Sunday, 28 April 2019

My cat Monk

I watched my dog leaping through the paddock
The tall grass no impediment to him
While sat and meditated with Monk my cat
Who adopted us when sat on Welcome mat

Should have called him Tiger or Bravado
As he didn't know what cowardice meant
But he learned a lesson one winter's night
When sat in front of dog when fire's alight

Only to singe his fur which caused quite a pong
But Monk is now protected by the dog
Having learned lesson to make him his friend
Quite happy with that, so this is the end

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Winning wage and wife

Factory smoke is diminished
Hope win tender; wages not cut 
As foundry fires crackle with heat
Vigilant overseers observe
Machinery's relentless beat

While in office draftsmen plan
From the ideas of their boss
With computers they scan
With speedy mouse in hand
Their coffee now cold and bland

As metals are forged
Ingots are cut and formed
Are cut to assemble
Products worth millions
While overseers grumble

Works siren now wails
Workers now all grin
Then machines shut down
Our day now over
Soon be with lover

Open the gate
Welcomed at home
Sat down to rest
Happy; well fed
Wife's gone to bed

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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Did those petals weep?

And did those petals weep Vincent?
Knowing no almonds could they form
When from the tree a blossoming twig was torn

But I can see you smile Vincent
As with pleasure a new painting's born
As the tree cries with untold grief forlorn 

Okay you have cut off one ear
Which is some recompense that's true
I am talking of life, not about you

Humans show how we can destroy
You have shown us new ways to see
I see the use of insects and bees

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This is of course is a parody of the use of pesticides that are not only harmful to insects but humans as well. Sadly selling dangerous chemicals like this freely will probably result in the destruction of many useful wild flora and essential insects that fertilize flowers and plants. If this continues we shall probably have one more lifeless planet in this solar system!

Sunday, 21 April 2019

Sat by the fireside

Sat by the fireside
It's almost daylight
But the fire is out
Wish life had a map

I am drunk of course
No words can be said
Sometimes that's best
Just call me a sap

I just lost my wife
She walked out the door
Anywhere but here
First gave me a slap

Not about money
Or time at the bar
But catching me out
With girl on my lap

Forward a few years
In my tiny flat
Struggling to exist
Inside cheaters trap

Heards she has done well
Spacious house and babe
I can see you all
Giving a hands clap

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Saturday, 20 April 2019

My sweet girl

1.                                                     My sweet girl
                                                    Flower in her hair
                                                        Just for me

2.                                                Flower in her hair
                                           She dreams of being married
                                                   To this young poet

3.                                                    My dear wife
                                                     She is all to me
                                                       My whole life

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Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Telling tales

When I started blogging
Goodness knows why I chose
To start writing in prose
Never thought at that time
Of writing poems that rhyme

Time had been spent telling tales
Of bad Greek goddess
Who made my life a mess
Running naked and free
Exploring the south seas

Then there was a mermaid
Who made love by the sea
With old man (based on me)
Swimming to a secret cove
Babies born from our love

Longest story lasted years
Maori couple in love
Fishing in secret cove
White settlers took charge then
Gun toting mean white men

Then posting sites gave up
So changed writing to fit
Prose gone now a poet
Write stories but now in verse
Found readers not averse!

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The three serial stories referred to can be found at Labels: 'Ahu', 'Io" and "Marina" should you care to read them.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

I love my garden

I love my garden and I love the birds
But hated thieving rats and feral cats
As sat on stool trussing tomato plants
Stamping my boots on disturbed angry ants

Birds watch close in case I find wiggly worms
Favourite place is on top of my spade
For they wake me on each weekends morning
Soon after breakfast when sun is dawning

Out wife comes bringing a cup of sweet tea
Sits on the patio grinning now at me
I take a sip, stop, no sugar what a pain!
She points at bowl, I been hooked on bait again

We sit basking in the afternoon sun
No mansion for us, just a house for two
Sit quietly, kids all gone, just her and me
I think for her I'll plant a maple tree

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Puppet on wire

Tobacco smoke drifted about
How that brought sad memories back
When we were young and oh so free
Thinking about you loving me

Cuddled up, stoned on cheap white wine
Wanting, touching, kissing just you
Long gone days of tangerine skies
Loving, looking in your green eyes

Then winter came, you're not yourself
Both you and the days were quite cold
For that's the way, love rarely lasts
You left me as the cruel wind blasts

So I took up painting again
Daubing colors which were not bright
Except some symbols of lost love
Puppet on wire, and just one glove

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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

See that pretty lass?

