Saturday, 15 July 2017

The cruel wind

A storm is coming roars the wind
Clouds now scared flee across the sky
And birds with haste away do fly
Dog digs quickly to save his skin

Poets treat such days with a shrug
As brutal times have words to match
Like a cat with cream who then does scratch
With face a mask it is so smug

Wind an orphan, has no brothers
Sees not the damage it has done
Careless, foolish since time begun
Cruelly scorns the need of others

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  1. I love the last stanza with that wind just being careless to the havoc it creates,

  2. Really captured the photo you put with this with your words.

    Matt Johnson

  3. I enjoyed this one, and the picture brilliantly reflects strong wind. The 'scared clouds' is brilliant.

  4. We're always happy when we can get a poem out of it. I love the wind as an orphan.

  5. Love that last stanza, giving the wind a character.

  6. lovely.