Wednesday, 30 November 2016

All I want

That invisible ladder which we climb
Which separates us from the world sublime
Have I come from way out of town?
For you see me and now you do frown

Is it my color or perhaps my speech?
Are you afraid I'll suck like a leech?
Do I say my words with country slur
Such behaviour you do not concur

Or was all of this land ours before
Until you stole it with blood and gore
So you fear the day that we'll return
And then in fiery hell you will burn

Perhaps I came from a distant land
At first thankful for a helping hand
But finding that I was outcast still
And now am blamed for every ill

Is it my sexual preference you hate?
As I prefer a quite different mate
I didn't ask you to change one bit
But now you say that I just don't fit

All I want is chance now to thrive
And was happy when I did arrive
Now my family is filled with dread
As you would like us to be gone or dead

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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Weird day in church

The fans were whirling overhead
Everyone dabbing their brows
With white cotton handkerchiefs
Looking quite red in the face

Kids were all strangely quiet
This first hot summer Sunday
The priest started the liturgy
His winter cough now long gone

The summer's heat makes its mark
People now shielding their noses
As youth swings the censer round
To breathe again when it passed

Then I nearly laughed out loud
When the organist missed a stop
or valve he was fiddling with
Resulting in a flat note

Furtively his head tooked round 
Seeing a small child with scissors
Cutting a pew sheet unnoticed
It was a weird day in church

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Saturday, 26 November 2016

At the Drive-In

Remember Drive ins?
All gone but one in our state
But don't go there now

Remember the rain
Wipers washing the windscreen
Just to glimpse the film

Open the window
To stop fogging up inside
With kids in the back

They wouldn't keep still
Then they'd sleep through the good bits
Though babe was awake

What a mess they made
Sticky seats and door handles
The whole pot-pouri

Queuing to exit
Car horns venting frustration
Rain still spraying down

Adding to the fun
They all woke up when we got home
Law of averages

Next day I told them
I'm getting a tray top
Kids at back next time

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I'm the traveller

I'm the traveller
Searching for the least worn path
To refresh my soul

Seeking the answer
But not knowing the question
In the clear blue sky

I walk the seashore
A mermaid swims away
But the seagulls stay

You have gone missing
There is a map in my heart
But can't find my way

Another dark night
The dawn comes up anyway
And pays me no mind

The end is in sight
I do not want to arrive 
Unless you are there

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Friday, 25 November 2016

Being Sensible

You and your sister planned for the future
Get together after me and her husband 
Had kicked the bucket
Moved on so to speak

So it would be like your old teenage years
With no permanent men to worry about
Except one night flings
Just now and then say

It was a joke that you told the both of us
And I for one was pleased that you did so
That you'd thought it out
Being sensible

Little cottage by the sea was your plan
Except that you both died a year apart
Left us widowers
And grieving alone

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

A native of this land

I am a native of this land whose rolling green chalk hills tumble sparsely wooded into the valleys where you can hear the cuckoos call.

There streams burst forth from the soil and flow effortlessly across the plain gathering strength with ripple and chuckle through watercress beds crossing the town and onward to find the sea.

There on its bank I held hands with you and your warm bare arms inviting a kiss as I made my way up them to finally reach your lips.

Then when we kissed you did not close your eyes as they sparkled with such pleasure but you just wrapped your legs around me.

I gulped with delight for we were both still sixteen and I wanted to be no older but stay like this forever as I was now in love with you.

Sadly moments like this are few and two short months later you were no longer mine, the cuckoo no longer called and autumn winds blew cold as I climbed those hills alone.

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The engagement

Venus bowed her head in shame
When Adonis asked me to name
The most beautiful woman in the world
I told him truthfully that it was you
So he nodded as he knew that was true

On that night I proposed to you
The moon seemed to be so blue
When she covered her face jealously
As you alone shone so shiny bright
And thousands of stars twinkled with delight

Nightingale sang sweet songs of love
A lone owl hooted from above
Then all was still as you answered "Yes"
Thunderous applause as the world now did sing
As on your finger I placed a gold ring

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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Sing me a song

Sing me a song without words my love
Your sweet voice just like a peaceful dove
Whose plaintive cooing still lingers on
In love with you I've fallen headlong

I was struck dumb when I saw you first
My desire was like unquenchable thirst
With that primal urge to make you mine
Your lips are much like forbidden wine

Sweet the nightingale's song with its trills
As the sun sinks down over the hills
And hear the noise of my poor heart's beat
So joyful since by chance we did meet

My protestations seem so banal
Romance is beyond all rationale
It's my only means to prove my love
Surely we'll both fit like hand in glove

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Saturday, 19 November 2016

The moral tale

Lies slipped so easy off his tongue
So later on how they had stung
Such was the pattern of his deceit
T'was the way since they first did meet

Fed her tales with no shred of truth
She found his temper quite uncouth
His self righteous smile now a snarl
At evidence of a 'femme fatale'

Her happy life had now unfurled
"End it" said her friend she had called
She told him he was just a jerk
Being together would not work

As holder of the apartment's lease
Demanded that he return his keys
That she dropped him upset the bloke
To make it worse he was flat broke

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Summer's rich crop

As autumn winds blow the leaves away
And winter's chill will come what may
Will spring's blossom gladden our hearts
With summer's rich crop filling carts?

