Sunday, 23 July 2017

The night was dark

The night was dark and clouds hid the moon
Our delightful tryst would end quite soon
I drew back from kissing your lips
Although my hands stayed on your hips
The moon now shone like many candles
As your toes wriggled in your sandals
And your eyes still sparkled with delight
How I hated leaving you each night

The clouds scudded across the sky
As the time to leave now grew nigh
Back to work in kitchen scrubbing dishes
Preparing broccoli, gutting fishes
Always cleaning dirty pots with dents
For wigged boss who just has no sense
What bliss, what rapture in your arms
I relapse by dreaming of your charms

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  1. A clever use of the prompt words - great rhyming and imagery Old Egg

  2. Warm and delightful read indeed.

  3. I liked the the part where the toes wiggled in sandals.

  4. The imagination can give relief from dirty dishes.

  5. Anything to get through the work day.

  6. the bend and stretch in our mind make us better intelligence.

  7. And now you dream of what might or could have been. I've a couple like that as well. Ladies are hard to find after a name change or two. One invited me to join Mensa with her. I wish now I had joined, but of course not the 'with her' part.