Heard a mumbling at my back
"I can't quite hear what you say
Will you stand in front of me?
I need to look at you there
That's OK, what have you to share?

"Don't you see that pretty lass?"
"You must be joking, what me?
Do you know her; what's your game?"
"Thought you'd like one of the best
Imagine her in your nest"

"What's the bargain, What's the trick?
It's all a con that's my guess
Temptation, so you can have
Some control, so what's your fee?"
Temptation just smirked "We'll see"

I spoke "Wait there a minute"
Then walked across the road
"Excuse me Miss" thus said me
She turned her head looking sweet
"Could we date, perhaps to eat?"

"You the guy that works with Dad?"
"That can't be right, it's a joke
Who's your Dad for heavens sake?"
She told his name, it was true!
What on earth should I now do?

"You're a tempting sight" I said
"If you rather not, okay"
"Had no idea he was your Pa"
She thought a bit, then "Okay"
Swapped our numbers "Ring Thursday?"

Then with that we both shook hands
Took to our separate ways
Date was fine, her Dad knew too
Glad Temptation came that day
Regardless what you might say

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Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Waking from dream

I just woke as if from a dream
Then realized that all was not
Exactly what I thought it seemed

I shook my head and looked around
I was not  where I believed
But felt like six feet underground

I was but a mere skeleton
Comfy in my last resting place
In a cemetery in Brighton

Strangely looked from my empty shell
To see a passing worm stare at me
"Okay" He says "You're not in Hell"

"Good" I thought "Must get above ground"
"Woah!" Friendly worm then did say
"It's my job to keep you safe and sound"

I shook my skull and argued on
"What of my wife and family?"
"Surely they'll wonder where I've gone?"

Just how he laughed that little worm
"She's beside you; came down last week"
"New ones do tend to twist and turn"

So I laid back down as he said
As all worms friends got back to work
And wife and I snuggled in bed

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Sunday, 7 April 2019

The night I proposed

On that night I proposed to you the moon seemed to be so blue. She then covered her face jealously as you alone shone so shiny bright and thousands of stars twinkled with delight. 

Meanwhile when Adonis asked me to name the most beautiful woman in the world I told him honestly that it was you. Then he nodded as he knew that it was true and Venus bowed her angry head in shame.

So it was that a Nightingale sang sweet songs of love and a lone owl hooted from above. Then all was still as you softy answered "Yes". Then there was thunderous applause as the whole world now did sing as on your finger I placed a ring.

The wolves howled a chorus song and before too long the sun raised its head stirring people from their beds. It was then that they caught the drift and realized the village couple who had courted long now would be joined in Love's sweet song.

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The village graveyard

The church bells chime no more
Guns have been let loose
We are now at war

Daddy has gone to fight
He had a brave face
Mother's filled with fright

She fears he'll not return
More than bombs that fall
Houses hit and burn

The smells of smoke and fire
Lack of food and fuel
Mum cries, things are dire

We chatter when alone
In bedroom tucked in
Hearing the planes drone

Want Dad to come today
Mum just shakes her head
Silent, that's her way

She fears we'll lose him now
Waits for phone to ring
Hope he's back somehow

He died on foreign field
All those months ago
His life unfulfilled

At funeral she cries
His face on leaflet
Tears in all our eyes

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Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Our need to change

Writing prose was my form on the net
Until those sites seem to say "That's it"
So altered my style to poetry
Discovered so many sites one, two, three
Only problem now was that I now found
The need to tell how the world went round

So then all at once I wrote of love
Of rain kissed cheeks, sighs and lovey-dove
Gentle touches, tears and passioned pleas
Or pleading lover on bended knees
Looks in their eyes and desparate sighs
And such sorrow when a lover dies

I read through all the comments thoroughly
Sad when readers think it's about me
This poet likes to say what he thinks
Our politics and world really stinks
We see our planet  ruined by greed
But still have hope for each tiny seed

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Monday, 1 April 2019

Month April was cross

My girl's named April
And she likes tossing her hair
Eyes looking at me

And she spun around
Her feet planted on the ground
Beckoning to me

I took her warm hand
And waltzed her madly around
Hugging close to me

Month April was cross
So the clouds gathered above
Rained on her and me

But we both chuckled
With our two faces now wet
We're in love you see

Then kissed each other
For we plan to wed in June
Faces filled with glee

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