Saturday, July 29, 2017

Young Rhapso

Young Rhapso was goddess of sewing
Who in archaic times did stitch and thread
That surrendered not to young mens lusts
Lured by this young beauty's scent and charms
Were hell bent to wrap her in their arms

They'd follow her uphill and down dale
Even would sail across the raging seas
In proving the heat of their desire
This upset the other gods a lot
Musing "what's she got, that they had not?" 

Rhapso then disappeared from the scene
Shining sliver victim of jealousy
Whose only fault was her charm and skill
That other gods were so envious of
She tripped because she was sew loved

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Rhapso was the Greek goddess of sewing and is where the modern word Rhapsody comes from. Very little is written about her so clearly she must have upset someone many years ago and became undone. What I have written is purely fiction!


  1. Didn't know rhapsody was connected to sewing!! Thanks for that interesting bit of mythology Robin!

  2. Thank you for the education, the affecting story of the poor girl's fate – and the wicked pun at the end.

  3. Love the myth-touch. And so glad to learn something new. Thank you Robin.

  4. Love the mythology in this one, Robin! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great back story - she sounds like a domestic goddess

  6. LOL luv that end line. Here in T&T we have a spoken word art form called Rhapso
    Here's a sample
    Rhapso T&T

    much love...

  7. Enjoyed the wonderful story in this poem. And, what a clever ending, Robin!

  8. Nice you invited the goddess in.

  9. What an interesting note about the word rhapsody....I enjoyed this poem, and smiled at the pun.

  10. Thanks for enlightening us ... and thanks for that marvelous last line!

  11. Oh but I love your fiction and that ending line!

  12. I never knew that there was a Rhapso--nor that this was where the term "Rhapsody" comes from--I so enjoyed this Robin

  13. A new goddess to add to my collection, and one near to my heart. Thank you!

  14. A nicely stitched delight. Thank you

  15. haha - I had to smile at the end she was sew loved

  16. Thanks for the 'history lesson' at the end. Undone indeed!

    The Dummy - a creepy short story

  17. Nice work. Trying to think of stitch puns I could thread into this comment.

  18. Some clever wordsmithing and rhyming in this. A fun read.

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