Friday, 31 March 2017

A sweet song of love

I heard you breathing
Such soft gentle whispering
Like sweet kisses blown
In nights darkness
Just for me alone

I touched you gently
Barely rousing from your dream
You stirred with pleasure
And hummed to me
A sweet song of love

Wrapped up together
Your warm flesh now welcomed me
As we became one
T'was then you spoke
"Don't ever leave me"

By morn you were gone
You husband returned today
Just how long to wait
Until next time
Our dangerous game

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Thank you Sanaa for hosting Prompt Nights I enjoyed every one

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Sorry it's my fault

"Sorry, it's my fault" she said getting out of her car to look at my dented rear end...of my car that is. At first I had been furious but my damage was slight and she continued to exchange details with me as other vehicles cautiously passed us by. 

We also exchanged telephone numbers and other details for insurance purposes. Just as I checked if I could still open the trunk, she bent down to pick up her license plate and others bits that were now lying on the road. 

As I watched I could see she was quite pretty and then the penny dropped (literally) as I had known her in junior high. "It's Penny Davis, isn't it" I exclaimed, now bending down to help her with a smile on my face then as she nodded she too recognised me "Looks like an expensive first date for us, doesn't it?"

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Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Flimsy traces of morning mist
Now fled unable to resist
The will of the new morning's sun
As is began the new day's run
Erupting from the distant east

At first glowing then sparkling bright
Shooing away the stars of night
Rising quickly to the sky above
Now dazzling eyes with her warm love
For us to enjoy her warm feast

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The creator in his wisdom bade
Give gender to most species made
Much fun each creature then would have
To compensate at their demise
As death was such a cruel surprise

Some species cared not for the plan
As Jim liked Tom and Trish loved Ann
So made it plain they'd not behave
Their lives were happy just like that
As he and she were just old hat

For as the numbers did build up
Was hard to fill both bowl and cup
Greed and poverty ugly are
Surely happiness we deserve
If our Earth we are to conserve

Seeing millions down on Earth below
Pondered long then rubbed his brow
If they're happy and do no harm
It seems okay so let's all sing
It's an evolutionary thing

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Monday, 27 March 2017

Life is not just dollar bills

Hush! Can you now hear them talk?
As we take a nature walk
Murmurs in the sky above
Of both eagle and the dove

Then put your ear to the ground
You will hear their pleas abound
Of the creatures "Please help me"
"We're in trouble don't you see?"

First the wolf then the lizard
Lying their with open gizzard
Killed or starved in their own land
By neglect or cruel man's hand

Our rich world can act right
Not if we unfairly fight
This world is a treasure store
Hurt it, then we are no more

Life is not just dollar bills
Kill the creatures, rape the hills
The days shorten everyone
Watch out or our lives are done

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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Waiting for Annie

Those long lonely months without you
The velvety touch of your skin
The sweet taste of your luscious lips
My heart's a casket of love within

The way your pretty eyes look
As I poured a glass of red wine
The glint of sunshine in your hair
That winsome look, you were all mine

I see some smoke in the foothills
Cruel flames now flicker in the trees
I'm here alone waiting for you
Dearest one, come back home soon please

There's dust blowing on the highway
How I've been in such a stew
You've added so much to my life
I just couldn't live without you

You now drive into the carport
My heart beats thunderous applause
I kiss and hug you with longing
Holding hands as we walk indoors

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What was her name?

Oh, what was her name?
How the years are cruel
I still see her eyes
It's her that I blame

Beckoned to the woods
Resting by her fire
"Sit by me" she says
"Come let's play a game"

Wood smoke drifted up
Sleepy, my eyes closed
She then spoke to me
My mind she did claim

These words she whispered
"Take care of my world
There's those that mean harm
For greed is their name"

Now I am like her
I can talk to owls
Creatures scamper up
With me they are tame

Warning signs they show
When nature needs help
Birds, beasts and insects
All to me they came

Fish would do as well
With mouths all agape
With them I had doubts
But they were in pain

Troubles others told
Foolishness of man
Ruining the wild world
Just for their own gain

I'm a wanted man
Just like that woman
Many years ago
Cybele her name

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Cybele was the Phrygian and Greek Earth goddess and clearly needs help if she is seeking assistance from me to preserve the beautiful wild places!

