

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Leaving London

She stood there waiting
A small packed case at her side
Now leaving London

Orphan in wartime
Flower wilted by war's woe
Fleeing to safety

Father still working
Ma, sis and brindled dog
Gobbled up by bombs

Everyone agreed
Evacuate kids from London
To a better life

Torn from all they knew
Now hearing such strange tongues
No time for regrets

Kids shipped far away
Fleeting hopes now disappear
Many broken hearts

This precious cargo
Kept safe from wartime danger
But just to what cost?

In Great Britain during WW2 thousands of families were split up to ensure the safety of the children as the untargeted or blanket bombing of London was meant to frighten the population and force the government to submit to enemy control. Only when Britain had regained control of the air were the families reunited but sadly some never were.

The strange tongues referred to are the many different accents encountered in England and Wales unlike Londoner's cockney one.

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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Autumn Mists

Across the bridge a cold breeze now sighs
Tears like needles filling up my eyes
Autumn mists rising spoiling the view
As I still remember loving you

There you stood waiting all wrapped up tight
I still keep coming each Friday night
And I make this trip come rain or shine
For we met here when you once were mine

Sweet you were with figure oh so trim
My eyes are now filling to the brim
The sky now darkens spilling rain
I turn and trail my way back home again

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Young and foolish

When I was young and foolish
There were times I was in my cups
As beer and a whisky chaser
Did lead me to brawls and punch ups

No better was I when married
Friday nights with office mates I went
Now downing pints and even more
From pubs I suffered banishment

Luckily when kiddies came along
They put me on a straighter road
My liver sighed now with relief
To spend more time in our abode

Note 1.  In my cups means to be drunk
Note 2.  This is not autobiographical!

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Friday, 7 October 2016

Lost in the forest

What better way to find oneself
That by getting lost in the forest
Leaving all idle chatter behind
To seek solace at nature's breast

In the hush of that woodland scene
Birds and insects whisper in their nests
A stream a sweet lullaby will sing
And treetops dance at your behest

Now lay your head on mossy bank
Dreaming now of a peaceful world
For this is gift that God has given
Far more precious than an emerald

When you wake to the smiling sun
All your worldly cares will be gone
Take heart, hold fast, you're born anew
You've found yourself for you have won

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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

On a distant planet

We love to gaze at the stars imagining worlds like ours so many million miles away but do you think that someone out there looks on us too?

Do they see this beautiful world and envy us our rich oceans teeming with life, our land covered with forests green and fertile land that produces all we need being watered by a sky filled with moisture?

They could see our sun just close enough to keep us warm and sustain us all so encourage the procreation of every living thing; what happier place could there be than this?

Or do they see oceans being clogged with chemicals and waste killing the living things that not only share our world but feed us too?

And do they see the forests felled and pollution from our greedy ways contaminating both the land, sea and the air we breathe as well as melting ice caps, homeless animals and species lost?

I can see them shake their heads in horror as the people on this earth will not stop fighting and killing each other and the world they live in and so tell their children "Yes, you can go there once the species called mankind is wiped out, only then will that planet be worth visiting".

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School in the '40's

In days long gone
Treatment was harsh
Cane was handy
Teachers threw chalk at us

Keep you voice down!
Pay attention!
Speak up will you!
Come out here for the cane

"Don't" was the rule
Don't talk in class
Don't run inside
Don't start whining now

There were good bits
When the bell rang
Playing football
Walking home with friends

Our Art mistress
Sat at her desk
Sucking cough sweets
And didn't move her butt

Except to search
For her purse or 
her handkerchief
In her undergarments

Taught us nothing
Draw that vase here
Now sketch some trees 
She finally retired

Young temp came in
Smile on her face
Gathered us round
And talked to each of us

Gave us a task
Then as we worked
Walked round and spoke
To encourage us all

We all liked her
I felt special
Might even be
An artist just like her

...and I was

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I met her in a bar

I met her in a bar
We dated once or twice
Took her to the flicks
She really was quite nice

I liked her perky smile
Grinning from ear to ear
She had oddball humour
And really was a dear

Love is a fickle thing
Blows away on the breeze
I'd asked her to marry
As I was on my knees

She sadly shook her head
For that was not to be
Her dad was a notable
So that was the end of me

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Sunday, 2 October 2016


1. The camp fire blazing
    Smoke swirling in the night sky
    Sausages sizzling

2. Orange vegetables
    Much better than green cabbage
    I'm partial to them

3. Shuffling down the aisle
    He's the smallest of grooms
    Mary's married now

4. Ma turns the doorknob
    Must swallow the medicine
    Crackle in my throat

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Saturday, 1 October 2016

The deck hand

I leaned over the side
Of the old canal barge
My face was reflected
With the billowing clouds

Foam from the rudders blade
Was strung out behind us
Now we were slowing down
As we approached the lock

I could see the carp now
Their fins were emerging
I felt a wisp of Sue's hair
As she leaned over me

She touched my shoulder
Her grin reflected below
I'll kiss her at the bridge
Hope her dad won't notice 

Normally observant
He watched me like a hawk
But his concern now was
For this boatload of grain

The light filtered away
I spun around quickly
Kissing her sweet lips
Good, she was not surprised

She held on tight to me
We parted as it lightened
I turned round and looked back
His eyes were on me now

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