Oh how the loss of my sweetheart sears
As season's darkness now hides my tears
Brightened now with swallows song so dear
Will that cute maid be my panacea?

Her rosy red cheeks smile back at mine
She will keep me warm in wintertime
What stunning bloom how she does shine
We'll have our first child at harvest time

Each line of each verse implies successive seasons as the narrator records and forecasts events. N.B. The word 'fatidic' is not found in my English and Australian dictionaries so I have so have inferred its meaning at 'prophetic'.

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Friday, 18 November 2016

It was getting dark

She stood there waiting
Clouds hiding the moon above
It was getting dark

Waiting for the bus
She was but a silhouette
Eyes just dark shadows

He watched her each night 
And was entranced by the girl
She seemed so aloof

He wanted to speak 
But dare not show her his face
Scarred in his childhood

But the urge was great
So he crossed the road one day
Just to say hello

"I see you often"
He said as she looked at him
She had but one eye

"Yes, I have noticed
I see lots with this good eye
The bad one sees naught"

He smiled and the said
"People judge me by my face
It is but a mask"

The bus now approached
"May we talk again?" he asked
"Perhaps meet for lunch?"

"I'm glad you asked me"
She scribbled her number down
"Ring me later then"

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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

I wonder

I wonder what it would like to be
Invisible so no one else could see
You'd dance on the beach or in the park
With all your clothes off just for a lark

Is that what it's like for those who've passed
That may check on you just for a blast
Who wander round in the dead of night
You hear a strange bump and wake in fright

Perhaps the blanket slips off the bed
As you dream of when you were first wed
Happy as you recall days before
Still wrapped in her arms for evermore

And would she whisper those loving words?
Once more you'd be caressing lovebirds
At morn you'd recall that dream of yore
And discover the duvet on the floor

There's some comfort even though she's gone
As still her memory lingers on
Her touch, her kiss, laughing once again
At least those dreams take away the pain

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Sunday, 13 November 2016

A word in for me

Now I can just see heaven's gate
Sparkling lights wink a welcome
As angels whisper on the trees
And choirs of songbirds sing for me

What blessings have I to account
To retell my life spent on Earth
They shuffle round in wild array
Are these judges in somber robes?

A scroll unfurled tells my earthly life
It matters not my memory fails
It seems I've not sinned that much
But loved both animals and trees

I've talked to birds and played with fish
I tilled the soil and fed myself
Clearly I have passed all these tests
But then I heard an unholy row

Barking and yelping now was heard
As all the pets I ever had
Now bounded up to wish me well
Clearly they'd put a word in for me

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Saturday, 12 November 2016

The rebel

Gone is the bird song
For now it is the bat's turn
Those opposite teams

The day's color fades
As now sun shifts out of sight
White light flees the scene

So hope is now gone
As the bullies of the night
Bring fear to our minds

How they chop and change
Sickness now takes up its post
And death lurks waiting

What model of life!
Sun's kiss in the bright morning
Whose idea is this?

I laugh at night's threat
For then I kiss my love's lips
And touch her soft skin

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The incongruity
Of the blue shapes was taunting
Her eyes filled with wonder
Just where was she this time?
He'd called it "Carnival"
Streaks, daubs, smudges now gone
From the last time she looked
Now were distorted shapes
Headless snakes, bent guitar
Strange creatures, billiard cues
Then she laughed outright
Seeing the mermaid's tail
All that was left of her
Perhaps that's an omen
A kangaroo close by
Down under the table
Once he'd painted her body
Decorated lover
Just how long would it be 
Before he turned his back 
And would find another?
Living with her instead
Transforming her as well

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Please note this poem is fictional as has no relationship to the artist Joan Miro's actual life or work "Carnival"

Friday, 11 November 2016


                                            He touched her soft cheek
                                            Shyly she nodded consent
                                               Her hand on his chest

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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The broken window

The family all sat in the Lounge after their evening meal to watch TV.

"There's not much on tonight" Dad said as he settled in his armchair flicking through the programs.

"Well kids, shall we watch TV or do you want to play a board game?" asked Ma.

Johnny shook his head, "I've got homework to do, I'll be in my room", so sister Sue poked her tongue out at him as he slunk off to his room.

"It's a bit cold in here tonight love, perhaps we need the heater on, look how the curtains are blowing in the draft" Dad said to Ma.

"Perhaps the windows are still open, I'll just check...Johnny!, Johnny come back down here at once, you've been playing ball in the garden again, haven't you? 