Friday, 24 March 2017

Over the sand

They walked down over the sand
Close smiling holdng on tight
Her sandals held in her hand
Surf beating in careless might

Sun's flames were exhausted for 
Moon's nightly rule of the sky
So seagulls now left the shore
Once they gave their last outcry

At boulder's edge they now sat
He spoke her name and she his
But touch was best not just chat
Their love was sealed with a kiss

Exhausted she clung to him
In night's blindness touch was all
As they both hugged limb to limb
Consoled by the night birds call

As in classic tales steadfast
They strolled back over the sand
Hoping that their love would last
Fingers entwined hand in hand

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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Match point

"Match point" she squealed with delight as once again she beat me at the game.

I didn't make any excuses for she really was much better at tennis than me.

Then there was the fact she was my girlfriend too and I liked her brown legs and the way she flicked her hair.

I always imagined that I would marry her one day but that didn't happen for she gave me the boot and found another fellow and we parted ways.

I am an old man now and I still remember her and her winsome smile that seemed to promise so much but sadly not for me.

However it is good to recapture those moments of my youth when I was young and strong and a whole new world was opening up for me even if I couldn't beat my girlfriend at tennis.

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

How I used to be

Oh mirror just why do you fail me now?
Emphasizing lined eyes and wrinkled brow
And what are these tufts of hair in my ears?
Which are bigger now than my younger years

Once I grinned at you with such manly pride
But now each morn I really want to hide
What is worse is that pesky bathroom scale
You have crushed the vanity of this male

Just where has that young and handsome man gone?
Flirting with cute lasses egging them on
Pretty girls in the cafe now look at me
Wondering how this old guy used to be

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Monday, 20 March 2017

Gentle falling rain

Blue sky this morning
But soon though clouds filled the sky
First white then turned grey

Sad they seemed to be
Soon they wept tears from the sky
Gentle falling rain

As I stayed indoors
Happy trees waved in the sky
My plants also grinned

As clouds blew away
Birds now swept down from the sky
For a welcome drink

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Sunday, 19 March 2017

My bus was late

My bus was gone so I sought shelter
With the rain pouring helter skelter
I huddled in the closest doorway
A sex shop, great way to end the day!
More to the point it was open still
A dog sneered at me with looks to kill

Two girls wilth umbrella passed me by
One sang out "Go on in don't be shy"
"Have you got your eyes on us pair?"
"Get us a dildo while you're there"
A taxi drives past, the brakes are hit
As I wave it down to get in it

Girl's jealous stare and now do entreat
So we all packed into the back seat
"Sorry" says one, "We also missed the bus"
"Thank you for taking pity on us"
"We have been hit on a hundred times"
I feel the heat of her thigh sublime

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I very nearly passed this one over trying to think what to write with the prompt words. Luckily my muse appeared at the right (write) time...she is a good girl!

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Stop bagging me

I waddle like a penguin now
How this happened I know not how
After all those long years alive
Like a mouse into a hole I've dived

Bell, book and candle I need not
I really have not done a lot
I've walked around the forest green
Travelled the world, so much I've seen

Spent some time on a drawing board
Led a peaceful life without a sword
Carried trays in for a sick wife
Knew where to place both fork and knife

I have picked oranges and other fruit
Furnished houses that looked real cute
I'm prattling on like a broken disk
Stop bagging me or off I'll whisk

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I lay my head

How I wish that I was fit
Even just a little bit
To walk across fields of green
Or run on the beach serene

But my legs don't want me to
Active days are now all through
My fingers though are all right
On the computer they tap all night

My mind's busy as a bee
Sometimes a sailor at sea
Or a lover in a bed
As on her breast I lay my head

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Friday, 17 March 2017

He held her close

The laughter lines around her eyes
Lips not so full as those once kissed
But his heart beat just like a drum
As his mind flashed back through time's mist

So many years had now passed by
Since he had seen his old girlfriend
They stopped, they talked, he touched her cheek
What chance of fate to comprehend

Her sad eyes did not leave him once
As to the coffee shop they went
He held her hand, fingered her palm
A small tear was her message sent

