Saturday, 22 July 2017

Postscript from the beachfront

I lived by the sea just you and me and the dog
I like the clear days when you can see for miles
When we run on the foreshore with you all smiles
But I also like it when it is shrouded with fog

You were born here and always have called it your home
I was born a poor town boy who met you by chance
Who saw you bathing at West Cove and was entranced
Nothing could stop me picking you up from the foam

We married and over the threshold I carried you
What's more our little cottage overlooked the sea
With garden, low beams, open fires and bedrooms three
Our friends came round to shake hands and admire the view

We go to sleep each night hearing the seas calm song
Hoping we have triggered our first babys' birth
Then one day on waking wife's face shows such mirth
Meaning that first baby will be born before long

I live by the sea just you me and the kids
The dogs string along too as we go to the beach
The wise sea tells us there is so much it can teach
The eldest now comes running "Dad are these squids?"

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  1. A happy poetical narrative. Really like yout closing line.

  2. I loved living by the sea for a few years: walking on the beach, gathering shells and stones, hearing the rhythmic roar of the waves at night...

  3. sun and sea and happliy ever after...sigh!!!

  4. Such sweet & happy moments sketched with so much love! Beautiful Robin.

  5. Such a wonderfully sweet and romantic write, Robin!❤️

  6. Those were the good old days for sure. Where did they go!

  7. A happy poem indeed

    Have a nice Sunday Robin

    much love...

  8. What a beautiful life, lived in a cottage by the sea, a wife's smiles, a child's running steps. Sigh. Beautiful, Robin.

  9. What a love song! This made me smile

  10. Beautiful recapture of life well lived, touching and uplifting. Thank you!

  11. I love seeing the progression of this couple's life. And the ending is just precious. ;-)

  12. Robin I adored this lovely story of family and realtionship captured perfectly at the sea.

  13. Wonderfully written. I enjoyed the feelings this brought me.

  14. This has such a cozy feel to it, Robin. I read it, and sighed.

  15. This piece simply exudes sunshine. A lovely, lilting reminiscence.

  16. Lovely! I still dream of living by the sea.

  17. What a lovely sonnet. I like this one very much Old Egg. Very sunny and romantic!

  18. Oh so such a loving narrative. Beautifully done.

  19. Some days I actually think I might trade the desert for listening to the sea lulling me to sleep at night. Might.

    My Sunday Whirl (a bit late)

  20. Raising a family by the sea is a privilege not shared by many!