Saturday, 1 July 2017

Exploring on one's own

I was a stranger in this land
What could I expect from this tribe
Whose village was now close to hand
Would they let me pass with a bribe?

Or spit on me, stone me to death
Blame me for a recent earthquake
Now all laughing at my last breath
Never to see the next daybreak

Swallowed up in some traceless hole
On the edge of the universe
But a girl now waves, bearing bowl
For me to drink, it could be worse

Note: The twelve prompt words were quite trying to say the least! However I managed to include all of them.

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  1. Well done on using all the words so well..

  2. You've used the words well, Oldegg, and told a good tale.

  3. This one comes out hopefully enough! The words fit seamlessly.

  4. Captivating narrative; made me smile with the images.