They talked of little and of much
They talked of children and of pain
He held her close then let her go
They both planned to meet up again

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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Tap at the window

A tap, tap, tap at the window, I hear it once again
Who is out there, what do they want? It's driving me insane
The roof is creaking as the wind howls into a raging gale
I look at her, she turns around and her face has gone quite pale
The dog cowers in his bed, the cat has now disappeared
There's a mighty crash now things are much worse than we feared

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Talk and a smile

I was watching as I often do
Drinking my coffee eating my bun
It is one of my pleasures still
Now my age is nearly eighty one

She sat at a table close by me
Finishing her snack now looked at mine
Had lost her right arm so used her left
Reading the newspaper on page nine

We chatted about not much at all
Of her marriages and children too
Her time in Uni and her working life
Even her lost arm was not taboo

Then as she started to take her leave
She thanked me for the conversation
It's easy to brighten someone's life
With talk and smile, no obligation

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This in fact happened to me the other day as I had a cappuccino in town; the only problem with chatting for about an hour with a stranger was that when I finally grabbed the paper from her I found she had done the crossword which I like to do each day!

Monday, 13 March 2017

Dawn's light

Dawn's light through the window shines
After a stormy night
When the wind blew so wild
And the rain teemed down
I hugged my pillow like a child
But finally fell asleep

The sun rose this morning
Now birds sing happily
Garden looks a treat
I can breathe fresh air 
With great joy my heart does beat
As I open the window wide

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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Jim Dent

Young Jim Dent was bent
Crooked as they went
He stole a car caused a dent

State jail he was sent
Has time to lament
End of the road for Jim Dent

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Harbor Town

Crew on leave in a harbor town
Welcome sight for all the seamen
Hapless harlots are now reborn
Hearing the blast of the ships horn

Gladly the sailors take their leave
Wandering soon found them a bed
Before they found a place to sleep
Now digging in their pockets deep

"Time's up" girls said "Go to your wife
I've your money, so you're in strife"
Weakness of man just so you know
Returns home to family's woe

There's cries and cursing through the night
Blood may be spilt if they do fight
Sleeps alone by the chimney breast
As dawn's light blights his search for rest

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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Thunder boomed

Thunder boomed, lightning flashed 
Splintering the grey skies
Peeling back the dark clouds
Fleeing now from our eyes

All men and beasts cowered
Bruised now by nature's wrath
Now deluded they would
Escape a sudden bath

Brims of hats they now dripped
And watercourses flowed
Ducks relished their present
Or so the story goes

Nature took her revenge
Blue blanks of sky now neared
Sun emerged unruffled
Her boon of warmth appeared

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Friday, 10 March 2017

Emily's Scarf

        L-R Emily Davison, Sylvia Pankhurst, Christabel Pankhurst and Emmeline Pethwick-Laurence 1910

Emily why are we fighting still?
One hundred and four year since you fell
Killed by the hooves of the King's racehorse
That sad mad day at Ascot racecourse

Few countries then let their women vote
So you walked on the grass that day
So Britain's women should do so too
A step forward for world all through

It took a war and suffering too
To get on that electoral roll
And have the right to make one small mark
Sadly parts of the world are still dark

So the battle is far from won
There is so much more to be done
Equal pay and there is so much more
Thank you Em for opening the door

Just so you know, 'twill make you proud
That scarf you wore the day you died
Is in a case for everyone to see
In the House of Commons, Emily!

                                                    Protesting suffragettes

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In Great Britain the Houses of Parliament accommodate the House of Commons, elected by the British people and the House of Lords consisting od about 90 hereditary Lords, 26 Bishops of the Church of England and the rest peers appointed by the sitting Prime Minister as vacancies occur subject to the approval of the reigning monarch.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The shadowy figure

The shifty shadowy figure
Stmbled down the half lit street
Hiding his face fromthose he did meet

Painful his steps awkward his gait
Anxious to get to the spot
Which when shaded would not be too hot

Where the day he would spend
Begging in an old raspy voice
Offering drawings "Come make your choice"

Only a few dollars he made
To buy can of soup and bread
'Til he was found in the park quite dead

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You flick your hair

Dare I look in your eyes
To smile or wave at you
You've entranced me for a day or two