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He saw her

He saw her down there
Bathing in the mountain stream
From his hilltop hide

Halting now and then
Vulnerable she was watchful
Alert looking around

He slowly climbed down
Crouching in the bushes
Closer to the girl

The birds still twittered
Sun shone on her bare body
She sat down to dry

He'd almost reached her
Was but a few feet from her
When she turned her head

She was so alert
The gamy scent of his body
Now reached her nostrils

He could see the change
It was far fetched that she'd not
That's why he loved her

"Come on out" she called
"You cannot trick me young man
Now help dry me off"

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Who are now unseen

How long is it since I took that path
That still winds around the village green
Passing the Remembrance Day cairn
Naming those who are now unseen

These sons and soldiers have now long gone
Fathers, uncles, our memories fade
Fighting for a better life for us
They are far from us in heaven's shade

The drum beats loud and the bugles call
Mayors strut and prayers are read out loud
Birds are flying high above us now
And just what is that gleam in the cloud?

Some rain is forecast that seems so just
Tears are shed by all of us today
Why can't we stop waging senseless war?
Just who can this cruel killing allay?

Service over now let's celebrate
Promising to meet in future years
Laugh and drink to those times now long gone
While widows sit at home with their tears

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Saturday, 5 November 2016

How did I lose her?

After all those years
I'm at graveyard lock again
Memories flood back

Where me and Katie
Used to come as teenagers
Away from the rest

The blue sky above
Sun burning our red faces
Racing down the street

Eyes on each other
Eager for one kiss or more
Now all by ourselves

She grabbing my hand
We could conceal ourselves there
On the canal's bank

It was so quiet
Those blessed days of summer
When we were so young

How did I lose her?
We had pledged our faithfulness
On that old tree stump

One starry evening
We both voted to stay true
But love did not stick

All I remember
That the sky was red that night
A shepherd's warning

After all those years
I'm at graveyard lock again
Memories flood back

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At the dog park

There is one place to go
You can always relax
It is at the dog park
And it's fully fenced in
Walking your best friend
It's just a total breeze
You let him off his leash
He runs off safe and free
Perfectly happy now
To exchange news and views
And smells of course with mates
Some dogs are shy at first
Happy to retrieve a ball
Or stick close to master
Watching the others play
Finally they make friends
Going about their task
By racing off at high speed
Breaking off between romps
Coming back tongue flapping
To make sure you're still there
He sinks down just watching
Composed for one moment
Until he sees something
That now needs sorting out
Off he goes task in hand
Then he returns dead beat
Time to go home for tea
Later he sleeps it off
Composed for a moment
Then feet twitching he dreams
Reliving his day out

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Friday, 4 November 2016

The park ranger

A park ranger was he
In a forest sanctuary
Loving the stillness in the trees
Eyes closed facing the autumn breeze

He loved working all day
Favorite month that of May
The babbling brook the sweet birdsong
The trees soft whisper all day long

He never would have thought
When this first new job he sought
Still now after all these years
Joy in his work brought him to tears

Oft sitting by the stream
Was obsessed as in a dream
That fairy folk did play just there
Quite safe with him without a care

They'd splash and dance and fly
Teased the fish as they swam by
Safe they felt around this kind bloke
But skittered off when he awoke

He worked for many years
The birds flew close with no fears
Snakes they knew were safe with him
Fish came close, away did not swim

One day though a hush fell
The whole forest heard the bell
Tolling, telling the wild ones too
Sadly the ranger's days were through

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Bad advice

The ancient shaman rubbed his chin thoughtfully showing no expression on his face be seen for once again the ruler had demanded to know what the gods wanted him to do.

He knew in his heart that he should say "Talk" to the pale men who had come to their land in mighty boats carrying hundreds of men brandishing wondrous weapons.

His predecessor had said talk many years ago but the invaders from the north had betrayed their trust that time and had fought them.

Their own warriors had won that time so that bad advice had cost that man and his family their lives so he must decide for himself this time.

Just what could he say so that whatever the outcome with the strangers he himself would not be considered at fault?

It was then that the ground shook as an earthquake struck the land and the buildings stones fell in clouds of dust as people started screaming and running into the open, so the shaman said "See the gods speak as now it is entirely in their own hands".

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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Don't be late

Don't be late they said
We'd been invited to stay
It was a four hour drive

Dine at six o'clock
So we had plenty of time
So I calculated

We drove through the hills
Avoiding the busy highway
It was far more fun that way

Little shops to visit
Then there was the scenic lake
On our erratic course

This led us astray
With delay at the ferry
I was put in a spin

Sun slowly sank west
I returned to the highway
Trying to catch up time

We didn't of course
But were greeted with a grin
So we were surprised

"Oh, you're always late
We have booked in for seven
We rememberd last time"

The two sisters hugged
I shook hands with her hubby
Our family is good

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Always on my mind

She is always on my mind
For she was a part of me
I would be dishonoured
If I were to think of her 
Just one day of the year

It's not the photographs
That box of mementoes
Or the hospital tag
No, it more than that
It's the tea pot she bought

It is laughing in the rain
It is kissing her nose
A walk in the forest
Bathing in the nude 
On a deserted beach

She did say to me once
"You will marry again"
But I won't, why should I?
She is still with me now
Knitting needles clicking

I put the kettle on
I know she in not here
The coffee just for me
It's still the same brand though
After all these long years

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