You have such warm brown skin
I see you flick your hair
I do love a girl that shows such flair

I walk up bold as brass
That's such a change for me 
You're such a flower, I'm the bee

You look surprised of course
But then the penny drops
I once gave you a lollipop

You're the girl in grade six
How you've grown, you're such a belle
I know your name, it's Isobelle

How you laughed when we spoke
Your eyes never left mine
Strolling along, fingers intertwined

You’re determined that’s true                    
Your strong so erudite
Our meeting could turn out just right       

I'm a lucky man having grown up during WW2 where women often had to be head of households, worked in traditionally men's industries and had the vote before many other nations. So I had a mother, aunts and even a nan that were adept, outspoken and determined. I was not blinded by prejudice but convinced by their capability and that the sexes were equal. So my offering is my usual romantic nonsense where neither has the advantage.

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Monday, 6 March 2017

I have lost you

Shyly you bowed your sweet head
I brushed the hair from your eyes
In those moments we had left

I had lost you that was clear
Someone else now held you dear
It's over, I was bereft

I took your hand one last time
Traced my fingers on your palm
You heaved a sigh of regret

Then told me whispering low
Your parents had found a beau
We should not have even met

Your sad tears now wet your cheek
I kissed your so sweet red lips
And breathed you in one last time

I too cried myself to sleep
A pillow I held up close
Woke alone to hear bells chime

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Sunday, 5 March 2017

How can I write a poem?

What words to say I love you
My feelings to express
How can I write a poem
So I can look my best?

You are like the morning stars
Sweet crystals in the sky
Making my words have power
My head on your sweet breast

The syntax of my phrases
And grammar wisely used
Surely you'll see my value
Place me ahead of the rest

These metaphors I can use
I'm burning with such lust
To kiss your creamy skin
But will they pass the test?

If we're both to profit here
Balance we surely must
Forming such opinions
Before we have both caressed

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Saturday, 4 March 2017

My eyes saw

My eyes saw her, foolish senses
Always leading me astray
My heart beats faster now
Checking out the good bits
Which we used to say as boys                                    

Childhood innocence now long gone
Swings and roundabouts laughing on
Puff! Its all gone up in smoke
Our temples sweat at the sight
Now that sweet miss eggs me on

Life's is just like a long race track
First uphill then on the flat
Our words leak all awkward like
Then smoothly as life we grasp
But all's now gone just like that

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Road less travelled

The road less travelled
Always is the one for me
From crowds I will flee

Birds song, sun beams down
You'll see much more day and night
Slow pace is just right

Tractors plow the fields
Grapepickers wave as you pass
Catlle munching grass

Relax on you way
Just why pick the faster route
It does not compute

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Friday, 3 March 2017

Waiting for the cake

I watched you at the bench unheeded
Surrounded by the things you needed
Flour, sugar, dried fruit and more
A mixing bowl and wooden spoon
A cookbook opened on the bench
Glace cherries and mixed peel
Nutmeg, spices whatever next?

Then you called out "Rob by the way
I used your brandy is that OK?
The fruit had to be soaked last night"
I must confess my heart did fall
One wisp of hair flicked from her face
That tress made it alright with me
She's so pretty I could not be vexed

Soon the cake was in the oven
My ideas were interwoven
She glanced at me and saw my look
"About four hours" she said to me
"I'll put my feet up and read a book
Come with me, if that's what you want"
I knew that smile, plain as a text

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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Mischievous Fairies

Mischievous fairies are a worry
As they dance and skip in a flurry
Watch them closely as they nod and wink
Who knows what they do or what they think

Obedience is not a trait of theirs
As they dance around skipping over hares
but when I'm there watching in the wood
I know it's hard for them to be good

They sprinkle me with their fairy dust
I have for many years held their trust
Raven calls me when it's safe to come
I stay all night then they whisk me home

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We are one

I am frightened 
That I will never see you again
I am so scared
That I won't hear you whisper those words
That you love me"

"But you shall"

"I am worried
That I won't feel you touch my skin
I am concerned
That you'll be gone when I wake from sleep
I adore you

"So do I"

"Fear not my love
I shall be with you evermore
I hear your voice
Your words thrill me to my fingertips
You are my all"

"We are one"

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